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Category: dating

11/18/07 10:56 - 35ºF - ID#42191

The bad, good and naughty

On to the post that I have had bottled up for a while. On Friday night I went out with my friend D* and early on it was a blast as I ran into an (e:strip)per @ SoHo and seeing them is always a pleasurable time.

Then after a while we moved to Diablo and that's when things got really bad. Out there I ran into another (e:strip)per and then things just blew up. Apparently I can't speak to this person. Yea there is some really F'd up shit between the two going back many years ago but all I was doing was attempting to get a bottled water @ the bar. The place happened to be crowded beyond belief and I was already waiting 15 minutes for a drink. What was I to do move to the other end and wait 30 minutes? All I can say is I am glad that we never got married as my life would be totally miserable. One day she will learn that only she can make herself happy. I can only go so far as a friend and that seems to be in short supply to her as it is triggering so many negative emotions in her life.

Saturday I hit up (e:carolinian) @ Grandma Mora's to celebrate his b-day. It became a nice "couple's" evening as I brought my Ex with me and it turned out wonderfully. One one level it made me feel mature to be hanging with a couple of couples, although my Ex and I are not together. It made me sad that the relationship just was not compatible on a few levels but in the end I do realize that honestly it is in out best interests that we are not together. There is the old saying of someone, "being in love with love." I just see the upside of being in a relationship with someone socially and professionally, even though the other working parts are not compatable. What is that called? A marriage of Convenience? Yes I do wish I had a wife that was the total package. For the last 2 serious relationships I had there was only 1/2 of the picture and I went from one end of the spectrum to the other. My was was "hot" but had a shitty personality and sucked in bed. My Ex GF is not as physically attractive as her but had a great personality and rocked in bed. Of course there were other intangibles that I won't get into but, yea...

Today I ended up stopping by a co-worker of a long time friend and his wife. She's pretty interesting in the sense that she's in related to very high level politicians in this country but only through marriage. Really we don't talk about much intellectually as she is in some ways a "Falls Chick" but at the same time she is pretty hot in other ways. Also in hanging with her is it kind of a favor to my friend as his wife as they are trying to get to that ideal "couples hanging out" situation as described above. They just don't have that as an option given where they live/work. So in their wisdom they set us up attempting to get us to that point. To be honest I'm just having fun and deep down all parties involved know that but I do see myself just having to push her away eventually. She's fun, but really there isn't the mental stimulation or at least I don't see it yet.

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Category: canada

11/12/07 11:48 - 54ºF - ID#42099

Tim Hortons & Canada

So with my Dad off today I decided to attempt to do something. First off I originally went to Casino Niagara to mess around a bit. Well that attempt just fell flat on its face. The place was DEAD, the only people in the joint were really old and obviously on some bus tour. When I saw that the poker room only had 3 tables going i basically said F-This.

My next stop was the Bratford OLG Casino outside of Hamilton. It was the first time ever being there and I must say it was pretty descent. Really it was just nice but not elegant and the staff & other players were a bit laid back as opposed to Niagara Falls Ontario casino's where they are extremely anal with everything they do. I ended up losing some cash waitiing for a seat to open on on Poker and then played a pretty solid game of 2-5 Limit. A game that is pretty much extinct in Niagara Falls as most young bucks want to wear expensive designer sunglasses and warm up suits & play No Limit. I just don't feel like betting 300 a hand, I can last all day and lose it slowly thank you very much.

So I ended stopping back in Hamilton to grab a slice of peppeoni & munch on other stuff inside a Pizza Pizza on Upper James. It was a slice, drink, chips & aero bar combo for $5. Then it dawned on my, Aero bars are not for sale in the USA.

Next I decided to be a bit nostalgic and drive by my late Grandparents house. It's in the neighborhood of the original Tim Hortons. So as a public serivce to all that are addicts of their coffee I bring you thing. The Canadian version of Springfield Illinois, if you are looking at it from an iconic food & beverage standpoint a la McDonald's

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Category: music

11/10/07 11:04 - 38ºF - ID#42068

Your Goth Past

I was surfing around last night being a bit bored and came upon this page

Oh, Sunday night @ midnight I used to just wait with anticipation until the 1:06 minute mark of that introduction. If you remember the show "Forever Knight" it was an scary similarity to the show that the character Lacroix had.

I'm pretty convinced that listening to that music at a young age really took my mind places that it should not have been.
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Category: economics

11/07/07 10:40 - 35ºF - ID#42037

Oh, Jimbo Kramer

Communist, Eh?

Unregulated markets + Unscrupulous Businesses = Fleecing of the Common People. It was the Republicans that overturned most the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 sometime in the 90's to get us to the brink of Financial Oblivion. Citing such catch phrases as , "Uncompetitive" "Burdensom Regulation" and "Free Markets" they unwound all of the safety nets, safeguards and other legislation that prevented such an event for almost 80 years.

Great, just what we need more deregulation. Big Business has everyone's best interest at heart. I'm not saying that going the other way is in our best idea. To balance things where people can take their shot and succed in the free market and yet have a social safety net underneath them is the ideal, i.e. Canada.

It's just that now that we are on the brink of a major recession/Depression the ugly truth of Capitalism is coming to the limelight. THE LOSERS PAY OFF THE WINNERS! It's a Zero sum game. For everyone that is going to be on the street due to their house getting foreclosed on there is some bank somewhere that took the other side of the trade that is going to make a mint.

As far as I am concerned the game is over. Economically speaking unless you have a lot of money in a foreign currency or precious metals your wealth is depreciating by the day literally. There will be some great changes in store for us in the future. Real change is going to occur now that the formerly middle class and upper middle class people are going to lose their "STUFF" en mass.

