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Category: reflection

02/27/06 09:27 - 22ºF - ID#35891

Capture the moment

Dana and I ventured out to the art installation at the Hotel Lennox, or more commonly referred to as, "The Peep Show", Saturday night.

Walking around the hotel, making our way through the crowds, we observed people of all ages and mental states. Whether at the hotel to party or to contemplate art (or both), people were evidently enjoying themselves. I partially stripped, threw on some pajamas and hopped in bed with (e:robin). Nice to met you :)

Pleasantly, I saw a handful of people I know. However, my hellos were short as I was drawn to the unknown. Strangers were the most intriguing, to look at and to talk to. We found ourselves engaging in many interesting conversations. I enjoy talking to people, transcending boundaries and personal space :)

I did not have anything to drink before or during this viewing. I enjoyed my calm, clear, peaceful affect while mingling with the others.

I have put my camera away for now. It will be available for certain moments.. but I am cutting back on snapping a picture for the sake of "preserving a memory". Especially when it ends up being the same picture over and over! Funny, that I realized that some of my memories of late are actually strengthened by not having the camera attached to me; I was in the moment and not in the camera lens.

The camera will be ready and willing for original-interesting moments and my nature-life journeys. Atleast that is the plan, haha.

Reflecting back on the weekend, I think my fondest memory was looking out the window of hotel room 845. The view of Buffalo from the eighth floor of the hotel was amazing.The snow was falling, covering the street, building, cars and people.. the image was ageless and enchanting. Thanks for sharing the moment, (e:matthew)..

Two vodka-sodas w/ lime at Pink and 1/2 turkey on wheat w/ french fries (Vehichles for Ketchup) at Jims, rounded out the night.

Onto other news..

  • Back to work after a few days off. I enjoyed the time to myself but it is always good to get back.. even if I am already looking forward to the weekend. I stayed up super late most days of this past week. Having to get to sleep at a reasonable hour and waking up about the time I went to bed at least a few days this week, was a challenge. I set my alarm extra early to get up and exercise-stretch. It worked out to my advantage and I will continue to do this. Usually I roll out of bed and into my car (well, pit stop at the bathroom for toothbrushing!).

  • I hear movement in the apartment next to me. I think my neighbor is beginning to move in. Maybe I will see more of him this weekend. Apparently he is 25-26 years old.. I will post more on that development later.

  • Mardi Gras festivities tomorrow.. Who is doing what? Not sure what my plans are. Most likely a quiet night in front of the lap top and school books. I am up for something.. but not drinking (much or any). I go to work early in the morning.. Good conversation maybe? Good food? Glass of wine? ..

  • I made an amazing grilled portebello mushroom for dinner tonight-- it was topped w/ a spinkling of sharp cheddar, balsamic vinegar and garlic. My creations are endless and amazingly satisfying. I am on a roll..

  • Online D&D just rolled out.. I must refrain from looking into it!!

Alright everyone, be good, be healthy, stay warm!


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Category: food

02/25/06 05:11 - 35ºF - ID#35890

I like mine hot and steamy

My food creations usually turn out delishious. No more hiding my talent :) However, I am too rebellious to follow a recipe. I just make whatever my imagintaion conjures or the recipe is used as a guideline. I reserve the rights to use full artistic license.

so what I came up with last night..

Eggplant strips soaked in seasoned egg beaters.
Followed by dipping the strips in crushed up Wasa (fiber rye) crackers.
Then baked at 400 degrees.
(try drizzling hot sauce on it!)

I was made aware that Off the Wall makes "eggplant chicken wings". Sounded good, but I wanted to make a healthier version. I prefer my food to be naked, but the wasa crackers worked out pretty well. I also made naked eggplant strips, brushed with grapeseed oil and garlic.

Next: Lentils.

I am a big fan of the lentil. I have a ton of lentil recipes saved for the times when I want something that my mind has been unable to come up with a plan on its own. I own an obscene amount of lentils.

I love all veggies, I sneak them into everything I can. I also like easy foods, things that will tatse great for a few days. Ideally, I look to make things that allow me to throw everything together to create a super nutritious filling fun meal.

Forward to: Thee Lentil Intrigue

  • One giant pot.
  • 2 bags of lentils
  • Lots of veggies diced/chopped/shredded- (spinach, onion, leek, cauliflower, broccoli, green pepper, carrot, cabbage, anything else I could find..)
  • tomato puree and crushed tomatos for base (and water)
  • olive oil
  • fresh seasonings (garlic, basil, crushed black pepper)
  • pinch of Morton Lite salt

I suppose this would be suitable for vegans.

