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Category: animals

09/18/09 02:19 - ID#49804

A Stray Finding Her Way Home

Back Post: 9-1-09

I had returned home on the late evening of August 31st and upon entering my kitchen and turning on the light, I hear through the window leading into the back yard, my name being called. It was my duplex-neighbor asking if I "knew who these kittens belonged to?". "Kittens?!?" I peered out the window and saw that he (and his pre-teen daughter & daughters friend) had a couple of kittens in their presence. A sucker for all animals, but especially kittens, I dropped everything to go outside and see these mysterious furblobs.

There were two, and neither were very young. The older looking of the two is an orange (ginger kid!) male who appeared to be 16 weeks old. The much smaller and younger kitten, a mottled gray colored girl, appeared to be 10-12 weeks old.

We sat around the fire pit and talked about who the kittens might belong to. The kitties just came up to them and were screaming for attention, food and water (and were easily obliged). The two kittens even tried desperately to get into the house. All evening the kittens didn't leave their sides, and even once I arrived, the kittens continued to hang out. As it was nearing 11pm, we decided to come up with a game plan:

--The kittens would not be left outside at night.
--He loves animals, I love animals, between the two (well, four) of us, we'd get the kittens set up for the night with everything they need. Litter, food, water, toys, comfy sleeping spots.
--We'll keep the kittens in the basement. (We share a staircase to the basement, but have totally separate doors that splits into our sides of the basement. We'd open our doors and let the kittens have the run of the basement).
--The girls would knock on neighborhood doors in the morning to see who they might belong to.
-- If one or both are homeless, my neighbor knew he'd be screwed- as the kittens are so damn sweet and cute he'd have to/want to keep them.

Forward to pictures of the kittens settled in for the night. I gave the girls some art material to create signs and have fun making the kittens comfortable.

Sat around the fire for awhile before and after..


What we saw when we came in. The signs were too cute not to take pictures of. The girls (temporarily) named the kittens, Owen and Lily.

seen at the base of the stairs before doors leading to our basement sides:




"Owen's Bed Suite"- (on my neighbors side of basement)

"Lily's Bed Suite" (on my side of basement)

"Lily" loved sleeping in her "suite" ...

and did "Owen"!!


so that night they, and everyone else, piled up on the bed in my basement to shower the kitties with affection. Stray kittens never had it so good!

The next morning, the girls had not only made signs for the basement, but also fliers to place in nearby mailboxes. Ends up that the orange kitten belongs to a neighbor two doors down, but they don't know who the gray younger kitten belongs to. It had just started hanging around the orange one. Search attempts continue with no luck. In the mean time, "Lily" continues to have a nice stay in our basement. I come down and play with her a few times a day:



I love how they come equipped with weapons.

She has a thing for stalking my eyelashes and batting at my nose piercing. Here she goes after the camera string.


We've bonded a little at this point. I brought her upstairs into my house for a minute to look out the door. She wasn't allowed to interact or get near my cats. Anyway, I snapped this and think it is cute:

"Owen" who is actually, "Leo", is returned to his rightful owner, but he comes back to visit every day. Here he is sniffing out mice, bugs and other cool cat stuff off my porch. He is too consumed in this to ever look up.

Almost three weeks have gone by since she first appeared at our building. "Lily" is now, (I think) "Miley" and seems happy living with her new "dad" and is getting used to her big dog "brother". Naturally, I'll be able to see her as time and opportunity allows.

and Owen/Leo still visits as well.

It's all good!

Certainly one of the cuter-furry things in my basement, right? :)

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02/18/09 01:30 - ID#47799

Hurt and Dehydrated Koala helped

I was looking through yahoo news photos from around the world. I took particular interest to ones involving an Australian bushfire. I believe this took place around the 8th or so of this month? Not sure if anything about it has been posted around here, as the more I looked into the story, the more I realized how much of a global interest it has, especially in regards to a Koala named Sam (Samantha) and a fireman, David Tree, who helped her**.

