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Category: food

03/02/09 07:49 - ID#47927

Memories of Yumminess Banana Bread sorta

A slew of over ripe bananas and creative use of available baking supplies plus random items from fridge produced not one, but two varieties of insanely delicious banana 'bread'. Banana something anyways! So good I want more and desperately want to reproduce in all its yummy glory.

I'd list the recipe, but I didn't follow one. I had some ingredients and mixed them together to see what came up. Seriously.

Two bowls of ingredients were mixed together. One that resulted in a regular super crazy moist banana bread with fine chopped walnuts:

Then, feeling extra experimental (and loving the taste of bananas and chocolate), I added a bunch of stuff** together to get this:



Both were so good, and the antithesis to all things relatively healthy. My next adventure in banana bread will be an experiment in making a hearty bread made with all good stuff. But I'd be tempted to try and make one or both of these again.

  • I remember I threw together a bowl of several mashed bananas, butter, flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, eggs, a splash of vanilla coffee creamer, the remnants of an almost empty sour cream container, small semi sweet chocolate chips swirled in, hot cocoa mix and a few walnuts. Maybe a sprinkle of brown sugar too. Oh and a few extra tiny chocolate chips tossed on top once poured into the pan.

It was a huge hit with anyone who ate it. They didn't believe what was in it. I don't think it was that weird, but I know my 'creative tendencies" in the kitchen can be questionable.


  • sigh*
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10/15/08 02:11 - ID#46127

bagel damn-goodness

The Asiago cheese bagel at Panera Bread is insanely good.

more like a dense croissant.

go have one. I'd post a pic, but its about gone. yum.

that is all.
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09/15/08 01:51 - ID#45688

Nourishing Concoctions

I've been obsessed with making blended smoothy drinks lately.

Do you make them- have any super awesome recipe blends that rock your world??

It began about a month ago. I had a desire for a chocolate milkshake. After consumption, although tasty, I felt generally "bleh". Yet I was still kind of in the mood for that taste/texture again a few days later. Well, I happened to be in a rush, and having not eaten, I intended to go to a drive-through restaurant. I also lacked sleep the night before, therefor needed caffeine too. While in my car looking at my immediate options, I decided to head to a Starbucks drive-through. My intention was strictly coffee, but I decided to give their Vivanno (banana, milk, whey protein and fiber blended together with Naked brand juice or Chocolate shot) a try. The "banana-chocolate" with a shot of espresso seemed to be a perfect solution to what I needed- a bit of sustenance and caffeine. My taste buds found it simple and yummy and it 'hit the spot'. Another time, I tried the "orange-mango-banana" with added Matcha; again, I enjoyed this simple concoction. I wanted more and wanted them every day, sometimes more than once. These drinks were becoming preferred over regular meals. On a side note, when I get into a specific taste/texture kick, it is all I want for several days on end.

Since I eat bananas, yogurt and other fruits on a daily basis and usually also usually have a drink made of juice and 'greens' (Barleans Greens ) and on occasion, any sort of meal-replacement powder mix (not for weight loss, but for nutrition when I don't want to eat, or to bridge the gap in nutrients when I think I need the extra vits/protein/fiber), I had the non original idea to blend those items together at home.

It is actually easier to blend all these items together and have it at once, than to incorporate them at different times throughout the day. I'm lazy like that. Sometimes eating is a chore. Sometimes it is all I want to do. Sure it takes more time to create a 'smoothy', but it is a welcome routine, a few minutes to center myself in the morning and again later on, if I wish. A mini-ceremony, if that makes sense.

My fave is blending together a medium banana, ice, milk (soy/skim, whatever i have), chocolate slim-fast powder (vitamins, protein, fiber, good strong chocolate taste--still searching for other taste/price/nutrient options), toasted wheat bran and instant coffee. (making espresso shots was an added effort I didn't want to engage in daily-- experimented with instant coffee, and it provides a genuine caffeine kick and pleasant balancing taste). Sometimes the milk is replaced with yogurt or more specifically black-cherry yogurt for a primarily cherry-chocolate taste. The banana flavor recedes with this option.

other concoctions include adding 'greens' to a banana/milk/ice/juice blend. Or adding other fruits (pineapple, blueberry, mango). I have tried various mixtures, all of which have turned out pretty yummy and nutritious. More ice makes for a thicker blend, which is my preference. I don't measure anything-- just 'eyeball' it. My boyfriend is often the recipient of these creations, which he accepts with amusement.

