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Category: ramble

04/14/07 12:30 - 37ºF - ID#38882

Claiming Jack Daniels

well, I did it. I finished my taxes. I'm tickled that I finished them a whole day ahead of schedule. I worked on them online as opposed to using the paper forms. It wasnt necessarily easier, but I can skip the postage stamp. Actually, with the 15th deadline being on Sunday, taxes are extended for filing until the 17th.

oh, and its friday night. I need a relaxing beverage after all that-- or perhaps I should have been "hyrdrating" myself during. The filing wouldl have looked a little something like this:

name of dependents

1. Joey (pets count, right?)
2. Kayla
3. Jack Daniels
4. Jim Bean

you get the idea.. haha, actually (e:pyrcedgrrl) put that idea in my head.

I'd gladly come up with a more complete parody tax file- but need fresh brain cells for that. sooo not happening right now!

Well, although a drink sounds super fab right now, I have been recently informed that I need to drag myself out of the house early in the morning ;) so instead a cup of tea and sweet dreams will conclude my wild friday night adventures.

Oh, this cracked me up:

on Mad TV last night..
Parody of Jewels' Intuition


k, thats it for now :)

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04/12/07 05:51 - 47ºF - ID#38864

Post 2: R.I.P Literary Iconoclast :(

American writer Kurt Vonnegut died at the age of 84 yesterday. I have always been fond of his work- the humor, the political- societal jabs, the outside-the box-thinking and writing which produced numerous pieces that I've enjoyed since first being introduced to the writer around the tenth grade. 'Slaughterhouse 5' was a turning point in how I thought about things. I'm not quite sure how a bizarre science fiction prose tweaked my perception but it did. Perhaps it was the class, the teacher or the timing; all of which introduced us to an existential view of life- much of which was supported and reinforced by a plethora of other writers we studied that special year. For those paying attention, it brought to light that we were (are) much more than the snobby middle to upper class sanitary conformists that our school system so ignorantly embraced. My teacher knew that looking at the students before him, only a small handful would 'get it'. He knew that most of us were spoiled rotten. That we knew of very little beyond the Lew-Port boundaries. That those that didn't have the money or the clothes label were on a different and 'lower' level than those that had it all. That this was a temporary reality if we choose to learn more than what we have been presented in life with so far. And in this class, he was going to broaden our horizons, so to speak. He exposed us to concepts, and questioned our thoughts. He didn't keep us safe from information, yet he kept us safe from sanction if the brave us of thought to question, probe, explore more- it was encouraged. Learn, but also Un-learn. This school was probably not that different than so many others- yet when one former student talks to another, we know of that special 'snobbery' that was bred in northern Niagara county- a certain something, like we came from a very special club , regardless of our status at the time. Cant quite explain it, but (e:pyrcedgrrl) and I kid about it frequently- especially when my nose crinkles to something. (e:vincent) and (e:ladycroft) are in the know as well, haha. It was neither good nor bad, it just was. It was about that point in my timeline that I understood that a written piece of work is more than a story, it is a piece of history- where everything is related. Everything that has happened, will happen and will always continue to happen (Tralfamadore!). A character is a fragment of time, a glimpse into other realities, cultures, states of mind. Through words, a kaleidescope of reality emerges. A small twist to the left or right alters the image, yet the pieces that make it up are still the same.

I continued with my appreciation for reading on a more critical level ever since. I tackled any author that I had a chance to read. College literary classes begot my enhanced analysis and insight into the story and writer. It was a pleasure to see and understand more than what was initially obvious. There is always more. And so, a little 'out of box' thinking was solidified..applied well beyond the written word, it helped and hindered (but only temporarily) through the years. Learn. Unlearn. Take chances with your thinking. Put it out there. Own it.

thanks Kurt, thanks Mr. P*

If you havent had the chance to read any Vonnegut, there are plenty of insightful and quirky reads. My personal fave, "Breakfast of Champions". Its bizarre :)

news story:

book synopsis

"interview" with Kilgor Trout

PS this was second post of day- please check prior as Im seeking recommendations on a bag!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks :)
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Category: sports

04/12/07 02:55 - 49ºF - ID#38861

Road to the Cup

How exciting for the Sabres. Northeast division title and Presidents Trophy. Nice job to the team for making it to the quarterfinals! Sabres/Islanders first game is tonight. Havent actually been to any games in quite some time. I usually follow vicariously or occasionally catch a game on tv.

