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Category: holiday

11/20/07 07:33 - 52ºF - ID#42215

Just spread the legs open & stuff it in

Thanksgiving in a couple of days. I do not even know what I am doing yet. Thats how it usually goes, ho hum. Received this email earlier, found it rather cute. enjoy ;)

"18 things you can only say at Thanksgiving"
Well, say them anytime :)

1. Talk about huge breast!

2. Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist.

3. It's Cool Whip time!!!!!!!

4. If I don't undo my pants, I'll burst!

5. That's one terrific spread!

6. I'm in the mood for a little dark meat.

7. Are you ready for seconds yet?

8. It's a little dry, do you still want to eat it?

9. Just wait your turn, you'll get some.

10. Don't play with your meat.

11. Just spread the legs open and stuff it in.

12. Do you think you'll be able to handle all these people at once?

13. I didn't expect everyone to come at once.

14. You still have a bit on your chin.

15. How long will it take after you stick it in?

16. You'll know it's ready when it pop's up!

17. Wow, I didn't think I could handle all of that!

18. That's the biggest one I've ever seen.

So anyway, a couple days early...Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey, Tofurky, Pizza or whatever.. eat up, wear elastic waistband! :D

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Category: movies

11/18/07 03:20 - 29ºF - ID#42183


Went to see Beowulf (3D) this evening at the IMAX. It was a lot of fun to see it. You do not have to know anything about the old poem to enjoy this version. Its been 15 years or so since I have read the verse, which back then I had thought it to be a neat story. The main thing I remembered about it was the spilt between good and evil (or humans and monsters) with Cains killing of Abel. I recollect the mother and son relationship and Beowulf's role. But I didn't remember the details, although I could have taken a glance at the copy of the story I have in my collection. Again, no need to read it to enjoy the movie. Its full of action, gore and a beautifully muscled Beowulf, played by Ray Winstone.

If you don't already know, the movie is in CGI. While the characters maintain a bit of a vacant look, it is a giant step up from the looks of Polar Express (Tom Hanks). The details on some of the people, and most of the scenery and definitely the monsters, is amazing.

A snippet from a film review regarding the look of the actors/actresses:

"Anthony Hopkins looks every bit like Anthony Hopkins, only slightly more wizened, and worryingly more naked. Angelina Jolie gets digital breast implants - would they have given Einstein a bigger brain? As for Ray Winstone in the title role, he's sporting a six-pack that could splinter skulls.."

Jolie definitely looks animated/digital. There aren't any details to her and she looks the most "vacant" of them all. But still gorgeous in the short screen time her character had. The other characters in the movie have a greater 'real' look and 'feel' to them. Veins, hair, eye reflection, skin lines, gorgeous ripped man belly and thighs, and so forth.

See it in the IMAX theater for sure.

My date, "T" and I went to the 6:25 show this evening (Sat), which the tickets were purchased online earlier in the day (rock on!), since when we tried to go last night, the shows were sold out. The show we went to today sold out early as well.

I imagine it will be like that all weekend and then some.

ok, i am way over due for bed.. sleep.. dreams..

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Category: life

11/16/07 12:36 - 38ºF - ID#42158


Major writers block.

on every level.


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Category: games

10/26/07 04:44 - 56ºF - ID#41822

Second Life

Second Life is crashing, not loading, freezing.. whatever, it isn't working.,

Makes me sad.

Its a cool, rainy day, and I wanted to spend it inside eating Doritos (which I havent had in many years) and playing around in Second Life.


Where else may I go that could be equally if not more entertaining?

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Category: animals

10/22/07 12:02 - 68ºF - ID#41741

Dwarf Hamster bedding - what kind?


I've commandeered the cutest dwarf hamster ever from my new friend/activity partner, "T". Every time I go over to his place, I am loving on his hamster, George. The little critter and I bonded quickly, eventually leading me to take him home forever more to keep. YAY!

So, although I was provided a little bit of bedding and food, I will need to buy some more very soon. Who knew there are so many types of bedding to choose from?! Hamster bedding/litter sold in the store is usually pine or cedar shavings. I have also noticed, "alpine" shavings as well. Which do I get?

In reading about cedar/pine shavings, it is reported that the use of it in cages is actually quite toxic and can contribute to respiratory illness among other ones. Cedar seems to be particularly bad; also happens to be the option I liked most, at the time, not that I have used it yet.

Alpine, according to the various literature, is considered non-toxic. I may purchase that.

However, I would like to consider the options-- and see what others opinions are on this. Does anyone know of alternatives that would be appropriate, environmentally friendly and super safe for a russian dwarf hamster? I am open to anything..

Thanks in advance!

I'm really disturbed that the cedar and pine shavings are packaged for use as bedding/litter for these creatures, when in actuality they are toxic and can greatly reduce their already short life span.

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Category: music

10/19/07 02:04 - 73ºF - ID#41708

music binge and purge

I've updated my music collection and I am rather pleased with myself, haha.

