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08/26/07 09:04 - 72ºF - ID#40746

Starbooks Down the Espresso Hole

originally posted 8/27/07 at

"Starbooks Down the Espresso Hole"

Starbooks down the Espresso Hole
There is something delicious about wandering the aisles of a bookstore. I'm in my element and feel so at home amongst the shelves of authors writing about a plethora of subjects; admiring their ability to take me into a another world of creativity, enhance my knowledge or simply pique my interest on something I haven't yet encountered.

A real treat is in finding book sellers that cater to old publications. There is sensual pleasure in deeply inhaling the scent of old books, especially those bound in leather. Slowly dragging my fingertips down the spines of literary works; curious of their contents I grasp the book, pull it off the shelf and gingerly open the front cover. The feel of the pages differ from each selection, some smooth like tissue paper, others course and fiberous. The look and smell of the book is just the beginning, it is the contents, the anticipation of reading, that draws me in to the experience.

I want to read it all, and sadly I know I won't. However, I read often and thoroughly and am pleased with the ever growing and ever depleting pile of books in my home. With a recent Amazon order, I just added 14 related books to that pile. Learning and unlearning is my objective, and somehow, I predict Amazon's stock to rise in direct proportion to my orders ;)

As a child, I fell in love with the local village library; our primary source for attaining reading material. Thanks to a keen interest and the assistance of my mom, I learned to read early. I had simple stories mastered prior to kindergarten. I vividly recall often choosing books over toys when allowed to select something for myself at the store. It wasn't an easy choice (can't I have both?), but the book often won out. Words fed my imagination and eventually my imagination produced words. I began writing stories at an early age as well, complete with illustration. How simple, darling and profound those early stories; if they are still around, I would very much like to excavate them. Through reading, writing and drawing, the pictures and words took me places that I could feel in the same sense as though it were tangibly real. More words were eventually produced with the advent of the "diary", later re termed, "journal"; a medium that would serve me well from the age of nine to current, a few weeks shy of 32.

Its been several years since I've checked out a selection from the library. I much prefer to buy books and read them at my leisure and have them to refer back to forever more.

In this love and pursuit of ever expanding knowledge and creative expression, it was with pleasure to accompany my best bud, Dana, to one of the local and larger booksellers, Barnes and Noble earlier today. It never fails that my reaction is that of building anticipation. I edge towards the entrance and pass over the threshold, I am suddenly exposed to books and media in the form of new fiction, best sellers, non fiction, business, religion, philosophy, biographies, summer reading, local authors, magazines, physics, science fiction, bargains, nature and so much more. It used to be that I would feel overwhelmed upon entering- unsure of where to start, who to read, what subjects to pursue, etc. I feel more confident and in control now that I have made a dent, so to speak, even though as soon as I make a dent, it is quickly filled with new material. What is diffent now, from say 15 or even 9 years ago, is that I walk down the aisles and can point to multiple familiar authors and subjects. I've read a lot, but I have a lot to go. Today, I refrained from purchasing, but I did write down a few titles I would like to have in my possession. In short, reading and learning is a constant of mine.

And when combined with caffeine and good company, it is all good.

I like that this Barnes&Noble has a Starbucks situated inside. I've mentioned previously that while I derive pleasure in supporting local business, I will gravitate towards whichever demonstrates quality and consistency- Starbucks wins out for all other coffee offerings in the Western New York area; and this one happens to be next to aisles and aisles of books. As of today, I call that location, "Starbooks". Actually, there are two other Starbucks in the same plaza. With three to choose from- Dana and I pondered where the invisible phase line intersects the three and is there a Burmuda Triangle phenomenon? If found, would we suddenly be sucked into a caffeinated abyss? A black hole? no, more appropriate would be an Espresso Vortex. I tried calling it a "Black Affagotto" but she said it sounded dirty; like that has ever stopped us before. Hello, what other 4th graders were administratively separated from being in same class for 5th grade due to our penchance for all things perverted? hmmm? "U.S. Male" 9 year old typo? I think not.. hahaha

Which just reminded me a decidedly hilarious remark I made today while snickering down the "christianity" aisle holding a book with an expressive Pope on the back cover; and I will stop there. Apologies in advance for any offense I may have caused, but please know, that *everything* is open territory for my sense of humor to explore.

