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Category: potpourri

05/06/09 01:22 - ID#48603

reviews as entertainment

Again, reading product reviews at can offer hours of entertainment.

I'd offer examples, but there are just too many, and if you have ever looked for a review on something, than you know exactly what I mean.

and the comments that often follow someones "review" can be priceless; better than snark blogs at times.

Even though I kill a few brain cells knocking my head on the desk in wonderment at reading some these, I suddenly feel a bit smarter, too.
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Category: potpourri

10/07/08 02:36 - ID#45978

dentist options?

I'm looking for a new dentist. My all time favorite dentist has left the association he was with and ventured off to open his own. He is very talented and I was wondering when that time would come, so good for him. He is super amazing awesome and I will eventually follow him to his new place (depending on what insurance he takes) but for a few related reasons, I am not ready to do that. So in the mean time, I will find another, simply for cleanings, and "just in case" I need someone suddenly. I could continue to go to where I am (Aesthetic Associate Center in Buffalo), but I never cared for anyone but the dentist I just mentioned, anyone else, as incredibly qualified and innovative as they are, just no longer sits well with me; and since a recent severe allergic reaction occurred under their watch (ok, not their fault, neither one of us knew I am terribly allergic to penicillin-- blog to come w/ pics soon), I feel somehow displaced. Dr. Ben YOU LEFT AND DIDNT TELL MEEEEEEE!

So before I choose someone at random, my question that I am throwing out there is: Is there anyone I should stay away from??

(or definitely go to?)

Location isn't a factor, really. Anywhere from the city of Buffalo and North. I'm rarely ever in the Southtowns.

Thanks :)

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Category: potpourri

09/16/08 03:48 - ID#45700

Blankets and Towels

I got rid of a lot of stuff this past week and I still have a bunch more. Last week I placed the items at the end of my driveway. I was pleased to see a few people stop in their vehicles and load up. Anything else that didn't get snatched up, was picked up the next day for trash. Most of it went though.

I have various things I still aim to get rid of, probably by selling. Haven't figure it out yet- how much effort do i want to put into it, ya know?

But I have a slew of old blankets and towels that I want to ditch, but not in the garbage. I was thinking that a veterinary facility, SPCA or something like that could use them?

My question is.. where? who? anyone know of any place that can use various materials like that?

Maybe eventually i will have a list of items I am tossing and/or selling and will post it here. I hate to trash items when they can be given away.

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Category: potpourri

09/08/07 02:06 - ID#40998

random recap bullets

  • Thank you, "guest" for your kind words. Not sure if you will see this, but if you happen upon this post, it was really nice to receive the feedback. hehe, and, beat me up? bring it on! hahahaha (made me smile!) :)

  • Does anyone else find it weird that not only have we NOT gotten the cool(cold) August nights, but that we are in September and its still 80 EIGHTY degrees outside after midnight?!?! I mean, still warm/hot days are normal, but usually we have the cool nights through August.

  • Lewiston Peach Festival this weekend.
Food, drink, rides, games, events, something peachy to eat and drink. Its always a big deal, not that I have gone in several years. I'm sure I will go (maybe?), even though it freaks me out. It is sure to bring Lew Port alumni back to town- Its just weird to run into people I haven't seen in 14 plus years! Last weekend, well, Monday evening, I made it to the Youngstown field days, and there were people who looked soooooooo familiar that I couldn't place or there were people I looked right at, but didn't recognize at all-- and all of them being people I used to go to school with at some point. I wont go without (e:pyrcedgrrl) and (e:vincent) GOT THAT? Going to maybe buy more fried dough. Had some last week, and I usually only have one per year. Good stuff. Must play the DUCKY** game if they have it. (hehe, yes, I am still obsessing, Mike)

  • Hiccups are annoying. I have them right now and they wont go away. I rarely get them, thankfully.

  • Who's been to 'Cheeburger'? what is up with that place and why is it called that? Why isn't it Cheeseburger? Dont you get something if you eat some burger they have? Was it someone on here? I walked past it today because I saw something pink glowing in the parking lot. It was the decor of this restaurant/50s diner.

  • Anyone have a go-to list of all the Halloween/Fall going-ons? Like scary stuff, hay rides, haunted walks, etc? I want to plan now of places I want to go or I know I will miss out.

  • The crazy windy day was nice. I liked how it seemed to energize everything. I opened up my windows to feel the breeze, albeit HOT breeze. I hung my bamboo wind 'chimes' in front of an open window so I could hear their sound. Later this evening it began to rain, a warm rain at that- I love the smell of earthy rain.

  • Why did I think that Thurday at the Square usually finished up at the end of August? There are still 2 weeks left!

  • A very pleasant and refreshing evening was had; found myself laughing a lot, sometimes shy, sometimes dorky but very pleased, indeed.

  • I am now super tired yet too wired to sleep. I swear, don't give me food or drink after midnight!

.. still got hiccups. yeesh.

ok, The Way We Were is on. Redford is so yummy.

Good night!

  • wasn't there another duck pic?

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Category: potpourri

07/24/07 10:19 - ID#40231

Car stuff

I'm finally bringing my car to the shop tomorrow. I have been monitoring it and driving it very little for about the last two months. There had been a couple of things that I narrowed it down to, which were confirmed through conversation with my mechanic. Nothing that couldn't be driven with, but staying close to home as opposed to my regular jaunts was advised-- at least until I officially got car into the shop!