I'm itching to jet somewhere again soon. Trying to figure out what I want to do next- in travel, in life, in general.. is exciting, as the whole world is open to me. Yet its a challenge to focus at this point in time. I'll figure it out, I always do.

In the meantime, i am looking for a bag that wont kill my back. One that is adequate to carry essentials for walking around all day without it necessarily being a big ole back pack. Think, wandering around a city, exploring, going in and out of building, subways or whatever else may cross my path. While I don't like to carry much, I like to have a few comfort things with me. ie; camera, 20oz-32oz water bottle, notepad, magazine, book, snackage, lip gloss, sketching pencils, and a little extra room if i buy/find something. But not big!!

My current side bag screws with my alignment over a long period of time, so it becomes a nagging aggravation to my back. A traditional back pack is fine for the woods, but not so great wandering around a city- pick pockets and such.. and they seem to bulky or wandering around.
Perhaps an inverted book bag? gah, no clue!

sooooo, any recommendations? I've researched tear-drop shaped walking/courier bags. They claim to be healthy for the back. I'd prefer to go to a physical store so I can fondle them and try them out. But where to go???

I could always sport a FANNY PACK!! hehe The idea makes sense, but I can't help but envision sweat pants (Zubas!), city t-shirts, and visors- all of which screams TOURIST! or something else. maybe it works for you. so go on and work it.

My mind draws a blank as to what stores around here might have something I would like, be functional, etc. Travel store? Sporting store? ahhhhh?

thanks in advance :)

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04/10/07 12:15 - 34ºF - ID#38835

home sweet home

I never paid much attention to Dyngus day. Had no idea what it was or why, for several years. Even last night I was perplexed when someone asked me where my pussy willow was. Later I was informed that if I had in fact been carrying some of those branches, I would have had the opportunity to beat people in the back with them. hmm. Had it not been so late at the time of this information, I would have stopped at Wegmans to pick up a bunch. Even later still, after dinner, coffee and gossip, (e:pyrcedgrrl) and I headed out to our friends bar. Upon walking into his establishment, when asked yet again where our pussy willow is, all I could quip with is, "no pussy willow, just pussy". where the hell did that come from?! Anyway, taken well care of in the beverage department, I maintained a buzz until at least 6 this morning. A few hours of light sleep later which always follows a night of drinking, I crawl out of bed and into the shower. I'm feeling ravenous and ready to chow down at some buffet I have been hearing about. I'm skeptical about frog legs, but if they have them, i will try them. ribbet.

Its sunny. I'm working on bringing the warmth back as well. I know I took it with me the day I left for Florida, as the weather channel called the sudden (very next day) freeze and snow in Buffalo a "Winter Resurrection"-- sounded so sinister it made me giggle. The cold, well the 50 degree difference of what I left, has not bothered me that much. I am always cold- shivering when everyone else is comfortable. Comfy when everyone else is sweating. So it felt really good to be in 86 degree sunny weather with 12 % humidity. It was just right in the sun. Never bothered with the AC, either. So upon returning to B-Lo I thought the temps would be bothersome if not downright painful-- but it wasnt, at all. Perhaps all the radiation in my body is keeping me toasty :)

Speaking of which, I have streaks of tan and burn all over my body. Some spots have evident fingerprints, where I did not adequately cover myself with lotion. Actually, I had flaming red side burns that lent an amusing quality to my overall patchwork look. I began to notice people doing double takes to the right side of my face- probably trying to figure if it was a burn, birthmark or skin disorder. A couple of days after that as it faded, it looked more like I needed a make up lesson in blush application, and now, it is no longer red, but a dark patch of skin. Fortunately, the rest of my face pretty much caught up. I'm getting used to my freckles across my face.

and wearing sneakers :( A pretty pedicure in the color of "sweet Revenge" should not be covered up in socks! Alas, I feel that we will hit flip flop weather soon, very soon..

