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Category: ramble

08/03/07 03:43 - ID#40370

Bright Lights, Big Ass

I'm in the mood to curl up on the couch in my basement, watch a movie and or continue reading Jen Lancaster's most recent book, Bright Lights, Big Ass: A self Indulgent Surly Ex Sorority Girls Guide to Why It Often Sucks in the City or Who Are These Idiots and Why Do They All Live Next Door to Me?" while eating something really good- or something I havent had in awhile. Lately its been something light and simple that I find in my cupboard ie; half a large can of peaches.

Anyway, Jen is great. A must read is her first book:
"Bitter is the New Black, Confessions of a Condescending Egomaniacal Self Centered Smart Ass or Why You Should Never Carry a Prada Bag to the Unemployment Office"

I'm sure Ive mentioned it before.

Sarcastic to the bone; gawd I love her!

I havent given myself a full day off in quite some time, not sure when I will. Not much else to do at the moment. Its been thundering on and off all day with threat of rain. I like that its cloudy- a welcome change from digging, dragging, wheel barrowing, shoveling, planting, mulching, sweating sort of sunny, humid and hot 8 hr day that was yesterday. So I'm home now having to run an errand- and since I am now cleaned up, I don't feel much like going back out and getting myself covered in grossness- primarily because I don't know if I have more clothes to put on, and I can't put on what I was wearing earlier. Once its peeled off, it gets tossed down the laundry shoot. Guess doing a load of laundry is on my friday night itinerary. yay

hmm there is another job I can do that isn't so dirty, so thats a possibility. But oh, ordering in food and a book sounds really really good. I think I can do both. Its early enough.

k, off to find food.
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Category: ramble

04/14/07 12:30 - ID#38882

Claiming Jack Daniels

well, I did it. I finished my taxes. I'm tickled that I finished them a whole day ahead of schedule. I worked on them online as opposed to using the paper forms. It wasnt necessarily easier, but I can skip the postage stamp. Actually, with the 15th deadline being on Sunday, taxes are extended for filing until the 17th.

oh, and its friday night. I need a relaxing beverage after all that-- or perhaps I should have been "hyrdrating" myself during. The filing wouldl have looked a little something like this:

name of dependents

1. Joey (pets count, right?)
2. Kayla
3. Jack Daniels
4. Jim Bean

you get the idea.. haha, actually (e:pyrcedgrrl) put that idea in my head.

I'd gladly come up with a more complete parody tax file- but need fresh brain cells for that. sooo not happening right now!

Well, although a drink sounds super fab right now, I have been recently informed that I need to drag myself out of the house early in the morning ;) so instead a cup of tea and sweet dreams will conclude my wild friday night adventures.

Oh, this cracked me up:

on Mad TV last night..
Parody of Jewels' Intuition


k, thats it for now :)

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Category: ramble

12/07/06 07:27 - ID#36102


they are everywhere.. anyone not sick yet?

omg its cold out there!

I have a ton of garbage to take out to the road.

I don't want to!!

I think I am coming down with something. Everyone is sick. I have been delerious all day-- my eyes feel like they have been crying, my head is aching and I really just want to sleep-- but can't yet.

gotta get that garbage out. booooooo.

Been chugging Airborne all day. I think its expired.

I am seriously goofy on top of it all. I think that is what got me through the work day..

soooo tempted to call in for tomorrow-- but I wont. I would have to be feeling a whole lot shittier than I do..

all this might affect my partying ability.. not sure. Again, boo.

brrrrrrrrr need to warm up. The cold I can do-- but windy cold-- and feeling icky--not so much fun.

Ok, soup, tea, garbage, puttering, more tea, curl up in bed to a movie and/or play Sudoku, my current obsession.

Then dreams.


