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07/30/06 06:33 - 81ºF - ID#24911

Back where I belong

Yes, it is true. I have made my triumphant return to Buffalo. However, I was sad as I went through the toll booth and was getting off at exit 50, there were no trumpets or fanfare or ticker-tape falling from the sky welcoming be back :-(

Of course, nothing goes just as planned. When I left Buffalo at the end of May, I knew that there was a chance that I would not be able to move right back into my apartment at UB. They are re-doing the fire alarm system in my building(s). I was told a couple weeks ago that I would be put into the show apartment in Flickinger, which is locaed behindd the Ellicott complex. Okay fine. No problem. Well...yeah, that would have been nice. Instead, I am staying at the "wonderful" ExtendedStay America behind the Holiday Inn off Niagara Falls Blvd for probably a good 2 weeks. YAY! At least the department is paying for the room, not that I would pay for the room myself as I would MAKE them find me a room to stay in at UB.; But I do have to commute to UB for training which starts on Tuesday morning. Not looking very forward to that. But hey, what can I do? I just got to go with the flow.

I must say I really enjoyed the pictures that (e:paul) posted! Keep em coming if you find more! :-)

I shall be bored this week....expect more posts coming soon.
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07/07/06 01:42 - 75ºF - ID#24910

Back after all these weeks

  • I have been out of Buffalo since the middle end of May. I have been home in Binghamton since that point**

Well...where do I begin? Home sucks. Then it got better, then worse and now it is just okay. I really hate coming home becasue i am so out of touch with my friends here; well with the few friends I have left living in Binghamton. All of my really good friends have left and never looked back! LOL (I wish I could do the same thing).

Right now, I am sitting in an office that I can call my own until the end of July when I leave to go back to MY office at University at Buffalo. I am ana cademic advisor, working at my old community college, Broome Community College (BCC). It is really a lot of fun and I enjoy it greatly. Plus it helps that I am also making $19.21/hr as well :-)

As some of you may have heard by watching CNN or picking up your local newspaper, Binghamton was severly flooded last week. The Susquehanna river became wild and overtook many homes, roads and took lives. I have posted pictures on my webshots page, which you can link to by clicking on the "pics" underneath "~Links~" in your right.

Since I am making some extra/non-expected money, I decided to go ahead and really buy myself something nice; a nice little treat. So, I wernt ahead, traded-in my Ford Taurus and bought myself a 2003 Saturn Vue :-D (Pics to come soon) It is such a great car!

For those of you still wondering, yes, I am still with Drew, over two years now! YAY!
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05/14/06 12:13 - 61ºF - ID#24909

It's a celebration!

YAY! THE FIRST-YEAR OF GRAD SCHOOL IS OVER!! Of course we celebrate by having a little party! And of course we couldn't celebrate without watching the Sabers win game 3!! (Yes, these are old, but I left my camera and (e:Ladycroft) brought it back to me last night). ENJOY!

  • NB: These are only two of the pics, to see the rest, click on pics to your right under links. My comptuer is being stupid and slow**

(e:Ladycroft) posing for the camera!

I'm such a pimp daddy!

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04/30/06 10:02 - 56ºF - ID#24908

Oy! The next day will get you!

The only problem after a night of SOCO and Lime with great friends is remembering all that was done last night when one was drunk. I got to say, there are some things that I wish I did not do...majority of it having my RAs/and residents on the floor possibly see me drunk. What kind of example am I setting here? Apparently however, residents and RAs have seen the OTHER supervisor for my building intoxicated too. And really...they would not have seen me drunk if (e:) theecarey did not lock us out of my apartment! So really....I was still being responsible!!

On that note, I got up this AM and found that (e:) theecarey had left when I was still asleep? I have NO idea what time it was when she left. Thanks for the note however! Glad you were able to come out and have some fun! It was nice sleeping with you too :-) (Sleep meaning just that..sleeping!)

Later Gators!
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04/30/06 01:28 - 51ºF - ID#24907

SOCO and Lime, A.K.A Disco Lemon

What to write. . .that is the question. (e:) theecarey just said that she has a hole in her potato chip. How random. Tonight I had a SOCO and Lime party at my apartment at UB. It crazy fun. Right now, I am quite drunk but (e:) theecarey told me to post since it has been OVER a month! So, I am am positing. POST POST POST POST POST POST POST POST POST POST POST. We ((e:theecarey) and I) have gone through alomst a full liter of SOCO tonight. We are such bad people. I also showed her pics of my winderufl boyfriend that should not have been shown to anyone except me. Oh no!! He will kill me if he knowsI should thise pics. So yeah...that;s that. I've posted. Now for another shot of soco and lime. THis time, it is for Paul who created (E:Strip). THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!

(e:) theecarey adds this comment: AWESOME! :-)

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