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Category: movies

07/14/09 04:04 - ID#49291

HP and the Half Blood Prince tonight

For those into HP, the new movie comes out tomorrow! finally!

Well, I am going to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince tonight at 11:59pm at the Regal theater on Niagara Falls Blvd (right off the 190, Home Depot lot). In case anyone is itching to go and does not have to be up super early, please join! (e:pyrcedgrrl) and I will be there with our wands and long trailing Hogwarts scarves.


(I'm a fan, but not that much a fan!)

I would normally see it at the IMAX, but I believe it isn't going to be there for a couple of more weeks? yes, I know, what is waiting a little while longer after waiting TWO years to see this FINALLY come to the theater? Nothing..

but I want to see it NOW! and I rarely get to the theater..

so, tonight 11:59 :)


I read the books, and as the characters and story becomes more mature and involved, I am glad to see the movies going along with it. From the few trailers I have seen, this movie should not disappoint. Looks creepy :)

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Category: movies

01/14/09 07:00 - ID#47408

A place to discuss movies?

Of the many sites I visit on a daily basis, there is one that I have been addicted to fairly recently.

I love electronics and technology, and with all of my viewing and auditory experience over the past 1.5 years with blu-ray amongst various home theater equipment, it was a pleasure to be introduced to It is replete with information about upcoming movie (theater, dvd, blu-ray)" releases, news, guides, and forums covering Blu-ray movies, players, recorders, drives, media, software and much more". It is within the forums that I have spent much of my time reading and contributing my thoughts. Depending on the forum topic, the information is wise and learn-worthy or a bunch of artificial fluff. Plenty to sift through, but seems like there is something for everyone.

Outside of equipment, I'm keen on reading about movies. I would like to discuss movies outside of PQ and AQ, but I've yet to find something deeply and cerebral-ly engaging. Well, I am delightfully able to discuss movies with my boyfriend to various depths, and so that makes the film experience that much better in my opinion, but I would like to find that among a bunch of strangers online, in a forum or something along those lines as well. Something that I can contribute to whether it is writing my thoughts or simply reading others. I know where to go for book analysis and reviews, but what about movies, of varying genre and subtleties? I don't want it to be restricted to "she's hot, he's hot" etc (much like my last post about Top Gun, ha). I want to probe deeper..

In short, I fondly recall the various film classes I took in college. It was great to think critically about movies, the production, cinematography, style and story elements, etc. We'd talk about it, write about it, work on projects that emphasized these thoughts.

and that is what I want to recapture...

any thoughts?

Ok, peeps, stay warm, start your cars, check your furnace and water pipes and cuddle close under blankets with your SO and/or pets (my kitties!!!).brrrrrr!

PS. Anyone else perpetually amused that the temps are logged within each post header? anyone? haha :)
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11/18/07 03:20 - ID#42183


Went to see Beowulf (3D) this evening at the IMAX. It was a lot of fun to see it. You do not have to know anything about the old poem to enjoy this version. Its been 15 years or so since I have read the verse, which back then I had thought it to be a neat story. The main thing I remembered about it was the spilt between good and evil (or humans and monsters) with Cains killing of Abel. I recollect the mother and son relationship and Beowulf's role. But I didn't remember the details, although I could have taken a glance at the copy of the story I have in my collection. Again, no need to read it to enjoy the movie. Its full of action, gore and a beautifully muscled Beowulf, played by Ray Winstone.

If you don't already know, the movie is in CGI. While the characters maintain a bit of a vacant look, it is a giant step up from the looks of Polar Express (Tom Hanks). The details on some of the people, and most of the scenery and definitely the monsters, is amazing.

A snippet from a film review regarding the look of the actors/actresses:

"Anthony Hopkins looks every bit like Anthony Hopkins, only slightly more wizened, and worryingly more naked. Angelina Jolie gets digital breast implants - would they have given Einstein a bigger brain? As for Ray Winstone in the title role, he's sporting a six-pack that could splinter skulls.."

Jolie definitely looks animated/digital. There aren't any details to her and she looks the most "vacant" of them all. But still gorgeous in the short screen time her character had. The other characters in the movie have a greater 'real' look and 'feel' to them. Veins, hair, eye reflection, skin lines, gorgeous ripped man belly and thighs, and so forth.