This is the picture that initially attracted my attention:

"A koala named Bob (top), rescued from last week's deadly bushfires, puts his paw around new friend and fellow fire survivor Sam as she recovers from her burns at Southern Ash Wildlife Centre near Melbourne February 11, 2009. A love story about two koalas rescued from Australia's deadliest bushfires has provided a glimmer of hope after days of devastation and the loss of more than 180 lives."
(Southern Ash Wildlife Centre/Colleen Wood/Reuters)

Then this picture followed, which made my heart ache a bit. I immediately wondered how he came to approach her and what the scenario was like (which we get to find out... )

"A firefighter finds a koala moving gingerly on her scorched paws after wildfires sweep Australia. "Sam" accepted a bottle of water and is now recovering at a wildlife shelter."

Then I did another search, which brought me to this video of the fireman approaching the Koala and giving her water.

"A koala named Sam is given a drink of water by Country Fire Authority volunteer fire fighter Dave Tree as he rescued her after deadly fires swept through the area of Mirboo North, about 120km (75 miles) southeast of Melbourne, February 8, 2009."
(Mark Pardew/Reuters)

A few more photos from Tree and Sam reunited..
insanely sad and cute- I want to kiss and hug and squish her with love!





Taken from above link, the following article is one of many available.
[box] Feb 12, 2009 04:30 AM
Comments on this story (2)
Belinda Goldsmith
Reuters News Agency

CANBERRA-A love story between two badly burned koalas rescued from Australia's deadliest bushfires has provided some heart-warming relief after days of devastation and the loss of more than 180 lives.

The story of Sam and her new boyfriend Bob emerged after volunteer firefighter Dave Tree used a cellphone to film the rescue of the bewildered female found in a burned-out forest at Mirboo North, 150 kilometres southeast of Melbourne.

Photos and a video of Tree, 44, approaching Sam while talking gently to her, and feeding her water from a plastic bottle as she put her burned claw in his cold, wet hand quickly hit website YouTube.

But it was after reaching the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter that Sam met and befriended Bob.

The shelter's Colleen Wood said both koalas were doing well, while other animals like possums, kangaroos and wallabies were also starting to emerge from the debris.

She said Sam had suffered second-degree burns to her paws and would take seven to eight months to recover while Bob had three burned paws with third-degree burns and should be well enough to return to the bush in about four months.

"They keep putting their arms around each other and giving each other hugs," said Wood.

"They really have made friends and it is quite beautiful to see after all this. It's been horrific."

Tree, a volunteer with the Country Fire Authority Victoria, said the pair have "really taken a shine to each other," adding that after the devastating fires "it gives people a bit of hope."

Meanwhile, police in the state of Victoria have detained two people suspected of deliberately lighting one of the bushfires that tore through rural towns north of Melbourne on the weekend, fanned by strong winds and heat-wave temperatures.

"The investigation is in its initial stages. Two people are assisting police with inquiries," a police spokesperson said today.

The fires have burned 1,033 homes and left 5,000 people homeless. Authorities say the death toll is expected to rise beyond 200 as more bodies are discovered in the charred remains of houses.[/box]

  • There are some conflicting articles regarding the timing of the video. Firefighter, David Tree took the picture and video about a week before the fires? So while nothing above appears to be untrue, the timing if the video is in question. Regardless the pictures are what they are, an animal has been rescued and things are going well.

[box] Footage not what it seems * Prue Vincent-February 12, 2009

'Koala Man' Dave Tree woke up this morning to find he'd made front-page news across the globe.

NBC, Fox, CNN, even Ellen Degeneres have been on the phone, propelling Dave into the spotlight.

Unfortunately nobody appears to have asked the relevant question 'when was this video filmed?'

The video of the Mirboo North resident stroking a singed koala was actually taken in the week leading up to the deadliest bushfires in Australian history, during preventative backburning operations.

The video shows Dave feeding water from a bottle to the koala, now universally known as 'Sam'. The wounded animal also rests its paw on Dave's hand.

Now Dave has become a household name from London to Los Angeles, but he says all the media interest has taken its toll.

"I think it happened about a week and a half ago, but you'll have to bear with me - I'm losing track of the days.

"I've had all these phone calls for interviews, I've lost contact. I can't get my head around it. I don't think it's finished yet.

"But if Oprah Winfrey called and wanted me to come over to be on her show, I'd have to say No - I'm terrified of flying. I can't get in a plane.

Dave says there was no intention to deceive the public or court publicity and fame.

He says he only took the video to show his daughter.

"I emailed the photos out to a few people to cheer them up. And it's just snowballed from there.