Get ready for economic bloodbath as this month moves closer to the end. We're fucked.

  • My apologies if I sound like a raving lunatic...

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Category: hockey

11/03/07 11:26 - 47ºF - ID#41968

Sabres Sucking

This fact actually makes me quite happy. I never really liked the Sabres and what little I did was destroyed when they fired John Muckler and at that point I totally disowned any loyalty for that team. So when Ottawa eliminated the Sabres on their best run since '75 to win the cup I was quite satisfied. It was at that time a John Mucker managed team and I can only imagine how satisfying it was for him to snuff out any hope for a cup for many years, maybe forever given the Sabres Management operates.

So as a fan of the NHL why am I laying this foundation? We had all of these trendy bandwagon fans buy out the arena with season tickets. Now the team sucks and "other things" are coming up for them to do. SO this is a wonderful opportunity to go catch games. With a large season ticket base and falling demand, an opportunity to catch a quality team when they come to town is what we have.

In my situation I'm going to be going to at least 2 games very soon due to the people jumping off the bandwagon. I just love these Die Hard Sabres Fans.

Point #2 Ryan Miller Sucks. He's just a sound fundamental goalie that knows has his Angles down and that's about it. He not and never will be a pure athletic reaction goalie, a la Patrick Roy or Dominik Hasek. He's fine when you score 6 goals a night and the defense hangs back since you have a 2 goal lead. But when the pressure is on and the other team is pinching this guy is a sitting duck. Standing on his own and he's just mush, or #33 according to
That means that there are 3 BACKUP goalie with better stats than he currently has!

So to me this fact just caps the unholy trinity of the Sabres F'ing up. Briere, Drury, and Miller. They should have kept Martin Biron and dumped Miller.

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Category: economy

11/03/07 01:08 - 43ºF - ID#41953

"It's the economy, Stupid!" Part II

Enjoy it while it lasts, but I think you may have seen Dow 14 K for a VERY, VERY, VERY Long time.

Ok I may have been reading this guy's blog too long but in practically there is no way things are going to go on as they have. I don't own Real Estate but at the same time I've had this vision with a friend of mine concerning 1930's style bank runs. We'll just have to see what banks were belligerent with giving deadbeats mortgages that never even made the first payment. Although to me that is just secondary.

What is going to F everyone is going to be $100 a barrel Oil. It could be inflation or just the devaluation of the Georgeback against every major currency that translates into higher fuel prices. At this point who really cares that Ben is droping $ out of helicopters to help his friends out at Citigroup. When people are now going to blow $100 a week in gas in the winter months, Who knows what is going to happen in 7 months when that "Summer Driving Season" kicks in. We should be sitting close to 5 when that happens. By the end of the month we'll be approximately 3.5 easy. That will be less stuff @ Target, Walmart and eating out at Crapplebees or other nasty chain.

My prediction is by the end of the Year we'll be seeing the Dow around 10K. This week is only the first wave. Adjust the 401K's to money markets. It's only going to get worse. The Financials are Fucked, banks are the fluid that keeps out economy floating.

Basically I'm pretty nervous. Except that my positions are just Silver and Gold. If you can afford it buy some silver stocks. With Gold being @ 800 an ounce the historic correlation should have it much higher than the 15 that it sits right now. The 1980 high is around 50 an ounce. We'll get there within a year...

Time for bed. It should be interesting to see what my laize fair Professor says this morning. In my opinion when the next Democratic President takes the election almost a year from now they will be running on a FDR platform. It will just be like shooting fish in a barrel. Deregulation Capitalists will be kept far away from sharp objects and Washington for decades after this mess really gains momentum.
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Category: goth

10/31/07 12:41 - 47ºF - ID#41899

Devil's Night


I'm trying to do some schoolwork and in a perfect world I should be watching the original movie "The Crow" Tonight. Not the shitty ass greedy Hollywood sequels. It's sad that the made 3 of those "other" one's.

Makes me thing of a time when being goth was original and not some dumb thing that is sold inside a mall...

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Category: dating

10/26/07 01:01 - 47ºF - ID#41809

late night pickup

So with a long night @ the NU library working on my Accounting Theory homework a woman in the row of computers drops a bunch of papers. I turn around and pick them up not thinking much about it. Well as they are kicking us out of the place we start talking as we head out to our cars. After about 15 minutes of conversation in the cold we exchange numbers. She's working on her social work masters @ UB but comes back to NU since he did her under grad here and likes the cozy small campus.

So we're most likely going to see Saw 4 in the near future. I'm not sure if anything is going to come out of this but at least I got a nice ego boost. I just wonder if stuff like this that falls in my lap can be a possible negative since it skews my "game" in the sense that I'm not as extending/outgoing when I'm out hitting the scene?

She's quite cute to say the least :-)
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Category: gambling

10/25/07 10:26 - 48ºF - ID#41803

Indian Casinos

This is why going to any Seneca Casino can be a even more risky proposition than already being at a disadvantage to the house

Right or Wrong with this guy, you have NO Recourse if something happens to you when you're in there. Just keep that in mind if someone smashes your car in the parking ramp or worse... You're not in the NY state and barerly in the US for that matter.
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Category: zombies

10/19/07 08:07 - 71ºF - ID#41709

Zombie Walk on Elmwood

My friend Marv finally posted some video on Youtube of his annual Zombie Walk.

I think this kid is going to be scared for life. The Second Vid is pretty funny, especially in the beginning. Marv is leading the procession and is always a bit loud.

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