My realization of the day: I think I need acrush- crushes are fun, and other distractions.

oh, and-- I want to be able to wear pig-tails to work. I miss that.
Stay warm peeps!
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09/06/06 07:45 - ID#36029


Horkfest is officially over as of sometime late yesterday. My doc had prescribed me some pills that worked wonders as (e:pyrcedgrrl) mentioned as a comment to my previous post.

Today I am just super sore and a bit tired. I felt like I have been lifting weights and doing mass reps of ab crunches- -and I can say that I certainly haven't done any of that lately.

Overall I feel tons better. I kind of went through the work day in a haze. I am about to make some tea and crawl back into bed. I aim to be even better by tomorrow morning. I look forward to having my energy back. I am grateful that yesterdays agony has passed-- it really freaked me out at some point.

hmmm wonder if there is anything interesting on tv. If my eyes have the energy, I will continue with a book I am reading.

I need to clean, but I can't quite do it just yet *yawn*

(e:paul) , your office fireplace looks fantastic!! I think it will go well with Nuclear Orange or Atomic Tangerine or Armegeddon Nectarine...

I keep having these weird dreams about school. I continue to dream that I am not done yet.. that I still have more time to go. Not sure what to make of it. It really has been a crazy busy summer and a bit surreal at points too.

ah well, nothing I am up for figuring out right now.

hot red bush tea awaits..

again, Happy Birthday Timika. hahah, the post-it was from me this morning that was sent from Guest. Dont remember if I signed it. Hope you had a good day. ciao!

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08/17/06 11:53 - ID#36014

looking for a few things

Where should I go to look for inexpensive book shelves, entertainment stand, dresser, lamps, side tables and other stuff of that nature? I don't know what exactly I need or what I am looking for, but I don't want to run all around trying to figure it out.

I figured some second hand stores would be good-- just don't know where the good ones are anymore, etc.

I am also looking for a rocking chair or two-- the one I have now sucks. I love to rock.


I think I have a headache. Or something tugging at my forehead. blah.

Its almost Friday, yay..

yet sooo much going on, and a few things up in the air. Its a waiting game now. I am supposed to have a break from work.. I need a couple of days to just relax. I am not making sense, no wonder my forehead feels knotted.

When does Shakespeare in the park end? I still need to see Twelfth Night.

and I still need to do the rest of my laundry* and check my mail. Apparently I havent checked my mail in some time, as the post office is holding it hostage. A little card from them told me this. Which is kind of funny since it is not dated and apparently I havent been around to check my mail and yet they stick it in my mailbox.

I'll go pick it all up tomorrow after work.


  • its almost done :)

Good night, sleep well, be safe and...... Happy Friday!!

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08/07/06 10:52 - ID#36006

must resume the resumé

Have some school related appointments today, so I had to take a full day off from work. Not too terribly upset over this, as I was able to sleep in.

Now I sit on my couch, feet propped up on the coffee table, drinking mint tea (hot),and finishing off a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries,

and I stare at a blank Word document. One minute, ten minutes, almost an hour passes. Nothing.

I am working on my resume. eek.

Mark this moment in time, theecarey has writers block, of the sort.

I need to leave again shortly-- I want to have made some progress on this. Later, I need to tackle a school project, so come on brain cells- fire up already!!!

On to other stuff:

When school is done, in three weeks, I want to go somewhere.

I would like to go off into the woods and just chill out for a few days- decompress, refresh and get ready for new adventures. Read a book (for fun), watch the flames of a bon fire, breathe in fresh air- and not think too hard about anything.

Although strangely, I am most likely doing the complete opposite. A trip to NYC is in the works. I just need to confirm that I will have a place to stay.

I'll plan to play in the woods during the fall, that is my favorite time anyways.

However, I do want to take atleast one more trip.. just not sure where.

Alright.. back to this resume business.

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05/20/06 11:30 - ID#35939


Grad ceremony was better than I thought. I was not nervous in the least. That seems to be the case..I work myself up over something (for months), then the actual event I pull through just fine.

