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Category: weekend

06/10/09 02:21 - ID#48882

Thoughts of Rugby Dancing in my Head

I totally want to watch some Rugby games this summer & fall.

Some of you do too, right? :)

between all the men and women's games going on, we should all be able to find something fun to watch!

whose in?

I'm checking the schedule and seeing what is going on and where.

It will be fun!*nods*
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Category: weekend

12/08/07 07:51 - ID#42440

Allen Street tonight..

I'm heading out to Allen Street tonight with my date/friend "T" about 10ish or so. Not sure where I am/we are starting.. but it sure has been awhile since I have been out that way.It will be nice to have a drink, as it has been a long time since I've had that as well. :)

oh wait.. i think i am going to Brick bar. hehe.

come out. call/text or send 'post-it' (with your name & #-- since it goes to my phone as 'guest'). It would be nice to catch up with some of you (e:peeps)!

where you at (e:vincent)?! I know you'll end up around there sooner or later. :D

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Category: weekend

09/15/07 10:52 - ID#41125

Scrubs- Orphan Feast

Loafing can be a most excellent way to enjoy the weekend, (e:mrmike)!

After a couple of very late nights (and getting up too early), the lack of sleep muddled my brain enough to fail to take the initiative in going to spend time with a new friend. I can be such a dork.

Instead, I watched a marathon of Scrubs on Comedy Central and played a few rounds of, "Orphan Feast". I hadn't played it before now. (e:pyrcedgrrl) introduced me to it, explaining to me that "it's a game set in London in 1886, and you have to catch and bag orphans so you can eat them all the while fighting off cops and prostitutes" jeez, what is the world coming too. What about the good ole days of rape and pillage? ;)

anyway, as with all things AdultSwim, you can expect a healthy dose of perversion. Wanna play?

Going out would have been nice, but staying in faired well for my sleep deprived brain. I did run out into the evening for a long brisk walk (sleepy brained yes, but still with oodles of physical energy; as usual).

Multiple episodes of Scrubs and a few rounds of Orphan Feast; not shabby for a Saturday in.



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Category: weekend

05/15/07 06:49 - ID#39292

camping, storms, sleeping

sky is rumbling and getting crazy dark. I should have spent more time outside today. But instead I was rather lazy, going between the tv and the computer several times over the course of 8 hours. I managed to heat something to eat and straighten up my bathroom; as though either activity rectifies my lazy day.

camping/party this weekend was fun- returned yesterday. Fell asleep early last night and slept in this morning- hence my day of non-function. All screwed up. And when I read (e:mrmike) 's earlier post that ended with, "happy hump day".. I panicked for a moment, thinking I slept for a full day.

well, what i saw and felt through my windows was a really warm and sunny day. *sigh*

finally around four, I got dressed and found my way to some nearby trails. I decided on the spot that the sneaks I wore are no good for anything but smooth terrain. Bummer. They got me through approximately two hours of exploration, thankfully. I need day hikers that can take a beating yet not weigh ten pounds.

well, the dark scary clouds are over my head- a few flashes and increasing rumbles are my cue to exit. and ever since being hit while in my car, I am feeling rather freaked out by the impending storm. I like them a lot when I am with someone, not so much all alone- now I shall go huddle in the corner. ;)

bunch of pics to come sooner or later- so much to catch up on.

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Category: weekend

10/09/06 01:12 - ID#36056

Pizza and Porn

this and that:

  • little brittain is hilarious and addicting!
I need more!

  • I'm tired and my eyes are burning too. fun weekend ;Martini's are both good and evil!

  • Napped this afternoon--my dreams are so... detailed.huh..

  • would like to go Camera Shopping Monday, but I am such a bad Shopper!! I have a pile of gift certificates from last year that I need to use. They are from all over, but I have yet to make it to any of those stores. So one of these days, I'll shop.

  • flipped through an issue of playGirl dated from before I was born; its funny and has too many words.

  • USA Thanksgiving should Coincide with Canadian Thanskgiving,I Say. Christmas stuff is already out--what happened to Thanksgiving ?? it gets over looked.

I grew up celebrating both Thanksgivings.
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