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Category: birthdays

12/02/05 11:55 - 25ºF - ID#25556

I Can't Wait 'Til Midnight...

It was the 3rd day of December when he was born. This man i love so much. The man who decided to open his heart and his home to me, a weird vegetarian, non driving, emotionally stunted Canadian chick 11 years his junior. He has shown me how hard, yet rewarding, it is to be a better, kinder more open person. He has supported my whims and encouraged me like no other human being ever has before him. There was a time when i was in a shell.. i didn't have a voice to sing. Now, he overhears me singing with a radio. Something i have never done in my life. He has given me a voice. He is my song. He says i make too big a deal of his birthday. But how can i not rejoice the anniversary of the day he was born? How can i not want to shout it out to the sky that this man has given me more than i ever dreamed i would even be able to have? I can't not do it.

Happy Birthday, Walt.

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Category: dentist

11/29/05 11:13 - 49ºF - ID#25555

One In a Million

Thanks (e:Ladycroft) for your comment to my journal. I know, i should be a pro by now, but i am not. I am still a withering blithering coward.

It seems as though my dentist, in his 32 years of dentistry work has never come acorss a nervous system that is as odd as mine. How could it be that my tooth is numb, my nose is numb, my face is numb, but my gums are not? Well, oh joy, oh bliss, something else that proves what a freak i am...

On a possitive note, my dentist is a foodie. Like me, he likes cooking and baking. He found a good source for spices and got some whole nutmeg, which can be very difficult to find. He said he would give me a nut, since he has more than he could ever use. Yay!

Thanks yet again for recommending this office to me, (e:Mike).
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11/29/05 09:10 - 54ºF - ID#25553


I am in such a bad mood. I have to go to the dentist... in less than an hour.
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Category: hair

11/26/05 08:36 - 29ºF - ID#25551

Pink A Boo

Well, (e:Ladycroft) was finaly brave enough.

We even documented it all...

Who has better hair? The dude pictured on the cup, or the girl holding it? Hmm...


Another before shot, but the back. I tried to make her hair look messy, but she said i was making it look good messy, not bad messy. I can't help it!!


Ah, the afternoon long process has begun.

The first stage. Bleach.


And after the first stage... Somehow, she looks dubious...


But she bravely came out from under the towel...


From under my hair dryer, the mop of bleached yellow appeared.


Then, on went the blobs of purple. No mirror can save you now, little girl!


I did my best to make sure as little water went into her ears as possible, but it was a bit of a challenge with the wee hose at our kitchen sink! I think she will have pink q-tips for a while!


Then, from under my scissors, out emerges... uhm... Pinkie?


Then, after the long afternoon of work for me, and sitting for (e:Ladycroft), we went to dinner. Went to Taste Good, the place of good and cheap chinese food. (E:Ladycroft) got sweet and sour vegetarian "chicken"... but she thinks it looks like hotdogs.


I say it's the Dr Pepper that looks weird.

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Category: thanksgiving

11/25/05 05:36 - 28ºF - ID#25550

Ungrateful Guest

So, we decided we were going to have a small thanksgiving meal of our own. We went to the Co-Op and got ourselves a tofurkey. Not too long ago, i saw a recipe for ginger glazed carrots i wanted to try. I made mashed potatoes. I made vegetarian gravy. We got some cranberries for (e:Uncutsaniflush) (i hate cranberry anything). Then, about an hour or so before i was going to start cooking, i got a phone call. Would we mind having a guest?

He spend the first close to an hour complaining and crying...

Eventually, he settled down and was an angel.

Here he is, sitting by our front door, looking forlorn:


Here he is hoping his humans will come back:


Here he is looking out the front window, wishing, once again, for his humans:


Here he is looking like he is almost resting:


His name is Max and he is part Alaskan part German Sheppard. He is a good dog. Rather timid, since he was a rescue. Hence why is sooo attatched to his usual humans. They were going to the Southern Tier for thanksgiving dinner and scared they MIGHT get caught in the snow, unable to come home. So, we took Max in for a bit. After the howling stopped, he was good. He loved going for a walk after dinner. I reckon it didn't do my ass any harm either.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day!
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Category: food

11/16/05 11:28 - 45ºF - ID#25549

No Longer A Virgin

I have been threatening it for the longest time. At first, i thought it was just some sort of freaky fad. Now, years later, it is still popular. Just like moving to Buffalo, it started as a joke. Ah, but did i really go through with it?!? Yes. I did. I ate poutine.

Here is the evidence.


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11/08/05 11:49 - 42ºF - ID#25548

Recurring Theme

Have i mentioned recently how much i hate going to the dentist? I am sure somewhere along the line i must have. Ahem. Well. Ok, then.

Today's dental appointment was no fun. Oh, don't get me wrong. I think i go to a great dentist, and i still appreciate the recommendation very much, (e:Mike). But it still isn't fun. I brought a walkman. With a book on tape of Stephen Fry's autobiography, Moab is My Washpot, with the author reading. It's soothing. Stephen Fry has a beautifully soothing silken British accented voice. I could listen to him for days.