See it in the IMAX theater for sure.

My date, "T" and I went to the 6:25 show this evening (Sat), which the tickets were purchased online earlier in the day (rock on!), since when we tried to go last night, the shows were sold out. The show we went to today sold out early as well.

I imagine it will be like that all weekend and then some.

ok, i am way over due for bed.. sleep.. dreams..

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07/25/07 10:34 - ID#40253

Balls of Fury and Meat Loaf

Ok, I really want to have all of my blogs in one spot. New ones not as big of a deal, as its easy to cross post. But, as I searched through some MUCH older online ones, I would like, i think, to import them here. Can we do that? haha. Oh man, IO havent looked at these in a couple of years (heh, since joining this addiction, estrip) and WOW and weird and everything else!

I went to see Meat Loaf last night at Darien Lake. Had good seats, parking and all that. It was entertaining. I knew quite a few songs overall. I really enjoyed the band, especially the saxophone. I could listen to the instrumentals forever. Darien Lake is no longer owned by Six Flags, I wonder who the operator is now? I forget that Darien Lake State Park is down the street a bit. As a teen a few of us would camp at the theme park and then when not bouncing from ride to ride, we'd head to the state park and go play in the sand and go swimming.

Speaking of swimming, I really wanted to go today! I've been so freakin busy and the timing hasn't been right these past few days; but its all good. This morning I had an appointment in Lockport, which took longer than thought it would. Not a problem as I usually have a book and a pad of paper (and pocket PC) to entertain myself- but it kinda threw me off for the rest of the day. Afterwards I made an obligatory stop at Starbucks and then made my way home. I wanted to hit up the canal for a walk and wander around the art galleries, but that had to be put on hold. Next time, for sure. I pretty much got everything done that I had planned on today, other than swimming. I think I will pretty much start the day in the pool tomorrow, if I can :)

other random bits off the top of my head:

  • Celino and Barnes are together again. Just saw a commercial with them.

  • Ive learned that I have mad skills in window washing that I never knew I had, haha

  • July is almost over :( and "back to school" signs are everywhere :(

  • I'm eager to venture back to Manhattan- going to make it happen sooner rather than later.

  • Level Regatta sail boat race this weekend- I'll probably wander down and see whats shakin around the village.

  • Would like to go see some movies although its hard to sit still..

From the makers of Reno 911, is a movie about 'illegal underground table tennis' starring Christopher Walken and George Lopez. As a fan of both, I will be eager to see, "Balls of Fury"when it comes out at the end of August.

I just love Christopher Walken.. ha

In the meantime, I will try to get out to see The Simpsons Movie, Sicko and Transformers. Still havent seen Die Hard 4- as much as I am tickled that yet another one came out, I am not necessarily inclined to go see it at the theater- not full price anyways.

Thats it for now! Happy Hump day!

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07/15/07 07:57 - ID#40116


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was a delight. I am glad to have seen it at the regal IMAX. 3D portion was fun.

It made me think that that whole scene could be made into an amusement attraction in the likes of Spiderman/Mummy found at Universal.

I never bought popcorn before at a movie theater. Somehow it just sounded good, and seeing as I was paying 12$ to see the movie, a few more bucks to round out the event wasnt going to hurt. Did you know that there are no prices on the "deals" board? A medium pop and medium popcorn cost 12$ I think. gah

They were both monstrous in size. Ridiculous, really, unless sharing. I didn't even see small as an option. Anyway, I ate a handful of popcorn and offered off the rest-- I made sure to eat all the butter coated pieces first. I don't actually *like* popcorn. It just sounded good.

I also realized that I hadn't been inside an IMAX auditorium before. Not that I recall, anyways. I really don't get out much to the movies.

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie--Good music, visuals, feel. And Snape. Oh yes, theres just something about Snape.

Go see it if you havent already! :)

Hope your weekend was fun!
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06/27/07 01:03 - ID#39821

Live Free or Die Hard

John McClane is back to saving the world as he "takes on an Internet-based terrorist organization who is systematically shutting down the United States"

OOOOh, I was pleased when I saw the preview for the fourth Die Hard movie; it plays tomorrow, well, today (Wed). I need to go see it!!

I am not sure what my obsession is...

(e:pyrcedgrrl) has had to put up with my insanity over it on a few occasions.