And apologies for being the cause of Dana tearing out a post surgical staple on her belly from uncontrollable laughter. I should come packaged with a warning label.

And so, although I left the bookstore empty-handed, I was pleased to have had the chance to wander around for hours- thinking about what I have read, the books I am currently reading, the ones I have lined up to read next and the ones I have yet to know about..

..and thinking, its time to put all that writing to good use-- I really felt the connection to that thought today, and it felt.. right...


original (e:strip) post 8/26/07, ""

I laugh easily, find humor in most things, but this had me in tears. I can really appreciate a good write up, especially in places you don't quite expect it. I've been sniffing around Woot lately, hoping there is nothing I need, right then and there, cause its so cheap, and i need one NOW. No, yesterday. So far so good; amusing stuff, but nothing that has gotten me spastic. Anyway, the following item was yesterdays I think. Initially I ignored the product description since I have no intentions to go TiVo (although tempting), despite that the product would be free. Realizing I never closed out of the page, I went to do so and something caught my eye. I proceeded to read the whole page. I thought I would share with you, perhaps make you giggle too. They are usually kinda quirky with what they write, but oh oh oh, this got me. Funny, huh? especially when read out loud with dramatic voice inflection. No seriously.

[box] Practically FreeVo

Sign up for a year of TiVo service and receive a $170 rebate - the equivalent of getting this TiVo free, plus $35 towards your service contract.

Look, it's time we had a talk. We're worried about you, and we can't just sit here while you destroy yourself, while you waste your life trapped in a squalid cycle of degradation. Please, for the sake of those who love you: stop watching TV commercials.

The average American watches about 2.5 hours of television every day. About 40 of those minutes are taken up by TV commercials. Multiply that by 50 years, and commercials will have destroyed over 500 days of your adult life. Remember that when you're on your deathbed wishing you could spend one more day with your grandkids.

There is a way out. You're not alone. To fight this epidemic of slow TV death, Woot and TiVo have teamed up to make a limited number of TiVo R54080 Series2 80 Hour Digital Video Recorders available to victims of TV commercial syndrome, for a special sufferer's price. And if you buy one and sign up for a year of TiVo service, you're eligible for a $170 rebate, which will pay for the TiVo itself plus two month's worth of service. We just wish we could do more.

And we haven't even mentioned the time you waste sitting through one show because you're waiting for the next one, or watching some random garbage on TV because nothing good is on. Perhaps it's best that no statistics are available about this more insidious form of time-drain - the full horror would be too overwhelming.

We dream of a world where anyone can dial up the latest episode of Age of Love or UFC Unleashed any time, day or night...where a handicapped child can watch an entire episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody in 22 minutes...where agonized Chicago Cubs fans can process their pain by repeated slo-mo viewings of whatever bizarre misplay keeps them out of the World Series next time. We say to that lonely adolescent boy in the heartland, struggling with new, unfamiliar feelings: "Never again will you miss a Cinemax After Hours feature presentation." We say, to those still scarred by the "smunchy" disaster: "Never again."

You will watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, and nothing more. But we can't do it alone. You have to want help. The road back will be long and rough and littered with those who didn't make it. But with TiVo and Woot by your side, hope is more than just a currently unfashionable girl's name. Together, we can beat this thing.[/box]

Someone on here has a woot-like page set up-- outdoor equipment or something? that could be dangerous for me..

PS Confessions of Matchmaker tonight, 11pm A&E channel 42. See previous post for more info!
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08/25/07 06:14 - 80ºF - ID#40734

Confessions of a Matchmaker

I wrote about this before: (e:theecarey,39775)

I've been watching Confessions of a Matchmaker on and off since its debut back in May, I think. There are a few I need to catch up on, but (e:pyrcedgrrl) has them recorded. yay!

