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Category: recovery

04/30/06 10:02 - ID#24908

Oy! The next day will get you!

The only problem after a night of SOCO and Lime with great friends is remembering all that was done last night when one was drunk. I got to say, there are some things that I wish I did not do...majority of it having my RAs/and residents on the floor possibly see me drunk. What kind of example am I setting here? Apparently however, residents and RAs have seen the OTHER supervisor for my building intoxicated too. And really...they would not have seen me drunk if (e:) theecarey did not lock us out of my apartment! So really....I was still being responsible!!

On that note, I got up this AM and found that (e:) theecarey had left when I was still asleep? I have NO idea what time it was when she left. Thanks for the note however! Glad you were able to come out and have some fun! It was nice sleeping with you too :-) (Sleep meaning just that..sleeping!)

Later Gators!
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