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Category: travel

08/05/07 11:40 - 81ºF - ID#40396

Lewiston Arts Festival and Esopus trip

There is so much going on this coming weekend! I wont be taking part in any of it, as most likely I will be heading out for the weekend to Esopus, NY to my uncle and aunts country home. It located right on the Hudson river. Its gorgeous and surrounded by woodlands and water. I hope to have some quiet time to go off and explore the surroundings with my camera.

I know we'll have a party one night and a Hudson River cruise the other. And who knows what in between. Perhaps a jaunt around Woodstock or Kingston. I thought of heading into the city for a few days as well, as their city home is just over an hour away. I need to make more definite plans for sometime in the near future. Right now, I have a project that needs to be finished, so being gone longer than a weekend isn't doable at the moment. Maybe the following week :)

I am tempted to not go anywhere this weekend, but I also need to get away and its always great to see my uncles and aunt. They are on the top ten coolest, worldly, intelligent, fashionable people I know.

And I could seriously drive to NYC, right? Their place is located on 79th, which the parkway (9A) is pretty much right there. Not that I would drive around once I am there. Half the fun is walking around, the other half is jumping on and off the subway. Its a conversation to have with them this weekend. Not that I have a car that will make it there., Not that I have a car that will make it to the end of my driveway, haha. Not that I would rent one, because all I would be doing is using it to get there, and that would be way too expensive when there are other means. I don't mind the bus nor the train; as long as I have my iPod and the ability to doze off for a bit. I've never bothered with a plane, even though it usually costs the same anytime Ive looked. Its just the hassle.. but hey, I can try that sometime as well. All I know is that I am itching to wander about, meet up with friends, re stock my coffee and tea supply and eat breakfast at my favorite little diner. Not to forget living off of H&H bagels (open 24/7, always warm, fresh and Right around the corner from my uncle & aunts. (YUM!) and picking up yummy tidbits at Zabars. And whatever else I feel like doing; I need my fix!

Ok, enough of that.

  • What I will be missing, is the Lewiston Arts Festival. GO THERE if you want something to do-- and if you feel like there was something missing from the Allentown Art festival.. like ART, then yeh, you can check it out here. (sorry Allentown, you've disappointed me these past few years.. )

There wont be ANY "which way to parrot bay" margarita yard chotchky signs.

180 artists or so in areas of ceramics, drawing, graphics, printmaking, fiber, glass, metal, mixed media, painting, photography, sculpture, watercolor, wood, jewlery. Also a handful of food vendors and Music!

I also enjoy the WNY Chalk Walk Competition, which runs concurrently with the Arts Festival, located within the same area. This year it is Van Gogh themed. Kenmore East, Grand Island, Lewiston Porter (of course), St Josephs, Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, Niagara Falls, Starpoint, Tonawanda, Niagara Catholic and Depew) are all participants.

10-5 (or 6?) on Sat and Sunday.

so yeh, I am bummed over that one. I always find out the stats before hand, and I did this then forgot I was going to be out of town. Last year I didn't go because I was scrambling with finishing up school.

Anyway--go. Its a short drive from B-lo. 190 N over Grand Island Bridge, exit 24.. sure there are directions in that link above.

  • also missing a book sale (ok, I can get over that one, but I EAT books, I can always use more more more) Also baked goods and chinese auction.

  • "Leap Frogs" to land at Fort Niagara Youngstown-- Uh huh- 15 man group parachute team comprised of US Navy SEAL and SWCC commandos (mmmmm going commando, perhaps?! please?!) They do all sorts of really neat stuff at jumping out at 12,500 ft. Then they make themselves available to the public for questions and sign autographs. (damn damn damn) This is Friday mid morning. I think they will also be at Niagara Falls air show.

  • Artillery demonstration at military fortification (not fornication, Carey). Not so much a fan of the weapon stuff, but since I'm from this history rich area (Y-town), its neat to see and listen to stuff that I had in as a kid.

  • Youngstown friday night summer concert-- Custode and Prarisi-- Jazz and Swing music. I dig it!

I don't think there was anything else. I don't want to know if there is!

I will be enjoying myself across the state surrounding by this:
(taken from Esopus site):
* 40 Square Miles
* Population of 9,500
* Bordered on 3 sides by water
o 10 Miles of Hudson River Shoreline to the East
o Rondout Creek to the North
o Walkill River to the West
* Lush Woodlands and Sparkling Lakes

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08/04/07 09:54 - 77ºF - ID#40382

spam *snickers*

my Gmail (used for subscriptions and random crap) has been quiet all day. My one and only message is a piece of spam that managed to slip through the filter.

"Isn't it about time you screwed like a Champion?--- Really Lay Some Pipe next time you Bang a Chic"

followed by a link to that- something with the word of 'bigshlong' (I'll pass on this one, thank you--but if any of you are interested, I can forward it to you, haha).

The sponsored links include one for "ADT Home Security" and "Knoxville Local Jobs"

??? hahahaha

Anyone else get a kick out of seeing what sponsored links are listed along the side?

