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Category: nerd

04/17/09 03:36 - ID#48421

needing to uncompress

after several months of primarily purchasing and file sharing of highly compressed MP3s, I needed to hit up a CD store.

the most recent CD purchases:

Bjork-Post (typical sound for her work, but I don't have any of her Cds, just MP3s, so this is a nice addition)

Bjork-Vespertine (melodic, breezy, pleasantly surprising- love it)

Ella Fitzgerald- Love Ella (the original versions)- good mix of stereo and mono. Awesome voice. Prefer her sound on vinyl, but this is pretty great to have on CD.

Ella Fitzgerald- Ella for Lovers (most intimate songs)- mono, but with limited noise reduction, so the sound is more pure.

soundtrack to Slumdog Millionaire (energetic, pretty, multi dimensional sound)

I'm very pleased with these purchases.

I'll be seeking to acquire a few more CDs of varying genres soon.

any audiophiles out there?

suggestions for my eager listening experience? :)
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Category: nerd

03/14/09 12:52 - ID#48046

A-HA! Toshiba Tecra A2 notes, con't

A-HA! The mouse and touchpad do not work (or stop working shortly) once the power cord is plugged in. unplug. works. plug in, stops working. hmmmmm

yet, works better at home, stationary, with power cord plugged in for days as opposed to then when taken to BF's or some coffee shop, and laptop starts up with little to no battery power and so I need to plug the cord in... and mice/touch pad issues are at their worst.

it's in the power

I'm getting there.

but I'm still buying new/newer stuff soon.

(and (e:theecarey,47877) and (e:theecarey,47879))


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Category: nerd

03/05/09 05:35 - ID#47962

notes to myself- laptop issues, pc needs

laptop issues continue (e:theecarey,47877)

So, my computer mouse and touch pad issues did not mysteriously disappear as I had hoped. While I enjoy miraculous recoveries of inanimate objects, there is usually an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

Originally, two mice failed to work. USB ports are working with other components. Touchpad stops working or works intermittently at the same time that the mice fails. After uninstalling the mouse drivers and allowing the computer to reinstall them, I found that neither continued to work. I did not see how a new mouse would help, but I had picked one up anyway as I wanted a retractable travel variety. Interestingly, the mouse worked. (e:theecarey,47877)

Forward to a couple weeks later or so, and now the same issues have reemerged. Touchpad and mouse work intermittently. Now that I have backed everything up with my new hard drive (e:theecarey,47946), I am much more open to experimentation. Going to root around in the video stuff soon..

But all that stuff besides, I am facing the reality of having to purchase a new computer. I've had this Toshiba laptop for over four years, my old Gateway laptop (still running, but has its own set of issues) for about seven years, and for kicks, I still have my desktop circa 1997; rarely used but once or twice a year- wow, twelve years already? (it collects dust)

I know I have prattled on about buying a new PC on and off for some time. I always want new gadgets, but am often reticent in plunking down the money until I have to. So now reality is setting in, and I really need to figure out what I want, need, etc.

Ideally, I would build a desktop myself and purchase a little laptop for my mobile/in between needs. That would be a toss up between the ASUS or the HP. Not sure what my budget is yet, but once I start getting prices that will help figure out what I want to spend versus what I have to spend.

I miss CompUSA. Online, I usually look at

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03/04/09 04:35 - ID#47946

Backin' Up to a Big Hard One

sorry again, (e:metalpeter) - nothing risque to be seen here. (again!)


I'll leave that to (e:paul) and (e:hodown) :)

I purchased a 1TB external hard drive over the weekend.

I went with the Western Digital My Book Essential Edition. After some research and checking price points, I felt comfortable going with this one at this time.

It is a simple plug and play utilizing its USB connection cord.

I have since backed up my music, photos and other files from my primary laptop, but I have plenty more to back up from my other computer and CD-ROMs, and even a slew of old floppy disks. I will continue to back up on disk (back up to the back up), then also back up on occasion to the external hard drive. I don't see myself having it continually in use at this point.

