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Category: friday

08/24/07 05:53 - ID#40714

Weekend Festivals- Jazz, Arts, BEER, etc

The weekend is officially here! What are you going to do? Looking no further, here are a few activities I've highlighted that are going on this weekend:

Festivals this weekend:
* Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts
* Historic Lewiston Jazz Festival
* Buffalo Beer Fest
(yes, a festival devoted to BEER!)
* Polish Harvest Festival
* Tomato Festival
* Buffalo Irish Festival

Nice thing about festivals is that they can be squeaked in among all the other going ons in your weekend plans.

Elmwood Avenue Festiival of the Arts 25th and 26th

  • 180 Artist booths:
  • Lots of music: (entertainment roster)
  • Food--ofcourse!! (list of participants):

  • Cultural and Environmental Row:
[box]Westerrn New York is rich in arts and cultural organizations that only
enhance our community experience. Cultural/Environmental Row at the
Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts will be showcasing over 35
community organizations. At Environmental Row on Auburn Ave., learn how to decrease energy consumption while lowering your utility bills! Local Theaters, Art Galleries, small community choruses, children's arts and sports organizations will be on hand to share information at Cultural Row on Breckenridge Street. The Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts Environmental Row will be partially powered by The Sunweaver
Renewable Energy Show for the fourth year! Wind Action Group, Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper, and Buffalo Blue Bicycle(Buffalo's latest alternative to the combustion engine) will all be on Environmental Row[/box]

Historic Lewiston Jazz Festival is this weekend, 24,25,&26th

Its FREE!!

  • 30 musicians
---Music schedule/locations:
  • Antique Show
  • Vintage Car Show
  • Kid Stuff

probably food/wine and other nice add ons :)

[box]Jazz Musicians will perform throughout the village of Lewiston, NY in numerous restaurants and lounges -- as well as at a variety of outdoor sites along Center Street -- on Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday. All jazz performances are free to the public.

In addition enjoying jazz played by world-class musicians, attendees at the free event can browse for treasures at a premier antique show, view Jaguars and other classic cars at a vintage car show, and sample a wide array of culinary delights provided by local restaurants and regional wine producers. The Festival is presented by the New York Power Authority (NYPA), the event's founding sponsor, The Lower Niagara River Region Chamber of Commerce, the Village of Lewiston, and the Town of Lewiston.[/box]

Buffalo Brewfest - August 25 2007, 2-6pm - "Come spend the afternoon tasting beer from local breweries, food, entertainment and more". ((ok!))
495 Paderewski Drive, Buffalo 14212

^^director's pick, hehe

Polish Harvest Festival -Sat. Aug 25 to Sun. Aug 26
11:30A.M. - 8:00P.M.
"Festival that celebrates Polish "Thanksgiving." Features Polish foods & beer, live music, farmers' market,crafts, theme baskets, Polish folk Mass (8/26 at 11:00A.M.)"
199 Clark St., Buffalo 14212

5th Annual Tomato Fest Fri. Aug 24 to Sun. Aug 26
8-24-07 12P-9P, 8-25-07 & 8-26-07 10A-8P
"Festival includes delicious daily food, beer garden, farmer's market, Chinese auction, rides, games, crafts, live bands. Tomato Contests: Biggest,Best Dressed,Eating,& Sauce. Fri. - Ms Tomato Pageant.
Sat. - Car & Motorcycle Show. Sat/Sun - Disc Golf Tourney.
Sun. - 5-K race/walk"
Old Lake Shore Rd. & Evangola Parkway, Brant 14081

Buffalo Irish Festival Fri. Aug 24 to Sun. Aug 26
Fri-5p-11p, Sat-noon-11p, Sun-noon-9p
"The 25th Annual Buffalo Irish Festival featuring foods from Ireland & US, including Irish bangers,corned beef & cabbage, potato chowder, scones, soda bread,Irish stew, & a variety of beers. Goods & Craft vendors, Irish Step-Dancing, & live music."
5600 McKinley Pkwy, Hamburg 14075

more activities info for WNY area:

Not sure yet what I am up for; any one or all of them sound good. Beerfest is at the top of my list, I think.. I could just open my fridge for a nice selection.