Some of the episodes are really quite hilarious funny. For those that don't know, Confessions is a Buffalo based "reality" show. Auditions then taping occurred earlier this year. My friend, (e:inspiraysean) is on the show, and will be finally making his episode appearance this Sunday, August 26th at 11pm on A&E. Look for "Sean K"

I do believe this is the last episode of the season.

haha, he's been touted as Patti's most difficult case yet. ;)

A little more info about the show taken from their website:

Set in Buffalo, New York, CONFESSIONS OF A MATCHMAKER follows singles desperate for Patti's help, from their initial interview, through the date, and finally, to the often painfully honest follow-up where Patti assesses their performance and reveals whether or not a match has been made. The series goes inside the real world of dating, where people are flawed and sometimes just need a good swift kick. And Patti is not afraid to give it to them. The Simon Cowell of dating, Patti's brutal honesty and gut instincts are like nothing you've ever seen. They may not end up in a hot-tub at the end of every fact, more than likely, they'll end up in hot water with Patti for not following her advice!

I really think that Angela, who appeared on episode three was one of our peeps, (e:angelal) ?-- not that she has been on here in a long long time, to ask.

So anyways, watch it. Its funny. Its Buffalo..
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08/25/07 01:09 - 75ºF - ID#40724

Vodka Question

I'm more apt to have various rums on hand, yet I've recently taken to making a refreshing glass of vodka with pomegranate juice, lime and club soda over ice. I normally don't care what kind of vodka, as it usually blends in with whatever its being mixed with, but with this concoction, I can really tell the difference between a smooth vodka and one that is bottom of shelf pushed way back, covered in dust variety.

So my question is, what, in your opinion is the better/best vodka brand?

..and not crazy expensive.

Thanks :)
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08/24/07 05:53 - 82ºF - ID#40714

Weekend Festivals- Jazz, Arts, BEER, etc

The weekend is officially here! What are you going to do? Looking no further, here are a few activities I've highlighted that are going on this weekend:

Festivals this weekend:
* Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts
* Historic Lewiston Jazz Festival
* Buffalo Beer Fest
(yes, a festival devoted to BEER!)
* Polish Harvest Festival
* Tomato Festival
* Buffalo Irish Festival

Nice thing about festivals is that they can be squeaked in among all the other going ons in your weekend plans.

Elmwood Avenue Festiival of the Arts 25th and 26th

  • 180 Artist booths:
  • Lots of music: (entertainment roster)
  • Food--ofcourse!! (list of participants):

  • Cultural and Environmental Row:
[box]Westerrn New York is rich in arts and cultural organizations that only
enhance our community experience. Cultural/Environmental Row at the
Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts will be showcasing over 35
community organizations. At Environmental Row on Auburn Ave., learn how to decrease energy consumption while lowering your utility bills! Local Theaters, Art Galleries, small community choruses, children's arts and sports organizations will be on hand to share information at Cultural Row on Breckenridge Street. The Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts Environmental Row will be partially powered by The Sunweaver
Renewable Energy Show for the fourth year! Wind Action Group, Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper, and Buffalo Blue Bicycle(Buffalo's latest alternative to the combustion engine) will all be on Environmental Row[/box]

Historic Lewiston Jazz Festival is this weekend, 24,25,&26th

Its FREE!!

  • 30 musicians
---Music schedule/locations:
  • Antique Show
  • Vintage Car Show
  • Kid Stuff

probably food/wine and other nice add ons :)

[box]Jazz Musicians will perform throughout the village of Lewiston, NY in numerous restaurants and lounges -- as well as at a variety of outdoor sites along Center Street -- on Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday. All jazz performances are free to the public.

In addition enjoying jazz played by world-class musicians, attendees at the free event can browse for treasures at a premier antique show, view Jaguars and other classic cars at a vintage car show, and sample a wide array of culinary delights provided by local restaurants and regional wine producers. The Festival is presented by the New York Power Authority (NYPA), the event's founding sponsor, The Lower Niagara River Region Chamber of Commerce, the Village of Lewiston, and the Town of Lewiston.[/box]

Buffalo Brewfest - August 25 2007, 2-6pm - "Come spend the afternoon tasting beer from local breweries, food, entertainment and more". ((ok!))
495 Paderewski Drive, Buffalo 14212

^^director's pick, hehe

Polish Harvest Festival -Sat. Aug 25 to Sun. Aug 26
11:30A.M. - 8:00P.M.
"Festival that celebrates Polish "Thanksgiving." Features Polish foods & beer, live music, farmers' market,crafts, theme baskets, Polish folk Mass (8/26 at 11:00A.M.)"
199 Clark St., Buffalo 14212