I now want to pull the tools off the drive (save them to a disk/flash drive) and reformat the drive to get that space back. I imagine I would lose everything I have saved to it so far? Anyway, I'm not in a hurry as I'm not hurting for the 465GB that it takes up, but would like to know that I have all that extra space for my precious belongings.

Here are some Google images:



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02/24/09 06:35 - ID#47879

Adventures in Data Storage & other Tales

I really am in the market for an external hard drive. I think that has also been on the mind of another estripper? (e:tinypliny) perhaps? Was it/is it you? Whomever it is, did you come up with something yet?

I have most all of my pictures backed up. I know I copied several folders awhile back, but I am thinking that I haven't kept up with it since then, so I am going through them now and making sure that I have at least the past ten months copied to disk.

Then Word documents will simply be attached to an email and sent off to another email account. Most documents that I have are old school papers, so overall, nothing really vitally important.

HOWEVER, my music is.

This is what actually prompted my desire for backup more than anything else. Using a bunch of CDs would be ridiculous- time consuming and it would take way to many. So, I decided on burning all of/most of my music to DVD's. I just bought a ten pack at Big Lots for $4.00, should more than take care of my immediate needs. 4.7 GB each? yeh, i think so.

Once I scout around and find an external HD, then all will be backed up to that. Maybe I want a couple of HDs? Would that be better for keeping organized? ie; a place for all of my photos to be stored? This will all be new to me, as I haven't looked into/been interested in them before now.

also, I bought an optical travel mouse (retractable cord) for $8.00 *

and some gummy bears.

  • The new mouse is working. Unlike the two/three others tried out in the prior post (e:theecarey,47877). It is smaller than I am used to, but I am thankful that it is working. It is all shiny blue and silver. I pledge to take good care of it. Keep it from plunging to it's death.

but I am still keeping my eyes open for other laptop misbehavior, as I feel skeptical that the others weren't working, and the touchpad was all wonky as well.

anyway, so far so good.

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Category: nerd

02/24/09 03:23 - ID#47877

oh Toshiba Tecra A2, what ails you?

Sitting here sipping a mug of coffee, I have a few things to figure out with my laptop.

Could it be possible that I have two dying mice, or is it likely something more troubling than that. I'm betting on that latter, hoping for the former.

My notes so far- add suggestions if you please :)

My laptop mouse, once plugged in, works for a second or two, then cuts out. I had another laying around that I tried, and it too did the same. However, I am good at managing to let those things nose dive to the floor, so if either of them gave up working, I wouldn't blame them.

but I doubt it.

I also had a full day of normal mouse behavior in between the erratic mouse behavior (and now pretty much unresponsive).

So off to the Device Manager I went. Found the mice, uninstalled the drivers. Restarted, let the computer recognize and reinstall/reestablish drivers. Prior erratic behavior continues.

Use of the touchpad is now erratic (from smooth and accurate pointer movement to effortful placement and location of pointer) as well. and annoying,

Thinking it is not mouse specific at this point

Both USB ports work well -dug out an old A drive, also plugged my printer in.

So, System Restore. I can't think of any programs or other tweaking I have done to my computer recently, but I went back a couple of weeks anyways. As assumed- system restore wasn't fruitful. Could go back further.... but I don't want to at this point (if I don't have to).

so now I am stumped (or at least reticent to go where it might be going--motherboard). Laptop issues stump me easier than desk top issues. Everything is so integrated that it can be difficult to pinpoint, or even find an accurate starting point.

again, because of this, it is possible I am looking at a downhill motherboard.

but maybe not.

now I'm backing up some files to disk and flash drives.

and then some research, see what more I can come up with

(I've also since added liqueur to my coffee)
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02/17/09 01:58 - ID#47781

Devouring Dick .......... Philip K. Dick

Relevant post title but nothing risque..

