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Category: friday

04/21/07 12:06 - 46ºF - ID#38981


yeh, i havent been there in awhile, but I am heading out tonight.

come join

smoke some cloves

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Category: friday

04/20/07 01:31 - 60ºF - ID#38976

inhale exhale

um yeah, Happy 420 -- pass it on ;)

I forgot it was easter but i remember 420, haha

I head out for a walk probably just about every single day of the year. Any sort of weather will do. Even when I don't really feel like it, at the time that I would normally go, my body starts itching to do it. Same thing happens when on a regular schedule for the gym.

anyhoo-- with the sunshine, it really makes a difference- puts an extra bounce in the step. you know how it is :)

that is all.

so go on and inhale the sparkling air.

or anything else you choose to inhale ;)
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04/19/07 09:40 - 54ºF - ID#38964

Distance around delaware park

Ok, out of curiosity- what is the distance around Delaware park? I've never really wondered before.. just walked around 2-3 times before getting bored of the scenery.

unless there are Rugby players, then I can't seem to walk at all.

they were out today :)

and so many other people.

a very nice day, indeed.

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Category: entetainment

04/19/07 11:43 - 47ºF - ID#38956

Dark Shadows

First, thank you very much (e:zobar) , (e:mrmike) and (e:ladycroft) for the push reel lawn mower information. I will look around and see what I can find :)

I've rarely been able to commit to watching a television show. Even with VCR's and now Tivo/DV-R (alright, so maybe, just maybe if I had the latter, I might become a junkie).

Sure there have been and continue to be shows that I catch- but they are more likely ones that do not require week to week season to season follow through. ie; Law and Order, Seinfeld, Family Guy, Roseanne reruns

There was one show in the early 90's I remember really getting into. I caught it on tv at a friends house and found myself mesmerized.

Does anyone remember, "Dark Shadows: The Revival" ?


I don't remember much about it. Other than vampires, cool period clothing and some interesting looking men. The plot must have intrigued me as it was the one show that I really liked and wanted to watch forever. I kept at it for several episodes until it suddenly went off air.

Ever since then I would fondly think back to that show. I wanted to find it and finish watching it! I remember in the mid nineties (pre household internet access) seeking out information on it.

At some point I realized that it was based on the series, "Dark Shadows" which ran 1966-1971.

At the time I thought my show was just "dark shadows" which may or may not have had "revival" in the title line, or rather I didn't notice or care. Didnt actually know until that that it was based on an original series. And that is all I would find when I would look for "Dark Shadows" anywhere.

original series and some info on the revival:

Several more years passed and forgot about looking for the show that I knew. Perhaps it never existed, or that I go the name wrong.

It wasnt until very recently that i thought about it again and decided to look for it.

found it.

One year it was on, back in 1990-1991 and then suddenly ended, as i recall.

from wikipedia

Although it was a huge hit at introduction (watched by almost 1 in 4 households according to official ratings during that time period), an untimely international incident would inflict a fatal wound to the show. The onset of the Gulf War caused NBC to continually pre-empt or reschedule the early episodes resulting in viewer confusion and a loss of momentum. In the end, it was canceled after only 12 episodes.

I am thrilled to have the episodes in my possession. I'm hoping I will love it as much I had or perhaps I will love it for other reasons.

I am now curious about the original series. That went on for 5 or 6 seasons, which are also available for purchase. I would need to watch a few before I decided to buy them all.

There are other shows that I would eventually like very much to buy as I have seen a few and loved them, then found myself not willing or able to watch them weekly.

all at once or at my leisure on dvd, sure.

Smallville is namely one of them (LOVE!!!). I catch occasional new ones and plenty of old ones in syndication, but I want them all to watch in order. And now, Heroes. Began to watch it when it very first started, but missed one or two, then decided not to watch it so as not to be so confused with story line. I totally loved what I did see and I am hoping someone has been recording them this past season :)

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Category: nature

04/18/07 07:43 - 42ºF - ID#38948

sunshine baby, yeah!

Haha, (e:jenks) your comment inspired this post.

It was really neat- within half an hour of making my prior post, (aksing kindly for the sun to shine) the clouds parted and the sun came out- full on and strong and it stayed!! Its well after 7pm (some 5 hours later) and it is still shining bright.