5th Annual Tomato Fest Fri. Aug 24 to Sun. Aug 26
8-24-07 12P-9P, 8-25-07 & 8-26-07 10A-8P
"Festival includes delicious daily food, beer garden, farmer's market, Chinese auction, rides, games, crafts, live bands. Tomato Contests: Biggest,Best Dressed,Eating,& Sauce. Fri. - Ms Tomato Pageant.
Sat. - Car & Motorcycle Show. Sat/Sun - Disc Golf Tourney.
Sun. - 5-K race/walk"
Old Lake Shore Rd. & Evangola Parkway, Brant 14081

Buffalo Irish Festival Fri. Aug 24 to Sun. Aug 26
Fri-5p-11p, Sat-noon-11p, Sun-noon-9p
"The 25th Annual Buffalo Irish Festival featuring foods from Ireland & US, including Irish bangers,corned beef & cabbage, potato chowder, scones, soda bread,Irish stew, & a variety of beers. Goods & Craft vendors, Irish Step-Dancing, & live music."
5600 McKinley Pkwy, Hamburg 14075

more activities info for WNY area:

Not sure yet what I am up for; any one or all of them sound good. Beerfest is at the top of my list, I think.. I could just open my fridge for a nice selection.

Anyway, have fun whatever you choose! :)


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08/23/07 11:29 - 77ºF - ID#40700

Dental Floss of the Computer World

I'm looking to pick up a back up storage device. bad things can happen when you don't-- and it needs to be done regularly! I have a load of crap on various disks and such, but it becomes bulky and redundant; and not really safe in the long run. I want to be able to schedule back up, adding incrementally as I go. So yeh, thats on my wish list.

Also am sniffing around purchasing a new desk top. My needs are not being met with a laptop, although, I can't live without one of those either. Just need different stuff for different needs. My current desk top serves as the hub for mobility with my laptops. It is approximately 9 years old- a gateway dinosaur that has been really good to me and I have no intentions of ditching it-- but I do need something updated, that can multi task and have enormous amount of storage, etc. My intention for old desk top is to do something fun with it-- make it a server; make it connect every other computer together-- keep it part of the 'family'. My hands have been inside its tower too many times to abandon it completely. I have ideas, just not sure which i will follow through on.

I also need a new monitor for that desk top. The current one is crackling-- probably a lot of dust deep inside. Dust is a culprit of many malfunction. Keep all of it clean, clean it inside and out.. and your comp will be happy. Your comp might not be dead.. just dirty.

As for a new desk top, I entertain thoughts of building from scratch- something I always said I would do when I was ready for a new desktop. Or do I purchase from factory? The prices are pretty decent now- -although, the more I look, the more discerning and greedy I get, upping the price well over what it rightly should be for a desk top. Now that CompUSA is closed, where do i go to buy my parts?? I like to be somewhere that i can stand in front of the physical parts and drool while I contemplate all that goes into the end product. I began searching for pther places to go, with out much luck. Any ideas??

Computer stores where are you????

if I buy factory-- Gateway (eMachines ?)has always served me very very very well. Not sure what has changed over time, but I'd consider going to them to see what they have to offer.
Dell , HP , Acer (I don't know anything about this brand) and emachine seems to be the immediate PC companies.

I'm still skeptical of Windows Vista

24 inch screen monitors are neat.

And so, thats where I am at. Ooh, the replacement ac adapter power cord I recently ordered for my Toshiba Tecra came in-- laptop is working, so far so good. yay! no jack soldering for me!

and damn, if I don't need to learn more about my Cingular 8125 PocketPC Ive been real lazy on getting a few things going on that. Atleast I am now remembering that if I don't have an actual notepad and pen to write with, I have my PocketPC notepad and sytlus-- although my writing kinda sucks with it..

one of my book shipments came in, The Elegant Universe by Brian Green. I know I have read parts of it before, but don't have it in my posession. Now I do!

Have I mentioned how freakin great, Discipline by Paco Ahlgren is? I really need to do a more formal write up, since I will just otherwise keep yammering about it, without saying anything about it.