With just 206 graduates, the Medaille ceremony was quick and did not require large tvs for everyone to see it, as UB graduation ceremonies often do. Paul noted/has picture in his journal about a friend who just graduated. (e:paul,4351) My undergrad is from UB.. I didn't go to that ceremony. I know now that I didn't miss out on anything. Yuck.. too many people.

The speaker (college President??) was fun and motivational. I might track him down at a later date to pick his brain.

My mom, Ashley(niece) and (e:pyrcedgrrl) (Dana) attended. Thank you! I needed the moral support :)

I had fun bantering with my classmates. We were a bit obnoxious at times..sometimes I am the ring leader in creating a laughing frenzy. I just find so many opportunities to make silly comments, that one of these days will be sure to get me into trouble. Anyway, it was a good time. I set out with that attitude in mind..

I'll look over the pics that Dana took and will eventually post some. When I do pictures, I have to be on a different computer. One of these days, I will install the software on this computer as well,so it wont matter which one I am on.

After the ceremony there was a reception of the sort. Cookies, juice, etc. I didn't go. It was mad crazy crowded.. so I chatted with classmates for a few then headed out the door. Dana had to leave for work, otherwise I am sure she would have joined us out for a late lunch. Right after we ate, Ashley took off. She had plans with friends to go to Grad night at Darien Lake (she graduates high school next month).

The rest of the evening was spent with my mother who took me shopping. I am not a shopper. I buy necessitiies when I absolutely must. And I enjoy buying books and techy stuff and a couple of girly things once in awhile. My mom can usually be found at Sears or Home Depot, as she knows how to do everything. Really.

So we went to Sears. hahaha

ok, she wanted me to look at an outdoor screened "gazebo". I had one last year, but it eventually fell apart. The day of my birthday party was spent duct tapping it back together as some freaky winds undid the welding. Remember, (e:ladycroft) ?? haha. Shortly thereafter, it came down and was trashed. Knowing that I wanted another (of better quality), she had been looking around for one for me. She liked one (of many) at Sears. I liked it too (I am easy), and she bought it for me (and some other neato stuff). Yay.

It will be delivered soon. OY, I think I have to put it together..

but bonfires, lazy summer nights and pitchers of lemodade/iced tea/mojitos will make it well worth it :)

I crashed early last night. I didn't want to go back out. It was a busy day. Once I returned home at 9:00, I knew I was in for the night. I was so hungry that I ordered food to be delivered. I just couldn't bring myself to cook anything or open anything. I didn't even have milk for cereal..

My food arrives, I watch the tail end of Close to Home (?) and then settle in for an hour of Numb3rs. I am really liking that show. I just never remember to watch it, or rather, I am often not home to watch it. Then I watched some Law and Order (hmmm, my long time favorite show-- the only thing I watch) and eventually passed out. The day wore me out and I slept well.

Forward to ---> 8 mile walk/hike this afternoon, conversations with strangers, shopping at the Co- Op, made a yummy dinner, late night 2 mile walk under the stars (super clear tonight..go out and look!) and now, finishing this post before playing a computer game for the remainder of the night.

Tomorrow: nothing definite.. probably homework, clean, bike ride if it isn't too windy. Maybe see who is out and about. Whatever happens..

Good night :)

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05/09/06 10:57 - ID#35933

a little bit of this

A little bit of this, a little bit of that..

  • Viewed two bonfires during last nights walk through the village. The smell of burning wood, the site of flames and sparks, and the non descript chatter heightened my desire to have a bonfire myself-- hopefully sooner than later. Who's in?

I could see that one yard had torches lit.. and I thought I heard a little somethin' like water.. could that be a jacuzzi? hehe ..and can I join? *vision of myself walking into the strangers back yard and settling myself into their jacuzzi, "hey, what's up?" * What would they do? Not something I would actually do..