The one that I recall easily is the blizzardy winter night that she drove me all over WNY so I could rent all three Die Hards in one night. I think I posted about it somewhere..

and recently, when all three came out on DVD in a special little movie pack, she forced me to buy it.

and look, now #4 is here!! wooo!

I think Kevin Smith is in it too

Trailer time!

anyone as sick as I?

I need to find out where its playing..

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05/28/07 02:53 - ID#39430

Nick Swardson

The Transit Drive in is now open every night of the week. As part of my niece's visit, we talked about going out to catch a couple of movies, like 'old' times. She has had a busy weekend, and I am grateful that we spent time together on Friday and today.

It was tonight that we ventured out to the Transit Drive in located in the Lockport- Pendleton area.
We watched Shrek 3 and Blades of Glory. Both had me giggling a lot. I was thrilled that both were playing together. I had really wanted to see 'Blades of Glory' when it came out in theaters back in March, though never did (as with most movies new to the theater). It was a good combo of 'in-your-face' and subtle humor. Will Farrell and Jon Heder made a good comic team.

I also light up over the appearance of characters played by Nick Swardson (In Blades of Glory, he played Hector, stalker of Jimmy, played by Heder). I have seen him in various movies, each of his characters either cracking me up or grossing me out. A creepy, kinky, silly, warped, talented comedian (And actor, writer, producer). Ive seen him in The Benchwarmers, Reno 911, Grandma's Boy and Click, and possibly more. It took me awhile to figure out who he is (I finally paid attention to credits). Recently I saw him doing stand up on Comedy Central; I was quite impressed.





check this video (funny!):
A Normal Day in the Life of Down to Earth Nick Swardson

Reno 911 "Tug Jobs"

On Jimmy Kimmel 4/07

Going to the drive-in was fun. I have spent a lot of time there watching movies and not watching movies. Although the price has gone up since I have last been there, $8 is still a good deal for two flicks.

My niece will leave early in the morning. Although we had arranged a way for her to extend her stay awhile longer, her friend whom she drove up with did not want to make the return trip on their own. Bummer. I respect that--even though we would like her to be here longer.

Its late, time for bed, don't want to sleep the day away. My official Memorial day post will come later. My father had sent me pics of family members, and some excerpts from books, memorandums and a web site he maintains pertaining to Veterans of various wars, primarily the one he and his buddies were in, the Vietnam War. Fascinating, interesting, disturbing and inspirational stuff. I try to place my mind in theirs.. its truly daunting to try to wrap my mind around.

Signing off..

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03/15/07 12:23 - ID#38471

banana hammocks

In a mood for a movie, I turn to my friends for suggestions and reviews. I'm leaning more toward ridiculous comedy, but the only movie any of my friends have seen, seem to be, "300". I hadn't thought about it much until one of their reviews was so eloquently stated to me:

"300 six-packs running around in banana hammocks is reason enough. go, go now."


and msnbc chimes in with, "Zack Snyder's opulent eye-candy remake, "300," ... is one of 2007's most anticipated movies."

What I am waiting to see, is "Blades of Glory" a movie that indeed looks like ridiculous and brainless fun. or not. Previews have made me giggle and that is about all I need.

on another note.. is it normal to be able to walk into a hospital, go up to the patient floor, and walk into a room completely unnoticed? I mean, it just seems so.. accessible. I never visited anyone in the hospital before, and it seems that there would be a check in of some sort..
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02/12/07 10:25 - ID#38107

Reno 911

omg hehe!!!

"Reno 911- Miami" The MOVIE!!

February 23.. check out the trailer :)

I'm looking forward to seeing this!
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07/03/06 04:54 - ID#35972

7:00 pm Come see movie!!!

I am so intensely tired today! The weekend definitely caught up with me. Not all bad, but I have an apartment to clean and school work to complete..

forget all that!

I think I just need to get out of the house before I fall sleep. again.

So, a movie sounds good. I am going to go to (finally) see, An Inconvenient Truth at the Dipson theater on Main Street-- near UB south campus

7:00 pm come! (see you there, (e:chico) ? hahaha)

alright peeps, call or text me; (deleted)

...gotta get my phone up and running in this mobility stuff!

more info on movie: (e:theecarey,166)

see you later

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