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Category: silliness

02/14/06 10:41 - 33ºF - ID#35880

dirty laundry

Earlier at work I climbed up onto the counter. I needed to reach for some supplies that were up on top of a super high cupboard. While I am grabbing the goods, I hear below and behind me, someone whistle, followed by "sexy undies Care".

at any given time, my butt can be semi exposed. I take care to wear longish shirts and sweaters, as I am bound to be in some twister championship worthy move.

But this counter climbing venture did not have me in any crazy position. I was just reaching. But apparently my shirt went up.. and my undies showed anyways.

Yeh, they were my "laundry day" underwear.

You know, the worst possible option.. big and ugly. Think, red and black zebra print. How did I end up w/ something like that anyways? Even the material is icky and scratchy.

But yeh, they are the kind that you don't toss even though you never ever wear them. So they end up in the "laundry day" drawer.

When at home, there are some crazy clothing combinations I come up with as it comes closer to the dreaded laundry day. All of your favorite clothes are in a dirty smelly heap.. and the clean choices are always passed over, until now.

Do you have a designated "laundry day outfit" ?

Do you have "laundry day undies"?

How much spare change do you have floating in the bottom of your washer? Sure.. I launder money, har har.

I did a lot of laundry this evening. My undies choices are now cute, cuter and cutest :)


  • My cookie monster valentines were a hit. I think the staff enjoyed them more than the kids. My cookies turned out fabulous. I think I am more capable of cooking/baking than I let on..

  • I sent out a few cards. I ended up in the card aisle the other day (non v-day related) and ended up reading through the funny cards. I found myself wanting to send a bunch of random cards.. not that I am a Hallmark supporter. But occasionally I find a funny one that I want to share.

  • Spent time w/ my step dad and neice earlier. I hadn't seen them lately.. It was very nice to be around them, catching up on life.

  • Received a call from someone I dated well over a year ago. I saw the ID and thought, wtf? I am kind of flattered, yet I know I was not a nice person back then.. (things have since changed) I don't know why the call. Coincidental on the day? I didn't pick up and they didn't leave a message.. which is a good thing. Odd.

  • It feels later in the week than what it is. Its been very busy these past two days.. with work and some family stuff.. then the Great Laundry Fiasco.

  • My new neighbor moves in soon. I hope they are cool..

  • I fully intended to go XC skiing after work today.. I get home and more than half of the snow is melted. There wasn't much to begin with, but I figured the trails would have enough to take the skiis out on. Not by 5pm.. it warmed up enough to melt down to the grass.. It is supposed to snow this weekend.. so maybe, finally, then..

  • I am done procrastinating... off to read a business case. Later :)

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Category: day 2

02/13/06 11:44 - 26ºF - ID#35879

"Me like Coookies.. Me like you"

The thing with working in a school, we celebrate everything. So ofcourse, there will be Valentines exchanged.

Remember those days?

I bought a box of old school Valentines. They are Cookie Monster valentines. I loooove Cookie Monster. I forgot how cool I think he is.

The kiddos will have fun with some Valentines Day activities-- a dance, card exchange, special snacks and art stuff. Or, I hope they have fun. Some of the Autistic kids I work with find group activities highly aversive. Me too. .ha..
Anyway, we were encouraged to bring something in. I made cookies for work, bought the Valentines for the kiddos and some extra candy for staff and the kids.

If I was efficiently motivated, I would take a picture of the Cookie Monster valentines. I don't know why I dig him so much. Easily amused, I guess.

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Category: potpourri

02/12/06 11:38 - 20ºF - ID#35878

super size

I turned on the TV and ended up on TLC. I caught part of a program, "Super size She" which is about a body builder, Joanna Thomas, and the show followers her as she trains and competes for the Miss Olympia bodybuilding title.

Those girls frighten me.

Can they naturally do that? These girls are huge. HUGE! Their deep voices kinda make me think that there are some hormone popping involved at the very least.

All that muscle is not attractive on anyone.. girls or guys. Rock hard bodies like that?? Hmm, not my thing. A little soft on me is good, a little soft on you is good. Extremes.. no good.