  • Tonights stroll led me past houses with music cranked high. It certainly added to my already bouncy steps. I sorta peeked into the windows of one house (shhhh..don't tell anyone! ;) ) as I could hear and feel some techno. Techno, baby, yah!!! The guy I saw seemed to be really into the music- perhaps he was creating the beats I heard? Anyhow, my sly prying eyes only glanced in as long as I walked past the house, so it isn't as though I stopped, went up to the bushes and peered in.. I leave that for Certified Stalkers and Other Creepy Peeps People Peepy's :)

Not much of a country music fan, so the second melodious house did nothing for my auditory preferences. What I thought was interesting is that the guy appeared to be washing his truck. At ten pm. Sure, I would do that, maybe.. but there were no lights on!! Then again, this area does glow in the dark.. right, (e:libertad,5) ? ;)

  • Work endlessly fascinated me, even if I have maxed out my learning capacity. Heh, I need to figure out my next step, SOON! Everyday, the kiddos do something that amazes me. I have seen and been part of the progress that they have made over time. At some point, I will actually write about my job- what Autism is, what it isn't, Applied Behavioral Analysis, Discrete Trial Instruction, Behavior Modification, etc.. In the meantime, I share little amusements.

The children have been talking more and more. I have seen them go from being completely non-verbal to being able to state basics needs and using hundreds of words. Today was about my name. It wasnt planned that way.. but somehow, one little girl perseverated on my name. "Carey Carey Carey" "Hiiiiiiiiii Carrrrrrrey" "Carey". The boy I work very closely with, has taken to saying my name as well.. very softly, in a whisper, "Miss Carey, I want _____ please" (fill in blank with any number of requests: pretzel, water, bathroom, cereal, gummy, tickle, ball, etc). Another child was calling me everyname but the correct one. So we worked on that... and had a lot of fun working it into everything. He laughed a lot. So did I. Good stuff.

Now the one incident that cracked me up for hours, was whiile I worked on a "greeting" program with another boy. It goes something like this..

So I start off with a primer: I say to him, "My name is Carey".
Then, "What is my name?" the response we want from him is, "Carey". so he responds, echoing my name, "Carey"
For the scoring part of the discrete trial, I verbalize the cue-
"Hi Bob" (fake name)
in which we want him to respond, "Hi Carey"

well.. instead of restating my name..

me: "hi Bob"

him: "hi computer"

COMPUTER??? hahaha. Sometimes the greatest challenge is to keep a straight face during these trials and correct the child with a neutral tone of voice. But really.. computer?? Many responses are rote. When they aren't fully into the sesson, they will say anything that is in their plan. However, this just cracked me up.

I can pull off a good Interactive Voice Response..but I promise I don't sound like that in real life, hehe.:?

  • What else.. this week can slow down, as with every week there is a lot to accomplish for school. This class has me searching through old material as it incorporates many aspects of what I have learned so far.. although some stuff I have naturally forgotten. I'll be just fine. I just can't let it bog me down!

Maybe I will spend part of my evening at Paneras on the Blvd after work tomorrow. I dig the comfy booths and wifi access. Oh, and the minimized distractions that otherwise occur when I am at home.. not that I mind a few distractions here and there. Besides, they have good soup :)

  • The front porch is right outside my bedroom window. I have my window open. I hear something. My ferocious house gaurd-cat, Joey just jumped into the window to take a look (we all know he is all talk-at best, he can protect me from a rabid marshmellow, but not a hairy spider and definitely not some crazy lunatic!). I'm a little too chicken to go investigate it. If I close my eyes and bury my head under the pillow, will it go away, whatever it is??

Almost hump day.. have a good one!

~ Computer Carey :)

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03/02/06 11:56 - ID#35893

Fat Man in a Little Coat

  • I was only joking in the chat earlier- ya know, when "ya'll" were disturbed that the snow was falling heavily everywhere.. and I said that Youngstown-Lewiston is probably green and sunny.

