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Category: quickies satisfy

03/25/09 08:25 - ID#48203

quick quick quick this and that

My windows and front door are open!

It smells so good outside! The milder temps and a little rain sprinkle makes the earthy yummy smells that I enjoy so much.

I can hear those awesome spring creature sounds!

After being sick a week, my icky germy apartment got a decent partial clean. I got the major rooms done, just need to finish up tomorrow.

I'd complete it tonight, but I go hang out with my elderly gentleman friend. Overall, even mild dementia is sad, but it sure has its funny moments too. He never fails to make me smile.

So said cleaning, feels really really good. Now that I am sitting and typing (and eating) real quick before I go, I am cooling off. Windows and door will be shut soon. Cats enjoying the air too. I almost wish I could stay home tonight to enjoy it, haha

btw, I am currently obsessed with Clorox Clean-up. I am very sensitive to cleaners, and can only use mild ones, as most irritate my lungs. I've been using various earth friendly varieties for years and Murphys Oil soap. Thats pretty much it. However, my BF uses the clorox stuff, and somehow things just seem more clean- look, smell and feel clean. So, I bought a bottle of Target brand for myself. Wish I could use it on everything, but it was good just to go over my kitchen and bathroom with.

Made a quick super yummy dinner. Simple cut up piece of boneless chicken breast sauted with some 'Asian' seasonings (a blend of dry spices- too many to list, but super good). Then tossed in a vegetable mix (cauliflower, carrot, snap peas, onion and red pepper). Mixed together, so delicious.

I ordered my netbook. After much deliberation, I went with the Acer. I can't hardly wait for it. I'll post more about it once it comes in. yay!

crap, gotta go.

have an awesome night!

edit: wow, I just realized this is my 600th post. Neato!

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Category: quickies satisfy

08/29/07 10:16 - ID#40818

Free Snackage

  • Oooh, if you like Kashi products, check out this link for an easy, free snack. Kashi is having a "snack drive", encouraging people to trade in their regular snack for a "nutritious Kashi alternative"

  • Camping trip this weekend. It has been planned since last year. I am not quite sure where it is that I am going; all I know is that my friends know where to go and I am pretty much tagging along. I have yet to pack, although most of my gear is ready to go. It should be a good weekend, weather wise, and I look forward to this adventure.

  • However, I will miss out on Youngstown Labor Day Field Days, which means I will miss out on the one time of year that I buy fried dough. Its so good and makes me feel gross, but its tradition. I may have to go the following weekend to the Lewiston Peach Festival, where I am sure they will have fried dough, if I feel the need to have it. Then again, if I am back early enough on Monday, I might just be able to grab one yet. yay!

  • August is really just about over. That kind of freaks me out. I went swimming most days this week just because I know that there really aren't too many days left to do so. It being like 90 yesterday and today was perfect. There wasnt a cloud in the sky today; just sun. A gorgeous summer day. As I always end up saying, but don't follow through, I need to get a swim membership somewhere for the winter months. I really like swimming, even if I pretty much stink at it.

  • Anyone know if cabins are available at camp parks in the middle of winter?

  • I've been told now by several friends that I need to have one of my famous bonfire-gatherings. I figure I will try to plan something come late summer/early fall, maybe around my b-day.
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02/20/07 12:36 - ID#38214

magnetic poetry

This weekend was just perfect!
Friday was especially socially busy, time with wonderful friends but it continued straight through the weekend. I need a quiet day, which today was for the most part. Other than a quick visit by my mom and an impromptu run to Sam's club for printer ink- and dinner. Its already past midnight.. I have so much energy to burn. If the temps are indeed toastier, I am heading out again to XC ski. Its been weeks..
And perhaps a visit to Spot. So, I share a few pics..

My mom is silly. I heard her giggling in my kitchen on a recent visit. Thought maybe Joey was up to something, as he is always cracking us up. Not sure, but later, I find this created out of the magnetic poetry on my fridge..

My buddy Lynn was over this weekend..