"It's just gotten so out of control, I definitely wasn't up for it. My head's spinning. I'm having a hard time dealing with's just, wow. I'm really outside my comfort zone.

"I'm a country boy. I live in a small town of 1800. "

"If people see it as a distraction and a good news story amidst all the tragedy we're going through, then that's great.

Despite the time-lag, the photographs of Tree stroking Sam the Koala have come to symbolise the plight of native animals left homeless after thousands of hectares of bushland burnt.

"At first she was really wary, then she just plonked down and it was like "You're a big predator, but I'm sore, I'm beat, I'm done." She was in pain. And she just looked up at me. So I yelled out for the bottle of water. And she started lapping it up.

Tree was reunited with Sam after she'd been taken to the Mountain Ash Wildlife Shelter for bandaging.

"It was great to see her again. She had a sniff and I got a bit up close and personal, and I even got a bit choked up.

"So I got in there and got a few happy snaps but I had to bail because I was getting a bit chocked up.

Tree is full of praise for the CFA and DSE's work.

"I don't think there's a word in the English vocabulary that sums up the work these guys are doing. The CFA is a massive family. If one stands we all stand, if one falls, we all fall.

"We got off scot-free in our hometown. My heart goes out to those guys out there still fighting. It's just tragic what's happened.

"So many people have cried over it and I think people needed a release. I think that's why they've related to the koala so much."
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10/10/08 01:57 - ID#46044

Pussy Galore!....Felis Manul

I saw a picture of a super fluffy exotic looking cat that I hadn't seen before. Needing to find out more information, I was introduced to the Pallas Cat (felis manul). I want to hug it despite it looking like it could and would rip my face off. I love their pissy little faces. I guess they hiss a lot, even as babies. But I think they are rather cute at the same time. Kittens, of course are head exploding cute. I looked at a slew of pictures and a video of a Pallas kitten playing with a domestic kitten. It was insanely precious. I'm a dork and just spent a solid half hour looking at these cats. Oh, I found a few informative videos as well. Figured this was as good of place as any to ramble about the kitties and to post pictures for future ogling.





ok, this is the picture I saw that sent me off trying to figure out what sort of cat it is








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10/22/07 12:02 - ID#41741

Dwarf Hamster bedding - what kind?


I've commandeered the cutest dwarf hamster ever from my new friend/activity partner, "T". Every time I go over to his place, I am loving on his hamster, George. The little critter and I bonded quickly, eventually leading me to take him home forever more to keep. YAY!

So, although I was provided a little bit of bedding and food, I will need to buy some more very soon. Who knew there are so many types of bedding to choose from?! Hamster bedding/litter sold in the store is usually pine or cedar shavings. I have also noticed, "alpine" shavings as well. Which do I get?

In reading about cedar/pine shavings, it is reported that the use of it in cages is actually quite toxic and can contribute to respiratory illness among other ones. Cedar seems to be particularly bad; also happens to be the option I liked most, at the time, not that I have used it yet.

Alpine, according to the various literature, is considered non-toxic. I may purchase that.

However, I would like to consider the options-- and see what others opinions are on this. Does anyone know of alternatives that would be appropriate, environmentally friendly and super safe for a russian dwarf hamster? I am open to anything..

Thanks in advance!

I'm really disturbed that the cedar and pine shavings are packaged for use as bedding/litter for these creatures, when in actuality they are toxic and can greatly reduce their already short life span.

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06/12/07 01:24 - ID#39621

cutenss ahead: visit #2 with animals

took another venture out to the animal house. Handling the animals is always appreciated and needful; and it feels good on my part to be around them. Thinking of looking to see what more can and should be done for them. Usually there are a few volunteers who come to clean, feed and handle the animals. I know that they are down one person. Not sure how long or how often they visit.

A few of us went in to pet and play with the animals. I think the kitties were done with me before I was done with them- it helped to have extra hands to go around. I brought my camera this time, although somehow I missed taking any of the piles of kittens (insanely cute). I snapped a few of my new found furry friends- and not so furry friends.



Randall. He had an ear infection that crinkled down his ears.

my buddy, Jasmine. She is the little lover who climbed me from foot to shoulder to get some attention. It worked.









hehe so cute!!

miniature rat terrier. spring loaded!

geese and ducks and babies, oh my!



