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07/05/06 12:20 - ID#35976 pmobl

testing it out

test. I am going to go set off some major fire works in my back yard. hehe be envious :) jenks.. may need youi to sew me back together! test for image: yeh, I just took a quick pic on the web cam..

"A goal is a dream with a deadline" Margie Blanchard "If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito" "You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish, if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose." ~Abraham Lincoln

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07/04/06 08:53 - ID#35975 pmobl

jumping on board...

the mobility wagon. Get on board friends! I can do it so can you. Sitting at Spot,making it happen.
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Category: holiday

07/04/06 01:44 - 73ºF - ID#35973

American Revolution

So, am I a day late? Am I missing some vital piece of historical information- as in, did we officially declare independence from Britain a day earlier?

I'm confused, why were so many places having fireworks on the third of July? Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Lockprt, Niagara Falls Ontario (ok, well, it was Canada day and the Friendship festival was going on all weekend.. so perhaps that had something to do with it..)

Well, now that is is technically the Fourth of July, Happy Independence Day everyone.

Let me know if there is anything cool going on. Maybe there will be fireworks, say, on the Fourth of July? My plans are otherwise: clean apartment, get hair trimmed (maybe), gather school stuff and work on assignments, either super locally (Orange Cat) or venture a little further out to B-lo (Spot). But thats all during the day..

For your reading enjoyment: I provide you a link to the Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies: nope, I didn't write it.. a bunch of guys did; not sure who they are.. ;)

more charters of freedom:


"Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness), it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government."

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), from the Declaration of Independence

hmmm ,gets me thinking..

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Category: movies

07/03/06 04:54 - 78ºF - ID#35972

7:00 pm Come see movie!!!

I am so intensely tired today! The weekend definitely caught up with me. Not all bad, but I have an apartment to clean and school work to complete..

forget all that!

I think I just need to get out of the house before I fall sleep. again.

So, a movie sounds good. I am going to go to (finally) see, An Inconvenient Truth at the Dipson theater on Main Street-- near UB south campus

7:00 pm come! (see you there, (e:chico) ? hahaha)

alright peeps, call or text me; (deleted)

...gotta get my phone up and running in this mobility stuff!

more info on movie: (e:theecarey,166)

see you later

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Category: reflection

07/02/06 08:05 - 73ºF - ID#35971

when life throws you lemonade

drink it.

I find the idea of drinking a glass of ice cold lemonade on a hot sticky day to be a pleasant combination. Never had been much of a fan of the yellow stuff. Yet the idea of it is appealing. Add to this sitting on a comfortable chair under the shade of the canapy, and we could find ourselves having an afternoon siesta. hmmm perfect.

Instead, I was downing glasses of water while repairing and rebuilding my outdoor gazebo/canapy, which was blown over sometime in the early morning. Blown over, into the neighbors yard, twisted metal and flaps, loose bolts and flaps of material intersperrsed with dirt and colorful body parts from flower pots that toppled over as well.

I arrive home this morning shortly after 8am. oh boy, I didn't expect to see the canapy relocated and upside down. Not sure where to begin, I decide to tend to the flowers, as their exposed delicate flower bits would bake in the sun. As for the metal heap, that would have to be delayed until I had help, and a few hours of sleep.

Literally a few hours later I woke to my step dad knocking on my door. He guessed I would need help. And so we set out to fix what the tornadoous* wind took down... (check carey to english dictionary)

The whole situation was absurd to me. We were bending metal back into shape, re bolting areas that came apart and trying to accomplish something with two people that really should have had four.

I found myself laughing. Whether it was from severe lack of sleep, a carry over from last nights excitement, or just my typical response to a challenging moment, I was having fun with this situation. I just kept giggling. I was lifting a bar up over my headwith one hand, holding another bar in place (in another direction) with the other hand and kicking my shoes off so I could pick up a fallen bolt with my toes all the while maintaining balance and composure. I nearly lost it with my building laughter.

My step dad says to me, "Carey, this isn't funny"

I counter, "yes it is" *giggle*

"no. it isn't," he insists.

I continue, "It is! its absurd! .. is there anything better than rebuilding something that was just put up two weeks ago?" I ask, sardonically.

he follows up with, "glad you think this is a riot"

And then, while he is standing on the ladder, while I am doing this amazing balancing act.. the connector piece (thats holding three bars) falls, two metal bars slip to the ground and the black bolt drops to into the abyss of long dark grass..

and he finally laughs, and I laugh even more..

sweat dripping down our faces, my step dad leaves for a moment (he lives near by) and brings back two red cups full of lemonade.

We sip and we work and walk the canapy back into position.

We have it pretty much wrapped up and I work on the finishing touches -- which includes pulling out a roll of duct tape.

"Carey, you can't fix everything with duct tape"

here we go again..