I am pretty active although a bit (too) soft. But hey, I kinda like it that way. Yet, I have stalled on the post back injury gain, therefore the "Operation Winter Fluff Removal© " has officially commenced... watch for changes. OK, enough about that...

Anyway, I watched in fascination at their determination, super human strength and the process of elimination during competitions. But I still wonder, why? and How?

Then, another show came on right after; "Wild Child" -- a show on feral that were abandoned and left to fend for themselves or were entirely isolated. The effects on their language and cognitive development and whether they could gain language skills after the "window of opportunity" has passed. Interesting.. i couldn't stop watching.

Then, another show.. "Wolf Boy" or something like that.. a show about a rare genetic disorder that manifests through excessive facial hair (other parts of body can have added hair, but it is primarily in the face.. where it is entirely covered). very neat. TLC showed pictures of people with this from over the centuries. Not suprisingly these people found their niche in the carnival/circus arena.

I want to touch their face. Is their hair soft or coarse?

I forced myself away from the tv. I don't watch much tv..pretty much for this reason. I get sucked right into it.. all these shows tonight were an hour long each. If I didn't force myself away, i would have watched the next show.. something called "man with exploding arms"? I think?

So yeh, the tv just collects dust for the most part.

I'd much rather be bowling :)

Incase you missed the pics: [inlink]theecarey,101[/inlink]

The weekend came and went.. Monday is coming up close. Yikes!!

Catch ya'll later!
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Category: friday

02/12/06 12:21 - 21ºF - ID#35877

we need more titles with the word BALLS!

Friday night amusement.

  • I hadn't been there before. It has a non conventional set up.. a few different rooms for bowling, pool and darts.. then the large circular bar area and a food area a few rooms away. Beer selection was minimal. I started with bottled Guinness draught then moved on to some draft something or other. Food did not look appetizing, although at 4am, I am sure it is delish.

  • The "little guy" who pounced on me before I could even get in the door was slightly endearing. He wasn't necessarily little or young.. but somehow that moniker worked for him, and for the rest of us, as that was what he was called since. I give him credit for trying as hard as he did with all of us, not that he got anywhere.

  • Apparently I came in just after the group declared they (we) were virgins about to enter the convent (Little guy was the catalyst for this declaration and I walked in and played right into it w/o knowing the story.. funny shite).. and this was our last night of freedom before resigning from the world. Somehow, if this were true, I would not be spending my time w/ a group of ladies :) ALthough, some of the pictures I would have to wonder..

(Ladycrofts picture post) [inlink]ladycroft,192[/inlink]

(Jenks picture post) [inlink]jenks,63[/inlink]


We're gonna take them bitches, I mean pins down! die MF die!

I almost slide into a split before the pins do

Alex and moi!


Jen, Alex, Carey, Timika

Somehow I missed the memo on wearing a cleavage bearing shirt.

(e:strip)per innocence..

not so innocent..

I've got balls?!? .. who knew? haha, and my mutant fingers can't quite make it into gang symbols and sexual gestures.. I try!


Opium lounge had some killer beats.. just what I like..just what makes me happy.
oh and it smelled yummy in there :) Techno, house, the main room, and in the back/side room.. dark wave, industrial, goth core. Nice!




Alex made me grab her ass. Or maybe Timika made me grab Alex's ass. Whatever the *real* story, here's the picture:

(e:PMT) where were you?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??! It was so fun!


I was getting very hot in there..I kept taking off the layers..
good stuff: dancing, jumping, longing for glow sticks...




Well, that was a pretty quick post. Details will be kept to ourselves ;)

Off to read, watch tv and nibble on some pita and Zatter green. Yum.

Later, peeps :)

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Category: friday

02/10/06 05:43 - 25ºF - ID#35876

play time

A message left on myspace:

"hey i like ur profile
add me to ur myspace buddy list

do u use yahoo whats ur screename

ur hot
ur pretty
ur sexy
ur adorable
ur sweet
ur a sexy angel in heaven
ur a beautiful centerfold
ur as pretty as a rose

hugs and kisses"

heh, I am no angel.

I had signed up and then abandoned the site.. then some people (friends) have been finding me. That's really cool, so I keep it for that; but once in awhile I get a message..usually from 18 year olds.. and some like that above.