Hurray, almost Friday!

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08/22/07 07:53 - 78ºF - ID#40679

Old and New, Now and Then

I'm sure most of you have noticed that Halloween stuff is emerging everywhere as of late. Its the best "holiday" ever- but as with everything, let it arrive when its meant to, not pushed at us months before. I was just getting over, "back to school supplies" in the beginning of July, then the onslaught of Halloween goods.. but today, I saw aisles of.. CHRISTMAS decorations and wrapping paper! WHHHHHYYYY???!!!!!!!

My bank is in Lockport, I needed to run out there today for that and other errands, so I also stopped at Starbucks to waste some time. It was rather crowded and after chatting with the Baristas for a bit, I still had 20 mins to kill. A Dollar Tree is located immediately behind Starbucks, so I wandered over there. Thats when I was hit with Halloween goods (again, shock is now over), but when I rounded the end of those asiles, I was propelled into the aforementioned Christmas garb. eh..

Nothing humored me in that store (other than a Mabelline lip gloss), so I made my way back out and instead took the long way to the other side of town (trip down memory lane, more or less) for my "appointment".-- ok, so I ordered a pizza from Pizza Oven, something I haven't had in probably a decade. Their pizza has a unique sweetness and texture to it. Its just as I remembered. And I ordered it as I always had done before-- green sweet peppers and onions. Yum!

Since I have sat down at the computer, within 10 minutes, through email, I heard from 3 people from my long ago past. Its weird, funny and disturbing all at the same time. I mean, it shouldn't surprise me with this little thing called the internet and all, especially when I am easily found on Myspace-- which is why I have it to begin with, I know all but two people in real life-- but it always surprises me who comes out of the woodwork and finds me. Some people its been several years; but its nice to know (for the most part) who's been curious and stuff. oh, THEN my phone rang. There is a reason I don't answer unless I know the number on the caller ID. Anyway, as I usually have been documenting here over time, "stalkerdude" called again. Its been several months since the last call. but now THREE YEARS since last encounter. gah! No message as usual, which is good- but this time his name came up on caller ID. For those that call me at home, know that my messages are usually something not in my voice-- don't want to encourage this guy to call and actually hear me. And since it had been quite awhile, I was just thinking of changing it to me saying the message. So thats that..

Also have so many thoughts flowing through my head that I really wish it could all come out without me having to write it-- my fingers can't possibly keep up, and it flows so well in my mind-- but sitting to type it out gets all scrambled. Know what I mean?? But it'll come out.. just need to get into that mode-- that writers element.. Its like its brilliant in my head, but will I be able to get it out and have the same feeling, presence and understanding emerge as elegantly and effortlessly?

PS Ladycroft- thanks for thinking/knowing that I would "get" that quote. It also made me think of all of our conversations over the years-- from the time of us being little girls through the dorky teen years to the girl/woman we are now and have yet to become. Those profound convos are cherished always. And damn if we weren't on to something!

pk, lets see of i can get into my element..

Iced triple orange mocha latte. check.
Laptop- not preferred one, also old and clunky but working. check.
Belly satisfied, no need for eat breaks. Check.
Nighttime, but not too late to emerge into writing world. check.
Mind agitated and ready to release thoughts.. check!

pss. I crack up over those "clearasil gives you confidence" commercials.

Night peeps!

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08/21/07 11:18 - 65ºF - ID#40668


Discipline Amok

I'm back in book-eating mode; I was kinda concerned there for awhile, not being able to sit down and focus on the pages before me. Sure Ive been busy with little down time, but normally I would slip into a book whenever I had the chance. So thats all behind me. In the last two weeks, I have done some catching up. A previous mention of Jen Lancaster's, "Bright Lights, Big Ass: A self Indulgent Surly Ex Sorority Girls Guide to Why It Often Sucks in the City or Who Are These Idiots and Why Do They All Live Next Door to Me?" was just what I needed to start off getting through the pile of books waiting to be read. Followed by "What the Bleep Do We Know", then Paco Ahlgren's, " DISCIPLINE " (fucking fantastic!!- write up later), and now just finishing up, Jim Al-Khaili's"Quantum, a Guide for the Perplexed". A run to Barnes and Noble last night provided me with another physics book ("Reinventing Physics from the Bottom Down") and Kate Chopins anthology, "The Awakening" (19th century writer), not that I intend to read her anytime soon.

