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07/05/09 01:04 - ID#49193

Body Worlds at Buffalo Museum of Science

The Body Worlds exhibit will be hosted at the Buffalo Museum of Science. It begins July 9th. The exhibit will be available for 13 weeks- through September, early October

Buffalo Museum of Science
1020 Humboldt Pky
Buffalo, New York 14211
Monday - Saturday     9 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Sunday     11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

I believe it is $22.00, however, there are $3.00 coupons available at Wilson Farms (just ask cashier) and in Artvoice, both online and in the paper.

There are deep discounts for Students (with ID) and Seniors 62+
Also, children rates.

Anyone planning on going? You should, it looks amazing!

It is 'Body Worlds 3 and The Story of the Heart'

for an idea of what it is about..

Real bodies!
Preserved with "plastination"

Plastination is a technique used in anatomy to preserve bodies or body parts. The water and fat are replaced by certain plastics, yielding specimens that can be touched, do not smell or decay, and even retain most properties of the original sample

Pics snagged from Google images:


For anyone thinking about going, there is a discount for groups of 15 or more.
following text boxes contain information taken from the Buffalo Museum of Science website:
Groups of 15 or more are welcome to purchase tickets to BODY WORLDS at the group rate if purchased in advance. BODY WORLDS & The Story of the Heart are "timed tickets," valid only for a specified admission date and time.It takes an average of 1-2 hours to go through the exhibit; therefore the last ticket will be sold an hour and a half before the exhibit closes. Visitors are encouraged to arrive 15 - 30 minutes prior to the time printed on their ticket, particularly on weekends.Minimum group size of 15 is required to be eligible for group rates.
Adult (Ages 19+)     $17.50
Monday - Saturday     9 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Sunday     11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE: The last BODY WORLDS ticket is sold from the BMS Box Office an hour and a half before the exhibit closes for the day. Due to anticipated crowds, we highly recommend that tickets are purchased online in advance. Visitors are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes prior to the time printed on their ticket.[/box]

About Dr. Gunther von Hagens- inventor of Plastination and creator of Body Worlds:
Gunther von Hagens' life reads like an archetypal scientist's resume-distinguished by early precocity, scholarship, discovery, experimentation, and invention. It is also the profile of a man shaped by extraordinary events, and marked by defiance and daring.

Von Hagens' two year imprisonment by East German authorities for political reasons, his release after a $20,000 payment by the West German government, his pioneering invention that halts decomposition of the body after death and preserves it for didactic eternity, his collaboration with donors including his best friend, who willed and entrusted their bodies to him for dissection and public display, and his role as a teacher carrying on the tradition of Renaissance anatomists, make his a remarkable life in science.

Anatomist, inventor of Plastination, and creator of BODY WORLDS-The Original Exhibitions of Real Human Bodies-von Hagens (christened Gunther Gerhard Liebchen) was born in 1945, in Alt-Skalden, Posen, Poland-then part of Germany. To escape the imminent and eventual Russian occupation of their homeland, his parents placed the five-day-old infant in a laundry basket and began a six-month trek west by horse wagon. The family lived briefly in Berlin and its vicinity, before finally settling in Greiz, a small town where von Hagens remained until the age of 19.

As a child, he was diagnosed with a rare bleeding disorder that restricted his activities and required long bouts of hospitalization that he says, fostered in him a sense of alienation and nonconformity. At age 6, von Hagens nearly died and was in intensive care for many months. His daily encounters there with doctors and nurses left an indelible impression on him, and ignited in him a desire to become a physician. He also showed an interest in science from an early age, reportedly "freaking out" at the age of twelve during the Russian launch of Sputnik into space. "I was the school authority and archivist on Sputnik," he said.

In 1965, von Hagens entered medical school at the University of Jena, south of Leipzig, and the birthplace of writers Schiller and Goethe. His unorthodox methods and flamboyant personality were remarkable enough to be noted on academic reports from the university. "Gunther Liebchen is a personality who does not approach tasks systematically. This characteristic and his imaginativeness, that sometimes let him forget about reality, occasionally led to the development of very willful and unusual ways of working-but never in a manner that would have harmed the collective of his seminary group. On the contrary, his ways often encouraged his fellow students to critically review their own work."