My furbuddy, Joe..

creating a masterpiece.. ;)


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Category: quickies satisfy

01/25/07 05:00 - ID#37864

taking out the trash

As I finshed up the main portion of my personal purge and clean expedition, I found my thoughts in alignment to the task in a symbolic way. My generally tidy (but not too clean) apartment took on a whole new look and feel as I began (two weeks ago) to open up every drawer, cupboard and closet. What makes this different than prior purges which had a more functional motive to it, is that it began directly in relation to the beginning of a new chapter in my life; the full focus on myself. In the physical process of 'cleaning out my closets", I had made a huge mess. For the past two weeks, as things became simplified, they have also become more complicated (chaos theory)- yet in an exquisite, relaxing, grateful way; new projects arose from this- which will be worked on over time, no need to force it. In the symbolic process of 'cleaning out my closets', there wasnt so much a mess, but what was at first complicated is now so much more simple. Thank you!
Immediately I realized that I have an abundance of material items that are no longer necessary in my life. I gave away what I could and threw out the rest. Bringing garbage out to the road has been a delightful work out. Tonight it will need to be dragged through the thick snow, but it will get there. It is so nice to see the extra baggage leaving my sight. I began to make room for better as opposed to holding on. Its nice. Energy is flowing.

What originally brought me to post is that it had also been atleast two weeks since I have vacuumed, as I could not see the floor until just recently (I said I made a mess in this process!). Tired and hungry I considered saving the vacuuming until another day, yet I felt strongly compelled to finish. As I pushed and pulled the vacuum back and forth across the floor, varying thoughts and scenerios played out in my mind. Most revolving around the last quarter of 2006. Picking up bits of dirt and rummage was like picking up bits of these past few months. They were no longer needed and served no purpose other than to clutter my spirit. My thoughts weren't negative but they were cumbersome. When I realized the vacuum in essence was sucking up the last bits of residual work-related matter, my vacuuming efforts were now enjoyable, as just minutes before I *really* didn't want to do it. Oh boy, I felt better by the time I finished. Looking around, I know things are better.

very cool, and as I have been saying for years- I am grateful for that.

stay warm, peeps

wow-- my neighbor just came up my driveway with his snowplow. Now my taking out my garbage will be so much easier!
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01/15/07 08:19 - ID#37708

good news in the news

Fantastic! The bike path rapist/murderer is done! (well, its looking that way) All of the incidents through the years seem to be directly connected to the same individual, Altemio Sanchez. Various departments connected with each other to to bring him down. He is in custody and expected to be charged. This is a really good thing- sharing information, working together to increase efforts and knowledge. More or less, kicking ass and taking out the trash. woo!

Joan Diver was the most recent victim ('o6), prior to that there were two others. One name alludes me, but the other was Linda Yalem ('90).
When I was at UB, I remember always hearing about Linda Yalem, one of Sanchez's victims. There were regular commemorative activities, the most widely known being the annual 5K Safety run/walk. Imagine, now almost 17 years later- the family was not hopeful to find the murderer.

Here is a longer detailed article that fries me and makes me feel ill. There were multiple assults, but the statute of limitations have run out on that. Ofcourse, there is no such statute on murder- and he is pegged for three of them. Which is why such elation of the most recent news of finding the scumbag.

  • breathe*

On another positive note, wasn't it just last week that a recently kidnapped kiddo and another one from years back were located in Missouri? Whether working together or serendipity, it is certainly good stuff to hear about.

Tides are turning!
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08/13/06 11:11 - ID#36011

Plane, Train or Automobile?

I think I shall go to NYC by train.

So, (e:pyrcedgrrl) go ahead and buy those tickets. I scored us a place to stay: an art studio in Greenich Village. I am making arrangments to get keys to the place. woo hoo!

I'm tired; time for sleep. It is always hard to get up early. I wonder if I would like a job that starts later? hmm...

I hate to see the weekend end; it went so quickly; but I have a feeling this week will be very good and interesting..

the count down continues:

< 2 weeks..

Night, peeps
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04/11/06 10:17 - ID#35917

Carey, put your pants back on

um, yeh..I suppose I should do my taxes soon, huh? I just realized that the 15th is rapidly approaching.

I do this every year. Last year I got them in with just five minutes to spare. The year before-- within two hours of the deadline.. so why should this year be any different? It was all so much easier back when I went to H&R Mom. haha.