Adding a little bit of green tea is nice as well. I love maccha (or matcha), (WIKIPEDIA - Matcha)
but have only ordered it online.

I would like to find it locally. I like a high grade drinking maccha. The closest has been a drinking maccha-sencha blend from the asian market on Sheridan. Anyone know of a local retailer? Maybe I haven't looked hard enough as I rarely head into stores.

Alright, I'm off to create something else. The cooler weather makes me want to make soup too.

Have a good one, peeps!

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04/25/07 10:55 - ID#39043

25 Cent Chicken Wings

Brennan's Irish Pub in the village of Youngstown has .25 chicken wings on Wednesdays- they also have this special and a few others on Sabres game night. My step dad and I headed to the restaurant to partake in the festivities.

After several minutes of not knowing what I felt like eating, I ordered a bunch of wings.


They were impressive. I waste so much with them, just pulling a little flesh off before discarding the remainder to the bone bowl. I rarely order wings- and never before ordered them for myself out in public; not for any particular reason. They just seem like such a 'sit-on-couch-while-watching-rented movie' sort of food. random old memory: And never ever try eating them shortly after having 4 wisdom teeth yanked out of your head. You can not eat chicken wings with your front teeth alone. haha

I certainly did not need to be watching the screen to know when the Sabres scored. Just the happy shouts alone gave it away.

Go Sabres!

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03/20/07 07:39 - ID#38533

pulp friction

wow, I should have begun using this well before today!

I received a juicer as a gift some time ago. I recall prior to ownership, pondering whether I would actually use one. Would I use it? The idea of having one intrigued me, but not enough to actually go buy one myself. I like veggie juice, but it is usually insanely loaded with salt, something I am not fond of. The low sodium variety is still too salty tasting to me (and usually more expensive). The cool new natural vegetable and fruit health juices, "Naked" (no salt!!) and other brands, are yummy, but at 4$ or more a bottle, I rarely purchase them.

I've also been cooking and baking a lot more- which always has veggies/fruits embedded within. It would be perfect to add the remaining pulp to just about anything. Mmmmm muffins, soups, chili, meatballs, etc. Soooooooo dusting off my unopened box containing a Hamilton Beach juicer, I bought some veggies today and began to beat them to a pulp.

The blade is scary.

It really does juice anything.

It is suggested to load the juicer completely to get the best juicingfriction and to slowly push the food down to get the most juice. I would love to be a technical writer for contraptions like these. I would push the limit on terminology. Suggestive innuendos, indeed. It scared me when I first turned it on. Loud and scary- but not any more so than a blender. Oh and it was quick.

Missing Image ;(

all the fresh veggies...

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(

its makes a lot of juice, quick.

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(

kinda freaky looking. Made me think of Fraggle Rocks, "Trash Heap"- where'd that come from???

Missing Image ;(


Missing Image ;(

  • pics aren't showing up. Perhaps too big? I'll check it later. Right now I am working on making a lentil soup with the remaining pulp. Should be yum yum yum!
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08/09/06 08:49 - ID#36009

I need a hit (updated)

of ice cream.

oh my god, I want ice cream.


Its insane!!!!! why??????????????????????????????

I am not really questioning it. I am dragging my step-dad out for icecream at 9pm.

why not?

Do we really need an excuse to have or not to have icecream?

I think I need to get back to eating again. I was going to say, like a "normal" person, whatever that is...

A better way to phrase it would be, I need to stop eating like a super busy working-student- bachelorette as I have been doing these past few weeks. Well, as I said before-- its all on and off lately. But its crazy-- I eat one sort of food all day (such as just strawberries or just corrn, or just avacodo/cucumber or just cheerios, or just forget.. etc) because I don't have time or energy to make something varied, nutritious and decent.. then I end up with a weirdish food craving.

so dammit, I am making an ice cream run. I know you know how that is.

Anyhow-- 2.5 more weeks..

then I can be nice to my body again.


nevermind. I am over it. I am not getting icecream--Now I don't feel like it. I'd rather go to bed. A double scoop of pillows topped with a comfy blaket, sprinkled with sweet dreams.. served with a side of..

er, i will stop now.