While at the university, von Hagens began to question Communism and Socialism, and widened his knowledge of politics by gathering information from Western news sources. He later participated in student protests against the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact troops. In January, 1969, in the guise of a vacationing student, von Hagens made his way across Bulgaria and Hungary, and on January 7th, attempted to cross the Czechoslovakian border into Austria and freedom. He failed, but made a second attempt the very next day, at another location along the border. This time the authorities detained him. "While I was in detention, a sympathetic guard left a window open for me so that I could escape. I hesitated and couldn't make up my mind, and that decision cost me a great deal," he says. Gunther von Hagens was arrested, extradited to East Germany, and imprisoned for two years. Only 23 years old at the time, the iconoclastic von Hagens was viewed as a threat to the socialist way of life, and therefore in need of rehabilitation and citizenship education. According to the prison records for Gunther Liebchen, "The prisoner is to be trained to develop an appropriate class consciousness so that in his future life, he will follow the standards and regulations of our society. The prisoner is to be made aware of the dangerousness of his way of behaving, and in doing so, the prisoner's conclusions of his future behavior as a citizen of the social state need to be established."

Thirty-six years after his incarceration, Gunther von Hagens finds meaning and even redemption in his lost years. "The deep friendships I formed there with other prisoners, and the terrible aspects of captivity that I was forced to overcome through my fantasy life, helped shape my sense of solidarity with others, my reliance on my own mind and body when denied freedom, and my capacity for endurance. All that I learned in prison helped me later in my life as a scientist."

In 1970, after West Germany's purchase of his freedom, von Hagens enrolled at the University of Lubeck to complete his medical studies. Upon graduation in 1973, he took up residency at a hospital on Heligoland-a duty free island where the access to cheap liquor resulted in a substantial population of alcoholics. A year later, after obtaining his medical degree, he joined the Department of Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine at Heidelberg University, where he came to a realization that his pensive mind was unsuitable for the tedious routines demanded of an anesthesiologist. In June 1975, he married Dr. Cornelia von Hagens, a former classmate, and adopted her last name. The couple had three children, Rurik, Bera, and Tona.

In 1975, while serving as a resident and lecturer-the start of an eighteen year career at the university's Institute of Pathology and Anatomy-von Hagens invented Plastination, his groundbreaking technology for preserving anatomical specimens with the use of reactive polymers. "I was looking at a collection of specimens embedded in plastic. It was the most advanced preservation technique then, where the specimens rested deep inside a transparent plastic block. I wondered why the plastic was poured and then cured around the specimens rather than pushed into the cells, which would stabilize the specimens from within and literally allow you to grasp it."

He patented the method and over the next six years, von Hagens spent all his energies refining his invention. In Plastination, the first step is to halt decomposition. "The deceased body is embalmed with a formalin injection to the arteries, while smaller specimens are immersed in formalin. After dissection, all bodily fluids and soluble fat in the specimens are then extracted and replaced through vacuum-forced impregnation with reactive resins and elastomers such as silicon rubber and epoxy," he says. After posing of the specimens for optimal teaching value, they are cured with light, heat, or certain gases. The resulting specimens or plastinates assume rigidity and permanence. "I am still developing my invention further, even today, as it is not yet perfect," he says.

During this time, von Hagens started his own company, BIODUR Products, to distribute the special polymers, equipment, and technology used for Plastination to medical institutions around the globe. Currently, more than 400 institutions in 40 countries worldwide use Gunther von Hagens' invention to preserve anatomical specimens for medical instruction. In 1983, Catholic Church figures asked Dr. von Hagens to plastinate the heel bone of St. Hildegard of Bingen, (1090-1179), a beatified mystic, theologian, and writer revered in Germany. His later offer to perform Plastination on Pope John Paul II foundered before serious discussions.