Time to find some fun..

I think I am going bowlng.. atleast I am planning on it. I would do better to stay home and do school work.. but that wont happen.

Who wants to come out and play, later? 622-6639

later peeps :)

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Category: weather

02/10/06 01:09 - 21ºF - ID#35875

Causing a commotion

oy, 80's Madonna song stuck in my head.

What do you call a cow that shakes?

Beef Jerky.

I posted this as a comment in response to (e:jenks) post[inlink]jenks,62[/inlink] , which included a couple of laffy taffy jokes. Ha, its been awhile since I have had laffy taffy candy.. as bad as the jokes can be, some are really funny.

I completed my school work. I sat at Starbucks around the corner from my college and hammered them out. I could have used some internet connection, but I refuse to pay for Starbucks T mobile access. Its not all that great of a connection anyways. bah. Enjoyed my Venti Shaken iced green tea. Is it extra special because it is shaken?

Watched the movie Gung Ho in class. A seventies movie.. used as a point of reference to discuss cultural differences, business dealings etc. Funny movie, cheesy humor. It was hard to sit and pay attention to a movie for so long, in class. I prefer to be partly passed out on my couch when watching a movie.

I was a bit restless after the movie and after I got out of class. My class friends asked me if I was ok because I didn't seem like myself (whatever that is). I was more subdued in class.. but not for any reason. Asking me once is kinda nice.. but beyond that, I won't be ok anymore. Ever experience that?

So I pretty much ran out of class when it was over. I was tempted to go home to bed.. yet, I wasn't quite ready to go home and I was curious to see if (e:kangarooboi) was still out.. (thanks again for the invite!!) and whoever else may be out at Mister Goodbar. I am glad that I decided to head out. We (Mike, Timika and his friend Susan) played darts and pool. I stopped at just one pint of Guinness. To drink more would have been bad. I knew I had to keep my visit short.. work/morning comes too early and it would be atleast midnight before I got home. Ugh, its already 1am. Thats ok 'cause it is officially FRIDAY!

I have got some sweet dart skills. Watch out. No really, watch out. haha

(this is your cue to post some pics, (e:kangarooboi). btw, I snuck a couple of pics on your camera, haha

Ooh, it began to snow on my way home.. big fat pretty flakes. yay

I just thought of one more joke..

What's exotic?
...being tickled by a feather.

Whats kinky?

... being tickled by the whole chicken.

Ok, off to bed!
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Category: school

02/08/06 10:39 - 18ºF - ID#35874

Will I ever learn?

I hate staring at an empty Word document. I know it will fill up with words, eventually. But when? It must be done by tomorrow afternoon..

Here I am, in the last minute rush to get my work done. I will be in a mode of panic tomorrow afternoon, when I realize that all of my procrastinating has left me scrambling to catch up and complete the school work that is due.

Sometimes I just need to have my brain shoved into action; and somehow, doing things last minute really helps. The thoughts are formulating in my mind. I know what I have read, I understand what I have researched, I have opinions and arguments, I am more than capable to take on whatever the task may be..but not yet. When? I don't know. It has to happen and it will.. but until then, I fret. The time ticks closer to the deadline.

I am also sleepy. Of course, I want to go to bed.. but because I can't, I really want to. That is how I work. *yawn*

ooh, come to me.. come on, come on, come ooooooooonnnnnnnnn.. words of wisdom, academic enlightenment, international business fairy, and whatever else I need to write two papers. A kick in the ass maybe?

Go ahead--kick me: *bends over*

k- back to my temporary mental block...

oh one more thing..
Who is doing what this weekend? 'cause I can't stay in an study *all* weekend :)

and one more thing.. I shouldn't complain, but I am in the mood for a blizzard. The kind that closes school (because I work in a school and go to school, get me?) yet everyone is safe and sound all snuggled inside sitting by the fire drinking scotch yumminess or playing outside; skiing, hiking, rolling around in the snow, doing donuts w/ your car.. whatever you prefer. But yeh, I am in the mood for that..

Mostly because Y-Town is still pretty much snowless.

now, I am back to my school work..

Have fun!


