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insomniac ramblings

Halloween sort of just passed by this year. Awesome that it fell on a weekend as there were a lot of parties and such to choose from. So those that had the opportunity, I am sure there were good times to be had.
I started my weekend early which worked out well since i had some responsibilities over the actual weekend to attend to. I met up with a friend Thursday evening followed by having some company over on Friday night. Originally planned on attending the monthly Drinking Skeptically meet up, but too much was going on and I didn't make it out on time. Too bad since I was looking forward to it and several people had contacted me to see where I was at. I miss them all already, though i knew there would be a handful of regulars missing from the group as some of them headed down to The Rally to Restore Sanity. But there are always new people that are fun to meet and I am curious as to who made it out. Next time, for sure.

I got a bunch of hiking in on Thursday and Friday knowing that I would be cooped up all day on Saturday. Both days were overcast and chilly.
Saturday was sunny and would have been awesome for an outdoor excursion, but again, I was gone all day. I had a CPR and First Aid training that took up a majority of the day. It went fast overall and I had a good time. Small group of people, I was energetic and talkative, and simply enjoyed the session. It had been about 4 years since my last certification, so a lot has changed. The process for CPR is essentially more streamlined, which would hopefully make the need, if it arose, easier to rise to the challenge.
Nothing new in First Aid that I could tell.
I'd like to have more instruction, not sure why exactly. I do well in chaotic situations, though not sure of what it would be like to be at the scene of some freaky accident, though. But something about it makes me want to learn more. If I really wanted to integrate myself into the community more, I could check out the firehall and/or emt services.

Anyway, the instructor was one of the best I have ever had for it. Perhaps because he has a ton of experience directly related to the topics. There are plenty of instructors that haven't had to actually perform CPR or anything on anyone else. It doesn't matter in terms of teaching something, but it helped me in terms of the sort of questions I had. Maybe that is the difference.
Good conversation related to it continued well past the end of the course. Good stuff. With all that, I got home around 9pm, and after not having eaten since before 1 pm, I was equally famished and fatigued. Though,I didn't go to sleep until 4am, so I should have/could have headed out to a party, particularly at the 24...if it only would have occurred to me!
Instead, I played on the computer, worked with some pictures, read a magazine and watched The Exorcist on tv (the original).
I never realized what sort of crazy/funny/ironic lines are said in that movie.
In one scene, the girl masturbating with a crucifix while possessed by the demon, says, "Let Jesus fuck you, let Jesus fuck you. Let him fuck you"

I can't remember everything.. the demon calling the priest a cock sucker, and so on.

at 3 am, it was all crazy to me.

Sunday, I debated on getting together with a friend as I knew he had the day off from work, but I wanted a "me" day to just wander a book store and do a little reading. I enjoyed reading through, "Mad Science" and "Backyard Ballistics" and a couple of other books while sipping coffee. The return trip home had me stopping at the store to pick up a few items to make a chili concoction and corn bread. It turned out yummy. I ate too damn much, though.
I saw a lot of kids and teens out wandering the streets in their halloween get up and pillow cases and bags full of candy. Trick-or-Treating is so cool.

I didn't bother to buy any candy to give out. My end of the street is pretty quiet for that sort of thing, and since I wasnt going to be home anyways, figured it wouldnt be awful to not sit at home with a bowl of candy that I would eventually consume. Maybe another time..

and that brings me to wrapping up this post. My head hurts and my eye lids are droopy, sleep, please come soon.

Monday is here as is November...

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