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Category: ramble

08/03/07 03:43 - 83ºF - ID#40370

Bright Lights, Big Ass

I'm in the mood to curl up on the couch in my basement, watch a movie and or continue reading Jen Lancaster's most recent book, Bright Lights, Big Ass: A self Indulgent Surly Ex Sorority Girls Guide to Why It Often Sucks in the City or Who Are These Idiots and Why Do They All Live Next Door to Me?" while eating something really good- or something I havent had in awhile. Lately its been something light and simple that I find in my cupboard ie; half a large can of peaches.

Anyway, Jen is great. A must read is her first book:
"Bitter is the New Black, Confessions of a Condescending Egomaniacal Self Centered Smart Ass or Why You Should Never Carry a Prada Bag to the Unemployment Office"

I'm sure Ive mentioned it before.

Sarcastic to the bone; gawd I love her!

I havent given myself a full day off in quite some time, not sure when I will. Not much else to do at the moment. Its been thundering on and off all day with threat of rain. I like that its cloudy- a welcome change from digging, dragging, wheel barrowing, shoveling, planting, mulching, sweating sort of sunny, humid and hot 8 hr day that was yesterday. So I'm home now having to run an errand- and since I am now cleaned up, I don't feel much like going back out and getting myself covered in grossness- primarily because I don't know if I have more clothes to put on, and I can't put on what I was wearing earlier. Once its peeled off, it gets tossed down the laundry shoot. Guess doing a load of laundry is on my friday night itinerary. yay

hmm there is another job I can do that isn't so dirty, so thats a possibility. But oh, ordering in food and a book sounds really really good. I think I can do both. Its early enough.

k, off to find food.
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Category: nerd

08/02/07 10:25 - 70ºF - ID#40353

looking for AC adapter--Toshiba

The AC adapter for my laptop is on the outs. I've taped it up several times to keep the exposed wires guts in place. So, eventually I will need a new one. In all probability--much much sooner than later. yikes.

Now, I know pretty much where and how to find one (ok, simple yahoo search), but I have some questions.

I need a Toshiba Tecra A series ac adapter- PA3283U-1ACA. I know some are compatible, some are not- like, I don't need that particular one. I'm looking for cheap. I'm finding some in the range right now of 25-60 bucks plus shipping. I want cheaper if possible.

Now, my question is.. is there somewhere in particular (online or physical store) that I should buy from? And... is there some universal sort of adapter that I may not be aware of.. or a place I can buy just the piece I need (the part that plugs into the laptop is beat). Or something I can hack, splice, cram together with chewing gum? So I toss it out to you, fair peeps. Must be somethiing I havent thought of!

thank you in advance

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08/01/07 05:13 - 79ºF - ID#40344

Shall see Othello this fine evening

going to Shakespeare in the park tonight. Come join :)

find me!!!
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Category: silliness

07/31/07 10:38 - 85ºF - ID#40334

I has a flavor

spent a better part of my free time on this site.

(e:leetee) you may recognize it-- or atleast you will eventually find your user pic if you dare look through the 100 plus pages of cute and funny pics. :)

random examples of macros posted at this site:

















anyhoo, I got a kick out of it. Good brainless time waster :)

there are a few sites that host this sort of creativity. The Cheezburger one is primarily cats-- lolcats but also loldogs lol--whatever the case may be.
so if feeling inclined to make your own..
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07/30/07 10:01 - 80ºF - ID#40317

The Mulch Diaries

I seriously have nothing else to write about.

The pile

What I typically been looking like upon return home..
Those are bare arms, and thats not hair!!

my pink watch is now reddish brown, along with everything down to my toes.

my shirt used to be white. and yes, thats mulch and again, not hair :X

yeh, the shower is caked with mulch particles. The mulch is a reddish color and looks like blood rinsing from my body. yum.

anyone recognize this bug?? it really loves the purple flowers.. and me. I tried to get a clear pic before it zipped off.



as ass shot:

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07/28/07 08:09 - 83ºF - ID#40286

last weekend of July

I'm about to lay out 13 yards of mulch. This should be a trip-- or atleast one hell of a work out. I aim to start bright and early tomorrow as there doesn't seem to be much to entertain me late into the evening hours tonight. A walk, some reading and then perhaps early to bed; unless something else comes up..

Yesterday, I spent time with Dana at Starbucks. We plotted mid winter get- aways ( lil warmth and sunshine). And lusted over thoughts of wandering around NYC, which I aim to head out in the near future, if I can. We also spoke of possibly heading to the Adirondacks this season for a couple of days- and staying with her Grandmother (?) This would be, Back Bay, if I recall correctly. There is the main house then the guest house and bungalow. Very cool place-- havent been there since the summer I was turning 13. WOW! The building that this Starbucks is in, is a hotel, had a fire alarm go off and we had to evacuate- for me, it was mid order. I wanted my goods before heading out, but that didn't happen. I stood pining away for my drink as we waited for the clear to go back in.