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Category: classic mike

02/07/06 09:43 - 26ºF - ID#35873

silly-cute-funny-semi scandalous picture

As promised.. the silly-cute-funny-semi scandalous picture of (e:mike):


Whatcha holdin' in those big hands of yours?? ;)

Do you remember when this was taken?? haha

On another note.. some email has not been getting to me.. that freaks me out.
Is it Yahoo or is it Verizon? bah.

k.. study time :)
As promised.. the silly-cute-funny-semi scandalous picture of (e:mike):


Whatch holdin' in those big hands of yours?? ;)

Do you remember when this was taken?? haha

On another note.. some email has not been getting to me.. that freaks me out.
Is it Yahoo or is it Verizon? bah.

k.. study time :)

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Category: nature

02/07/06 01:03 - 29ºF - ID#35872

Strolling along the beach at ten pm.

A friend of mine just returned from PA.. He won some money on the game. I'm not a fan of football, at all. Someone actually said to me, after hearing that I don't follow the game, "yeh, its probably too barbaric for you" HAHAHAHAHA.. "um, no.. just the opposite. Rugby is *my* game.. football has NOTHING on my beloved rugby" bah..too slow, too much stoppage, too much protective equipment. But I would go to a live game.. there is always something about being there.. for any game, that can be really exciting.

I'll also take hockey.. maybe some soccer.. and world combat championship

I guess there were post game celebration RIOTS. My friend has pictures and video footage. I watched cars turned over and torched! --In celebration!! I should see if I can get a copy of his videos. --or atleast some pictures. Freaky stuff!!

I am chilled to the bone. I can't seem to warm up. I just spent the last two hours walking through Youngstown and through Fort Niagara State park.. Icey snow pellets smashing into my face as I walked briskly down by the river and down to the lake.. "strolling along the beach" in the pitch dark (we left around 9:30?), tresspassing into the Fort.. listening to the waves crash violently.. otherwise silence through town. We hiked up and down hills.. I wiped out a couple of times (gracefully, I must say) as the hills and streets were slick from snow. We only covered about 7-8 miles, but since it was dark, cold, windy and snowing.. I thought that was pretty good.

I am also working on my "winter fluff" -- no longer welcome. Go away, now, please.

This quiet town is just gorgeous...any season, any time of day or night. The snow pellets, the lights.. the absolute silence.. it all does good stuff for my brain.

For some reason.. even though I walk through this area a few times a week, I suddenly found myself longing for Level Regatta- the sail boat races that occur every July in Youngstown. Good memories with that event.So many people, a lot of partying, pop up tents, street parties, food, beer, boats, etc. Been going since I was 14 years old. Not sure where I was at or what I was doing, but I missed it last year.. And I totally live withing stumbling distance..

oh, wait.. I recall (e:ladycroft) and I had taken an extensive bike ride that weekend...rode through a swarm of people and traffic.. and we hung out by the water.. but didn't watch the races. Or go out and party in town. We probably downed a bunch of Corona (extra lime), listened to Moby (Hotel) and sat outside under the canapy.. chillin.

I now insert a plug for LL Bean cold weather attire. My jacket kept me warm tonight.. It kept out the wind, rain and snow. This jacket, combined with a hat, scarf gloves and a couple of other layers.. I was overall toasty warm. I walk fast.. so I am sure to have built up some good body heat.

But now that I am home.. I am cold. I am also tired. It is way past my bedtime. I shall grab my kitties and crawl under my wonderful mound of blankets and pillows.

Good night..

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Category: mr goodtimes

02/05/06 06:22 - 28ºF - ID#35871


Damn private parties. I was looking forward to hanging out at Coles. But chillin' and drinking at Mister Goodbar turned out just fine. A good amount of (e:peeps) and satellite friends showed up. We must do this more often. For me, it isn't a matter of where, or how much, but with who.. and with the right company, a good time is guaranteed.