I've now turned my reading attention to the late sci fi and mainstream writer, Philip K. Dick. His novel, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", was the basis to the 1982 film, "Bladerunner" and was the novel that spurred my interest to revisit his work.

Although I read books from any genre, there are few authors** that I formally collect. I am always looking to latch on to a new author or be introduced to an established one that I had not yet 'met' or had simply forgotten about, as is the case here.

My boyfriend bought me, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" awhile back, and then a recent jaunt to the book store, led me to seeking out another novel. I decided on, The Minority Report, a book of short stories. It was here that I realized that there are many novels and short stories that have been used as a movie premise:
-Minority Report (based on the short story, The Minority Report),
-Total Recall (same book title)
-Screamers (based on, Second Variety)
-Next (based on the short story, The Golden Man)
-Paycheck (same as book title)
-A Scanner Darkly (same as book title)
-Impostor (same as book title)

and several adaptations, such as Ubik Video Game based on his story, Ubik and an Opera, "Valis Opera", adapted from Dick's book, Valis. And there are others.

Many literary critics and scholars in Western and Eastern Europe, Japan, and throughout North America agree that Philip K. Dick will be remembered in years to come as one of the great novelists of the 20th century.

Although this assessment is largely based on the power and continuing relevance of Dick's science fiction novels, these critics argue that he is most accurately regarded not only as a great writer of science fiction but as a major literary figure whose works make an important and ongoing contribution to world literature of all genres.

I'm happy to see that there are several books that I have yet to read by Philip K. Dick. I won't read them all back to back, as I don't want the stories to morph into each other, but I will purchase them regularly, officially adding this writer to my collection.

I normally gulp down books, yet with science fiction, I find myself reading a bit more slowly and carefully. Often the context of a novel can be assumed, a logical progression ensues and the environments are rational and logical. In sci-fi, nothing is like that, so to glaze over a sentence could mean the difference between truly getting what the author is saying and just having a muddled sense of the story, losing the intricacies and oddities. I like to envision every detail and absorb the voice of the writer, and therefor prefer a fresh mind when settling down to read.

The one pet peeve I have about newer printing cover art is anything that is adapted to have a modern image especially when the novel was made into a movie. I do not want to see celebrities on the cover of a classic work, and while I am at it, nor do I want to see, "Oprah's Book Club" stamp of approval. Or, "now a major motion picture" label plastered across the cover. I appreciate the original cover or something that maintains the integrity of the original context. Yet, whatever gets people to buy/borrow books and read is the most important prerogative in my mind.

Another pet peeve is the failure to incorporate the original publish date. When multiple publishers print a book, they need only to include the years that they printed it, not the year that the book was originally written. Some include this information somewhere, but not always, and definitely not in a casual search. ie; a book may have a copyright of 2008, but was originally written and published in 1934.

picture of a young P.K.D.

older author

The Minority Report- the book with cover that I bought. Not sure what the original work is, if this is it or not. There are other versions.

another cover from The Minority Report

another cover art version of, The Minority Report. It is a Greek cover, but it is an example of what I don't like- a cover with a celebrity from the movie adaptation (Tom Cruise).

all pics from

Back to collected authors..
  • These are just a few authors that I add to my collection as they come out and/or as money permits.
Chuck Palaniuk
Kurt Vonnegut
Naomi Wolf
Toni Morrison
David Sedaris
Jennifer Lancaster
Paco Ahlgren
Norah Vincent
Issac Asimov
Madeline L'engle
Octavia Butler
Alexander Dumas
Augusten Burroughs
Frances Hodgson Burnett

Also, anything classic, significant, culturally revealing and impacting- ie;

Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, Kate Chopin, John Steinbeck, F Scott Fitzgerald, Leo Tolstoy, Franz Kafka, Maya Angelou, Rudyard Kipling, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, Upton Sinclair, JD Salinge, Ralph Ellison and so forth. Many works that are often listed as 'must reads' in ones lifetime. There are many I am forgetting as I am just trying to visualize my shelves, but you get the idea.

