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Category: internet

11/18/10 12:36 - 42.ºF - ID#53119

Why I'm sick of the internet

So Bill Nye collapses and could have dropped dead, but everyone had to update facebook/twitter/or grab a clip for youtube.

It kinds of reminds this of this pic that my ex-girlfriend sent me


I'm sick of the crap on here. God help you if you are "researching" anything medically related as you will convince yourself into hysteria that you're going to die in about 15 minutes on here. I'm sick of the expectation that you're going to find someone that is out of your league that will be attracted to you just because they're online and live hundreds of miles away. Let me see what else?

I don't know but I do like to write to express myself, share things and also keep a record for myself. At this point of my life is is great to see what I was doing/thinking in 2002 and also compare myself to how I look now. Yes you could have taken pictures back then but it is so much easier to click and open this photo to the one you've just uploaded to say iPhoto.

But Yea, that's why I haven't been doing too much lately. Plus I don't want to carry on about things that most people will shy away from especially the negative personal topics.
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Category: google

11/10/10 10:19 - 43.ºF - ID#53085

Bye Bye Goog 411 :-(

So back in '07 I guess I saw their billboard on Virginia St and I thought Cool. I can call information without being charged and what not. Then I started using it and I loved it. If I was in West Seneca and wanted Chinese or Pizza I would call the phone number with the type of business & City and get a listing of places. The best part is that they would connect me on my dumb phone through so I would have to hang up and dial the number again. Also once in a while I would get the business's address texted to me so I could input in my GPS.

Now it is all gone tomorrow. I guess from their website they're just going to focus on their android phones.

So until sometime in February I'm going to feel naked and lost without GOOG411 Seriously, if I knew more about the business and had their address, I WOULDN'T HAVE TO TEXT YOU GOOGLE! That is why I used your service in the first place.

So thanks for using me for the last 3 years. I'm glad that I was able to help you develop your voice technology for your phones. Now I guess I'll have to download the latest update to my old GPS.
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Category: education

11/04/10 11:49 - 42.ºF - ID#53059

Ju Co

I went with (e:theecarey) to see a world renown theoretical physicist. We were exposed to the Student Government President of my local county community college butcher the pronunciation of summa cum laude & say Cosmetology when he was meaning to say Cosmology.


I am certain that most people in higher learning institutions currently at this moment are just hiding out from the great recession. To be honest I think they would be better working at Tim Horton's instead of racking up student loan debt.

There used to be a "Fast Food Principle" where one could judge how bad a recession was by the quality of your fast food. If it sucked, then the economy was great as no one with 1/2 a brain or clue would lower themselves to work in a fast food joint. If the food is of excellent quality, then the economy is in the dumps as qualified and competent people are desperate enough to take those jobs.

My question is that economy sucks & my fast food and other services that I use are really bad.

That can mean one of two thins. Things are not as bad as they seem or the people that are providing me services are morons.
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Category: politics

11/02/10 04:21 - 47.ºF - ID#53050

How & Why I voted for Governor

I voted for Kristen Davis. I can't get behind Cuomo as I can't with a clear conscience vote for keeping things the way they are currently. The entire upstate area is just a dumping ground for people on Public Assistance for the entire United States of America. The trouble is I can't get behind Crazy Carl even though his message does have valid points. The Greens are a bit too far out there for me and to be honest their points are just a bit to impractical for immediate results.

So i voted for Kristen Davis, Elliot Client #9 Spitzer's Madam. To be it makes perfect sense as someone who always defaults to the "cop out" answer of being a social liberal and fiscal conservative.

I can get behind legalizing Pot and taxing it, in actuality it does LESS damage to society than alcohol.

Legalize Gay Marriage. For me I don't take the whole Love angle, but I just look at it as a contractual partnership. What if two Men or Women that were sexually dysfunctional wanted to get together to show their eternal platonic love even though they were impotent or frigid and pass their assets to the other's family ect like any family member? Let them do it and file Married Filing Joint on their tax returns if it gives them a tax advantage so they can play the system like everyone else.