"Do you live somewhere different than I do?! Grass? Green? Lawnmower? Last time I was outside (granted it was almost 12hr ago) it was cold and grey and rainy. Did it get nice out while I've been working?!"

yes, the grass is green and crazy long. Looking out my window, it appears to be wild field of long blades, as opposed to the usually manicured lawn that it is.

A few miles makes some difference. Some are in a snow band, others in a sunshine band? Youngstown area does have a little bit of different weather at times- not that it makes any sense- and not all of the time.. but its a noteworthy phenomenon. Such as, it can be a blizzard everywhere else, and as soon as you are within feet of the village- sun and greenery. I bitched about it a lot these past couple of years- skiis up against the door waiting for use at one of the local parks. Or when I lived full time in Buffalo- I'd come visit friends/family this way, and I would be in awe of the difference- probably bitching that it was so 'nice' in comparison. Its a quirky little thing. Today, I was glad I had to be in Y-town for company arrival.

i am just so tickled that the sun came out. I sooooo needed that!!! thanks :)

after my company left, i took off for a long walk. perfect!

only armed with my cellphone, I snapped a few pics..

proof of sun!
proof of green grass!
proof of long green grass!
(just being silly)

now lets please crank up the heat factor a little bit :)

ok.. soooooooooooo not a big deal, but I am easily amused.

at the Fort..




various lawn pics. why not?

clumps of cut grass


fresh cut today - mower blades cut too close, IMO


ooh not to mention another great thing about spring time as you all know- but the great sounds of frogs and other little noise making creatures. For the next couple of months, I can hear them through both open and closed windows. No need for my little machine that makes those noises to sleep to!

Spring is great when it is really truly here! so come on sunshine!
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Category: potpourri

04/18/07 02:20 - 40ºF - ID#38940

grass is greener

I love the sound of lawn mowers as it depicts, in my mind, one of the many sights, smells and sounds of summer.

Despite the cool dark days, the grass is deep green and growing quickly. I have seen people mowing all week. My own yard having been one of them just a few days ago.

My neighbor, with his obnoxiously loud riding mower is a welcome sound today. He is off riding in his yard, but it sounds like he is on my porch. Goodness, is that a cherry bomb muffler?? I feel desperate for sunshine. The mower rattling in the background makes me think, on some level, that we will have sunshine soon. *sigh*

It smells nice outside and the temps are warmer than I think they are, especially now that I am back in Y-Town, by 5 degrees. So this is really about sunshine. Bring it on, please.

Ooh, I want one of those old school lawn mowers- the twirly blade kind that operates on your own energy. Gah, I can not remember what they are called- something other than push mowers. We had one when I was a little girl, and I think PMT has one. Is there a specific name? And where do I find them?

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Category: silliness

04/17/07 12:07 - 36ºF - ID#38927

A Way Out

After much conversation and finishing off a grande caramel macchiato with an extra espresso shot, it is predictable that one would need to use the bathroom.

I went into the facility: I open the door and immediately in front of me is one toilet, to the left on the same wall as the toilet is one sink, and the opposite wall from that is the free standing garbage can. Gray floors and walls complete the picture, well almost. Plain, but clean. Its all that I ask for and more.


In the process of things, I turn 1.5 feet to my right and locate the sink. After washing and drying my hands, I navigate 2 feet behind me and toss the paper towel into the garbage can.

Now I'm stumped. How do I find my way out of the 5X6 foot bathroom? I must have left my compass in my other bag when I switched out purses. Drats. I find no secret portal in the waste can. The sink drain appears not big enough to squeeze my 5'9" frame into. I contemplate flushing myself down the toilet, but think the better of it.

I spin around a few times until I look directly up, and notice the EXIT sign in the small 3.5 wall room (1/2 of one wall is taken up by the door I came in with).

Oh the door, yes.. thats how I should proceed to get back out. I am grateful that there was an EXIT sign lit up to show me the way. heh.



I really don't think I have noticed this anywhere before-- fire codes and all. Really-- an exit sign in a tiny bathroom??
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Category: body

04/16/07 01:34 - 36ºF - ID#38914

u can pick your friends..pick your nose

Around this time last night I was getting ready for bed. Was actually quite surprised that I made it as long as I did considering the prior nights lack of sleep.

Figured I would clean my piercing one last time before jumping into bed. Standing in the bathroom mirror, I accidentally pulled the little cork screw right out of my nose. ouch.