My books are beat up and smell old. There are many that I wold like to read again, as perspectives change over time and I simply forget much of what I read and the impact of it. Yet there are so many that I have yet to read, that I get overwhelmed. I know I write about books a lot, but it is truly a passion of mine, so I am bound to say the same things over and over again as though I was saying them for the first time. My excitement never wanes. I vacillate between fiction and non fiction. I read for mindless pleasure, for reflection of life and culture over time, for learning something entirely new and/or adding to my knowledge base.

From the purely informational choice of reading material, I gravitate and own several pertaining to the sciences, health, medicine, nutrition, neuropsychology, behavior modification, business, systems thinking, entrepreneurial books, quantum physics, nature, photography, art, inspirational thinking and philosophy. These naturally take me longer to read and it can take a little while for me to get into the groove of the subject matter; so I enjoy them most when I have a large chunk of time to devote to reading.

As much as I do a lot of reading online- blogs, articles, etc, I've never been fond of reading ebooks. Staring at a screen is bothersome to me, and the experience lacks the 'feel of the experience' that I am looking for. What do you think?

well, although related, this was a disjointed post. Thanks for reading, if you got this far.

Time to clean, get some work done, and run a few errands. The sunshine these past few days combined with the greenery after the snow melted, makes me think that it is warmer out than what it is. Even though it is still cold out there, it is psychologically uplifting to experience the longer day full of sunshine.

WOW!! Just looked at my calender..
Did you know that in less than three weeks we forward our clocks ahead?!
and in less than five weeks it will be officially spring? yay! Good thoughts to have...

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02/07/09 12:15 - ID#47667

book eaters unite!

made me think of, "dyslexics untie!" when I wrote the title. It was almost hard not to write, "untie". I think I read it that way now!

anyway, a friend pointed me in the direction of a site geared towards book lovers. It is a virtual bookshelf!

actually, it is more than that. It is a place to write reviews, blog, socialize, discover new books, read reviews, exchange ideas, etc.

I 'eat' so many books that it is easy to lose track of what I have read, when and what the book was about, author, etc. I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before recently to start writing down what I read. I made this decision a couple of months ago, and have been since tracking my books on a piece of paper. I remembered a lot of books from 2008, so I jotted down those as well. I may remember a couple dozen from 2007, but not likely all of them. The two years or so prior to that, I won't remember much, or even I read anything much outside of school texts. So, 2008 will be my start date. But why oh why didn't I start when I was, say, four?? haha That would have been awesome.

for me.

So, this Shelfari looks fun. I like the idea of having a virtual shelf, and share what I have read with others. I imagine that I would be able to find even the most obscure of books and topics that I have read, and to find other people who have read things that I have and/or things I will want to read. It is great to get new ideas for what to read or be introduced to authors and bios I may never have come across otherwise. I'm glad to say that I'll read anything, pretty much, so it should prove to be a positive addition to my life.

Now to go take a close look at this site. If not this one, then there are sure to be more out there that will suit my purpose, needs, wants, nerd cravings.

enjoy the 'heat wave', peeps!
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10/23/08 08:11 - ID#46286

Asus-teeny tiny itty bitty notebook

I've been fantasizing over the idea of having a teeny tiny notebook to carry around with me as opposed to the bulky laptop I have now. I am not seriously in the market for anything shiny and new, but I have been checking them out.

Asus brand seems to be one to look at. A few models all weighing in at just 2-2.5 lbs with screens sizes between 7-8.9" (the 10" weighs a bit more at just over 3lbs). I simply like the tiny size of it. I don't touch type exactly, so I don't see the smaller keypad being an interference for me. I played with a couple of them at Best Buy last night, one with Linux installed and one with Windows XP.

I just vision myself pulling it out of my carrying bag/purse, and getting comfy cozy at a coffee house, working on basic things as usual, but not taking up much room. Being able to write without the extra heft. I can bolster my want/need for it in many ways.I know it would be more of a toy, a frivolous buy really, as it would not replace my main laptop, but its fun to look.