I shouldn't be surprised, but I was right.

and I WANT SNOW. I am about to grab a trash can, head to south Buffalo and fill it to the rim with the white stuff. Then I'll go home and dump it in my yard. hehe. I would do that.. I haven't used the shovel since early December..

So if you don't love it and can't afford to leave the area, come live in my neck of the woods.

  • There was a perfectly clear sky this evening with bright stars. For those who dig the cosmos, you should be standing in my yard, gazing up into the vast wonderment and mystery. (Yet not in that "I am standing in the bushes looking in your windows" kind of way..)

I was all over the place today with work, classes and errands. The snow was everywhere. It was energizing and made me excited to play in it. When was the last time you let a snowflake land on your tongue?

I even saw the tail end of a late winter sunset. Just a sliver of pink, orange and purple peeking through before darkness settled in. Anyone catch this? Anyone looking? Little things..moments in your breathe, laugh, smile, reflect..

Speaking of laughing..

  • Today is Dr. Seuss's Birthday. I have green hands. I even made green eggs and ham.
I work in a school- we celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday all week by making reading books, engaging in related activities, art projects and foods (hmm, I am not *totally* nutty. Green eggs and ham were made in the classroom, not my kitchen!)
Ok, so why are my hands green? While I was on my lunch, the kiddos made "Ooblik", some funky slop made of cornstarch, green food coloring and a few other ingredients. I wasn't there for this. However, upon my return from lunch, I walked into the classroom and saw a giant bowl of green sludge sitting on a nearby table. I instantly pushed up my sleeves and submerged my hands into this unknown concoction. This stuff is so strange! I think someone posted on here not that long ago about a science experiment where the mixture is solid yet liquefies when you touch it. I must make a batch for my own amusement. As other "adults" managed to put on a pair of latex gloves to keep from staining their hands, the thought never crossed my mind. I just dove in and rand my hands through the mixture. I would grab a solid handful, then watch it turn to liquid in my hands. I had to force myself to stop playing. I was able to wash off the gook but not the intense green color.

Shortly thereafter I was set to make a presentation in my class. My classmates were curious, disturbed and amused. Nothing really surprises them.. I had fun creating all sorts of "explanations" mostly dirty, some clean and eventually the truth (to some). They joined in as well. From Leprechauns to smurfs..

The guy at the drive up Starbucks was amused. I explained that I work in a school with autistic children.. "Likely story.."

  • I love Tommy Boy, Black Sheep.. anything with Chris Farley. I miss him! I was chatting with (e:decoyisryan) and he said that he was watching Tommy Boy. I was happy to find out that it is on tv. I feel a movie rental marathon coming on. I might have some of the movies already. I also need to see Office Space, Zoolander and Super Troops (all of which I have but haven't watched in awhile- rent a comedy and allow yourself a good laugh.)

  • I just found out that my niece received her acceptance letter into the Cleveland Institute of Art. That is such an amazing place.. I love the atmosphere. You would be sure to find your muse in there. We made college rounds this past summer. My very first post on (e:strip) was about this little trip (complete with haiku). I fondly remember the hotel pools "chlorinated cocktail "[inlink]theecarey,1[/inlink]. She applied to a few places around the country. Her first choice is CIA. I am so happy for her. I see myself taking numerous road trips to bring her some college goodies and other much needed fare. YAY!

  • Time for bed. I am so tired. I would like to stay up for (e:kwoissuper) Spin Spin Super (do you do that every Thursday?), but I can barely keep my eyes open. If I do tune in, I know my body will start grooving.. not conducive to sleep at all :) Hurray for Friday! What is the plan?? I must hammer out some of the deliverables in a class paper I have been working on. That is first. Going out is second. The paper is due very soon. I intend to do a thorough kick ass job on it!!

Later peeps


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01/23/06 10:18 - ID#35861

Dear Diary

Monday, already? You can be such a downer. Why aren't you more like Friday, hmm? Fridays are fun..