Anyway, have fun whatever you choose! :)


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Category: friday

07/13/07 05:22 - ID#40097

ahh, weekend

Weekend 'plans' so far:

Stop at local farm for berries, cherries and corn!

Swing.. on a swingset, go down a slide, wander about..

Swim Swim Swim and Swim some more!

Go see new Harry Potter on Sunday at IMAX theater!

The above are definite, although plenty of room for more relaxed simple summer fun...

Hope all is well in peepland


Missing Image ;(

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Category: friday

06/01/07 01:26 - ID#39493

book binge & picture dump

In no particular order other than how they came off the camera and onto here..


Swamp Sludge Milkshake from McDonalds. It is a really scary green color. The pic is here somewhere..






$16 and a bag full later.. My pile of book booty. I stayed away from the tables of classics and such, as they were all hardcover and I didn't want to go broke paying for them. I have a decent collection at the moment, and I also wanted to find books that will offer "instant gratification"- books I can easily tear through. Nice summer reading. You get the idea. So I found the author, Evanovich that other people had told me about. A light humorous brain free mystery series. I now have all but one book (I think there are 11? maybe more.. ). I totally scored. I hope I like them..
I dig Dr. Andrew Weil, so I picked up, "Spontaneous Healing". and a couple of philosophy/existentialist/metaphysics books. North African music CD and an audio book.



felt a little nerd elation over this find. Would prefer the book over the tape, as I am more visual than auditory.. but I'll take it :)








An assortment from NYC

(e:pyrcedgrrl) and I went at 1am just because we could.


Bowery Savings


Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(







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Category: friday

04/21/07 12:06 - ID#38981


yeh, i havent been there in awhile, but I am heading out tonight.

come join

smoke some cloves

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Category: friday

04/20/07 01:31 - ID#38976

inhale exhale

um yeah, Happy 420 -- pass it on ;)

I forgot it was easter but i remember 420, haha

I head out for a walk probably just about every single day of the year. Any sort of weather will do. Even when I don't really feel like it, at the time that I would normally go, my body starts itching to do it. Same thing happens when on a regular schedule for the gym.

anyhoo-- with the sunshine, it really makes a difference- puts an extra bounce in the step. you know how it is :)

that is all.

so go on and inhale the sparkling air.

or anything else you choose to inhale ;)
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Category: friday

12/02/06 12:59 - ID#36097


I went into work super early Friday knowing that I would be able to leave at an earlier time because the extra program I head would not be running that evening. I was very excited about this, as I had plans to go out for dinner and drinks with a couple of friends that I havent seen, other than in passing, in a few months. They were my co workers. I see them from a distance at work- but there is never an opportunity to chat. So for awhile, we have been saying that we need to get together. I had been excited about it all week, but yesterday was too much. I was insanely chipper. I just really missed them and it was great to know that we could finally spend quality time catching up.

We ate and all had one drink. We were too busy talking to order more. And there was this warped sense of time. I thought it was at most 7:00 and instead it was 10:00. We were equally in awe as we had been there for about 6 hours, and it only felt like 2. That was nice. Shortly thereafter we departed.

As I really thought it was much earlier, I didn't know where to go next. It seemed to late to try to set up another activity, short of standing in a bar. It was super cold and windy and scary outside. My next move was to go to Blockbuster and see what movies may interest me. It had been a long time since I rented a movie- but I was definitly in the mood to get cozy in bed and watch a movie.

I rented The ONe and Waking Life.

I watched THe ONe, which is very much my kind of movie.

If it were infused with a little more sci-fi, such as getting more into the multiverses, then it really would have been extra fun. Since there were plenty of fight scenes combined with super human strength, it held my rapt attention.

