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Category: bored

10/16/06 03:06 - ID#37168

Back to Reality

Another year older :-/

Although I am one just to just hide and sleep on a B-Day last night was actually a great time. My plans were pretty casual but when ((e:carolinian)) responded to my post from "My Home and Native Land" So with my friend Bill we meet up @ the Old Casino and then headed down the lane to kill two birds with one stone. One to take ((e:carolinian))'s mind off his break up and Two to show him how I have been rollin's since I was 17. I must say that it was quite the sight to see women in attendance in a "gentle men's club." I guess with Porn going mainstream in the 90's and the "Girls Gone Wild" series as Pop Culture going to the strip club with your wife or girlfriend is not a big deal anymore. I guess I haven't been to these kind of places as much recently to see the change in attitude.

So after meeting up with my friend Deb and given our limited options on this side of the border we just sat at the bar of a crowed crapplebee's in the former prime outlets mall in Niagara Falls. My parents hit Fallsview but Gambling just didn't appeal to me today. Who wants to even entertain the possibility of losing money on your birthday?

Ok back to sleep....

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Category: bored

08/10/06 12:32 - ID#37146

Yea, I'm also Blah too

So I am just burning time away here online. Had the thought to head over to Canada since I Still have my tip money this week, but the thought of going to "The Fair" is stronger than blowing my money over in Canada even though I am getting paid sometime electronically in the next few hours.

Hey, Why we don't get a (e:strip) thing going to the Fair while it is on?

The square does not look too exciting. I think I'm going to pass on it this week. Most likely later on I will be stopping at some point to The Blue Martini Bar on Main St. across the street from St. Louis church with my friend Deb.

Styx yesterday was insane. They had 27,000 people at Artpark.

I hope this concert series stays around. I can just hear the people in Lewiston complaining about the People, Noise, Trash ect...

It was just a killer time.

Stopped by the brickyard for a time after the show with my friends. They had a 90's cover band and the place was just wall to wall people.

My butt was dragging today at work, but most likely it was due to severe bordem. The place was dead, it was a nice day. There are some people out there (thank god) that are not total degenerates and do NOT spend every spare moment inside a casino blowing their money.

Ok, now back to reading livejournals from people living in Arlington Virginia...

Don't Ask...

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Category: bored

08/02/06 01:06 - ID#37143

I want my MTV

So MTV turned 25 yesterday. I actually DVRd the first 6 hours from 12-6am. The only thing that really annoyed me was the 30 minutes of the "Space Shuttle Mission Control" countdown stuff. It seemed interesting for about 8 minutes but then it just kept going on and on and on. At least I understand the Space/Moonwalker guy that was a mainstay in their earlier banners.

But all I can say in comparison to today is...well the obvious they actually played videos. The one aspect that I realized is Damn, everyone is white except for J.J. Jackson and an occasional dancer in a video. This is all pre-Thriller mind you. It was just a shock and I would just get a kick out of flipping from VH1 Classic to either the original MTV or MTV2. So instead of watching an old Blondie, The Cars or Rod Stewart video my choices were the Tiara Girls or Final Fu!

I just wish the MTV2 experiment would have actually been successful. Thank God that at least I have FUSE if I want to catch a good video once in a while that does not feature the Pussycat Dolls.

So MTV Season 1. A bit of a disappointment since my family did not have cable back then and this was the first time I actually saw the video's that were played. Sort of like an Atari revival; it's fun for about a day then you get bored really quickly as you realize that all you are doing is the same boards until it gets to ludicrous speed.

The really scary part is after watching videos for a few hours today I actually did feel parts of my brain seep through my eyes. It reminds me of the scary bums across the street from my grandma's house in Canada that used get their beer delivered from the beer store. They would just sit and watch some kind endless blocks of rock videos on MuchMucic. You just can't do it for any length of time without feeling like a waste.

So I guess we do have to deal with Laguna Beach, The Hills, 8th and Ocean and The Real World after all....

I just get that the old Army Intelligence guy that runs the MTV networks really knows what he is doing. If you want video's just go on line to our MTV Overdrive site.

And Oh, let's keep this quiet as we do not want to waken our core Laguna Beach viewers that the network is much older than they are...
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Category: bored

06/05/06 01:17 - ID#37114

A post from Work!!!

[search][/search]So I have decided I am going to risk a post from the network @ the casino. Actually I'm not too worried about the things that I have posted on here. Now if it was my LJ then I'd be a bit worried.

I had a solid but laid back weekend. Spent time with my old high school friend Christine and we just had a quick dinner at this place out in the country called Bandanna's. All we basically did was just share war stories and catch up on things that happened over a decade ago that just tweak your persecutions of people about past events. Strange how knowing one small detail just changes your view on a person for the good, bad or shock. Later that night I ended up hitting up HUSH @ this casino with my old college buddy Junior. He basically drafted me as an adopted fan for Ghana for the World Cup. Hush has finally come into it's own as I estimate there were more people there on Saturday than on Third Street. It was an interesting time, but a little too heavy of a toll on the wallet.

Sunday I just spent over in Fort Erie with my long time friend Scott. We always spoke about going over to the track and we finally did on a descent day. I didn't lose too much, but I did have a good time with an old friend with a brain. Which is never a bad time.

So that was my calm but occupied weekend.
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