Add hot sauce or chili peppers for a Lentle Inferno ((e:ladycrofts) favorite, haha)

Yes, that is a variety of veggies, but the combination and amount of each compliments each other. The primary taste and texture is lentil. yum yum

I have a bag of red lentils I have been meaning to do something with.. that will be next time. Just not sure what..

Also made hummus.. I am always trying to complicate it and add stuff that doenst belong. It always turns out good, though. I tried using unsweetened apple sauce as the moist base. Then I added olive oil for flavor. It was just an expirement, and it tastes fine. I add so much cumin that it would mask anything I mix in there!

I need to make a trip to the coop for a few items that I have not found at other grocers.


I have a gigantic project due in class! I love the material and the deliverables required.. but time is ticking. I will get it done as usual and with success.. but I still fret.

Very shortly, I will be going for a walk. When I return, by six or so, then I am spending a few hours on it.

If I don't, I will not allow myself to go out tonight. It is imperative that I get through some of the logisitics of the project. There are other people invloved, all of whom I need to get in touch with. I am not even to the writing stage of this project. Tonights plan is to dive in and hammer out as much as possible. There is also a presentation that I have to prepare for. I do whatever I have to do to succeed.

Otherwise, I will see some of you out later.


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Category: sex

02/24/06 04:48 - 28ºF - ID#35889

I am dreaming of you

Nice! I am glad that the peeps of (e:strip) enjoyed the name quiz!
give it a whirl. It is endlessly amusing:

Some of you took it a step further and plugged in your middle and last names. Funny stuff!

Because of that, I had to do a few more..

(lastname)- A person who falls into an outhouse and dies --I expected something more pretensious sounding.. haha

Carey.(and middle name and last name)- A person who has the ability to be invisible --That would be good old fashioned evil fun!

Carey(last name)- Sexually stunning -- duh ;)

On that note. I recalled quite suddenly and fondly of my dream last night. I think it falls in with the dream theme of (e:strip) as of late. Yes, kiddos, sex. I have some good ones, but I know the basis to this one. (e:kwhoissuper) is working on reestablishing a foreskin of the sort. [inlink]kwhoissuper,4[/inlink]. He has promised to post pics of the process. In the meantime, my delightfully imaginative mind has come up with some fine images. Multiple ones. I dreampt that I was in view of numerous uncircumsized penises (and a few that were). And then I wondered (in my dream) if the guys were from (e:strip).. I wasn't looking at their faces, otherwise I would have figured that out. haha. Well, I could still figure that out, but I need ya'll to drop your drawers ;)

I am not sure what I am up to tonight.

In general, in life.. I am seeking out newness, change, something different... something I can sick my teeth into..quality.. something that will excite exciting.

I am pretty good at figuring this out. It is a part of who I am. I want change, I seek it, it happens. We are accountable for much of what we want and do.

"The strangest secret in the world is that you become what you think about." -Earl Nightingale

So I am bound to be a nympho? I am a lady, but I check that at the door, if you know what I mean..ha. Really though..self fullfilling prophecy is strong stuff. It all begins in your mind..

Although, the newness, excitement and all that jazz that comes from external sources, people, situations would be just fine.

Time for chow.

Later, peeps

Take care, be good.. be safe :)


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Category: funny

02/24/06 01:25 - 28ºF - ID#35888

Your name, defined

Haha, I occasionally entertain myself with these quizes, but not post them. This one I thought was funny, as it is "How will your name be defined in the dictionary". I first plugged in my name, Carey then TheeCarey. Uncanny that in my last post, I mentioned "taking off on my bike like a banshee".. and I never use that term, which I thought it odd that I even wrote that. Anyhow, the point of this post:

Amuse yourself like I did:

CAREY:-- pretensiously academian

THEE CAREY Banshee-like

It changes every time, but I am delerious and easily amused..and don't care. Go there.. you know you want to :)

ok, now I am really off to bed.

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Category: nature

02/23/06 12:04 - 36ºF - ID#35887

It seemed like a great idea

Yesterday was gorgeous. Sunny, mild.. I am sure you noticed?

It was a perfect day to go for a bike ride.

Too bad I did it the day before, when it was feeling sub zero and windy.

Yesterday I biked inside (among other stuff) as I was crunched for time.

I go hiking, jogging, walking any time of year and in any weather. It can be cold, it can even be freezing.. that doesn't stop me (although warm and snuggly is nicer). So to hit up a super cold and windy day is not unusual. However, I never tried bike riding in the super cold for the fun of it. Let me tell you that this was painful! Damn, the effects of cold and wind is exacerbated when you hop on a bike and take off like a banshee. Can't I just take spinning classes like everyone else? haha. It was biting at my face!