"yes I can" *big smile* (i am mildly obsessed with fixing thiings with duct tape-- even when something better, more aestetically pleasing or more appropriate is available-- duct tape is it!)

I've fixed my car, I've fixed leaks, I've used it to tie things together, and I will use it to piece back together some of these snapped metal rods. And so I proceeded to do just that...

Fortunately, I have learned to use duct tape in moderation; the canapy is still in its original beige. As I have learned to use duct tape in moderation, it hasn't morphed into a giant shiny gray mummy-pod in my yard, as with other duct tape induced projects and fun. :)

My step dad is happy that it is over and I am happy to have my little hang out standing stong once again. He leaves and I turn to my peaceful surroundings..

After a few hours of cleaning up after the wind/canapy fiasco, tending to my garden (deadheading!) and chatting with visitors.. I found myself sitting in a comfortable chair, in the shade under the canapy, sipping the remainder of my lemonade and thinking about possibilities...

Hope everyone is feeling fine today


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Category: adventure

07/01/06 02:40 - 80ºF - ID#35970

millenium force

Ahhhh!!!!!!!! I am watching Americas Hottest Amusment Parks of 2006 on the Travel Channel. Amusement parks are awarded Golden Ticket Awards for outstanding, fun rides. There are various "best of" categories, such as water rides, new rides, and ROLLERCOASTERS!! (to name a few)

I want to be the person who tests and evaluates the fun actor of various rides. I would like to specialize in rollarcoasters. I would take that job very very seriously...


so, there is this neat little theme park over in Sandusky Ohio, you may have heard of it.. hehe

I am ashamed to say that I have never been to Cedar Point! I used to order their guide every year and drool over the rollercoaster pictures..

Now I just go to the web site.
And watch tv shows on rollercoasters.. mmmmmmm

I need to go on this: (you do too)

oh oh oh yes yes yes ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lets go!!!!!


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Category: life

07/01/06 02:31 - 68ºF - ID#35969

2 am

Sometimes, like tonight, when it gets to be 2 am.. and I know I should be asleep, there is something within me that isn't allowing it to happen.

I havent actually tried to go to sleep yet tonight. I am sure I would drift off quickly... but occasionally it creeps me out to go to sleep, especially the later it gets to be. And then, my dreams get to me..

When its late, like 2am, I begin to hear, imagine and think about things. What do I think about? well, its not anything in specific... just some sort of psychological dissonance that I can't quite figure out.

Sometimes I am just silly. But not this night at 2 am.

Then when you have had a house full of people all evening..talking, eating, laughing (as the night wore on, laughing *really* hard) and then at 2am it is suddenly quiet.. its even more pronounced. I hear the kitchen clock ticking..

I hear the crickets and frogs outside..

I hear the neighbors cats playing with a bottle cap

I hear a late model car drive past my apartment..

I've locked the doors and have turned out most of the lights.; perhaps whatever I am trying to keep out is already inside.

I'd turn the music back on, but it doesn't help..

I am just kind of awake, just hanging in there until I can't keep my eyes open any longer.. No, night tea wont help.. my dream state will only be zanier! (e:theecarey,161)

Why do I have the urge to check under my bed and take a peep into my closet?

Its 2 am and my mind is playing tricks on me.

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06/29/06 12:07 - 67ºF - ID#35968



Lap top on lap and nose in the books as usual; good stuff but very heavy. My short mental breaks are bringing me to (e:strip); a lot. I also notice that when I am on a break/vacation from work, I become a serial (e:strip) poster. I think it has been everyday this week.

In less than two months I will be finished with school, which makes for a busy summer. There are multiple projects, papers, reading and working on thesis/capstone deliverables. You know the deal.

Btw, as promised, here is your weekly *thesis kick*, (e:paul) :)

It is imperative that I chip away at the school projects. This is one time that I can not procrastinate. I have gone as far as setting up a daily framework of expectations. Yeh, sounds silly, but I know that I will otherwise push everything until the last possible moment. Basically what this means is that I am aware of what I need to do and I broke it down into chunks of what should be completed each day. So far, so good; of course I allow for fun and loafing--but not much. This is the approach I intend to use straight through to the end of August.

But by all means, feel free to sway me into taking breaks, having fun, getting out and doing fun stuff (such as Friday bon fire at my pad-s'mores and mojitos, anyone?). I don't want to give up being ME.. I just want to make sure that my normal mode of operation (procrastinate then work fervently just prior to deadline) is not the driving force. If it were just one or two things due, you know I would be pushing it until then... heh.

So, right now I am on a short break from work. It is only Wednesday and I have accomplished a lot so far. My rickety car is an incentive in staying closer to home; sadly, day trips at this point are not an option until I get another (used) car --soon I hope, soon! Just today I took down phone numbers of potential cars.. *crosses fingers*

On the bright side, during this time, I am home catching up on everything I haven't had time for previously; such as laundry, gardening and cleaning out closets.
Oh, and grocery shopping. It is indeed as fabulous as it sounds! :)

On that note, my excursion to Tops- which is morphing into something I like- was entertaining. The store isn't entirely changed yet, but it is incorporating a higher volume of organic, vegetarian and neat-o products that I normally find exclusively at health stores. Hmmm lavender shampoo, vanilla essential oil and all natural face wash... and bulk lentils.