(e:kangarooboi) It was truly a pleasure to meet you! I had so much fun making our way to the bar, multiple times to acquire our beloved SoCo and Lime. Yum!Yum! Yum! We must do that again :)

Who else? My friend, Mike (who I believe is the first guy I ever saw naked) joined us. We go way way back. I know we were chillin back at the age of two (hence, first guy I saw naked). I think clothes were optional at that time. What did we know? I thought it was perfectly fine to run around without a shirt. Boy, was I disappointed when I was told that I had to wear one. You mean there are difference between boys and girls? Well, I don't want to be a girl! *pouts, stomps foot*. Since then, things have changed. But all of my best buddies growing up were guys. Then came (e:pyrcedgrrl) in the second grade, then (e:ladycroft) in the sixth. BTW, (e:paul), (e:pyrcedgrrl) walked in not a minute after you left!!
Who else.. well the absolutely lovely (e:jenks), hehe, she was "that girl", passed out on the couch. [inlink]jenks,61[/inlink] But she was well protected by Mike and Timika. Although I encouraged Mike to look down her sweater, haha. I have pictorial evidence :)

A pleasant surprise, (e:pyrcedgrrl) came in after work, and ofcourse, (e:ladycroft) was there with her super special supergirl underoos. Next time I dare you to kiss someone, make sure it is a cute stranger. It just can't be someone you know.. it doesn't work out that way! I was many Guinness pints and SoCo (w/Lime!) shots into the evening, so what do I know?

I had some funny looks and comments when I ordered Guinness.

I am glad to have had the chance to meet and chat with (e:decoyisryan). I think I have a picture somewhere. At some point I was just snapping pictures randomly, not sure who ended up in them. I was "caught" taking a picture of (e:matthews) butt. A guy laughs and says, "I saw that". Honestly, I wasn't aiming.. I was squatting, so of course my face was at everyone's ass level. Funny all the same.. I'll look to see what I actually took a picture of.

Well, (e:terry) was quite the stud last night. He had all the girls kissing up on him. Wooo!

I was thinking about how I take a ton of pictures regularly. In the past couple of years I have taken more than I ever have. It correlates with my having a digital camera. Back in the day it was a 110 camera or a 35mm camera.. but then the expense of buying film and processing.. there would be no 100 picture taking events. Besides, it will be fun to look back on pictures many years from now. The "elder (e:strip)pers" will pass on their wisdom to the young peeps and will have pictures archived, ready for viewing. We are creating the quilt now. How neat it will be to look back, 20 plus years from now? (e:paul) and I were discussing that. We also entertained what sort of things we will write about. The geriatric (e:strip)pers will contribute to a blog forum on Bingo. Which brought us to the idea of going to bingo sometime. I have never been to bingo and I am not inclined to go with any serious intent, however, we could have some fun with it. So the more we talked about it, the more serious I became about getting a bunch of people to go. We will make a farce of it! We'lll alter our state of mind prior to the event, we'll gather all of our "good luck" gear and any other tacky bingo paraphernalia that we can find. Maybe create a bingo chant prayer.. We'll go all out and crazy. It will be funny. We will call it: EXTREMEbingo©

Any takers??

Now on to some pictures..

My SoCo buddy, (e:kangarooboi)

the girls- (e:ladycroft), (e:theecarey) and (e:jenks)

My friend Mike and (e:jenks). One of those random shots.

Gettin' some.. (e:terry) and (e:theecarey) haha

Aweee Alex and Carey

(e:terry) and (e:paul) -- scrumptious!

Paul and Carey "Future Elders" (but not for a long long time!)


Terry Terry Terry.. such charisma!

Paul and Matthew

(e:decoyisryan) and (e:theecarey)

Terry, Thee Orbs and Matthew

Ooh, yeh, touch my lager.. uh, huh.. right there. .

Snapshot form the floor. Would that be Matthew's butt?

SCANDALOUS! who would take advantage of a drunk girl?

ahhh ladycroft would.. gotta watch out for her..

(e:pyrcedgrrl) (dana) and (e:theecarey)

hehe.. what can we do with the unsuspecting (e:jenks)??

"Mike, look down her sweater!" (this eventually awakens Sleeping Beauty)

"Alex, go back to sleep.. no laughing!" *she tries to keep a straight face* haha

My girly lip gloss. It seemed like a good idea to take a picture :)

Thats about it. I stumbled in about 7am and slept most of the day.

The weekends are over too quickly. Last night was fun... a few of you were missed.. maybe next time or even sometime in between.

Later, friends!

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