When the dentist said to his assistant that he thought he should use a "lighter" local becuase i only needed to have a small filling done, i should have said more than, "well, ok, i trust you". I do trust him. But what i know about me is that i don't respond well to locals. They often, quite simply, do not work. It's not the first time i have run into this problem, and not just when i needed dental work. If you need stitches, always make sure they use the good local... hurts like shit otherwise. I have a high tolerance to a lot of meds... i think my history of drug abuse has much to do with that.

OK, today, yeah, that's where i was.

So, at first, i think that the reason i can feel what the dentist is doing is because i have really senstive teeth... particularly to cold. That water thingie they use really should have tepid water, if ya ask me. I think THAT is the real water torture. So, they squeezed on a dental dam. And to anyone that has seen my motley mouth, i have some amount of teeth crammed into a fairly small space. Damn, i am STILL pissed at my 'rents for not getting me braces when i was a kid. So, once that is attached, they start drilling again. OUCH! I don't know how come i feel it, doc, i just know i do... On to more needles. Which i am so not afraid of. No self respecting heroin addict is (not that the term self respecting and heroin addict go well in a sentence together anyway). Ouch again. Needle again. I was numb for hours. I would rather be than feel the pain.

And damn it, if it doesn't hurt more now than it ever did when it was just a stupid cavity. It feels like a cavity now... and didn't when it was. *Sigh*

Since then, all i really want to do is cry. PMS doesn't help matters, of course. Even buying and listening to the wonderful new double cd release of Kate Bush, Aerial, helped the crying. May have made me more meloncholy...
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Category: pets

11/07/05 08:47 - 45ºF - ID#25547


When i was talking to my dad yesterday, he told me about a new cross breed of dog that might be interesting to me.

I have always loved pugs... i think they are the cutest dogs ever

Well, it seems as though someone crossed a pug and a beagle... and got a puggle. They are cute....
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11/06/05 12:18 - 67ºF - ID#25546

Interesting Morning

Today, before the wicked weather the weather critters are promising happened, (e:Uncutsaniflush) and i thought we would go for a walk at Tifft. We thought the colours would be nice, and we have a track record of going there just as the weather is turning bad. When we got there, we were disappointed to find that it was closed!! *insert pouty face here* Last time we were there, there was a sign that said the info center would be closed and at what times, but the actual preserve was open. Today, the sign simply said that it was closed uless open for events. Shame.

We went for a walk by the water instead. Interesting to see seagulls ride the high winds. We didn't tred on too much good poop, either. And it was just starting to rain when we left.

We thought we would go to the Towne for brunch... since we clearly remember doing that the day after we moved to Buffalo a year ago. It was crowded, as we expected, but we got their last parking space. When we got in, the hostess told us there would be a 5 - 10 minute wait for a table. OK, shouldn't be too bad, there were people leaving, so we thought that time would be shortened slightly. After a few minutes, another hostess asked us how many people were in our party. The first hostess then barked at her, "No, we need to wait 5 - 10 minutes to seat anyone" We all looked at her puzzled and she told us her manager told her to not seat anyone because the kitchen and wait staff were not able to keep up. I asked her if we could sit down and have coffee while we waited and she said no. She repeated that it was her manager telling her not to seat anyone. OK, this is when i got bitchy. I told her that i would like her manager to see my middle finger. To which the hostess sarcasticly said "so would i, Sweetie". I gave her a look and said "Sweetie??" Then turned to Walt and said "i think i would like to leave". We did. And i think the hostess didn't handle my bitchiness very well and i think that the manager is a moron turning people away. Least they could have gotten a couple of bucks out of us for coffee. I guess the Towne has enough customers and doesn't need us?

Now, i am going to chill out for a bit and get going doing things around the house. We have some furniture coming tomorrow, after all. Speaking of, i emailed you, (e:Matthew), as (e:Paul) asked me to!!

Have a good Sunday everyone!
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Category: for sale

11/05/05 04:47 - 63ºF - ID#25545

For Sale Or....

Is anyone in need of a dinning room set? A table, and 4 chairs -- 3 chairs without arms and 1 chair with arms?

You see, we were going to have a quiet day at home today. Maybe go out for dinner.. But, we decided to go to an estate sale on Lafayette between Elmwood and Delaware late this morning. We thought we would park near the sale, look at the stuff and the house (what can i say, i am a nosey parker sometimes... beautiful house, too, by the way), go to the Co-Op, head to our bank if we needed some cash. Nothing too exciting. Then, we saw this really nice dinning room set. I fell in love with it. The price was way to high, but they were eager to sell it and we bargained with them. In fact, Walt did a lot of it, for which i am proud of him for, since it isn't in his nature. They were very accomidating to what we want to pay for it. And it will be delivered on Monday afternoon. It's a solid Walnut table with self storing leaves, 6 chairs, a sideboard and a buffet. Ah, but we already have a set for our dinning room.

If anyone is interested, we will sell what we have now at an insanely low price...

Here's the chair with the arms


Here is the detail of the chairs


Here's the set, the table with the leaf and the chairs


Here is the detail of the legs of the table and the chairs


Our goal would be to have this stuff out of the house by Monday... it would be easier to get out of the house by the dinning room than if we brought it up to the attic.

And, as a reminder. i mean crazy insane low price!!! Email me or (e:Uncutsaniflush) if you are even the least bit interested!!
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