Tried to put it back in but without success. I was getting worried that if it didn't go back in that it will most likely be closed up by the time I am able to get to a parlor. Oh and what if I couldn't find one open on a Sunday?

1:43 am. I head a little ping sound come from my computer. I decide to go look. (e:pyrcedgrrl) had signed on to AIM. I tell her of my late night mishap. Having plenty of prior experience (hence the user name) she provided me instruction, which I went and tried to follow to no avail. Her next set of instructions basically went something along the lines of "sit down, put ice on your nose and I'll be over".

She drives out to my house some 20 minutes away in the middle of the night to help get the jewelry back in place.

I'm sitting on the couch when she walks in. She heads straight to the bathroom with a small package. In the door way, I see her snap on a pair of latex gloves. I crack up over this sight and over the hilarity of the situation. I proceed to follow her into the bathroom, where I lean up against the counter and close my eyes- prepping myself for pain. I know I am in good hands as my friend sticks her finger up my nose. All I could think of is some phrase about, "you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose but you can't pick your friends nose".. and I thought, well that boundary was just broken. lol

mind you, she is an ex piercer. she knows her stuff and in just moments she had the little gold corkscrew back in place. My nose just slightly tending much like a week ago when it was originally pierced.

I was all amped up after that- a combination of "matter solved" and the extended amount of time since I last slept. We continued to chat for awhile before she headed back out.

Two packs of gum were temporary payment :)

I finally fell asleep around 5am and slept till noon. Then slept on and off all day, since I still felt entirely out-of-it.

Going to try to go to bed again- and get back to normal tomorrow, whatever that is ;)
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Category: reflection

04/14/07 09:16 - 43ºF - ID#38891

trailblazing with "new shoes"

I love how on occasion when I am severely lacking sleep I am overflowing with bouncy energy.

For whatever reason, I could not fall asleep last night. I tried around one a.m.,ut there was an ever increasing energy beginning to surge through me. I know my tax filing did not get me all riled up. Prior to that I had taken a good long walk around the city (brr!). No caffeine or other stimulants. So no good reason to be so awake and bouncy most of the night. I got up and walked around my room about an hour later- trying to be quiet so as not to disrupt the rest of the house. That didn't help after I laid back down- so I tried reading. nope. Closed my eyes and just let myself think.. knowing that I would eventually doze off.

When I finally did, a thought surfaced- 'carey you are asleep'-- so what do I do but wake up and pretty much agree with myself that yes, I was indeed asleep! Sounds like a nutty thing to do, but my sleep/dream/semi conscious state is weird. Compounded by my occasional acting out. I also tried to pull my fresh nose piercing out- I fully woke before the sting of pain came. (I'll post a pic eventually. Ive been lazy on the pic posting)

so I set my alarm for 8:30 am, having made plans late the night before. I woke 45 minutes early- (did I really ever truly fall asleep) and got out of bed bursting with energy. It was going to be an obnoxious day.

A very busy and fun day-- the kind where you are laughing so hard that a few snorts escape, double over in gut hurting giggles and other moments of random hilarity. I'm finally home (evening plans nixed, drats) and am still very ready to go.

I'm feeling rather sassy on top of it all and a bit 'anticipatory'- not sure how to explain that other than something is brewing and I like it, even if it isn't clear yet what it is.

Having recently added to my piercing and tattoo collection, I'm curious as to the whereabouts of some of my old friends who had been in the piercing/tattoo apprenticeships. I wonder if they are still into it or have their own shops etc. At the place I got my most recent tattoo, I had seen some flash artwork that looked much like the style of an old friend who i lost contact with. Actually even the name he uses was the same- so most likely is the same person? I took some info down to see if I can locate him- how fun! Its been several years, and it made me realize how much time has gone by...
.. and how much that whole atmosphere is fun, creative, energetic and lucrative. Not for me, but damn theres good money if you have the artistic skills.