In 1992, von Hagens married Dr. Angelina Whalley, a physician who serves as his Business Manager as well as the designer of the BODY WORLDS exhibitions. A year later, Dr. von Hagens founded the Heidelberg-based Institute for Plastination, which offers plastinated specimens for educational use and for BODY WORLDS, which premiered in Japan in 1995. To date, the exhibitions have been viewed by more than 27 million people, in cities countries across Europe, Asia, and North America. His continued efforts to present the exhibitions, even in the face of opposition and often blistering attacks are, he says, the burden he must bear as a public anatomist and teacher. "The anatomist alone is assigned a specific role-he is forced in his daily work to reject the taboos and convictions that people have about death and the dead. I myself am not controversial, but my exhibitions are, because I am asking viewers to transcend their fundamental beliefs and convictions about our joint and inescapable fate." Apparently determined to exhaust the limits of living in freedom, Dr. von Hagens has made a concerted effort to travel and propagate his interests around the globe. He accepted a visiting professorship at Dalian Medical University in China in 1996, and became director of the Plastination research center at the State Medical Academy in Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan. In 2001, he founded a private company, the Von Hagens Dalian Plastination Ltd., in Dalian, China, which currently employs a staff of 250. In 2004, Dr. von Hagens began a visiting professorship at the New York University College of Dentistry. He is currently in the process of designing the first anatomy curriculum in the United States that will use plastinated specimens in lieu of dissection.

Gunther von Hagens' BODY WORLDS exhibitions are currently showing in North America. "The human body is the last remaining nature in a man made environment," he says. "I hope for the exhibitions to be places of enlightenment and contemplation, even of philosophical and religious self recognition, and open to interpretation regardless of the background and philosophy of life of the viewer." [/box]

I've been intrigued for some time, and it is exciting that Body Worlds is here. Some people find it controversial and disturbing. I'm simply curious..


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03/18/09 06:52 - ID#48112

cerebral spring clean

I am so ready to do some spring cleaning.

I just really can't wait to move everything around and wash it all down. Vacuum, dust, scrub and refresh. Clear out the cobwebs and bring a sense of revitalization to my simple living quarters. It feels good to do that. The fresh air outside has me itching to do all this. But I am still sick and not physically motivated after pulling a few all nighters with the older gentleman I take care of at night. (e:theecarey,48091)

soon though, sooooooonn!

in the meantime, just the basic cleaning will commence.

the occasional Super Deep cleaning is rather fun with the right music and energy levels.(and strong coffee!)

I think the day to day stuff is boring- such as dishes and litter box duty. It is always just there and it never feels like I accomplished anything. Nothing feels or looks different.

Vacuuming, dusting and floor washing is done sorta regularly, but still nothing special.

But getting all crazy and moving things around and really getting into every surface level, whether it needs it or not, is equivalent to clearing up some mental clutter. I personally feel good afterward; like I just had a cerebral spring clean. Clearing out the dark and dusty spaces of my mind and home after a long winter. Lame, yeh, maybe. But I bet some of you are on par with this? :D

Not sure when my clean-fest will be. I usually make a mess as I get into cupboards, drawers, closets, and other regularly neglected spaces and then organize and purge as part of the process. Then it all comes together so nicely. mmmmmm!

I'll probably find stuff that I don't want anymore, so I mind as well begin a pile to donate and maybe even have a garage sale again come May or June. I did well last year, with my first one ever.

so just maybe..

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02/24/09 09:42 - ID#47881

Come on Barb, You Need to Spank That Ass

come on, girl, do it right!.... looks like Jackman is!

and so..
I just tuned in (ok, 35 minutes ago) to the Presidential Address to Congress, after watching, The Biggest Loser. I forgot how much I liked that show. Somehow it seems wrong to munch on gummie bears (e:theecarey,47879) while watching the people on there bike for 24 hours straight.

Reminds me that I need to renew my gym membership and get myself on a schedule. I'd like a training session to help me get back on track and to have a better goal in mind. I lose and tone quick (and lose tone and gain quick), so I want something further to reach for. If the trainers at UB Alumni didn't look so damn bored and put off by training, I would set myself up with someone from there. Alas, I don't need someone yakking with other college kids while I'm trying to learn and push myself. Leave me to my elliptical and weights, thank you.

ok, gotta get back to Obama. I think he just made a snarkyish comment about no more will people be flying their private jets to meetings, or something like that... heh

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02/13/09 09:51 - ID#47743

Buffalo Plane Crash 3407

I'm sad and feel a little sick inside.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of those people on the plane and in that house.