My laptop needs an ac adapter. I finally ordered one, as the continual fraying of the cord (even with electrical tape) was hindering the ability to use the computer. I ordered it off of Amazon. I rarely ever shop online, even though it is the ideal environment if I have to shop. Anyway, with it being Amazon, and me being the big (albeit cute) nerd that I am, I eagerly accessed the book portion of the site. Oh how easy it to click! click! click! to the shopping cart. Amazon stock should rise in direct proportion to my purchases this week. :-O It was difficult to slow myself down and stay within a reasonable limit. Book binging is an area that I am not disciplined in. So yeh, I'll be just finishing off my current pile when the books come in sometime next week.

Besides needing an AC adapter.. I wonder if I will need a jack as well? I am all gung ho for opening up the laptop, ripping out the old jack and soldering in a new one.. but.. BUT.. not sure if I trust myself to get it done correctly- as in, not frying the motherboard or melting something integral to the function of the unit. Well, I feel that I could do it, and it would be fun to try, but since there is little (or no) room for error, I don't feel inclined to risk it. Atleast not on *my* laptop, haha.SO I must refrain from this DYI. I'll know more what needs to be done once I get the AC adapter in my possession.

Temps are rising again-- hope to get more swimming in before the season is officially over. Ive been doing a lot of landscaping/house fixing/ laborious activities. Swimming is a nice balance- I think it wears me out above the other activities and I enjoy it most. Friday should prove to be a good day to go! The fall is my favorite time of year, but summer can hang on for a while longer.

I still have pics to post-- but not until I get my laptop up and running again. Although Im back to reading mode-- havent felt much up for writing lately. My passions ebb and flows..
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08/14/07 10:05 - 77ºF - ID#40548


jeez I have a lot to catch up on. That is what happens when you neglect to read up on everyones business here by leaving for a few days. Seriously, there are so many posts to try to read! Glad its been busy around here :)

Trip to Esopus/Kingston was pleasant. Love the area my Unc lives in. Right in the Shaupeneak mountain trails area. Took some pics and all that jazz, will eventually post as long as they fit the size for the site. Not sure what size/res I took them at. My new hikers are super comfy, but also super heavy. I felt like I was dragging my feet at times, but I like them, so its fine.

Now I'm just settling back in from the trip. Always good to be home. Cats stuck to me like velcro- they are kinda needy, especially after Ive been gone for a bit. Yeh, so.. unpacking, putting things away (yuck), cleaning up in general. Very boring day overall. On the plus, I listened to newest Tegan and Sara I picked up yesterday on a Target run while I worked on the after-trip chores. Added a bounce to my step.

Yet my little trip to Target cost waaaaaaay more than I intended. I went in *just* for cat litter. and then saw some cat toys (furry mice, lazer thingy).. and then some CDs ...and then..
uh huh..

then I saw that all seasons of Smallville are on sale...


I rarely go into stores, and when I do, I am in then out as quickly as possible. I don't know what was up with me at Target.

So off to bed early-- early and long day tomorrow.


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08/05/07 11:40 - 81ºF - ID#40396

Lewiston Arts Festival and Esopus trip

There is so much going on this coming weekend! I wont be taking part in any of it, as most likely I will be heading out for the weekend to Esopus, NY to my uncle and aunts country home. It located right on the Hudson river. Its gorgeous and surrounded by woodlands and water. I hope to have some quiet time to go off and explore the surroundings with my camera.

I know we'll have a party one night and a Hudson River cruise the other. And who knows what in between. Perhaps a jaunt around Woodstock or Kingston. I thought of heading into the city for a few days as well, as their city home is just over an hour away. I need to make more definite plans for sometime in the near future. Right now, I have a project that needs to be finished, so being gone longer than a weekend isn't doable at the moment. Maybe the following week :)

I am tempted to not go anywhere this weekend, but I also need to get away and its always great to see my uncles and aunt. They are on the top ten coolest, worldly, intelligent, fashionable people I know.