I also decided that if I went for my doctorate, it would be for 'shits and giggles'. This thought came about because just prior to finishing my masters i began to really check into doctoral programs and sending them my info, transcripts, etc. Having decided that I wanted to live a bit more freely before I make such a decision, I halted the process. This past week I have heard from two of the universities again, not that I returned the phone calls. There is a lot to consider when deciding on furthering your education. For some it is for career advancement, for some it is for the challenge, for some it is for ego, for some it is for varying external expectations, for some it is for having choices, for some it is to limit choices.. so many reasons and logistics, finances, life considerations. For me, I think it would fall into the challenge category- but what an expensive way to be challenged! I have to determine what I want to do and decide if the education needed to pursue it is indeed necessary and if so, am I willing to do what I have to for it. Or are there other equally challenging, stimulating and pleasurable alternatives (i'm a hedonist). In the meantime I know that if I 'feel' it, then that is the direction I will head. If not, than I wont be worried about it. It is all my choice no matter what. As there is nothing specific I want to focus in on at this time, I will continue to further explore and experience life. I love that I can do that. I am immensely grateful to have the confidence, curiosity and faith to do so. As a free spirit, I like to try new things, come and go and experience various aspects of life. When I was full time work/full time school for several years, I loved that aspect of life. Once I decided that I needed to experience other aspects that did not fit at the time, I made decisions and actions that led me to have the opportunity to do just that. And that is where I am at right now.

I'm curious to try new things, to function outside of my own 'box' that I have been in. For a simple analogy- All of it leads to the same place, but in those travels, a change of shoes is sometimes necessary. the treads wear down, laces break, energy plummets, its more effort-ful to get to where you want to go. Along the way, new shoes are available if you allow yourself to stop and try them on. If its a good fit, the qualities of those shoes can keep you going, renew your energy, your focus returns to the scenery and not the pain in your feet. You might find that wandering off path is a welcome diversion- a chance to explore, see and experience new things- knowing that you'll reach your destination but with some interesting things along the way. When that pair wears down, another is always available. I know some people who have been wearing the same 'shoes' for their whole life- thinking that they'd rather tread in the shoes that they know well rather than break in a new pair. Choosing misery over comfort. I also know people who have realized that their old shoes hurt- and with amazing courage (and trepidation) have kicked them off to realize what an amazing feeling to stretch the toes. A new pair readily insight, it isn't long before the break-in period get them comfortably back on the trail. Hey, if they are comfy and serve you well, than keep on keeping on. If they are no longer serving you, then free those toes and try on a new pair. So go and follow the trail you are on, veer off to another path or make a whole new trail. As for me? well darlin' I love new shoes ;) and I love to explore!

And so, with an assortment of "shoes" to try on, I also check out the details of the trail. I've been heading in one direction, so why not go off and explore another.

As I try new things, expose myself to new people, situations, activities- I'll naturally gravitate toward whatever holds a common theme. There are projects that I have worked on in the recent and far past that I want to continue with- parts that have felt scattered- and I deeply wish to make great strides with them and have something to show for it. Perhaps that will be something to amp up my efforts on and get a clearer expectation and direction from those that are involved as well. I may be a free spirit, get bored rather easily- but my commitment is solid once I make that decision. And I love to see things through to fruition. I love the excitement, energy and challenge of building something I believe in- especially working with others- bouncing ideas, follow through, bringing our strengths to the table, making it work.. There is so much going on in life- I choose to enjoy it as much as I possibly can on as many levels as I possibly can.

life is a really cool thing!

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Category: ramble

04/14/07 12:30 - 37ºF - ID#38882

Claiming Jack Daniels

well, I did it. I finished my taxes. I'm tickled that I finished them a whole day ahead of schedule. I worked on them online as opposed to using the paper forms. It wasnt necessarily easier, but I can skip the postage stamp. Actually, with the 15th deadline being on Sunday, taxes are extended for filing until the 17th.

oh, and its friday night. I need a relaxing beverage after all that-- or perhaps I should have been "hyrdrating" myself during. The filing wouldl have looked a little something like this:

name of dependents

1. Joey (pets count, right?)
2. Kayla
3. Jack Daniels
4. Jim Bean

you get the idea.. haha, actually (e:pyrcedgrrl) put that idea in my head.

I'd gladly come up with a more complete parody tax file- but need fresh brain cells for that. sooo not happening right now!

Well, although a drink sounds super fab right now, I have been recently informed that I need to drag myself out of the house early in the morning ;) so instead a cup of tea and sweet dreams will conclude my wild friday night adventures.

Oh, this cracked me up:

on Mad TV last night..
Parody of Jewels' Intuition


k, thats it for now :)

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