I need to turn off cnn and close out of news websites. It is too much.

A little too close to home..
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02/11/09 02:50 - ID#47714

cable guy

Since contemplating in (e:theecarey,47659), I decided and I've got cable now. The super basic plan of broadcast channels. Every single station 2 through 23, plus 95, 98 & 99. $5/mo for 12 months, then $9/mo thereafter. The stations through the 50's almost come in, I almost want to tweak it somehow. Sort of seeing Comedy Central is a tease.

I kinda barked at the TW guy today. I had made the appointment for them to turn the cable on today. My apartment is cable ready and other than needing to turn it on outside, I did not see a reason for anyone to come inside. I had asked questions pertaining to this matter before confirming my order. I was told that it would not be necessary for anyone to come in as long as the tv produced a picture once the cable was turned on outside. If it was anything other than broadcast, they would need to come in and check everything. I was happy to hear this, as I did not want to round up my two super curious felines and lock them up, nor move their food bowls, water bowls or food container out from the doorway leading to the basement. I go down there on occasion, and although it doesn't require any real effort, I just didn't want to do all this prep work just for someone to may or may not have to come in. Also, my cats would fly down those stairs in search of adventure upon opening that door (hence my needing to lock them up, etc). Once told that no one had to come in, I didn't bother to do anything.

Forward to cable guy ringing my doorbell.

He proceeds to come in and take off his shoes.

I proceed to question his actions, leading to him saying that he needs to check the wires, etc. I understand that TW wants to make sure everything is up to standard as this helps them to cut out time and effort on potential problems, but I had done my homework, asked the questions, know how old my wires are, where they go and when the last they had broadcast and digital coursing through them, and was therefor adamant against him coming in. I told him what questions I had asked and what responses I received. He then called TW and received the same answer, "go turn it on outside, and only then if there is a problem will you need to go in".

exactly, you go outside and do your thing, and I will stay inside and do my thing. wires and cables aren't all that complicated especially a simple one in this case.

All the while he was doing just that, I tucked my cats away into the bedroom, moved the food bowls, water bowls and food container away from the door...

just in case.. hahaha

so there is not a whole lot going on on tv during the day. I have never watched a day time soap opera, and I never intend to- even though it appears to be the only thing on mid-day. Yikes..

But I am sure to find something as background when I am working on things, and want something more lively than a dvd or music.

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02/06/09 01:43 - ID#47659

tempted on cheap cable offer

I don't have cable. I haven't in some time.

Well, actually, I had it turned off back in 2005 when I realized that I never have time to watch it (I was a few classes into my Masters at that time pkus f/t work), and it was pointless to pay for something I didn't use anymore.

This led me to calling Adelphia, and having them turn it off.

Forward to the cable guy knocking on my door and retrieving the cable box (this was prearranged, since I lived far from drop off station). Before he left, he said something to the effect of, "in case you didn't know, if you hook your cable into the back of the tv, you will continue to have cable until someone comes along and turns it off at the street'.

No, I never would have thought to do that, figuring it would have been cut off immediately.

So I did this.

and had cable.

For like three years.

Until the new TW came along and did their giant neighborhood sweep.

I had called Adelphia on two occasions. Twice to to remind them that I had turned the cable off and I was still receiving cable, and would not accept a bill if one came to me.

Anyway, I did watch more tv once finished with Masters and all that, so when it was finally turned off, I felt the absence; but not enough to do anything about it. I never even bothered to get an antenna (or converter box), because it really doesn't matter whether I have it or not.

...except when I want a little background noise other than music or a movie. So, when an offer from TW came in recently for a basic cable package of $5/mo, I am kind of tempted. Likely a 1 year contract/offer? Do I, don't I? I have to find out more, before I do anything. This is still not a necessity in my life.

but it might be nice.

what is even on tv anymore? I wonder what is considered, "basic"- likely the local channels?

Happy Friday!

