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Category: weather

05/04/09 09:54 - ID#48591

getting there..

Plastic came off the windows today. yay!

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Category: weather

11/06/08 07:04 - ID#46577

Fog Rolls In

Starting my day out in the town of Lockport then heading to The Summit in Wheatfield for a business workshop, I loved driving in the bright sunshine. Music sounded extra good with the day being so warm and pleasant out. What little walking around I did, I enjoyed kicking my shoes through the crispy fallen leaves. Between yesterday and today, I found myself wishing for more of these perfect temperature days. I would have rather have been home working on some outside projects, but I did not want to miss any of the workshops I signed up for either. Besides, I knew I would have a couple hours of daylight once I returned home.
or would I?

Coming home (after being gone since Tuesday eve in general) from a business workshop (in specific), as I went down Lewiston Hill, I noticed a wide spread haze hovering over Lewiston, Youngstown, and Niagara Falls, Ontario. The entire view of the Niagara River and Lake Ontario could not be seen. I was curious as to what I would find once I got into my little neck of the woods. Looks like some heavy fog was rolling in.

I took these shortly after getting home-4ish. Within a half an hour, there was little to see at all.





Just whitish-gray. Then a little while later, the darkness settled in for the night. It always takes me awhile to adjust to the shorter days, feels so much later than what it is.

My hobbies tend to be cerebral. I really need to get back to the gym (especially after the Halloween candy consumption fiasco!). I love being there- it is so energizing and it simply feels good to do something, but I haven't in quite some time for various reasons (and excuses). Anyway, it is just turning 7pm and I want to curl up in bed with a book until I fall asleep. That sounds soooooo good right now. It will be even worse once the cold officially sets in. Maybe I can counteract the need to go to bed early by waking up early.

not likely..

That's it for now!

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10/20/08 12:59 - ID#46209

Transition Season

It is getting cold out there and there is still so much to do! Rainy with highs in the mid 40s for tomorrow made me realize that I really really really need to get focused and start the 'winterizing' process. It is simply more motivating to take care of all these things while it is still dry, above freezing outside and still light out into the early evening. So over the next 2-3 weeks, among everything else I have packed into my days, the following will be addressed:

  • Wood for my fireplace needs to be brought into the garage.

  • Finish yard work-clean up (branches, dead flowers, leaves etc)

  • Plan to have a bonfire to burn fallen branches and logs of wood too large for apartment fireplace. Coincide with activity of drinking spiked hot coffee/cider/hot chocolate.

  • Large items currently stored in garage must be sold off; taking up way too much room to hold them there any longer. Also, I hate excess clutter.

  • Car stuff: oil change, car fluid check- basic look over before winter

  • Plastic and insulation around windows and draft spots.

  • Check and change furnace filter.

  • Dust off treadmill as I haven't been to the gym in quite some time and it shows.

  • A few long walks/hikes to get a good dose of autumn smells and fresh air. I've really slacked this year in getting outside regularly like I always have before.

I'm sure there is more, but whatever is left will just have to wait. So now to get off of here and get started on something!
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10/12/08 05:36 - ID#46075

Nice days

Awesome weekend weather-wise, hmmm? I recall this time last year we had some 80's perfect weather and in taking advantage of the gorgeous day, I took a slew of pictures, but I don't think I eve posted them here. I recall seeing people at the parks engaging in picnics, stone-skipping along the lake, people sitting individually reading in little grassy spots, boaters and so on. Even though the temps can get summer like warm, it still has that aire of autumn. The sun is lower, the earth smells are more pungent and of course, the organic scenery; leaves are turning color, pumpkins are ubiquitous, flowers are dwindling, and mums are blooming. This week we may see a day like that. Hope the wind and rain holds off, and that if you can work it, make a day of hooky happen.

So I want to get some good long walks and/or hiking in soon. I haven't really gotten out much it seems, not in comparison to other times in my life. Anyway, my boyfriend, his son (who is 3) and I went to the erie canal (in lockport) and fed the birds some old bread. We were marveling in the day, of "indian summer" and I was telling him of last years warm days as mentioned above. I said, 'if I blogged about it, then the temperature would have been documented as well.Not so much because I typed it out, but because (e:paul) has the temps included as part of each post-header information.' Just tickled me how relevant that bit of info was/is.