Amazon link with reviews:

this picture doesn't really show it, but they are so tiny that they don't look real. awe, so cute! Anyone ever use one/have one??
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10/23/08 11:36 - ID#46274

Internet Service- comment turned post

This started off as a comment. You know how that goes, a comment response ends up so long that it might as well be a post. So here I am, cutting and pasting my comment into the journal box and rounding it out a little. The comment was/is in response to my last post on my finding a less expensive internet provider. (e:tinypliny) and (e:metalpeter) had comments specific to my current plan and potential options. So as I had been writing back to them (probably more than they wanted to know,hehe) and here we go:

I've had Verizon DSL since late 2004. I don't recall what I paid then, but eventually it creeped up to almost $40/mo and has held there for awhile. At the time, they weren't offering various 'speeds', so whatever they had, I was subscribed to. It wasn't until this past year that my money/budget monitoring honed in on this area of expenses. I was irked that new customers got hooked up with great promotional plans (as with any company, right?), but I never did anything about it. It wasn't that big of a deal at the time, and I had no intention of going through the hassle of switching. However, as I noticed that I was spending relatively little time at home on the internet as opposed to just about everywhere else (friends, bf, coffee shops), I finally felt that something needed to be changed. I wasn't using what I was spending that much money for, so if I could downgrade or find another provider, I should very well do it.Let see some options!

A few months ago I called Verizon to inquire of other plans and at that time they supposedly did not have a cheaper rate plan. Going off of this information still, I had begun looking into other providers. It wasn't until I called back to CANCEL (or "buzz off" as (e:mrmike) said it) my subscription with Verizon, that I found out otherwise. They do have other plans. The customer service guy said I was lied too and that they do have other plans that should have been explained to me. I think it is because I had called to cancel, and not called to simply inquire before. hmmph.

Anyway, they have a 'lower speed' plan at $9.95/mo for 6 months followed by $19.95 thereafter- which has a 12 month contract, so there would be early termination fees if I canceled. I though about it, and decided to go with it. If I cancel early, the fees aren't horrendous. I was also thinking about various pros and cons into making this decision, of which I have 30 days to change my mind; I wasn't required to lock myself into this change, fortunately. Therefor, looking from a whole year perspective, I'll pay $180 for the year (instead of $480 like I had), I can keep my phone lines open (being DSL as opposed to dial-up), and I can just carry on as usual and not bother with other companies (making phone calls, getting software, downloads, equipment or whatever etc.) AND it wont be dial-up; I really just can't do it, I decided. No dial-up. That was silly of me to entertain the thought. Good prices though. And yes, I tried it for all of 30 minutes before I canceled it. Before I threw my laptop across the room.Before I had chunks of hair missing.

One thing I double-checked before making the plan change was to determine if Verizon tacks on a 'plan change' fee--would there be hidden cost showing up on my next bill. There isn't a fee and that I will only see the charges as described. OK then, plan change please. The 'slower' plan is operating the exact same as I had, so it either never connected at what it could have before, or the difference would really only be in immense downloads, something I don't do anyways. I am pleased that nothing significant has changed, well, besides my bill. Yay.

Time Warner quoted me $29.95, but I don't think a speed was mentioned. $19.95 would be doable for whatever basic plan they- or anyone offers, I rarely download anything, so I don't need it for that. As for FiOS, it isn't available in my area anyways.

The laptop cards are an intriguing idea; I have yet to know know anything about them. Is that something that you have to be already subscribed to Sprint or Verizon with a phone plan or can this be a-la cart?

(e:pyrcedgrrl)- that is hilarious that you found/still have my email address from bluefrog.BIZ That had to have been one OLD email.Even the name I used is SO old. It would have been funny to return to that provider, but I doubt I would have used the email client.

BTW: Check your connection speed with this SPEED TEST:

Ok, thats it.

Now I am off to take my first business workshop through NCCC Summit extension site. A refresher on business plan development,I believe!

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