I think I'm on a Jet Li kick. I need to see, The Master, next.


then a couple of extra, just because.... ;)


It was seriously crazy windy last night. Drivng was freaky-- feeling my car being pushed around on the highway. Lights were flickering everywhere- the restaurant, blockbuster, street lights, etc. SOOO creepy.

On another note, driving down Lewiston Hill, the view of Toronto was great. The entire skyline was lit up- it was just that clear to be able to see so much of the city from afar. Very nice!

I'll get a pic one day soon..

Alright peeps, have a great day. I am off to clean and then work on some projects. I would still very much like to have a drink or ten..

Catch ya later!
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10/06/06 07:17 - ID#36054

friday friday friday

my god

the weekend is here. finally FRIDAY!


tell me! tell me! tell me!

I am full of energy despite having very broken sleep, say towards 3am, hahahaha

good to see you this morning, (e:southernyankee) --Will catch up with you later, I am sure :)

kinda in a movie mood.. whats playin' playas?

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09/22/06 08:42 - ID#36041


Voelkers 9:30 come out to play!! See you there!
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04/24/06 10:35 - ID#35926

Fast forward

Never too early to start thinking about the weekend:


here's one (e:vincent,35) brought to my attention:

Broadway Joes (3051 Main Street)
This Friday, April 28th
The Karma Policee

In other news..

ahh. Nope, got nuthin'

other than one or two ruminations..but, thats the standard operating procedure of my brain/heart

Proudly, I managed to do a little school work tonight. I had to send out a part of a group assignment, so atleast that much is done. Other school work is preparing a paper/project for a final due this week. This one has me nervous..

Off to do some late night tidying up before bed..

later peeps and sweet dreams!

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02/12/06 12:21 - ID#35877

we need more titles with the word BALLS!

Friday night amusement.

  • I hadn't been there before. It has a non conventional set up.. a few different rooms for bowling, pool and darts.. then the large circular bar area and a food area a few rooms away. Beer selection was minimal. I started with bottled Guinness draught then moved on to some draft something or other. Food did not look appetizing, although at 4am, I am sure it is delish.

  • The "little guy" who pounced on me before I could even get in the door was slightly endearing. He wasn't necessarily little or young.. but somehow that moniker worked for him, and for the rest of us, as that was what he was called since. I give him credit for trying as hard as he did with all of us, not that he got anywhere.

  • Apparently I came in just after the group declared they (we) were virgins about to enter the convent (Little guy was the catalyst for this declaration and I walked in and played right into it w/o knowing the story.. funny shite).. and this was our last night of freedom before resigning from the world. Somehow, if this were true, I would not be spending my time w/ a group of ladies :) ALthough, some of the pictures I would have to wonder..

(Ladycrofts picture post) [inlink]ladycroft,192[/inlink]

(Jenks picture post) [inlink]jenks,63[/inlink]


We're gonna take them bitches, I mean pins down! die MF die!

I almost slide into a split before the pins do

Alex and moi!


Jen, Alex, Carey, Timika

Somehow I missed the memo on wearing a cleavage bearing shirt.

(e:strip)per innocence..

not so innocent..

I've got balls?!? .. who knew? haha, and my mutant fingers can't quite make it into gang symbols and sexual gestures.. I try!


Opium lounge had some killer beats.. just what I like..just what makes me happy.
oh and it smelled yummy in there :) Techno, house, the main room, and in the back/side room.. dark wave, industrial, goth core. Nice!




Alex made me grab her ass. Or maybe Timika made me grab Alex's ass. Whatever the *real* story, here's the picture:

(e:PMT) where were you?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??! It was so fun!


I was getting very hot in there..I kept taking off the layers..
good stuff: dancing, jumping, longing for glow sticks...




Well, that was a pretty quick post. Details will be kept to ourselves ;)

Off to read, watch tv and nibble on some pita and Zatter green. Yum.

Later, peeps :)

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