So that will be tomorrow. I may have continued to hold off but I noticed a leak, pegged it as transmission fluid, found the source- a rather crusty tranny line- which is an easy fix-- fantastic! Basic maintenance for the most part, well, maintenance for a 16 yr old car with 207,000 miles. It really needs a thorough tune up.. and I doubt I was penciled in for one. As is, I am being brought in immediately. So in the morn I'll head out early and bring a book and a cup of coffee for the wait.

I've been looking for an alternate car on and off for about a year, but not with any sort of determination. A choice of a couple of cars are lining up, which I'm getting excited about. All older, which is what I'm after along with comfiness, great engine, lower miles and price. And 4 doors that actually open, ha! Oh, and #1: has to have metal to stick all three of my (e:strip) bumper stickers to!

alright, so thats that. .. and one day soon I will be able to come into Buffalo on my own accord.

Have a good one!
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Category: potpourri

05/31/07 11:37 - ID#39486

write for the sake of writing

I need to do a camera 'dump' as (e:jenks) had done in a previous entry and as I sometimes see in (e:paul) 's journals. Well, maybe its not so much a dump but rather he takes a variety through the day and is good about loading them to the site. I have such a back up that I don't know what to do with them or where to put them. Yet I don't want to just file them and never look at them again. Posting makes them more real and I do go back through old journals.

So, a future random dump might just be the idea. thanks!

other tidbits:

It smells really good outside, well, other than outside my front door*. The night temp is really nice right now. I wish that air would make its way into my apartment.

My apartment is really muggy at the moment. I could scrounge up a box fan perhaps, just to get better air flow, but I wont. I'm not hot, its just not as nice feeling as outside right now. The house I grew up in has a full house fan that when the windows are open and you flip the switch, a thing in the ceiling opens up into the attic space and sucks all the air in. Its fabulous. I have never come across this feature in any other house since.

I placed mulch down. It smells like a zoo. Its only mulch as ordered. Unless the truck had remains of manure in the bed. icky. I hope the smell goes away. I have mulch down in the little spot along the front of my porch- not the aroma I wish to have linger into my apartment.

I should be tired, but I am not. I couldn't sleep last night and most of today I felt zombiesque because of it. And that is with taking tylenol pm- not the kind with vanilla. Seriously, I feel like climbing a mountain. I'll try the sleep inducers again shortly..

and play some games on till the zzzzzzzzzs come.

do we still have hangman on here somewhere..?


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Category: potpourri

04/18/07 02:20 - ID#38940

grass is greener

I love the sound of lawn mowers as it depicts, in my mind, one of the many sights, smells and sounds of summer.

Despite the cool dark days, the grass is deep green and growing quickly. I have seen people mowing all week. My own yard having been one of them just a few days ago.

My neighbor, with his obnoxiously loud riding mower is a welcome sound today. He is off riding in his yard, but it sounds like he is on my porch. Goodness, is that a cherry bomb muffler?? I feel desperate for sunshine. The mower rattling in the background makes me think, on some level, that we will have sunshine soon. *sigh*

It smells nice outside and the temps are warmer than I think they are, especially now that I am back in Y-Town, by 5 degrees. So this is really about sunshine. Bring it on, please.

Ooh, I want one of those old school lawn mowers- the twirly blade kind that operates on your own energy. Gah, I can not remember what they are called- something other than push mowers. We had one when I was a little girl, and I think PMT has one. Is there a specific name? And where do I find them?

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Category: potpourri

03/08/07 10:55 - ID#38395

Spring Ahead

Weird.. daylight saving time occurs this weekend. I forgot it would be early this year. Three weeks early!

everything you ever wanted to know about DST but didn't care enough to ask:

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Category: potpourri

01/30/07 12:49 - ID#37916

Jackson Pollock

Be an artist- even if just for a few minutes. Check out the following link. It will bring you to a blank canvas in which, with your mouse as a painting medium, you can create designs, ala Jackson Pollock. Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) was an American painter and the commanding figure of the Abstract Expressionist movement. He is best known for his 'drip and splash' style where he poured and dripped his paint from a can onto the canvas.Go replicate his style using this web site:

Use the left click to change colors. Simple amusment. Great for desk jobs!

tried to save my 'art work', but it didn't happen. Believe me, it was a masterpiece ;)

snagged Pollock work from Google images:




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Category: potpourri

01/25/07 11:25 - ID#37870

beige food

2nd post.
I realized that I drastically under ate today. I will certainly survive ;) Some veggies this afternoon then some yummy pomagranite green tea (thanks, Sean!) was it. I just sometimes forget, especially when I am super busy, such as today. However the effect of looking through a home magazine that almost every page had food pictures on it, worked its way into my having a voracious appetite by the time I got home just a short while ago. I needed a nibble of something. My bachelorette choice for 'nourishment' this late evening:

Sauerkraut and a little rice crispy cereal w/ vanilla soy milk.
very.. beige.
Not my first choice, certainly not (e:mrmike) 's pot pie, but it sufficed. Dont like to eat late- but it is better than a growly belly in the night.

I found this odd- A small can of sauerkraut is broken down into 14 servings. really, 14? There isn't much in the can to begin with. So at 5 calories per serving, the whole can would be oooh 70 cals. don't go hog wild now. I always rinse the extra briney salt off. I just really dig the 'kraut sometimes.

Well, time for bed, so much good stuff going on tomorrow. ooh, but before I do, I must get the garbage out- there is a lot! brrrrrrrrrr!
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