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02/01/09 01:46 - ID#47591

Numbered Things

In the mood to write and update, but not sure about what, and I don't want to go to deep or profound, so I will just list whatever comes to my mind and stop once distracted :)

1. Glad to see the sunshine and snow-ice-glops melting. Today feels like a heat wave in comparison to the last couple of weeks or so.

2. We have had plenty of snow. Even Youngstown has been covered in it this whole winter, something I am usually complaining that we don't have.

3. I'm usually in want of snow in my area, just so I can get some good use out of my cross country skiis. They are always ready and waiting, propped up next to my front doors. For the past three years, there has been only about a weeks worth of decent snow in Y-town; usually there is nothing but green.This year, I just haven't made it out. I NEED to before I kick myself in the butt for not taking the XC skiis out for the day.

4. I have several bags of pop bottles to return, and I have been waiting for a nice(r) day to do so. They have been collecting in my car for that very occasion. I just keep tossing full bags of empty cans into my car, thinking that I would have gone already to return them, but not the case. My back seat looks trashed from this. Today would be a good day, if I can muster the enthusiasm to do so.

5. Superbowl today. Sometimes I watch, sometimes not. If I have to choose, I'm for the Arizona Cardinals. My mom has a giant tv, and invited me over, so my bf and I will go over there later this afternoon/early evening to watch.

6. My gym membership ended a month or so ago, and I REALLY need to get back. I need to scrounge up the membership fee somewhere, somehow asap! I actually miss going. so do my jeans.

7. February already. Getting closer to Spring.... yay!

8. There is a gem of a bookstore in Niagara Falls called, The Book Corner. Tons of new and old books in a multi level musty smelling building. My nose itches like crazy while I am there, but its such a cool place and had pretty great prices, too. I am almost never in that area, but I've been wanting to go to that store, but I am not sure if it is still there. Anyone know? I will call around, just thought I would ask...

9. I'm trying to learn more about Blogspot/Blogger- a lot of good reads over there. Technorati helps point the way to various blogs, and I keep ending up over at Blogspot. However, there are a few snafus to sort out. The general help area hasn't been very helpful and navigating random blogs leads me to consistently enter into foreign language blogs. Ok, if it is french, not so great if its swahili. Not many have a translation option, so I often close out and head elsewhere.

10. I'm addicted to the site, I've likely mentioned it before. It isn't all about bluray, even though it is the leading technology. There is just so much fun stuff to learn (and to share knowledge, opinions, etc) about home theater stuff. Also some decent book and movie discussions have been had, a big bonus for me. I've always been a fan, but it is nice to have a bit of a one stop place to go for info and share info. I love my music, and so audio components are important. I don't have much to speak of anymore, but I aim to have a better set up someday. Although I don't watch tv, I do enjoy film- and having a solid system to enhance picture and audio quality is another goal. In the mean time my little (and old) 27" cr-tube will have to do.

11. I haven't had a drink in way too long. I think about it, but never follow through. Last I had was a bottle of cheap champagne on New Years Eve. mmmmmmmmm....

and now, time for some chores; been sitting too long.

have a good one, peeps. Open the curtains and let the sunshine in!

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01/05/09 10:51 - ID#47296

Humidity Levels- Shocking!

ack, my apartment is so dry that I am constantly zapping myself and my poor kitties. They come up to me for a rub down, and they get shocked instead. Upper 20% to mid 30% is the best I can do without taking some action.

I have a humidifier but I somehow lost a part, so I'll be looking to buy another one if only just for my bedroom - likely a warm air vaporizer this time. I had a larger cool mist one, but I brought it over to my bf's recently and I'm likely going to keep it there. Thought I'd make everywhere I hang out comfortable!

Other ideas include placing bowls of water around the house to allow evaporation. My felines will enjoy having several water choices. Also, boiling a pot of water on the stove then turning it way down and allow the steam to fill the air is another. Some people hang up their fresh washed clothes around the room to dry hence adding moisture to the air. Not sure if I am that motivated or patient enough to look at the clutter. My laundry area is in the basement and although I often hang stuff up to dry, it is visually out of the way. I'd have to bring the load upstairs and find somewhere to hang everything. Looking at it might drive me crazy, yet for a sizable boost on my hydrometer read out, it may well be worth it.