On my walk though, I picked up a jar of Chipotle Sabrosa Spread (basically, a spicy mayonnaise). When I looked at the label to read the ingredients, I noticed there is a "suggested usages" section on the label, which to my amusement (and maybe yours)reads as follows:


"Suggested usages: Spread 'em around! Use on sandwiches, veggies, pasta salad, baked chicken, fish or your spouse. Sabrosa!"

That's funny.

Pasta salad it is.

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06/28/06 12:59 - 70ºF - ID#35967

On being (very) neighborly

I saw a bush in my front yard moving and it scared me. Seriously. It wasnt windy out.. My front door was open and I expected Slayer (my pet name for aforementioned stalker) to be standing there. Instead, it was a porch full of eyecandy.

score. lol

My neighbor and his bros came over to invite me over for a drink,

shit. an Irish car bomb at tthat.

Oh and some SoCo and Lime. Dude, they make 100 proof. (e:kangarooboi) we have a date with that when you come home,!!!!hahaha--or before then.. :)

Yeh, so other than my semi ill fated attempt at my first Mojito of the season (jury is still out on whether it was spearamint or catnip)-- which was 12 parts club soda to one part rum (read: not *really* an alcoholic drink).. its been numerous months since I have had an appreciable amount of alcohol. Its really not my thing-- I get bored with all that easily.. but if its there.. yo, so am I.

Normally I leave it.. tonight I take it.

That mixed with my exercise regimine and strict eating habits during the week (it *is* only Tuesday), I was not sure what kind of effect a drink would have on me. As is, I am a light weight in that department. I never really drink much. What I drink in a year can easily be the amount that someone drinks in a weekend.

But it was cool. My brain ached from all of the school work I have been doing--

so why not chill for a bit?


I didn't have much, but again, it was much more than I have had in a long time (and it still wasnt much). The primary effect that occurs when I have some beverages is that I become very lovable, much more than I already am. I am just a relatively happy, laid back person. I am very much still in tune with eveything.. I am just enhanced.. so yeh, I love you man, hehe. kidding.. But yeh, if you ever want to know stuff.. this is when you ask. But only ask what you want to know answers to! ;)

after a couple of drinks, we headed over to the Stone Jug. It was quiet, but the patio was very nice. How great it was to sit in the fresh air (ok, not exactly fresh, as there was a smoker in the vicinity, yuck).. and to overlook the Niagara River. It was sooo nice of a night.

i want to be in a boat. RIGHT NOW!

and my neighbor has a sailboat (which he is selling, darn.. ) and a big motot boat-- which needs some work (yeesh, get it fixed! this girl is jonsing for a boat ride!!) and a very fun jet ski, which I am pumped for going on, the next outing. YAY!

It is really just a consequence of living in this area. It is a big sailboat/ water toy area.. with the river and lake at the end of the street.

Level Regatta is in a few weeks..

Anyway, it was an impromptu fun night.

And since my brain is not ready to fall asleep or dive back into school work, I thought.. why not make a post.

later gators

ps check my last post on (e:sbrugger) 's last ditch attempt to sell his worldy belongs before he heads out to the the other coast. (*still* not buying a couch for my garage, friend)

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06/27/06 03:40 - 71ºF - ID#35966

"crazy" doen't even come close

Would someone please buy Austins couch, lol

Otherwise a couch is going to end up on my doorstep, with a bill of sale attached to it... as he insists my garage needs a couch, lol

My garage does not need a couch. It needs to be cleaned. It needs a lot of things.. but it doesn't need a couch.

Seriously though.. there is enough stuff to outfit an apartment!!

Contact him if you are looking for something. Seems he has a little bit of everything. Microwave, table, full bed, couch, fan, (cats!) etc.. You need this stuff, or you know someone who needs this stuff... He's moving and won't be taking it across the continent with him! (and I wont be putting a couch in my garage!! haha)

((while I am at it..I am even selling a refridgerator and stove. I am not going anywhere.. just manage to find myself with extra kitchen appliances?))

I should have a garage sale. I need to clean out.. I think I have enough stuff for a sale. Not really sure... If I decide to pull one together, it would probably be successful, as I live in a prime spot of Y-Town for a sale. Its been years since I have had a garage sale. Maybe someone would like to join in on it with me? I have a big yard, long driveway and the requisite garage...

Anyway..hellp the frazzled guy out.. go to Crazy Austin's Mad Sale..

(e:sbrugger) has enough stuff... buy it all.

the sale ads:

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