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01/12/07 07:09 - ID#37664

a look inside

This is a p:mobl post

Terry in front of me, LC to my right,
(e:terry) , (e:ladycroft) and myself worked individually in our respective corners of the taped together drawing paper.

an unplanned design, I played
with colored pencils of dark and light purples,greens and a pink.

pocket pc photos to follow..

(e:terry) 's eyeballs, triscuit and hoof-hand


(e:ladycroft) 's collage of self expression


mine- not sure what or why- I picked up the pencils and just began..



a view of it all together

it was fun

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Category: p:mobl

07/18/06 01:31 - ID#35991


sitting in my non airconditioned car eating a small cup of chili. Thinking back to my hot soup the other day, I ponder whether my tastes are eclectic or eccentric! ---back to work, later gators
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07/05/06 12:15 - ID#35977

going mobile

ah ha!

6 mobl posts are noted above.

I have three actually posted.

One of them was identical, so that would account for four..

so somewhere, out there, of the 50 imagage/text tests with my phone, two more may have registered.

where are you?

update: when P:mobl is updated/edited (such as I decided to add a category through here as an afterthought), it bumped up the count. And last night I edited 2x, taking my email signature (all those squished qoutes) off some of the posts. ta da! ok, so other attemps are lost in space. hehe

(this little issue revolves around myself being almost perversely tenacious between 12 and 3 am- experimenting with and figuring out my phone: finding native email app, exporting photos, setting links, etc. I figure it all out by playing. Anyone else can probably refer to their manuel or user information on the phone/cell company web site. I am doing well; I just need to tweak something that I am doing/not doing. But I will get there!

'cause, I'm going mobile, baby.

ok, back to making it happen.

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07/05/06 02:03 - ID#35974

making noise

third or fourth post of the day! My neighbor and his bro just came over with a box of fireworks they bought in PA. nothing like a fireworks display in your backyard!

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