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08/30/12 03:37 - ID#56715 pmobl

Time Flies

Wow. What happened to the summer?? I finally have decent days off (fri sat but I won't hold my breath to keep them) and I have been too damn tired to do anything.... I always want to but it never seems to happen.

We haven't even put the porch chairs out yet.... and the 'rents are making tjheir first appearance on Saturday.

They sold their print brokerage business.... officially retired.

Sounds good to me...

Happy Labour Day weekend ya'll!

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04/19/12 10:50 - ID#56364

Left Hand Only Typing

Today is the second of my two days off this week, but i don't think i did anything yesterday but chase a work issue around all day.

Tuesday, i assisted in helping a staff member with an individual at work who was threatening to assault a couple of peers -- one with a belt and another by pulling a tv on its stand away from the wall and trying to kick it onto someone laying on the sofa watching it.

The individual who was being violent turned on me. Since he had been threatening to stab and kill me for the past few months, it wasn't a surprise when i had to step in to assist the other staff that his wrath was turned towards me.

We eventually managed to subdue him, but i came away from the ordeal bleeding from welts and scratches to my face and chest and a very swollen hand and wrist.

The police were called. He was taken away in handcuffs.

I drove myself to an Immediate Care (the new one on Delaware Ave. -- they were great) to be cleaned up and xrayed. Nothing broken.

Just my spirit.

District Attorney was an asshole, pressing me and making me feel as though i am some sort of monster for wanting to press charges against someone who has a developmental disability, condescending to me about how the judge will just throw it out of court anyway.

My bosses are bitches, blaming me for the whole thing. How about me blaming them for not helping us all do something to prevent this from happening?

In order to get a couple of very basic rx's filled (anti-biotic for welts and scratches, ibuprofen), i had to make no less than 10 phone calls and go to no less than 5 pharmacies, because i "went too soon" and my "ARS number" is not on file yet (uh, hello, how long am i supposed to wait?).

Now i have no idea what to do... i have more phone calls and questions to ask of the administration about what i am supposed to do next.

What i want to do is just crawl under a rock and make it all go away.
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03/24/12 12:35 - ID#56279

Peep Sighting!

Nice to run into you @ the Dick Road Weggies yesterday, (e:Vincent) :o)
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03/20/12 12:24 - ID#56253

Thanks Bro

Yesterday i got to use a comeback my brother suggested a while back. He may be an asshat, but he can think on his feet better than i can!

"Why did you do this? Are you stupid?"

"I must be if i am letting you speak to me like this. I am sure the union might agree."
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03/19/12 11:22 - ID#56244

Is It Quitting Time?

I am wondering if there is actually a boss working for this organization who doesn't have their head up their ass.

I did not know that my first boss would be the best boss. People told me she rocked and i would be hard pressed to find one better, but i guess i needed to find out for myself?

Where i am now, i am being targeted by a resident of the house. Nearly every day, he threatens to "stab you bitch", tells me to fuck off, gives me the finger, refuses to listen to me, or is just generally disrespectful.

To put this into further focus, he has attacked a former staff member who now has a permanent injury.

Initially, when i arrived at the house, everything was going fairly well. Some staff were nicer and friendlier than others, but mostly, they seemed to have everyone's back.

The supervisor had been moved or was out for administrative reasons... which is union speak for she screwed up. Mostly, it was due to her being extremely disrespectful to a resident's parents, and insulting the resident immediately prior.

The residents seemed moderately stable, bad "behaviors" were there, but fairly well controlled.

I thought all was cool.

Then, the supervisor came back. One resident went from mildly defiant to violent on her first day back. Hitting her, screaming and cursing, refusing to complete a chore, and throwing items all over the kitchen.

I attempted to control his behavior by giving him near constant verbal prompts. I was told to leave him alone, it "wasn't so bad".

Then, he began to target me.

She suggested i may have "told him no once" and that is why he doesn't like me. She also criticized me in front of him for putting away his belongings in a closet when he refused to after he had gone to bed and left said items on the living room floor. Perhaps that was why he doesn't like me, she said.

She also suggested i take him out for a van ride to spend one on one time with him so he could get to know me and i him; i refused to do that, since he had already hit me and was threatening violence on a daily basis.

There is nothing in his charts or behavior plan that outlines this pattern, so of course there is no suggestions for staff or expected outcomes.

She attempted to reassure me by suggesting that it wouldn't last for long because he would move on to the new staff due to arrive on Thursday.


I actually don't have a problem with him targeting me. I expect it, since it is a pattern of behavior.

My issue is with my supervisor. Not discouraging the behavior with him, seeming to encourage it. Correcting me in front of him gives him more power to tag along as well.

I have gone to her boss. I have gone to her boss' boss. Nothing has changed. Maybe i even made things worse.

Last night, i put an addendum to one of her notes, because she whitewashed his behavior. I assume my ass will be handed to me within minutes of me walking through the door. But i just couldn't tolerate her excusing this behavior and seeming to encourage it any longer.
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02/23/12 04:00 - ID#56113

My Own Converse Nail

Since i stumbled upon the video of the Converse Nail (e:LeeTee,55989) i have wanted one of my own.

Well, today, i went to the nail salon (NO WAY i could do it myself!) and had a converse nail done on each hand -- ring finger for both as per the nail tech's whim :o)

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02/15/12 10:19 - ID#56063

What's a Girl to Do?

New Chucks from TJ Maxx.

Very crowded closet shelves with lots of beautiful chucks.

Lonely chucks among the very few Non-Chucks shoes.

Does this mean a reorganization project in the future?!?
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02/13/12 01:44 - ID#56058

What Is it With Buffalonians and Driveways?!?!

uh, yeah, dude, it's our driveway. it's not a parking lot. and i don't care how long you will be there. our driveway equals our property and if you want to be on our property, you need to be invited to do so. next time, i won't be polite. i will just get you towed.
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01/27/12 12:21 - ID#55989

Converse Nails!

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01/22/12 09:30 - ID#55968

Happy Birtdhay, e:Paul!

Hope today has been wonderful. All the best for a fab year ahead!
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