It had been awhile since I looked for music- I get so consumed in the search that several hours will go by unnoticed. Not a bad thing- just need to save it for a day that I can do that.

I have added new artists to my collection and have had the pleasure of acquiring more songs from some of my favorite artists. Bonus.

I also deleted a slew of music that I just seem to never bother listening to. It almost felt sad.

While I have a pretty cool music selection, there is plenty to be embarrassed about as well. I need to tuck those away into a folder all of its own. Shut up; you have a few dirty beats that get cranked up when no one else is around-- most likely in the car, right? right?!?! Thought so. :)

alright.. in no particular order..

well, the first three are the only ones that I did not have any music from, so I look forward to 'bonding' with the 'new' stuff:
  • Mindless Self Indulgence
  • Goldfrapp
  • Shiny Toy Guns

the remaining artists I already have in my collection, but just managed to find more of.. (yay!).. although some are still skimpy- -must keep looking:
  • Interpol
  • Nuclear Ramjet
  • Sphongle
  • Dead Can Dance
  • Blaqk Audio
  • Chemical Brothers
  • Dandy Warhols (my fave, along with Moby)
  • Dashboard Confessional
  • Tegan and Sara
  • a couple here and there from ..Moist, Nickelback, Lords of Acid, J-Lo
  • oh, and a slew of "mash ups" -- fun stuff.

--can always use more Aphex Twin, Fischerspooner, Infected Mushroom, Muse and Moby; although just not a priority right now.

I'm looking for some hard hitting aggressive stuff. Not even sure what genre. BT is working right now, but I'm thinking something edgier.

Suggestions of all sorts are welcome.

I'm also looking to add to my "Her Space Holiday" collection.

and to find and buy, Charlie Hunter Trio. good stuff, and my collection has been just begging for his (their) stuff.

Saw Charlie Hunter Trio at Thursday at the Square with a date, "T". The music was entertaining, although I was a bit weirded out with the company I was with. Glad I don't jump into anything with anyone- ever.

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Category: silliness

10/07/07 11:49 - 67ºF - ID#41547

It's begun. I just macroed myself.

Random, lame-o ramble. But I gave myself a chuckle.

Its Sunday, I read all day, immersed my mind in various contemplative thought and jotted down a bunch of things pertaining to my own life action plan. Then I merged into another sphere of thought...

In a recent AIM session, (e:pyrcedgrrl) and I were chatting about Indian cuisine among other things. Yep, preempted by all the curry chatter on (e:strip)! Awesome post, btw, (e:tinypliny)! I know realize how little I know about one of my favorite cuisines. Anyway, neither one of us have ventured out recently to any of the many restaurants offering Indian cuisine. And I havent driven anywhere because my car still sucks and I havent found anything yet. Any day now though. On a positive note, I havent purchased much gas in comparison! So, in contemplating a good restaurant to go to, I, as always, began to pine for a few select entrees. I'm fond of all "curry" and many of the Palak/Paneer variations. Although not at all hungry, my mind and stomach wanted something more. Perhaps it just needed something more substantial and less..funky. I then thought about what I ate this evening, remembering that I pulled together an odd assortment as my dinner. In hindsight, I ask, WTF was I thinking? If anything, the following smorgasboard reinforces my need to get groceries. I really do need to pick up a few items of sustenance. I hate to see what I will come up with tomorrow, if I don't. My stomach is rebelling in tonights dining choice.

Carey(10:01:59 PM):pistachios, beef jerky, lucky charms and hard boiled eggs was my 'dinner' (and a few garlic crackers)

Carey(10:02:19 PM): i should have at least been high for that concoction

Carey(10:02:51 PM): now I will finish it with a glass (or swig from bottle) of cheap champagne and some halloween candy

Carey(10:03:58 PM):haha I just mentally macroed myself.

Carey(10:04:03 PM) "Class. You're doing it wrong"

Dana(10:13:49 PM) : wow. that was quite a combo!!

Dana(10:13:50 PM): ha ha

Carey (10:19:35 PM) : yessss I would love to stick my finger down my throat if it wasnt already preoccupied with Mini Nestle Crunch bars

Dana(10:24:26 PM) : lol!!

The combination as a whole was not a lot of volume and it was also on a predominantly empty stomach. Although I now feel like I ate a ton of food. So do I stop there? no. I decide to finish off a bottle of champagne. I have a penchant for cheap champage. Well, I'm sure I would like expensive champagne as well, but I only ever by inexpensive or on sale varieties. I dig bubbly drinks :) I also dig gummy bears. a lot. Somehow in the past, I have consumed them and champagne about the same time, to where I now have paired the two together for consumption. Gummy bears and Champagne. Try it. Anyway, I don't have any gummi bears, but I remembered that I have some candy I bought for the pinata bashing at my recent bonfire-birthday party. In the 'leftovers' bowl, I dug out some chocolate. Yum. and gross. My stomach rebelled further, and continues to as I recount my Sunday evening foodfest.

oh yes, all so classy.