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07/23/06 10:29 - ID#35993

Government Issued.... Peanut Butter

I stood in front of my kitchen cupboards looking wistfully inside, hoping something spectacular would materialize. Digging through the freezer, I passed over a few bags of Blah, a box of Humdrum and a whole bunch of freezer-burned Boring. A perusal of the refrigerator turned up nothing short an assortment of moldy, unidentifiable, and "I probably shouldn't eat that- um, what is it anyways?" kibbles.

peering into the back shelf: "I didn't know asparagus could ever look like that!"

poking my fingers carefully around the produce drawer: "When bad things happen to (used to be) good mangoes"

and, lets play, 'Name that Bowl of Gook?': "Oh god, I think that used to be lentils and feta.."

brought me to the realization that I need to go grocery shopping.

But not on a Friday.

ok, no date. no parties. no major plans.

But I was not about to go shopping, even if it meant starving. Knowing full well that I wouldnt allow that to happen, I had to defer to my creative side.

I proceeded to the basement, where besides a giant heap of laundry, an assortment of spiders and a ton of empty space, I have a shelf of extra food. My kitchen is small and cupboards are sparse, so I tend to put most of my dry stuff in the basement. I figured I could find something. I stare at the shelves and ponder:

"hmm, what can I do with a bottle of curry sauce?"

"cheerios are my friend..."

"hmm, bamboo shoots.."

"should ketchup be brown?"

"oh, should grapefruit juice be brown???"

"so thats where I put the seaweed, I should make something with that sometime"

peering into a grocery bag, "ahhh, I forgot about my lentil-booty"..

(A month or so ago I purchased a mass amount of lentils, some of which are kept in the kitchen. Normally an option, but nah, I just can't, not after the bowl of 'Formerly Known as Lentil and Feta'. )

I figured I was totally beat, until I checked another shelf-- the rarely touched, Baking Supplies section. Amidst the flour and other, Carey's Cooking Items of Mass Destruction, I located two packages of Ramen Noodles. What is this??

Remnants of undergrad days? (>5 years)

I contemplate and talk myself into thinking that they have a perpetual shelf life. Score!!!

I take my new found treasure upstairs and into the kitchen. I am kind of giddy with curiouslty. Although I have had a recent conversation about Ramen Noodles, and I thought I might have had a package lingering around, it was not until I had the tangible package in my hand that a flood of memories came back.

Its been many years since I have had raman noodles. My friends and I often dined on Raman Noodles and the many variations one could come up with. I usually ate one package with half of the flavoring packet and with just a little bit of broth; not nearly as creative as my friends concoctions. How did you eat your Ramans?

For dessert, we often dove into a box of Little Debbie snacks washed down with a Little Hug drink. Seriously, for a quarter, you had a meal, drink and dessert.

Now, I grew up poor, so coming up with creative cheap meals was a norm. My toys, my hobbies and my imagination were a product of being 'poor'. Not that I really cared even though living in a town of the wealthy had its moments.

In college, it was just a fact of life at that time to be poor. I don't recall exactly how we ended up with government food, but I do recall how freakin' fabulous Government issued Peanut Butter was. Oh, and cheese. Orange Juice was weird..tasted like grapefruit juice. But, oh, that peanut butter was the best!!It came in a large white cardboard cylindrical container with black lettering. For those who have had the opportunity to have it, know it well and probably loved it. It was much different than any other peanut butter out there. I thought it was THE BEST.

Even better?? -- Dunking the Little Debbie chocolate peanut butter wafer bars into the giant vat of that delicious peanuty government goodness. yum. It was kinda sweet and more dry than other butters, and a bunch of us would be piled on a bed, eating, and all of us thinking, man, we should be able to go and by this!

hehe, I wonder if that PB is still made? And can I get me some?? :)

I'm still poor !! :-D

And so I thought of all the foods that were regular staples a decade ago: spagetti, macaroni and (powdered) cheese, very cheap hot dogs, tinas frozen burritos, raman noodles, little debbie snacks, little hugs, PB&J sandwhiches (on white), saltines, Banquet pot pies and potato chips; and Mad Dog 20/20 hahahaha!

I don't think a fruit or vegetable crossed our paths during that time..

Whether is was a time of being broke, a 'strange' food desire, or a lack of culinary skills, what is your fondest (or not so fond) food memory-- even if you still indulge..??

I have decided that I probably won't partake in a raman noodle adventure again anytime soon (maybe the flavoring packets go bad..?!) but I have a craving for some Mad Dog, haha kidding.. Actually, I havent had a toasted PB&J in years. So, no, it wouldnt be government issued PB and it would have to be jam or preserves and it would be on whole wheat..oh and the bread would be toasted in the oven.. not even sure if I have a toaster..

