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12/18/07 02:17 - 30ºF - ID#42571

first day out

34ish and Sunny..

perfect day for XC skiing.

The snow has a nice crust where it is directly in the sun, other spots are just fluffy and rather deep. Either way, it was a good first day out this season.

A little sun and fresh air is a good thing.

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Location: Youngstown, NY

Category: weather

12/16/07 02:11 - 23ºF - ID#42533

Boasting eight inches

and counting..

Buffalo 4.0"

Lewiston/Youngstown 8.0"

I drempt that I awoke to fields of Green, the snow storm having bypassed this entire Lewiston/Youngstown area. Funny thing, is that this is usually the case; as you all know that I complain about it yearly. So in my dream I was rather upset that we didn't get a single flake.

To my great surprise we really did get snow. A lot. And its still coming down! Yes, the reports said that we would get it.. and I put my car in the garage-just in case- but come on, its Youngstown.. we don't really get snow.


or something.. haha

Seriously, the north end is being hit, and the south is pretty much being bypassed. When does that ever happen..?

My driveway has been plowed 2 times in the past 5 hours.. and looks like it can be done again soon. CRAZY!

well, time to get the XC skiis out :D

and a mug of hot chocolate with a peppermint stick (and Baileys!)

Stay warm :)

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Location: Youngstown, NY

Category: holiday

12/12/07 12:38 - 33ºF - ID#42490

Sassy Old Bat- Maxine

Less than 2 weeks until Christmas..

I just love the sassy old bat, Maxine.













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Location: Youngstown, NY

12/10/07 09:31 - 33ºF - ID#42465

hot wax

uh yeh.. so I dripped hot candle wax on a fluffy carpet. Well, regular pile really. How in the heck do I get it out? Its dark blue wax on a new cream colored carpet :(

Thanks in advance. I am sooo clueless.

I'll see what other info I can find online..There is a bunch of stuff, but everything is saying something different. I am wondering what your personal experience has been with it.

well, in getting it out..

or in how the wax got there, lol ;)

either one, hehe
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Location: Youngstown, NY

Category: weekend

12/08/07 07:51 - 31ºF - ID#42440

Allen Street tonight..

I'm heading out to Allen Street tonight with my date/friend "T" about 10ish or so. Not sure where I am/we are starting.. but it sure has been awhile since I have been out that way.It will be nice to have a drink, as it has been a long time since I've had that as well. :)

oh wait.. i think i am going to Brick bar. hehe.

come out. call/text or send 'post-it' (with your name & #-- since it goes to my phone as 'guest'). It would be nice to catch up with some of you (e:peeps)!

where you at (e:vincent)?! I know you'll end up around there sooner or later. :D

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Category: life

11/26/07 11:32 - 39ºF - ID#42299

sheathed in plastic

One by one my windows and doors are being 'winterized' with plastic and weatherstripping. Each sheet of plastic reminding me that it will be about five months before I rip it off with the promise of warmer temperatures. Some windows will have the blinds permanently down for the winter. I don't feel as creative or motivated to arrange the plastic in such a way as to be able to put them up and down. This year, it will be either or.

I was chilled to the bone, feeling the dropping temps combined with a barrage of conflicting thoughts, feelings and ruminations*.

A single Guinness helped remedy that.

My thoughts are more in order, of which I am grateful. We are, what we think.

What a funny night..

casual activity partners encroaching further into my life that I ever planned or care to allow. Martyr vs good friend? who knows.

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Category: holiday

11/20/07 07:33 - 52ºF - ID#42215

Just spread the legs open & stuff it in

Thanksgiving in a couple of days. I do not even know what I am doing yet. Thats how it usually goes, ho hum. Received this email earlier, found it rather cute. enjoy ;)

"18 things you can only say at Thanksgiving"
Well, say them anytime :)

1. Talk about huge breast!

2. Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist.

3. It's Cool Whip time!!!!!!!

4. If I don't undo my pants, I'll burst!

5. That's one terrific spread!

6. I'm in the mood for a little dark meat.

7. Are you ready for seconds yet?

8. It's a little dry, do you still want to eat it?

9. Just wait your turn, you'll get some.

10. Don't play with your meat.

11. Just spread the legs open and stuff it in.

12. Do you think you'll be able to handle all these people at once?

13. I didn't expect everyone to come at once.

14. You still have a bit on your chin.

15. How long will it take after you stick it in?

16. You'll know it's ready when it pop's up!

17. Wow, I didn't think I could handle all of that!

18. That's the biggest one I've ever seen.

So anyway, a couple days early...Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey, Tofurky, Pizza or whatever.. eat up, wear elastic waistband! :D

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Category: movies

11/18/07 03:20 - 29ºF - ID#42183


Went to see Beowulf (3D) this evening at the IMAX. It was a lot of fun to see it. You do not have to know anything about the old poem to enjoy this version. Its been 15 years or so since I have read the verse, which back then I had thought it to be a neat story. The main thing I remembered about it was the spilt between good and evil (or humans and monsters) with Cains killing of Abel. I recollect the mother and son relationship and Beowulf's role. But I didn't remember the details, although I could have taken a glance at the copy of the story I have in my collection. Again, no need to read it to enjoy the movie. Its full of action, gore and a beautifully muscled Beowulf, played by Ray Winstone.

If you don't already know, the movie is in CGI. While the characters maintain a bit of a vacant look, it is a giant step up from the looks of Polar Express (Tom Hanks). The details on some of the people, and most of the scenery and definitely the monsters, is amazing.

A snippet from a film review regarding the look of the actors/actresses:

"Anthony Hopkins looks every bit like Anthony Hopkins, only slightly more wizened, and worryingly more naked. Angelina Jolie gets digital breast implants - would they have given Einstein a bigger brain? As for Ray Winstone in the title role, he's sporting a six-pack that could splinter skulls.."

Jolie definitely looks animated/digital. There aren't any details to her and she looks the most "vacant" of them all. But still gorgeous in the short screen time her character had. The other characters in the movie have a greater 'real' look and 'feel' to them. Veins, hair, eye reflection, skin lines, gorgeous ripped man belly and thighs, and so forth.

See it in the IMAX theater for sure.

My date, "T" and I went to the 6:25 show this evening (Sat), which the tickets were purchased online earlier in the day (rock on!), since when we tried to go last night, the shows were sold out. The show we went to today sold out early as well.

I imagine it will be like that all weekend and then some.

ok, i am way over due for bed.. sleep.. dreams..

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Category: life

11/16/07 12:36 - 38ºF - ID#42158


Major writers block.

on every level.


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Category: games

10/26/07 04:44 - 56ºF - ID#41822

Second Life

Second Life is crashing, not loading, freezing.. whatever, it isn't working.,

Makes me sad.

Its a cool, rainy day, and I wanted to spend it inside eating Doritos (which I havent had in many years) and playing around in Second Life.


Where else may I go that could be equally if not more entertaining?

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