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06/04/08 09:46 - 63ºF - ID#44540

Clearing Out; Garage Sale mayhem

Please Please Please Please PLEASE don't rain (much) this weekend.


I, along with (e:pyrcedgrrl) are having a monster garage sale at my place. This happens to piggyback on the Annual "Ten Mile Garage Sale" throughout Lewiston, Youngstown, Porter, Sanborn and part of Ransomville. This wasn't planned, as we had originally set the date for Memorial Day weekend, but neither one of us were anywhere close to being ready-- still aren't really, as there is still so much to clean, organize, set up, price, etc, but we'll get there. We have to! We have an ad in the paper along with a few online. One of which is CL.

So it should be an entertaining weekend (Friday 10-6, Saturday/Sunday 9-3. Early birds pay double!) I need to stock up on munchies and coffee. Or maybe a pitcher of icey mojitos, given the high temps that have been foretasted. Wow, I have never had a garage sale on my own. I used to help out with ones growing up, but the last one was in my early twenties, and by that point, I thought it pretty much sucked. It's only now, that I have decided to really clear out my home environment that it made sense to have a sale like this again. I'm glad to have a partner in this endeavor. I want to have FUN! So yes, it should be crazy big. It's the end result of mass accumulation over the years. So not only our stuff, but some added family items too.

Although selling is familiar to me, the garage sale format really isn't, any advice for this novice?

ok, gotta back to prepping for the sale.

Have a good one, peeps!

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