Later on last night, an impromptu visit from Lynn led us to the usual silliness and deep life conversations that typically come with us hanging out. She had called me just prior to to coming over with the comment, "I'm leaving Damian". Which I quickly retorted, "awee. *pause* Cool, can I have him?" followed by giggles. She's always trying to get rid of him (jokingly) and offering him to me. Or when she is being rather mean, I offer to take him as well. Or when he wants to get rid of her for a day, he tosses her my way. Its funny, really. So I knew when she said she was leaving him, that she meant that she was coming over to see me and would be staying the night, given the time. They've been together forever and I see them together forever more. They balance each other well and I am friends with both of them, so its a huge bonus.

Today, some outside work, chilling with friends, screwing around on the computers trying to figure stuff out and then some more outside work- including window washing. Did I mention how good I am at that? haha. Not a bad day at all, but not too thrilling, either.

Looking at everyones veggie plants growing, I am still kicking myself for not putting in at least a few veggies. I'm telling myself- next year for sure! In the meantime, I hit up one of the local farms, I'm loving the tomatoes, blueberries and raspberries right now.

Well, before it gets to dark, I'm going back outside for a bit. The chirping birds are kind of relaxing, a nice back drop while I settle my nerves, bouncing thoughts and so forth.

I could check to see whats going on amongst the Regatta folks. I figured I would have wandered down to see the yacht races today, but the day didn't work out that way. I havent really heard anyone with my being right down the street from the action. The evening is just beginning and that is sure to all change..

Hope all is well and that the Garden Walk and after-gathering at PMTs was splendid!

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Category: movies

07/25/07 10:34 - 80ºF - ID#40253

Balls of Fury and Meat Loaf

Ok, I really want to have all of my blogs in one spot. New ones not as big of a deal, as its easy to cross post. But, as I searched through some MUCH older online ones, I would like, i think, to import them here. Can we do that? haha. Oh man, IO havent looked at these in a couple of years (heh, since joining this addiction, estrip) and WOW and weird and everything else!

I went to see Meat Loaf last night at Darien Lake. Had good seats, parking and all that. It was entertaining. I knew quite a few songs overall. I really enjoyed the band, especially the saxophone. I could listen to the instrumentals forever. Darien Lake is no longer owned by Six Flags, I wonder who the operator is now? I forget that Darien Lake State Park is down the street a bit. As a teen a few of us would camp at the theme park and then when not bouncing from ride to ride, we'd head to the state park and go play in the sand and go swimming.

Speaking of swimming, I really wanted to go today! I've been so freakin busy and the timing hasn't been right these past few days; but its all good. This morning I had an appointment in Lockport, which took longer than thought it would. Not a problem as I usually have a book and a pad of paper (and pocket PC) to entertain myself- but it kinda threw me off for the rest of the day. Afterwards I made an obligatory stop at Starbucks and then made my way home. I wanted to hit up the canal for a walk and wander around the art galleries, but that had to be put on hold. Next time, for sure. I pretty much got everything done that I had planned on today, other than swimming. I think I will pretty much start the day in the pool tomorrow, if I can :)

other random bits off the top of my head:

  • Celino and Barnes are together again. Just saw a commercial with them.

  • Ive learned that I have mad skills in window washing that I never knew I had, haha

  • July is almost over :( and "back to school" signs are everywhere :(

  • I'm eager to venture back to Manhattan- going to make it happen sooner rather than later.

  • Level Regatta sail boat race this weekend- I'll probably wander down and see whats shakin around the village.

  • Would like to go see some movies although its hard to sit still..

From the makers of Reno 911, is a movie about 'illegal underground table tennis' starring Christopher Walken and George Lopez. As a fan of both, I will be eager to see, "Balls of Fury"when it comes out at the end of August.

I just love Christopher Walken.. ha

In the meantime, I will try to get out to see The Simpsons Movie, Sicko and Transformers. Still havent seen Die Hard 4- as much as I am tickled that yet another one came out, I am not necessarily inclined to go see it at the theater- not full price anyways.

Thats it for now! Happy Hump day!

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07/24/07 10:19 - 64ºF - ID#40231

Car stuff

I'm finally bringing my car to the shop tomorrow. I have been monitoring it and driving it very little for about the last two months. There had been a couple of things that I narrowed it down to, which were confirmed through conversation with my mechanic. Nothing that couldn't be driven with, but staying close to home as opposed to my regular jaunts was advised-- at least until I officially got car into the shop!

So that will be tomorrow. I may have continued to hold off but I noticed a leak, pegged it as transmission fluid, found the source- a rather crusty tranny line- which is an easy fix-- fantastic! Basic maintenance for the most part, well, maintenance for a 16 yr old car with 207,000 miles. It really needs a thorough tune up.. and I doubt I was penciled in for one. As is, I am being brought in immediately. So in the morn I'll head out early and bring a book and a cup of coffee for the wait.

I've been looking for an alternate car on and off for about a year, but not with any sort of determination. A choice of a couple of cars are lining up, which I'm getting excited about. All older, which is what I'm after along with comfiness, great engine, lower miles and price. And 4 doors that actually open, ha! Oh, and #1: has to have metal to stick all three of my (e:strip) bumper stickers to!

alright, so thats that. .. and one day soon I will be able to come into Buffalo on my own accord.

Have a good one!
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