OOOh, time to go out to fill up on post drinking food.

and plot my next trip....

more tales later!
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Category: travel

04/06/07 10:58 - 23ºF - ID#38774 pmobl

resort hostel

the places I meet people for drinks! (e:kangarooboi) and I hve been trying to get together for drinks for a couple of months now. I didn't know he'd Be here, so it was a surprise to see him. we joked that it took flying all the way to florida to finally meet up.

I took a direct flight to orlando monday afternoon and rented a car. then checked into a really snazzy hostel. it really is quite nice. I have a large private room and bathroom, cable tv w/ movie stayions, access to a common room (more tv, music, games, video games, etc), internet access, full kitchen, cute asian guys, swimming pool and gorgeous private lake.
I met up with ladycroft at her place of stay, a giant marriot conveniently located just a few miles away. I went in and immensly enjoyed its multiple clear swimming pools, which had slides, waterfalls and palm trees, ofcourse! poolside drnks were crazy expensive but yummy. I spent a lot of time in the pool. I love to swim and can't get enough of it.
the days have been perfect with their sunshine and mid
80s temps. the nights are warm with clear starry skies. it feels sooooooo good to wear next to nothing, hair pinned up and waring flip flops. it is a nice retreat from those few weeks of deep freeze. I looooove winter and they only seem to get better (no snow till january!-and not much since) but our freaky deep freeze initiated my desire to head south for a week or so.
--its really great, but not enough to abandon buffalo. anytime I travel, move about, I'm reminded that although buffalo can get resally effin cold, its really the warmest place to be. theres nothin like our community- such a kindred feel. whether born and raised or just moved in, or moved and came back---or really wish to-we gravitate towards each other, this area..and that happens to be buffalo.

now its time to head back out and explore. spending the day in the atlantic wiped me out last night, so I slept in. I hate to wash the lingering salty ocean smell out of my hair...

sending warm sun salt and sand your way, peeps :)

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04/05/07 02:18 - 24ºF - ID#38755 pmobl

cocoa beach

feels sooooo good..

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03/29/07 11:36 - 39ºF - ID#38691

dog show pics

These pics go with the prior post, well, the post that has words thumbed out from my cellphone while at a dog show in Syracuse. Bare with me on the quality of pics- I didn't adjust for the variations in lighting and the excited doggies kept moving! There were so many.. I only snapped a few pics as I felt a bit intrusive getting the few that I did take.
















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03/29/07 04:38 - 48ºF - ID#38682 pmobl

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03/29/07 03:56 - 48ºF - ID#38681 pmobl

salt city cluster spring dog show

today throgh sunday there is a dog show at the new york state fairgrounds, where I am at now. today is a nice day to be here as there aren't many people in attendance. I imagine it will get busy with the weekend. it is a delight to see so many breeds of dogs. not sure of the etiquette for dog shows, I contained my enthusiasm by stuffing my hands into my pockets. the ones I really wanted to pet, I asked permission first. I watched many pooches getting their fur coiffed. at somepoint I remembered to pull out my camera/phone. here are the few that I did take. some are from the walk/display-ring, others from the agility/obediance ring. I'm posting whatever I have...

not hard to imagine my exuberance at being arounds animals. so of course I wanted to bring more than a few home. off the top of my head, I want a newfoundland, a french bulldog, a furry chihjuaha (sp), yellow lab, and anything else that just wants lots of belly rubs and run through the woods.

dinner last night at a little dive calles euclid was yummy. no pics despite having 'southern fried chicken'. today was a stop at 'heids' an old hot dog stand with a great atmosphere. I went for a birch beer and coney hotdog. yum.

that's about it...enjoy the sun :)
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Category: weather

03/26/07 02:54 - 70ºF - ID#38627

not shabby for a monday

omg it is soooooooooooooooooooo warm outside! the freaky thunder and rain storms have receded a bit, just a few grumbles and sprinkles now. I see the sun!!!!

open your windows! the air smells good! (where I am at) get outside!

play hookey! find a basketball court!

Its March and it really feels like spring. YAY!

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paul said to ladycroft
Nice to "see" you. I let the CPR ads stay because at least it was something lol...

ladycroft said to joe finger went spastic. ...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...