I spent the early part of Friday evening at the Third Street Tap Room in Niagara Falls, located just a little ways down from the casino. I have never ventured into any establishment in the Falls for entertainment purposes, so this was quite the experience. I am just not fond of the area. I lived there for a short period of time in a relatively bad section. I tried to see the good and occasionally I did, but it was not enough to keep me there. I moved on within a year for I was so very uncomfortable and somewhere inside, scared.

The primary reason for going into the Falls, was because it is pretty much a half way point between where my friend lives (S. Buff), and where I live (Y-Town) and that they haven't really been in that area either.

Ok, so this bar on 3rd Street was pretty cool. I am not sure what kind of crowd it draws as we left by 10:30 or so. I walk in and I see they have a large assortment of beer, as the name of the bar promises, on tap; Blue Moon, Guinness, Sam Adams, Rolling Rock, and a few others that now elude me. Whatever, I worked on Blue Moon all night and tried a few varieties of Scotch.

Most of the scotch was pretty good. I no longer remember any of the labels or even certain details of conversation, but what I do remember is making an observation on one ancient bottle of Scotch. The aroma was unpleasant. It had a strong cork smell. I tried a sip and its taste instantly reminded me of the old bottles of liquor my parents kept in a super high cupboard, as a kid.

My grandparents owned a tavern, Izzy's. Neither my mother nor father drink, but when the grandparents passed away, quite a few bottles of various liquors were kept.

Now, although these bottles were kept well out of reach, years later, it did not stop my hard-core partying teen-age sister from getting into the contents of these bottles. I remember watching her add water to the bottles afterwards. I learned a lot from my sister; mostly what not to do in life, but in this case, I too, added water to the bottles after a night of friends and sneaking into the "liquor cabinet".

We never drank much, as the shit was pretty nasty. I am sure it would all be damn good now, but young taste buds that have not yet acquired a taste for any sort of alcohol couldn't possibly appreciate it then. I think a majority of liquor was scotch whiskey and rums and I am not sure what else. I like to experiment..

So the smell of the scotch and the odd taste of it reminded me of my taboo ventures into the dust covered liquor bottles.

I shared my story with the bartender, my friend and anyone else who was listening. It is funny to look back on it.

And I wondered how watered down the bottles were by the time I got to them after my sister (who is 8 years older) and then how much more watered down they were after I was through with them. I doubt the bottles are still kicking around. I think my mom eventually tossed them. Not sure.. I will have to ask.

We stayed at this bar a lot longer than anticipated. We were just going there to meet up and decide what to do for the remainder of the evening. However, great conversation, laughter and fine drinks paved the way for the evening to be spent just as we were. Topics in politics, social issues, food, and sports made it difficult for either one of us to shut up long enough to go somewhere else. Not a bad thing at all. When we finally thought about moving on, it was late and raining, and there were not too many options left for us (we had both envisioned walking around). So we stayed for a little longer and then eventually decided on a little trip to Youngstown.

I had a great time.

Saturday felt surreal. I did not sleep more than a few hours yet I was not tired enough to go back to bed. Instead, I found myself ravenous. I did not know what I wanted to eat, but I knew that it did not exist in my cupboards. I got in touch with (e:ladycroft) and we decided we would go to the Super Flea Market on Walden then find somewhere to eat.

There was a specific purpose to going to the Flea Market. We are pricing Hookas. I felt itchy being in that place. Walking around looking at random crap that looked like stolen goods did nothing for me. It was also super dusty, so my nose and body were itching. Maybe if I had gotten some sleep and my muscles, head to toe, weren't sore, then it may have been more amusing to look around. OOooOOoh, all was not bad, as I found a few tables of old school Nintendo games. There are bunches that I want, but the one I am looking for (and found!!) was Castlevania: Simon's Quest. I am sooooo excited to have found that!! (e:ladycroft) and myself will have a marathon night of drinking and playing this game as we did as kids. Well, minus the beer. I believe Coke Classic was our preferred poison back then.

