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Category: tv

06/24/11 04:50 - ID#54564

When Ch 29 was good

Before Fox

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Category: tv

02/17/11 07:14 - ID#53634

TV land vlog

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12/06/10 05:55 - ID#53216

RIP Mark Dailey

A great icon passed away today. I used to love watching CityTv when I would go over to my relatives in Canada. The Late Great Movie intros were always awesome. Plus it was always interesting to see how the news was reported in Toronto.

The Lost Boys SO much better than any of the Twilight Crap we have now...

Streetwalkers I guess that's what Kirsten Dunst used to look at when she told her Mom to drive by the Meatpacking District so she could look at the "Hookies" ;-) Well it was before craigslist and the internet...

For me it was about the into for the Great Movie

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06/02/09 12:37 - ID#48821

the tonight show

I don't know how I feel about it so far. To be honest I really liked Jay , Kevin and even at the very end Stuttering John. For the last few years I really haven't even watched Conan as much as I did back in the day. But to see Andy Richter back kind of gave me a warm fuzzy feeling as it is akin to brining back Ed McMahon from really back in the day.
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01/15/09 08:00 - ID#47418

Richardo RIP

Yea I heard that (WIKIPEDIA - Ricardo Montalbán) passed away yesterday. Here's a few of my favorite clips in how I remember him.

Fine Corinthian Leather

Da Plane, Da Plane!!!

KAHN !!!! sort of...

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Category: tv

09/04/08 07:54 - ID#45574

Knight Rider Episode

I'm watching a Knight Rider Episode featuring a race of cars powered by alternative fuels. With, Surprise surprise a group of guys trying to sabotage the participants. I guess that that's how it played out in Real Life since it seems that no one did anything with alternative fuels since the time the episode was 1983!

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11/24/07 08:15 - ID#42274

Let it sink in...

Seriously I am watching Missouri and Kansas play each other on Prime time for the possibility of playing for the National Championship or whatever they call Division 1 these days

On another note I saw Perry Ferrel & 50 Cent do the pre-game intro song.

If you told me in 1997 that Perry Ferrel would be doing a song with a rapper for a college football game with Kansas & Missouri competing for the national title in late November I would told you that you got some really freaky drugs in your system.

Also as someone who roots for the underdog I don't know who to root for, since both teams have sucked for the past 100 years LITERALLY!
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08/28/07 12:23 - ID#40773


Not the Red Hot Chili Pepper album, but the show on Showtime with David Duchovny.

Fuck, I just love watching it. It just is a overload of my fantasies about living the Posh life in California. I feel more enthralled just watching the last two episodes than hitting a small trifecta from Del Mar.

The episode tonight about the fired office assistant being a suicide girl and then revealing that secret to get her job back was just INSANE!

HBO when there were on top had The Sopranos and Six Feet Under, now Showtime is on fire with Weeds and Californication.

All I can say is good job Viacom, in bridging the gap between good intelligent subject matter and softcore!!!

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Category: tv

06/10/07 10:12 - ID#39600


I sure hope there is a movie in the works or something. I was rocking out to Journey's "Don't Stop Beieving" and then .....Black Screen???!!!???


Like I said I sure hope there's a movie coming out soon or something.

Not that I was the biggest Sopranos fan. I think i was more enamoured with the theme song in the begining, but I grew to like Christopher and recently A.J.

Plus, it does help to pretend to be related to a main character's actor (Frank Vincent) :-( R.I.P. Which makes it even worse for this final episode.

Now why couldn't they have come close to the finale of 6 feet under??? That was THE BEST ENDING EVER OF ANY TV SERIES EVER.

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