My taste buds werent thrilled with the raman noodles. I had some cheerios instead (the milk was still good!) but I ended up going shopping Saturday evening. In and Out. Fruit, veggies, nothing too complicated. Nothing too exciting, food-wise or social wise. So a trip to the grocery store was my big venture out; and a quick jaunt over to Blockbuster. Rented a french foreign film, Cache (Hidden). When I returned home, I realized I wasnt in the mood to read a movie. I watched part of it then had to stop. I just didn't want to think about what I was watching or try to interpret it by listening. Silly me, what was I thinking?

I bought, Taxi-- that looks fun.

yeesh, I feel like I have been away from everybody lately. I have been a bit elusive due to a major amount of school work. Nothing new there other than it seems to have intensified. About five more weeks to go--and I will be working my ass off every minute of it. I didn't even procrastinate on getting this weeks work done!! I had to start Friday and I have been at it ever since. Was in bed, asleep by 10:30 pm Saturday night! I hope to complete it by tomorrow and begin the following weeks assignments ahead of time. (yes, you have heard it first!)

There is other, more exciting stuff I want to work on..

Cant believe its Sunday night already. Must get ready for the work day.

I will need to get out this coming week/ weekend. Anyone up for 'coffee' ? :)

In the meantime, one day at a time..

and right now.. Good night :)

"Weather forecast for tonight:


-George Carlin


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05/24/06 11:54 - ID#35943



I kinda felt like I wanted something sweet today. But I wasn't sure..

then (e:salvatore) wrote the magic word, just one word- "cookies" in the chat earlier today. And left.

Which left me to thinking about cookies. Yup, mission accomplished, friend.

I thought to myself, I must have something in the apartment that will take care of my taste for sweetness. I proceed to poke through the cupboards.. seaweed, forbidden rice, lentils, wasa crackers, rolled oats, TVP, assortment of condiments, teas and honey. Nothing in there to satisfy my needs.

ah ha! I recall that I have a baking goods section in my basement pantry. I havent baked anything since Christmas ( I am still picking cookie dough off the floor, ceiling and cat). I thought maybe I will have a stray brownie mix or some spare peanut butter chips.

I found a lone cake mix (like I make cakes, and if I do, it will be from scratch), sprinkles, powdered sugar and.. a packet of sugar cookie mix. Not sure why I would have that either, as when I last made sugar cookies (at Christmas), they were from scratch as well-- hence the insane mess I made.

Alas, I didn't think too deeply about this. Instead, I took my good fortune up to the kitchen (thank you, Cookie Fairy).

I was surprised to find an egg in my refridgerator (also from Christmas-- hehe j/k.. ??) and a stick of butter. Nothing else was necessary. The packet of mix was small- "smart size" as Betty calls it. It pretty much gaurantees that no more than 12 cookies will come out of this packet. That works for me. I figured I would eat a few then dump the rest. Well, I'm sure I would find someone to eat them..

While cookies bake, a friend calls. We chat, the cookies are done. I consume two warm sugar cookies and I am done. The sweet tooth was taken care of..

hah, but that wasnt the only effect the sugar cookies had on me. I went from cookie to kooky. I was bouncing off the walls and became quite verbose in a few emails I sent out. "Rambled on" doesn't even touch it. I havent had anything sweet in awhile-- I really have to be in the mood for snacks like that.

Thanks again, Sal, haha.

I get an intense craving once in awhile. Scrounging for something sweet is occasional. However, one thing I almost never eat, is red meat. I am not a vegetarian, but most meals are considered such (vegan, even). I am not against meat consumption-- I just don't think about it that much. If you make it, I will eat it. There a bunch of wonderful meat-free products out there that I regularly purchase. However, I enjoy chicken, fish, turkey on occasion. I would consider those a semi-regular part of my diet. Just depends if I think to buy soemthing like that.

Now, for the craving that I get once in a great while is for a slab of beef. Just a steak, nothing else. I call that my "I'm feeling Ravenous*" craving. Ravenous is the title to a movie pertaining to canniblism. I don't remember much about the movie other than a story being told about people eating other people. I watched it with a friend and have since used the term "Ravenous" to label my sudden desire for a steak. It simply humors me. So see the movie:

heh, You are who you eat :)

speaking of which..