As for Prostitution I don't see why it isn't legal. Canada now has made it pretty much 100% legal YES, Human Trafficking is a horrible thing and one cannot downplay that fact. But if we made it legal where everyone had to have a SSN Card register and get a business license. If someone wants to sell their services to another person why does it matter that it is sex? A general contractor is selling their back to you when you hire them to build you a house or renovate it. There are guys that can't get laid due to a lack of social skills or a physical disability, they shouldn't be discriminated against at all.

Plus she ran a business which does count for a few things and also worked for a Hedge Fund. So I can get behind someone that was in favor of the Bush Tax Cuts for Capital Gains.

So that's how I voted and the reasoning why I supported her platform.

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Category: film

10/22/10 09:15 - 47.ºF - ID#53001

Sabrefrog Movie

I'm going out Saturday night to catch Sabrefrog, it has a friend of mine from high school who plays the character of Bert. I recently hung out with him in Hollywood when I was out there about 3 weeks ago. Anyway it's playing at

Squeaky Wheel
712 Main St
Buffalo, NY

Here's the trailer:

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Category: pictures

10/17/10 11:09 - 55.ºF - ID#52965

Sunset Oct 15 2010

I just took these randomly as I was driving home on Friday.











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Category: economy

10/15/10 12:35 - 42.ºF - ID#52953

We're Totally F'd

This article basically states that we the USA have officially become a "Third World Country" As know it appears that you may "buy" a house and live in it but we'll just assume that you actually bought it from the rightful owner and go along with it. As it's just a shared illusion that you "bought" the house. It's so true, it took someone with 1/2 a brain and a little bit of balls or a good lawyer or knowing a political figure to say " Show me the paper, motherfucker "

Man I wish I bought a house 3-4 years ago in a nice place and find out that I can get it 100% Scott Free as legally no one knows who the F owns it or whom you have to pay! Yea,that rule of law is just going to go up like flash paper really shortly. That and Real Estate prices are actually going to go up in the short term as no one will touch a Foreclosed or REO property with a 10 foot pole, so you can just make all of those For Sale signs "vanish" sort of. So all of my Ex Girlfriends working in the local Foreclosure Mill on Sweet Home Rd are going to have their hours cut I suppose.

What is even crazier is Tom Brokaw Mr USA Greatest Generation says
college grads now should look overseas for the American Dream:

Here's what he said, quote, "I wouldn't be looking just within our borders for opportunities. I would be looking to see what the chances are of getting a job in the Middle East, for example, or India or China. I'd be looking well beyond even the national borders."

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10/13/10 08:29 - 54.ºF - ID#52946

Lower Niagara River

When I was bored last week and had more spare time I decided to take some pics of Niagara on the Lake and the Lower Niagara River.









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Category: casino

10/07/10 12:02 - 53.ºF - ID#52910

Shut 'Em Down!

So the casinos in Western New York days may be numbered:

To be honest it couldn't happen to a better group of people. They ran the place like Enron, WorldCom, Tyco, Waste Management ect.

What kind of controls did they have in place to prevent being defrauded in the Golf Course Deal?

They have liens filed as they stiffed contractors and I have first hand knowledge of them treating their employees like utter shit.

Do you think that a place that is being investigated by the IRS for numerous violations is going to just easily fork over the 200 Million that the state is asking for?

They should have hired Harrah's or Penn National to run their casino back in 2002. Mickey Brown and his team did a fantastic job in building up the brand and getting the hotel project started. Instead they ran it like a lemon-aid stand with a cigar box as a cash register.

It should be interesting to see what happens. The only reason why the state entered into this agreement was due to the fact that the State needed cash desperately after 9/11 and passed the compact in the middle of the night. Without the 200 Million, What's the point of allowing it to operate especially with the cigarette issue still at the forefront?

Nothing good ever came out of that place, and I won't shed a tear if the state troopers/National Guard surround the perimeter and not allow anyone in/out of their territory in downtown Niagara Falls.

I guess after all Joel Rose was right after all.

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Category: vacation

10/04/10 08:22 - 47.ºF - ID#52900

So Cal Vlog #3

I actually took the time to throw some iMovie effects for this one. My apologies for not stabilizing the video drive through Topanga Canyon.

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