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Category: silliness

02/28/08 06:10 - 13ºF - ID#43501

mmmm Colbert Latte

Stephen Colberts reaction when all Starbucks closed for three hours Tuesday evening. "#1 Threat"

"Stephen handled the three-hour caffeine crisis with great aplomb", haha

I couldn't get enough of last nights episode and have been searching for a video since then. Glad to see it go up on comedy centrals page so quickly.

Go to it! (this means you, (e:hodown))

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Category: music

02/27/08 03:02 - 13ºF - ID#43483

Medeski Martin and Wood

MMW last night at Town Ballroom, very cool. The three men played two lengthy sets taking the audience through a wide spectrum of auditory textures. I really dig jazz-funk-fusion harmony.

This is my first time having the opportunity to see these guys perform. I was pleased that my date/friend "T" and I found a spot at the stage, (one because standing for over three hours it was nice to have the railing to lean against, and two, I could see what instruments were making which sounds) as it was nice to have the auditory experience of the night enhanced by being so close. Watching them play their variety of instruments, in particular Medeski's variety of keyboards (mellotron, melodica, clavinet, etc) that I wouldnt have seen if we weren't right at the stage. I nean, I could hear a harmonica type of sound when Medeski used this rectangular shoe-box size instrument that had a blow hose and some keys. I now know that it is a melodica after looking it up.

They are out of NYC and have local tour dates, but they bounce all over the globe. Pretty cool.

Now to buy myself some music!


Official Site:
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Category: birthdays

02/07/08 01:39 - 24ºF - ID#43230

a day early..


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, (e:mrmike) !!


Have a blast, have a beer, have some damn good cake!
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