Was else? What more ideas are there to boost the humidity levels in a house? Keep shower water in bathtub for awhile? I'm really curious about new and creative ways to boost humidity levels- to feel more comfortable and to help the house. Not only does this help the area feel warmer it is important for the health of your furniture and house structure. Keeps wood healthy.

alright.. off to figure all this out. Stay warm! :)
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10/09/08 06:06 - ID#46027

update: small business adventures

so I'm looking into small business stuff. Such as what steps need to be done to make it "real". I have thought about it on and off (and off and off) again for too long now. Being the master procrastinator that I can be (procrastinate now, don't put it off, I say!), it is time that I carve out some self imposed deadlines and go to it. When outside forces dictate a deadline, I work magic in the wee moments leading up to it. I thrive on it actually. However, left to my own, I get easily side tracked into an ADD-like train of thought. I end up starting millions of projects, start a few more while doing them, branch off into a forest of other distractions and then find myself at Starbucks (or some other coffee joint). Really, I am pretty organized and focus when I want, but when I'm not compelled, it can be chaos.

But all in all its not such a bad thing. I just am feeling the need to have more structure and results in my going-ons, and to be 'legit'. Building my little empire, gradually take over the world. The usual.

I'm gathering that the local small business association might be a good place to start? what are your thoughts my business minded friends?

and probably a few tax courses or something might be a good idea?

other directives?

classes in general are good for me. I tend to follow through when in a class environment. Not that I want to go back to school, i just mean, a few seminars or something might be beneficial.

I'll expand more later.. I need to get back to work.
(e:strip) related procrastinations are genuinely permissible.

update: I just found a few upcoming seminars being held at NCCC Summit Extension located at 6929 Williams Rd, Niagara Falls. (Near or at Summit Park Mall, I think?)

They are free:

1. Thursday October 23 1:30-3:30
"Financing Sources and Business Plan Development"

2. Thursday October 30th 1:30-3:30
"Developing a Marketing Plan"

3. Thursday November 6th 1:30-3:30
"Business Organizational Forms: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporations and LLC's"

4. Thursday November 13th 1:30-3:30
"Record Keeping for Small Business"

to register: call 434-3815 or email:

If I keep looking, maybe I will find other stuff going on.
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09/30/08 09:35 - ID#45866

Recycling Your CFL's- Home Depot FTW

All of my light bulbs are compact florescent light bulbs , I had made the change several years ago to the curly shaped bulbs, at least from the time I moved into where I am at now (five years this month). The really do last a long time! I finally experienced one of the bulbs blowing out, or whatever they do. This particular one was in an outside porch socket, and its unlit mercury traced body reminded me that I have no idea how to dispose of the energy saving bugger.

So on to a search as to how to recycle the bulbs.

The above site gave some direction into seeking information from our local garbage service, municipal government, retailers who sell the product, "Earth911", an online clearinghouse of recycling information for US and Canada and commercial services (ie; a company in paid service of recycling CFLs would send a large mailing receptacle to collect your bulbs). Various ideas, but nothing concrete for this area, until I saw information pertaining to Home Depot.

Update: Home Depot has become the largest U.S. retailer to launch a general CFL recycling program. Almost 2,000 Home Depot locations will now accept any type of CFL for recycling without charge to the consumer.

At the Home Depot site, "The Home Depot Launches National CFL Bulb Recycling Initiative"

I called the Niagara Falls Home Depot to inquire if they indeed have a recycling center for CFL's, which they confirmed. They also confirmed that all of the area Home Depots should be on board with this as well.

Locate the "store finder" link on the home page if you want to confirm a recycling location.
For further programs and ideas, Home Depot Eco Options Home Page:

I did not check into local garbage services, so I am not sure if any of the the village-town-city garbage disposal and recycling services have any protocol for taking care of CFL s. But in case you were wondering, Home Depot is an easy option. I may take a large empty cat litter pail (plastic with tight lid and handle) and store them in there until I get enough to warrant a trip. A cardboard box will do too. The main idea here is to not break them or toss them in the trash.

So why recycle them?

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