And as we remember, and as (e:jim,46056) posted pictures of recently, that two years before, it was much much different sort of weather than what we are enjoying right now. It is weird to see those pictures. I was just looking at a few that I took while sitting on the 290 for a couple of hours that crazy night. I was posting from my car, as well. I remember once i got close to Youngstown, not a flake of snow was to be seen.

Well, anyhow, enjoy the rest of the weekend. Get outside and play!!

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12/16/07 02:11 - ID#42533

Boasting eight inches

and counting..

Buffalo 4.0"

Lewiston/Youngstown 8.0"

I drempt that I awoke to fields of Green, the snow storm having bypassed this entire Lewiston/Youngstown area. Funny thing, is that this is usually the case; as you all know that I complain about it yearly. So in my dream I was rather upset that we didn't get a single flake.

To my great surprise we really did get snow. A lot. And its still coming down! Yes, the reports said that we would get it.. and I put my car in the garage-just in case- but come on, its Youngstown.. we don't really get snow.


or something.. haha

Seriously, the north end is being hit, and the south is pretty much being bypassed. When does that ever happen..?

My driveway has been plowed 2 times in the past 5 hours.. and looks like it can be done again soon. CRAZY!

well, time to get the XC skiis out :D

and a mug of hot chocolate with a peppermint stick (and Baileys!)

Stay warm :)

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03/26/07 02:54 - ID#38627

not shabby for a monday

omg it is soooooooooooooooooooo warm outside! the freaky thunder and rain storms have receded a bit, just a few grumbles and sprinkles now. I see the sun!!!!

open your windows! the air smells good! (where I am at) get outside!

play hookey! find a basketball court!

Its March and it really feels like spring. YAY!

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12/04/06 09:30 - ID#36099


woah, its snowing!!!

(delightful pic, (e:matthew) )

in Youngstown, even!! You know I am usually whining and crying while everyone is in a snowy wonderland and I am still seeing green. Not tonight though-- its snowy and pretty and I love the sound of the snow truck going up and down my street.

The ride home from work was, well, long. Plenty of accidents and slow driving. I made it home although it was challenging at times. Damn mezmorizing kamakaze snowflakes.

I really did not think that there would be snowflakes beyond Grand Island. There wasn't anything in Amherst until atleast 5pm. I had heard that there was snow in B-lo and Cheektowaga area.. so I thought it would be cool to see some snow after work as I intended to stay in Buffalo!

Well, once it began dumping hard in Amherst, and after hearing the tales that parents who were picking up their children were telling me, and all of the highway accident/vehicle crawl along the 90 stories (I didn't want to sit), I thought I would instead head into Youngstown. heh. It still took me an hour and 20 to get home. Christmas music (it is ok to listen to now) on the radio kept me entertained. I probably looked to happy to be tackling the driving conditions as they were. However, I really dig singing Christmas music, even if do not know half of the words. Perhaps I shall look for the lyrics..

I sOOOooOooOoOooOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo want to play hookey tomorrow and try to go XC skiing. But I know I wont, as intensly tempting that it is. boo.

I want to go buy snow shoes this year. :)

hehe, I bought a boot tray while at Value Hardware yesterday. I kinda dig that hardware store. It amuses me to look at all that stuff. Not big on Home Depot, but the little stores are kinda fun. So I broke in my boot tray. EXCITING--be envious. I still need to organize my trunk. I am not the only one out there that is prepared for all sorts of craziness, although I am right on equally ready for spontaneous adventure and armegeddon.

I think this time last year there may have been snow in Y-town, and then that was it. I doubt we'll have another year like that. This is going to be a weird winter, me thinks!

I have my tree up and lights on. Now I will begin to place the bulbs. It is the one of the few things that I am a perfectionist about. I also furblobproof (joey and kayla-they think its a big cat toy) the tree by securing all of the ornaments and bead-garland with hooks wound around the branches. So yeh, it takes awhile.

Its 930- feel like i just got home.. having myself some hot cocoa, listening to Morcheaba and Moby, and continuing my festive creation.

Hope everyone is safe and snuggly warm..

PS for the newbie peeps- click the red snowflake to make the site snow go away, if you so desire.

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10/17/06 06:22 - ID#36066

Out with the shovel in with the paddles

Glad to see (or rather it appears) that all of (e:strip)s beloved (e:peeps) are all doing ok!