I was well layered-- three shirts, two thick sweaters, gloves, scarf, hat, hood-- but the air still hit my face. Ow!

I amused myself by riding around the village, then made my way into the Fort.. the lake always draws me in. This little jaunt towards the lake heightened the cold windy feel. When I arrived at the hill that goes down to the beach, I ditched the bike. I continued on by foot.

There is a lot of ice and snow on the beach and in the water. I took some pictures.. (*looking for camera*)

Then I walked up and down the hill about ten times. Maybe it was ten. Whatever, I was looking for the steepest part and going as fast as I could. Good stuff- It built up some much needed heat.

Yesterday I wake up with a tiny cold sore. I am not particularly stressed over anything and I haven't been making out with anyone (have I? hmm, nope, not lately) Soo, I blame this little unwelcome guest on severe cold, wind and sun beating the hell out of my face. Its tiny. I'll sport it. I should be in a commercial.

Ahh, found my camera.. I left it in my car..seems another mild day out there.

What to do, what to do? I think I will go outside and play.. I'll dig out my basketball. Perfect.

Chilly pics.. enjoy :)






My camera froze, otherwise I know there would be more, including ones of me in my aweful assortment of layers to stay warm. Yeh, I was smokin' ..

Take care,

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Category: potpourri

02/21/06 01:44 - 25ºF - ID#35886

just be yourself

I turn on the tv and jump in bed w/ my computer. The station is playing, "Friends". Never seen it..and I don't think I missed anything in all these years that it was "popular". Within two minutes, the show thoroughly annoyed me. All I hear are laugh tracks. Why??
Is it so bad that you have to remind me to laugh??? These were loud and frequent laugh tracks.
Maybe networks would do well to apply them to a show that really needs them, like Fox News?
  • insert laughter here*

Ok so my plan for Tuesday:

(now,this is all contingent upon my getting to sleep well before 5am)

  • Read four, no ,five chapters in my text book. If I am truly inspired, six chapters. Although it took me roughly two hours to get through one chapter, but I was beat. I have a giant project to work on as well. Reading first, though. Earlier, (e:ladycroft) and I met up to tackle some of our school work. Even with two sources of caffeine at my side, my face could have dropped into the book in my lap. Passing out would not have been delightful..I have a lovely vision of stabbing myself with the pen that I jot notes with in the book.

Staying up till 6-7 am these past few days is not conducive to successful use of mental energy. Friday was chill.,talked w/ pals.. dodged an Ex/stalker a few times. Not sure what that is about. But it has to stop.*shiver* . Saturday was another story. Ran all day, stayed up all night. Invited to do many things.. pulled in many different directions. Screwed up some plans by not paying attention to time, sorry (e:pyrcedgrrl), I will make it up to you! Good times though.. had a little gathering at my place with (e:pyrcedgrrl), (e:kangarooboi) and (e:ladycroft). Beers, Tequila Rose (evil stuff) and munchies.. and a large pile of Play Girl. haha.

Later still, waited for music files to transfer. Great stuff! Thank you thank you :)

Sunday..more running around, dinner w/ mom, step dad, niece in Wilson then I ended the night with an excursion to OPM lounge. Met up with (e:mrdt). Again, nice to have met you. BTW (e:Paul), I will show up at your door one night when we head out there.. you must go with us sometime! (e:ladycroft) and I had fun.. as always.

So yeh, I get home and it takes me a couple of hours to go to sleep.

  • Hiking. Three or four times a week I go to Fort Niagara or the gorge .. but after looking at the pictures in (e:ajay) post [inlink]ajay,438[/inlink], I am inclined to find somewhere else. A new view.. Suggestions???? Please !!

  • Laundry. I have a ton to wash and put away. Timika saw the giant mound of clean clothes. She also tried to steal my coin collection that is in the washer. HAHA. You know I am kidding! That was the strangest/confusing conversation.. I know I didn't know what I was talking about. I kept screwing up everything I was trying to say. I told (e:kangarooboi) to make himself at home, help himself to whatever, that I am not a great hostess and that "your house is my house"

  • Research/write on a topic that I have been thinking about.. but which one. Hmm..

  • pilates. Denise Austin is a bitch. She is kicking my ass. I have moved on to "pilates for dummies". seriously. Then in a few weeks.. I can kick hers :)

  • And then a bunch of other random stuff is on my list. I always find something amusing to do. .and sometimes amusing things keep me from getting things done.