And I could seriously drive to NYC, right? Their place is located on 79th, which the parkway (9A) is pretty much right there. Not that I would drive around once I am there. Half the fun is walking around, the other half is jumping on and off the subway. Its a conversation to have with them this weekend. Not that I have a car that will make it there., Not that I have a car that will make it to the end of my driveway, haha. Not that I would rent one, because all I would be doing is using it to get there, and that would be way too expensive when there are other means. I don't mind the bus nor the train; as long as I have my iPod and the ability to doze off for a bit. I've never bothered with a plane, even though it usually costs the same anytime Ive looked. Its just the hassle.. but hey, I can try that sometime as well. All I know is that I am itching to wander about, meet up with friends, re stock my coffee and tea supply and eat breakfast at my favorite little diner. Not to forget living off of H&H bagels (open 24/7, always warm, fresh and Right around the corner from my uncle & aunts. (YUM!) and picking up yummy tidbits at Zabars. And whatever else I feel like doing; I need my fix!

Ok, enough of that.

  • What I will be missing, is the Lewiston Arts Festival. GO THERE if you want something to do-- and if you feel like there was something missing from the Allentown Art festival.. like ART, then yeh, you can check it out here. (sorry Allentown, you've disappointed me these past few years.. )

There wont be ANY "which way to parrot bay" margarita yard chotchky signs.

180 artists or so in areas of ceramics, drawing, graphics, printmaking, fiber, glass, metal, mixed media, painting, photography, sculpture, watercolor, wood, jewlery. Also a handful of food vendors and Music!

I also enjoy the WNY Chalk Walk Competition, which runs concurrently with the Arts Festival, located within the same area. This year it is Van Gogh themed. Kenmore East, Grand Island, Lewiston Porter (of course), St Josephs, Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, Niagara Falls, Starpoint, Tonawanda, Niagara Catholic and Depew) are all participants.

10-5 (or 6?) on Sat and Sunday.

so yeh, I am bummed over that one. I always find out the stats before hand, and I did this then forgot I was going to be out of town. Last year I didn't go because I was scrambling with finishing up school.

Anyway--go. Its a short drive from B-lo. 190 N over Grand Island Bridge, exit 24.. sure there are directions in that link above.

  • also missing a book sale (ok, I can get over that one, but I EAT books, I can always use more more more) Also baked goods and chinese auction.

  • "Leap Frogs" to land at Fort Niagara Youngstown-- Uh huh- 15 man group parachute team comprised of US Navy SEAL and SWCC commandos (mmmmm going commando, perhaps?! please?!) They do all sorts of really neat stuff at jumping out at 12,500 ft. Then they make themselves available to the public for questions and sign autographs. (damn damn damn) This is Friday mid morning. I think they will also be at Niagara Falls air show.

  • Artillery demonstration at military fortification (not fornication, Carey). Not so much a fan of the weapon stuff, but since I'm from this history rich area (Y-town), its neat to see and listen to stuff that I had in as a kid.

  • Youngstown friday night summer concert-- Custode and Prarisi-- Jazz and Swing music. I dig it!

I don't think there was anything else. I don't want to know if there is!

I will be enjoying myself across the state surrounding by this:
(taken from Esopus site):
* 40 Square Miles
* Population of 9,500
* Bordered on 3 sides by water
o 10 Miles of Hudson River Shoreline to the East
o Rondout Creek to the North
o Walkill River to the West
* Lush Woodlands and Sparkling Lakes

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08/04/07 09:54 - 77ºF - ID#40382

spam *snickers*

my Gmail (used for subscriptions and random crap) has been quiet all day. My one and only message is a piece of spam that managed to slip through the filter.

"Isn't it about time you screwed like a Champion?--- Really Lay Some Pipe next time you Bang a Chic"

followed by a link to that- something with the word of 'bigshlong' (I'll pass on this one, thank you--but if any of you are interested, I can forward it to you, haha).

The sponsored links include one for "ADT Home Security" and "Knoxville Local Jobs"

??? hahahaha

Anyone else get a kick out of seeing what sponsored links are listed along the side?

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paul said to ladycroft
Nice to "see" you. I let the CPR ads stay because at least it was something lol...

ladycroft said to joe finger went spastic. ...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...