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03/13/07 09:15 - ID#38446


Recently, I heard Joey giving one of his toys a pretty fair beating. He is a busy cat and I swear he sleeps only at night. Well, ever curious as to what he found to amuse himself, I looked in on his playtime. And I grabbed the camera of course :)





I do believe he was making a bit of a political statement...

and I will spare you the other 500 pictures I took, haha

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03/01/07 11:40 - ID#38317


I'm at the zoo! I bought a membership. I want to cuddle with the grizzly bears!!
Its hailing now..time to buy my 'i love elephants' (i really do!) support bracelet and be on my way.
thanks for the incentive, lee :)





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12/17/06 10:43 - ID#36109

scaredy socks

Earlier I wacked my little crooked pinky finger- don't recall exactly how I did it-- but it got cut and bruised. Bruised! It takes a lot for me to bruise, so i must have got it pretty hard. It is directly on the knuckle, ouchy!

I still havent gone down to my basement yet. I would have if it had been still light outside when I needed to go down there. Even though I can turn on lights and stuff, I am still super creeped out. It is like there are monsters under my bed.. and boogy men in my closet and EVIL CLOWNS, MONKIES AND BABIES in my basement!!!!!!!!!!

or not.

OR mayber there is..

SO I grabbbed some clothes before heading back into B-Lo. I had everything I needed except for socks. I had lots of socks inthe basement, where all of my clean clothes are.

I was not going down there, when its dark outside and my imagination is running rampant.

so I left the apartment without socks,

and I stopped at Target and bought two nice pairs of black dress socks.

My imagination may keep me from going into my basement, but it wont keep me from keeping my tootsies warms.

AH, WHile I was there.. I keep forgetting to buy a blush brush.

My cat Joe is fascinated with blush brushes. I may have mentioned this once or ten times before. He has managed to steal quite a few throughout his existence. He occasionally receives them now as gifts. Traditional cat toys? not him. SO over the weekend, I washed my large nice one- and I put it up and away and did not think he would be able to get to it-- or even know to look for it.

but he found it.

and now it is gone-- can't find it anywhere-- and its a long handled floofy brush.

booger. I better hope my fresh pink cheeked complexion returns by morning. I continue to feel better, btw-- still had not tuned into anything.If I begin to feel sick at work again and get progressively worse by the weeks end (like last weeks progression), then I will have to wonder if I am not just sick of work ;)

work allergies, thats real, right?

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08/08/06 09:54 - ID#36008

Help the Puppies!!!!!!!

Figured this would be better than leaving a comment in the original post.

In response to (e:jenks,208)

Well, you haven't failed them by trying and by writing about their plight, you are spreading the word :) Funny thing about these blogs-- there is built in readership and messages can be spread fast- especially in a community strong site. I am sure each one of us on (e:strip) can tell this story to at least one person tomorrow during the work day. Who knows?

Kudos to you for trying to make it happen. Its nice to get excited about something especially when its for a good cause.

Kind readers-- Perhaps one person can open their home to a Mom and her fuzzy pups, or know someone who can..

So, from what I gather from the post:

1. Mom and (5) pups need temporary home.
2. Is a few weeks, literally three weeks.. or is this in undetermined amount of time?
3. Rescue boy will provide food, and other needs..

Link to Mom and Babies: Jot it down on a (paper) post-it and pass it out if anyone decides to share the story.

Something to think about: if the time commitment is a problem, or if it seems too daunting.. perhaps one family could take in pups for a week, then another family can take over, etc.. until the time is fulfilled and the pups are ready to move on. Not sure how this would effect (positive or negative) their socializing or stress factor-- but it seems we are talking about puppies being put down... so anything is a 'go' at this point.

anyway, just a thought.

But I am crazy like that..

or is that passionate? :)

Best of luck to the new family..

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07/07/06 05:06 - ID#35979

I know you're salivating

It kinda freaks me out to hear the coyotes howling when I pull into my driveway at 4am. Its so dark and creepy out at that hour. Of course, I didn't leave any lights on for myself. So I walk up the dark driveway thinking that something is going to try to eat me. Licking its lips, waiting to pounce.

I say, you stay on your side of the woods..

and I will say on mine.

yeesh, now the birds are chirping.. good night er, morining..

you know what I mean :)

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