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Category: film

10/22/10 09:15 - 47.ºF - ID#53001

Sabrefrog Movie

I'm going out Saturday night to catch Sabrefrog, it has a friend of mine from high school who plays the character of Bert. I recently hung out with him in Hollywood when I was out there about 3 weeks ago. Anyway it's playing at

Squeaky Wheel
712 Main St
Buffalo, NY

Here's the trailer:

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Category: pictures

10/17/10 11:09 - 55.ºF - ID#52965

Sunset Oct 15 2010

I just took these randomly as I was driving home on Friday.











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Category: economy

10/15/10 12:35 - 42.ºF - ID#52953

We're Totally F'd

This article basically states that we the USA have officially become a "Third World Country" As know it appears that you may "buy" a house and live in it but we'll just assume that you actually bought it from the rightful owner and go along with it. As it's just a shared illusion that you "bought" the house. It's so true, it took someone with 1/2 a brain and a little bit of balls or a good lawyer or knowing a political figure to say " Show me the paper, motherfucker "

Man I wish I bought a house 3-4 years ago in a nice place and find out that I can get it 100% Scott Free as legally no one knows who the F owns it or whom you have to pay! Yea,that rule of law is just going to go up like flash paper really shortly. That and Real Estate prices are actually going to go up in the short term as no one will touch a Foreclosed or REO property with a 10 foot pole, so you can just make all of those For Sale signs "vanish" sort of. So all of my Ex Girlfriends working in the local Foreclosure Mill on Sweet Home Rd are going to have their hours cut I suppose.

What is even crazier is Tom Brokaw Mr USA Greatest Generation says
college grads now should look overseas for the American Dream:

Here's what he said, quote, "I wouldn't be looking just within our borders for opportunities. I would be looking to see what the chances are of getting a job in the Middle East, for example, or India or China. I'd be looking well beyond even the national borders."

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10/13/10 08:29 - 54.ºF - ID#52946

Lower Niagara River

When I was bored last week and had more spare time I decided to take some pics of Niagara on the Lake and the Lower Niagara River.









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Category: casino

10/07/10 12:02 - 53.ºF - ID#52910

Shut 'Em Down!

So the casinos in Western New York days may be numbered:

To be honest it couldn't happen to a better group of people. They ran the place like Enron, WorldCom, Tyco, Waste Management ect.

What kind of controls did they have in place to prevent being defrauded in the Golf Course Deal?

They have liens filed as they stiffed contractors and I have first hand knowledge of them treating their employees like utter shit.

Do you think that a place that is being investigated by the IRS for numerous violations is going to just easily fork over the 200 Million that the state is asking for?

They should have hired Harrah's or Penn National to run their casino back in 2002. Mickey Brown and his team did a fantastic job in building up the brand and getting the hotel project started. Instead they ran it like a lemon-aid stand with a cigar box as a cash register.

It should be interesting to see what happens. The only reason why the state entered into this agreement was due to the fact that the State needed cash desperately after 9/11 and passed the compact in the middle of the night. Without the 200 Million, What's the point of allowing it to operate especially with the cigarette issue still at the forefront?

Nothing good ever came out of that place, and I won't shed a tear if the state troopers/National Guard surround the perimeter and not allow anyone in/out of their territory in downtown Niagara Falls.

I guess after all Joel Rose was right after all.

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Category: vacation

10/04/10 08:22 - 47.ºF - ID#52900

So Cal Vlog #3

I actually took the time to throw some iMovie effects for this one. My apologies for not stabilizing the video drive through Topanga Canyon.

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Category: vacation

10/03/10 08:41 - 45.ºF - ID#52894

So Cal Vlog #2

Pretty much my day at Epicenter 21 2010

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Category: vacation

10/02/10 11:13 - 46.ºF - ID#52885

So Cal Vlog #1

So I went out to Southern California for a week. I have a couple more videos to edit but I'm going to post this one here just to get something out there.

I traveled with a friend o fmine and hung out with a friend of mine who works in Santa Monica with whom we stayed at his townhouse. The air on the pier is just refreshing and amazing. I didn't feel too well when I went out there (maybe I was sick of work) but I felt like a million bucks after being in the sun and heat of Southern California for a week. We then hit the Hollywood Bowl for the Sound of Music Sing along, which apparently is a big event. Honestly we just went to see the venue as it is a legendary art deco historical place and bought tickets off of at the last minute. We ended up getting box seats and had a blast.

The next day we went to the Epicenter 2010 concert festival.


I went to see really to see Bad Religion, Suicidal Tendencies, Rise Against and Blink 182. Seeing Blink in SoCal was just a perfect thought. I was a bit disappointed with 30 secs to mars. Jared Leto just rubs me the wrong way as he just seems like an out of control ego manic controlling freak. I came to hear you play, not order everyone around.

Anyway here is the first video.

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Category: movies

10/01/10 11:42 - 52.ºF - ID#52875

the social network

Wow! What a great film. It just shows what really drives the internet after all, love/sex and other raw volatile emotions.

I hate to say it but I really feel for Mark Zuckerburg. I guess it was the opening scene after getting dumped by Erica Albright when he starts drinking and blogging on Livejournal. Who knew that is how to become a Billionaire is to: (Have ZERO ZLICH NADA Social Skills or Game with the Ladies) Thus fueling your sexual frustration and then not only flaming her, but taking it to an exponential level!

But yea, you have to give him credit for rising above the pecking order of society and becoming CEO, Bitch!

There were also some great references in this movie. One to Niagara Falls and the other one to the Original Karate Kid, which was too funny given the prototype of the members of Harvard Crew.

Did I also mention that the sound track is totally kick ass?
How can you go wrong with Trent Reznor. Some great pick for songs included California Uber Alles by the Dead Kennedy's. Also whatever electro/trance song that they were playing in the club when Mark is having an Epiphany with Sean Parker Mr Napster is just plain SICK!

Plus it was also a fun time seeing it with great company, someone who could also relate to references "back in the day" (e:theecarey)

In the end just go and see it. It's dark, yes but at the same time brilliant.
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