I was telling my co workers about "HuFu"; the human flesh alternative. (WIKIPEDIA - How and why we got on the subject of cannibalism, not sure. Probably because some of the kids we work with have tried to eat us. Oh the stories behind the scars.. (ah ha, I will bring left over cookies to the kiddos-- "eat these, not me, ok?")

But then, in class.. we were working on a team building exercise. We had to imagine that we were in a small plane that went down in the rain forest. The pilot died, we have some supplies and basically what to we do with them and how do we rank their importance and what is our game plan for survival. A sampling of items included: decorative candle, garbage bags, transistor radio, machete, loaded pistol, rum, first aid kit, insect repellent, granola bars, lighter, compass, jug, etc..

So we are thinking about logistics, rationale, and various uses for the objects. As people pondered what we should do with the Rum and Granola Bars... a solution came to mind: Marinate the pilot and sprinkle with granola bar crumbles. Feast!

I promise I will not eat any of you :) I am not a cannibal, really. I have an over active and very creative imagination. It is all part if my adventurous spirit. I also happen to find humor in an otherwise warped subject matter. (disclaimer: cultural death traditions excluded) Ever be in your car and you pull up next to someone and wonder what they are about? ever make up a story in your mind?heh, I can even create adventure at the DMV. Oh that place is replete of things to laugh at and about!!

so again, rest assured that I have never "had a friend for dinner"

if you don't believe me, well.. you can just bite me ;) har har

good night, peeps!

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02/25/06 05:11 - ID#35890

I like mine hot and steamy

My food creations usually turn out delishious. No more hiding my talent :) However, I am too rebellious to follow a recipe. I just make whatever my imagintaion conjures or the recipe is used as a guideline. I reserve the rights to use full artistic license.

so what I came up with last night..

Eggplant strips soaked in seasoned egg beaters.
Followed by dipping the strips in crushed up Wasa (fiber rye) crackers.
Then baked at 400 degrees.
(try drizzling hot sauce on it!)

I was made aware that Off the Wall makes "eggplant chicken wings". Sounded good, but I wanted to make a healthier version. I prefer my food to be naked, but the wasa crackers worked out pretty well. I also made naked eggplant strips, brushed with grapeseed oil and garlic.

Next: Lentils.

I am a big fan of the lentil. I have a ton of lentil recipes saved for the times when I want something that my mind has been unable to come up with a plan on its own. I own an obscene amount of lentils.

I love all veggies, I sneak them into everything I can. I also like easy foods, things that will tatse great for a few days. Ideally, I look to make things that allow me to throw everything together to create a super nutritious filling fun meal.

Forward to: Thee Lentil Intrigue

  • One giant pot.
  • 2 bags of lentils
  • Lots of veggies diced/chopped/shredded- (spinach, onion, leek, cauliflower, broccoli, green pepper, carrot, cabbage, anything else I could find..)
  • tomato puree and crushed tomatos for base (and water)
  • olive oil
  • fresh seasonings (garlic, basil, crushed black pepper)
  • pinch of Morton Lite salt

I suppose this would be suitable for vegans.

Add hot sauce or chili peppers for a Lentle Inferno ((e:ladycrofts) favorite, haha)

Yes, that is a variety of veggies, but the combination and amount of each compliments each other. The primary taste and texture is lentil. yum yum

I have a bag of red lentils I have been meaning to do something with.. that will be next time. Just not sure what..

Also made hummus.. I am always trying to complicate it and add stuff that doenst belong. It always turns out good, though. I tried using unsweetened apple sauce as the moist base. Then I added olive oil for flavor. It was just an expirement, and it tastes fine. I add so much cumin that it would mask anything I mix in there!

I need to make a trip to the coop for a few items that I have not found at other grocers.


I have a gigantic project due in class! I love the material and the deliverables required.. but time is ticking. I will get it done as usual and with success.. but I still fret.

Very shortly, I will be going for a walk. When I return, by six or so, then I am spending a few hours on it.

If I don't, I will not allow myself to go out tonight. It is imperative that I get through some of the logisitics of the project. There are other people invloved, all of whom I need to get in touch with. I am not even to the writing stage of this project. Tonights plan is to dive in and hammer out as much as possible. There is also a presentation that I have to prepare for. I do whatever I have to do to succeed.

Otherwise, I will see some of you out later.


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