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10/19/09 07:25 - 52ºF - ID#50055


but I don't care.

and I won't get too much into it.


Trying to find a better price on "Instead" Soft Cups. Bought a bunch last year, kinda hard to find in a store, need to reorder again. So, checking out prices online.

what is it? well...
Basically a semi pliable ring with plastic that creates a cup to collect menstrual flow. Became a fan some time ago for completely self satisfying reasons. If you want to have sex without it looking like a bloody massacre, this is one way to have "clean" sex. (ok, couple of other reasons too, but this was huge bonus). No other product (Diva Cup, Moon Cup, The Keeper, etc) do that. So yeh, I'm not interested. Although, if I were looking for a more environmentally nice alternative, then those would be it.

I've mentioned somewhere here and there that I really enjoy reading product reviews. Now although I already know what this product is all about, I read through a bunch anyways. Then I ventured into reviews on the other brands (just to make nothing has changed, ya know, to be able to use them, uh hem, 'anytime'.)

Then I thought, well... they might be decent, practical and cheaper for any other time, so as not to pollute the earth with pads and tampons, right? So, onto more thorough look at some of the reviews. Namely, the Diva Cup.

Which the following review is what prompted me to write...

It is fucking hilarious, creative and (bloody) brilliant.

her other reviews on non related products have the same creative voice. If she is a writer somewhere, I need to know!

Anyway, I decided I'll pass on this product, and continue with what I know and like.
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10/16/09 10:25 - 39ºF - ID#50030

pesty ba$tards

I have mosquitoes in my house.

Just a few.. but enough to engage my cats interest and enough to make me wonder... "why aren't ya'll dead yet???"

but it is getting close to their demise one way or another.

Instead of zipping around alluding my death smacks, they are bobbing through the air like a Mylar balloon losing its helium.

Mosquito killing has been fruitful.
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10/14/09 06:20 - 42ºF - ID#50014 pmobl


I just watched someone sitting at a stoplight chuck their empty cigarette box out their window and onto the street.
they were driving a shiny cadillac escalade which seemed to add to my digust.

that is all.
carry on
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10/12/09 07:04 - 46ºF - ID#49999 pmobl

tap tap

mobile test post. been long time since I tried and was successful. lets see..
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10/07/09 05:02 - 52ºF - ID#49955

3 minutes of Ass Shakin'

go ahead..


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