On that note..

I really need to go to bed, so I can get up relatively early. The (e:chat) was a bit risque earlier. Myself, (e:paul), (e:ladycroft), (e:codypomeray), (e:mrdt), (e:jenks), (e:imk2), (e:Salvatore) and (e:decoyisryan).. jeez, did I forget anyone? Anyway, the chat got busy as it often does.. then we delved into the fun stuff. It certainly did not help in my pursuit to become sleepy.

I am going to watch sci fi channel till I fall asleep. Ooh, the X-Files are on, yay.

Sweet dreams, friends..


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Category: sunday fun

02/19/06 10:30 - 21ºF - ID#35885

play time

Heading out to OPM lounge.. probably be there by midnight.

Come out and play!!

(e:ladycroft), (e:imk2), (e:mrdt), (e:kangarooboi), (e:paul).. who else?? come ooOOoooooon....


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Category: snow

02/19/06 05:22 - 19ºF - ID#35884

blizzard fun

quick post.. off to hang w/ the family.. then later.. find something really fun to do! :)

First.. my enormous mushroom omelete from The Original Pancake House. (e:ladycroft) and I grabbed some food.. oy, that is some meal..

I have been wondering where all the snow is at..

Ladycroft is hording it in Hamburg!!!!





Is that sunshine?

random crap in my car..

no snow, not a flake.. just sunshine in good ole Y-Town.

home :)

moi :)


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Category: day 5

02/17/06 04:30 - 25ºF - ID#35883

Yes, it is Friday-updated

I went to bed way too late last night.

But that turned out perfectly fine..

My phone rang about 6:30 this morning. I was informed that the school I work in would be closed. No work for me.. YAY!!

Niagara county school and most, if not all in Erie county were closed due the crazy winds and potential disaster if it snowed/rained on top of all that.

Whatever the reason.. I was excited to find out that my weeked started unexpectedly early.

After I hung up the phone I turned on the news. There is something about seeing it on the tv, that is exciting. It reminds me of the occasional "snow day" we would get as a kid.. I just couldn't go back to sleep right away!!! I then called my neice to let her know that her school was closed as well. Then I snuggled back under my covers and drifted off to sleep.

I love my work schedule.. I love that there is the possibilty of snow days (paid) and that I have time off from work every couple of months (paid). I feel spoiled, because I know this wont be the case after I move on from my position..

or will it? Anything is possible if I want it..

I enjoy, seek certain levels of responsibility in life..yet others, I dread. I mean, who really likes paying bills? It wouldnt be dreadful if my income was better, and it will..Casual roomates aren't my thing.. so that isn't an option.Yet, I do alright with what I have. My bills are always paid..yet I live sparingly, overall. I would prefer to not live pay check to pay check. But that too will change. How? when? not sure.. but it will.

And I whatever I do, I want it with lots of time off to do what I please :)

Does this mean I am not ready to 'grow up' ?

I think I have a party to go to shortly.. I doubt it has been cancelled. It starts early and I plan to be there for only a little while..

Anyone up for doing something after 9PM??????

I am open to anything

UPDATE: the party was canecelled. I got the phone call at 6:15. Weird how I had a feeling.. yet who cancels parties???
I am too late to join the peeps heading out to KB for tubing. Unless I left this very minute.

SO I am now very free to do something....

Carey :)

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Category: simplicity

02/16/06 11:23 - 53ºF - ID#35882

Murphys Oil Soap

simple entry.. thoughts before bed:

11pm. It is freaky warm outside.

I get out of class and the temp is much warmer than when I went in.

I drive through the light rain.

I go down Lewiston Hill and I watch the lightning. [[So cool.The hill has an amazing view. It overlooks many towns in US and Canada along with the Niagara River,Lake Ontario, Toronto.. There is a house that has all of this as their view from the backyard. I would immensely enjoy (and love) the opportunity to go in their house some evening.. just to look at the view.]]

There is no place to stop on the hill..all I can do is catch a glimpse on my descent.

I pull in the driveway. I decide to check the mail box. I look up at the sky and see clouds framing the bright waning moon.

On the ground.. wet grass. Nothing that resembles winter.

Memories of bonfires.. and thoughts of adventures yet to come.

The air smells good. It is so warm. I want to go for a walk around town, but I only walk back up the driveway and go inside.

Inside, the lingering smell of murphys oil soap, from hardwood floors washed two nights ago.

I hear the wind picking up as I get ready for bed.

Sweet dreams :)

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