Alright, so, when I mentioned that I mentally macroed myself, I then immediately thought of a couple of champagne drinking pictures; which brought me to actually making a macro. Its sad that just a short few months ago, I was disturbed over the increasing use of 'macrosisms' in everyday talk. Alright, so I never really heard anyone speak that way, mostly restricted to actual image macros. Actually, it was all me. Ive been speaking it for kicks. I began to pick up on the lingo and began mentally macroing everything and everybody (especially the cats, ofcourse) and eventually began to love the macro* world. Its delightfully sarcastic, hence my love. I know. I totally hated and judged something that is very much a part of who I am and what humors me endlessly. Just call me Hitler. And so, if you dig macros, you'll get it. I still have lots to learn and I'm aware that the font isn't in the standard, but essentially its all there.

and maybe you'll Roffle.


if not, STFU! :)




  • not sure how long this obsession will last. I tend to get into something with a fierce amount of awe, only to drop it later and be embarrassed by it, years later. In the mean time, I love the damn LOLcats and other related memes.
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10/04/07 08:15 - 75ºF - ID#41497

Years Gone By: South Park and Simpsons

New season of South Park has begun as of yesterday. I've been watching it on and off for years. I can't believe that its been on for 10 years now. Ten!!

Those early episodes got me through study breaks while attending UB.

So then that made me think of how long the Simpsons has been on. Has it been about twenty? So I look, and yeh, it sure has. April 1987 it first appeared on The Tracy Ullman Show, and three seasons later it took its own prime time spot. wow.

I was in sixth grade.


Never thought a time line of animated comedy would propel me into thoughts of mortality. heh.

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Category: friends

10/02/07 11:59 - 60ºF - ID#41451

friends in places

Just clearing my head a little bit. No details.. just a general overview.

I'm sad when my friends are down, really really down. I wish to be able to do-say something that really helps. I know they can only figure out things on their own. I know that they know that I am around (and other friends/family).. and they do talk. So at the minimum, my ears are wide open.

One has a really full plate- the primary thing that he ("T") is dealing with is a challenge for me to wrap my mind around. Then there are many issues spiraling off of that main one. A lot of change and decisions are necessary and its anxiety provoking for him. Right now he sees a lot of it as a crisis. I gently point out the excitement and opportunity that can come from these situations; which over time may be possible for him to see and experience as well. Right now, its the transition process taking a toll. As one to need structure, security, and logical progression, it will be a challenge for him, but one that I feel positive that he will be fine about. I think. There is just so much going on! Anyway, I think he is in a good position to step back, reframe the situation and systematically form an action plan; something that will appeal to the structured side of him. Its just getting there..

Another friend has his ("B") immediate life-future up in the air and its killing him inside. This really makes my stomach turn in empathy and helplessness. As opposed to my first friend, he doesn't have as many resources at his side or any sense of security or foundation to stand on. I think he has good coping mechanisms and can be resourceful.. but its going to be a scary ride. Honestly, I don't know if this will plummet him further down the depression abyss. I think he's not in a good position to figure things out, since he has little to work with, which is a warning flag of some sort especially considering the immediacy. Despite his ability to usually take care of himself, his current experience must be weighing him down. I'll attempt to track him down later, what the plan is, if there is one.

so my thoughts are with them. Sometimes we have life moments that leave us feeling weak, exasperated and lost. Often its very temporary but its scary in the moment. Having friends, family and other resources to turn to can ease the burden a bit by sharing the weight. The hard part is choosing/allowing to do that. I think these two are open to that. And so I offer my strong shoulder to them..

still wish I could just twitch my nose, ya know?

On a side yet kind of related note-- has anyone noticed the increase in depression medication ads on tv very recently? As though its extra marketing doled out for the season..
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Category: holiday

09/30/07 02:40 - 52ºF - ID#41412

Halloween activities- Fright World

My friend/date/activity partner, "T" and I have decided to take on as many Halloween activities as we can find and afford. As much as I love Halloween, I haven't really done anything fun in relation to it in years. I gobble lots of candy though :)

We went to Fright World tonight, located on Union. It was an after thought to go, seeing as our original plans to go on a ghost walk out in Springville turned out to be a dud. This would have been called, "terror in the trees", I think. It sounded super cool, and I was looking forward to it. It was a nice long drive out anyways, complete with pretty decent conversation.

So we still want to check that place out, but it appears to either be closed or not exist this year. We had seen info on it online, but the website dates quite possibly may have been from last year. We couldn't find anything along the route, even after stopping at a little convenient store, where the cashier said that many people had been in inquiring of the location of the place. So, yeh, hopefully this place still exists and we can head out another time. I enjoyed the evening ride, so it wasn't for naught.

Fright World wasn't as amazing at House of Horrors, but it still had its worthy components. There is so much to see and do for Halloween, that we are breaking it down to one or two things a week. Its my favorite time of year, so its nice that the activities have begun.

Is apple season over or still in progress? I want to pick apples.

I found this a short while ago..


oh, (e:janelle)....
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ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...