Nice night! After dinner, I ran out the door and headed to Fort Niagara. I sat on a pier along the Niagara River and watched the colors of the sky reflected on the water. Where I sat, I could see where the river empties into Lake Ontario; and this is the point of the gorgeous sunset. The waters were calm, just a slight ripple to be heard and seen. Birds, and other creatures were making their noises. I didn't sit for long, but I enjoyed the time I did spend sitting on my pier.

I had been walking around, going up and down hills and staircases all throughout Fort Niagara. The trek down to the pier was a break to breathe deeply and take in the sounds and sights of nature.

Coming up from the pier, I nearly de pantsed (sp) myself. Ya'll know how hard it is for me to keep my pants on. heh.. not like that, haha.. but as of lately, I am not sure when my undies or pants will just drop off of me. "uh, Carey, why do you have your hands down your pants?"
Not exactly complaining..., but one of these days I could very well set myself up to be mortified! My pants fit (kinda) this morning..

SO yeh, I am running up a staircase and I feel them begin to slip off. As they drag, while I am stepping up, I step on the pant cuff, which further tugs them down-- No one was around-- I was able to just pull them back up and went on with my walk/hike/jog sweat-heavy breathing fest. I love walking up and down all of the hills.. Next time, I wear tighter pants.

Or duct tape them to my ass.

Bed time! I love my sleep..

Later friends!
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04/03/06 07:36 - ID#35910

Return on Investment?

Its never to early (or late) to start thinking about your retirement- i snagged this from the net-- so for your amusement, a super quicky:


If you had purchased $1000.00 of Nortel stock one year ago, it would
now be worth $49.00

With Enron, you would have had $16.50 left of the original $1,000.00

With WorldCom, you would have had less than $5.00 left.

But, if you had purchased $1,000.00 worth of Beer one year ago, drank
all the beer, then turned in the cans for the aluminum recycling
REFUND, you would have had $214.00.

Based on the above, current investment advice is to drink heavily and

It's called the 401-Keg Plan


Have a good one everyone

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03/13/06 09:41 - ID#35901

a question for you

The bright waxing moon on saturday night had a perfect rainbow-like swirl of color surrounding it. Anyone know if this effect has a name????

The moon framed in colors with a backdrop of stars.. amazing. It was so beautiful.. I gazed into the sky in awe.

I love the warmer weather. I hear the frog creatures making their noises outside. I love that sound. And in the morning, it has been the birds.. It is almost time to go outside and begin spring clean up.. and get ready for gardening and bon fires.

That warm intense rain today was kinda sexy.. ever kiss in the rain??

It is about time for bed..

Sweet dreams, everyone


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10/07/05 07:07 - ID#35809

Update: I was attacked by pirates

I will be on the strip shortly.

I plan to eat... I am thinking, Sahara Grill... yum

get coffee..Spot, ofcourse

have some drinks.. havent decided yet

You love me
call me
join me


update: I have a taker!
woo, I went over to (e:pyrcedgrrl) 's house and we jumped in her car (as 2 of my four doors do not open.. I will get it fixed before winter or once I have to get in Dukes of Hazzard style, whichever comes first)

So our venture out took us to Sahara Grill (still Yum), SPot (not so yum) and Pink (Magic Potion hat #9 on tap- yum).

I saw a few girls come into Spot to use the bathroom. I was intrigued by their outfits, pondering whats new at Abercrombie this week. It had a bit of a buckeneer flare. I thought I was imagining things when a few fellas, making fun of them, responded with an "Aaaaarrrrr". I giggled as I took a closer look to their attire and realized that it was indeed to the theme of pirate.
They left shortly thereafter.
Finishing our coffee, we went outside. (e:pyrcedgrrl) was going to take a stealth picture of (me) them, when they suddenly came running across the way to jump in the picture w/ me. I found myself surrounded by girl and boy pirates, laughing really hard. Hence the updated post with pictorals.


Hummus, babaganoush, tahini
(e:pyrcedgrrl) not loving the babaganoush (more for me!)
(e:pyrcedgrrl) loving the crunchy things dipped in hummus

(e:theecarey) loving, bonding.. the babaganoush


guess who.. (e:theecarey) and (e:pyrcedgrrl)

Dave/David Buster just opened. I really want to go there. It is like an adult Chucky Cheese.. how cool would that be????????

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