Damn monsoon out there now, huh? Check your basements! Get out your rafts and floaties! Even Youngstown hasn't been able to avoid all that wet and dreariness. Still strange that we didn't even get a flake of snow. (no longer complaining!)

Sooooo, I miss Buffalo!! It hasn't felt right to go try and hang out, admist all this chaos. I have stayed on my side of the Grand Island bridge. And although I have had plenty of heat, electric and cable, I havent had enough human contact- and that has been a bummer.
Visit by Mom doesn't count, haha.

I had Friday and Monday off from work due too all this. So although I did quite a bit if socializing on Friday, the remainder of the weekend and Monday were too quiet. There wasn't even anywhere to go that was open.

I love my alone time, but this was too much! I was forced to entertain myself on that Other Place (shhhh, My Space) haha and do laundry AND dishes. wow.

other thoughts and stuff:

(e:PMT) miss you guys!

so, (e:ajay) Are you missing B-Lo? What a warm welcome, huh? Glad you made it in and out ok!

It really is ironic that (e:mrmike) is without cable.

again, Happy Birthday, (e:lilho) -- I think you need to have an after chaos celebration; you got a bum deal on this birthday!

Or maybe we can have an, "I survived Buffalo's Blizzard, Tornado, Hurricane, Monsoon, Power Outage, Driving ban, Flood of Oct '06" party. We'll even have party favors: heat and electric. WOO!

That is the extent of my random thoughts, for now.

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10/14/06 03:14 - ID#36064

missing peeps?

I think there should be a (e:peep) check in.

There are a few I havent seen on the site since Thursday; perhaps they are without power. yuck. namely, (e:imk2) (e:mrmike) and ..

Since there has been a driving ban and power outages everywhere, I have stayed close to home and have been on the computer a lot (of course!)

Had a fun improptu gathering last night at my place. (e:pyrcedgrrl) 's BIRTHDAY was yesterday, and since just about evrywhere was closed, my apartment was open! I couldn't stop laughing the entire evening. Good stuff. Joey, my beloved fur blob was very happy to have an apartment full of people. He is very sociable and loves the attention, particularly from the men. As everyone left, he kept stretching out and reaching out his paws to them. Very cute.

Slept till noon. Oy my head hurts today, perhaps a wee bit of a hangover? Nothing a large cup of coffee and a few pints of water can't cure.

I would like to make my way out to a digital camera store. I think I found one that might suit my needs, the Sony Cybershot H5. I could always order online, but I want to fondle a few before I make my ultimate choice.

one of many, many, many reviews I have looked at over the past month or so:

Guess its time to get dressed.

Hope everyone is doing alright!

Happy Birthday, (e:lilho) Are plans still on?
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10/13/06 09:43 - ID#36063

today October Storm

Although it would have been a bit fun to have snow to play in today, I feel really bad for all of the people who are without power for who knows how long. 250-300,000 people? wow.

Then there is the damage-- the kind that will take awhile to clean up and then the permenant damage to the aestetic view of various yards and streets. I can't get over how many trees went down.

Someone on tv mentioned that the damage is equivelant to a typcial hurricane. Apparently its Buffalos version of a hurricane with the amount of damage and disarray.

No nearly as much tree toppling would have occured if the leaves and such had already fallen for the season.

Earlier this afternoon (e:pyrcedgrrl) (give her a B-day shout out!) and I ventured into the Village of Lewiston to grab a cup of coffee at the Orange Cat coffee house. As they tend to keep irregular hours, it wasnt surprising that they were closed, although we were a bit annyed as we both looked forward to socializing with the locals. We tried another place, and it was closed.



We continued down Center street looking for caffeine. Everything was closed.


Slightly perplexed until we arrived at a street light being operated by a generator. The usually super busy village appeared to be a ghost town.

Ahhh, we understand now. Everything really is closed because there is no power.

So we did have some power outage in this area as well.

We managed to stroll into a semi open DicCamillos bakery on Center Street. They had some coffee left over in their thermos' of which we reluctantly purchased. It smelled a little bitter.

and it was.

So we took our new found source of caffeine and continued our stroll down Center Street until we reached the Niagara River. Not bundled up enough for the cold air, we sat on a swing over looking the water and talked anyways, both detesting and relishing the hot bitter coffee.



Tonight, we have fresh coffee, a large bottle of wine, cake, music and friends over for a small impromptu gathering. Very nice.

if you happen to be in the area, stop over!

I hope you are safe and warm.

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