I am going to find the Nintendo cord, toss a tv up on the coffee table and we shall have some fun. Yay! Strange how I had *just* written about wanting to play Nintendo, especially that game.

Afterwards we went to Ambrosia on Elmwood. I was starved as I had not eaten yet. I ordered pasta with all sorts of yumminess in it: feta, artichokes, olives, and sun dried tomatoes.

I knew (e:Jessika) was having a party (Happy Birthday, btw!) and that (e:paul)'s birthday was that night as well, and that he was probably going to her party.. But with Timika's lungs burned from bleach, not feeling well and sounding like a man (she really did) and my no sleep/sore body, neither one of us felt up to partying. Still, we really wanted to wish Paul a Happy Birthday. After grabbing some Goldschlager, we headed over to the apartment. It was great to spend a little time with (e:paul), (e:matthew) and (e:terry). I always enjoy their company and was rather missing them. I also got a chance to play/ snuggle the uber cute sugar gliders. I bonded with (e:matthew)'s little darling. He nibbled on my nipples a few times. It was a direct munch, but it did not hurt. Crawling inside my sweater and snuggling into my boobs was sugar glider bliss. They are very cute and I love their long fuzzy tails. I am a sucker for such cuteness.

The time flew and we had to leave. Going to a movie was mentioned earlier. I was up for that. (e:jenks), (e:ldaycroft) and myself went to see Underworld at the Elmwood Regal. It was a great movie to see in the theater. With plenty of ass kicking and a shirtless hot guy-animal-vampire hybrid. Yum.

After returning to Hamburg to pick up my car, I was debating on going out. I could do it, I thought.. I was no longer that tired. Once in the car, however, I felt the pull to go home to bed. And that I did.

I pretty much slept all day Sunday. My cat Joe was happy to have me to curl up with. Although, I think he bit my ass. I am a little dumb founded on that one.

In the evening, (e:pyrcedgrrl) came over and we caught up on stuff then watched Wedding Crashers. Funny. "go out and get yourself some strange ass". Haha. Simple things crack me up.

So now it is Monday. I have a lot of school work and studying to do this week. On Thursday, I have an exam, a presentation and a butt load of homework and reading due. I feel like I am coming down with a cold. I sure hope not. I just feel mucousy grossness. I was all sinus ickiness last week, but it has intensified a bit. Yuck. I dozed off for an hour after getting home from work. Now I am wondering if I will be able to sleep. I am busting out the Airborne/Germ Defense and drinking a gallon of OJ, which I always crave at the sign of germ invasion. Bah!

Work annoyed me today. Our fiscal year begins in July. At that point we are eligible for a raise. As long as you have a heart beat, you pretty much get one. This pisses off the people who have and use a brain, as well. Like yours truly. I can get over that, as it is my choice to work where I am at (for the time being). We usually do not begin to see our raise until January, then shortly thereafter we receive a retro active check for the difference, going back to July. It is never a large sum, but it is nice to know that it is coming. We just received word that our raises have gone through but that we are NOT getting our retro pay. So, really, we are losing out on six months of our raise. They are "looking" to find funds for this. BULL SHIT. They have been doing a very intense capital campaign for the past couple of years and recent efforts have stepped up. This feels shady and further demoralizes the employees. Bah, I have no energy for a full on rant. I hate being sick.. I feel like I am getting in the way of myself, if that makes sense.

Well, how's that for a run down on my weekend. I have no mental energy yet I felt like writing or rather, rambling. I have topics of interest I intend to tackle when I have more than a few hours to contemplate, research and formulate my idea(s). Also be more reflective in my writing style. In the meantime, I save all that extra mental effort for school and work. Well, maybe not so much work. I think I have shifted into neutral as far as that is concerned.

Good night.. be healthy.

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