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Category: internet dating

06/13/09 12:36 - 63ºF - ID#48921

I'm mouring in a strange way

I had a pretty good day off today. I went to my Dr's to get an annual checkup which oddly enough turned into a 15 minute therapy session, which I won't get into detail here. Then I hit up the NYSIM on Transit for a massage which I'm still glowing from even though I thought I felt pretty good this morning. After that I just walked up and down Elmwood stopping in Starbucks for a quick cold tea and read the paper a little bit. Well I read the Buffalo News and saw an obit for a young woman that was murdered in Lockport & didn't think anything of it. Well being that I just rejuvenating my body & that I spent some money today & just decided to take it easy.

Then being the person with no love life that I am I go home and check an online dating service that I belong to, still have a profile on and kind of wonder why I even bother having it up. Well I just was going through the people who viewed my profile & realize that the victim looked at me back on Feb 14th!

There are some things that really jump out at you in what she wrote and how she phrased them that in knowing what we all know, it's kind of really really frightening to say the least. I really don't want to link to things as the last thing the family needs is to worry about creepy internet guys trying to get a date with a woman that has passed on.

But it's just totally weird as the only reason why I notice it was the picture that was used in the news stories and the obit was the same one she used on the site.

She obviously didn't see anything in my & I can't fault her for that but right now I'm kind of freaked out by the whole experience. I wish I had the opportunity to meet even if things did go awkward. It just brings the whole tragedy to an odd place as my only relationship was through some dating site of which we never meet or exchanged communication.

Needless to say I'm a bit weirded out right about now & feel extra bad after realizing this fact as I did feel pretty horrible about reading hearing the news of this violent death of a person that had only the most wholesome intentions of helping troubled kids...
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Category: food

06/07/09 01:23 - 64ºF - ID#48862

I'm hungry watching this

I so wished we had a place like this around here in Buffalo.

I guess the Wegman's deli on Alberta Dr will just have to do.
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Category: tv

06/02/09 12:37 - 61ºF - ID#48821

the tonight show

I don't know how I feel about it so far. To be honest I really liked Jay , Kevin and even at the very end Stuttering John. For the last few years I really haven't even watched Conan as much as I did back in the day. But to see Andy Richter back kind of gave me a warm fuzzy feeling as it is akin to brining back Ed McMahon from really back in the day.
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Category: bpo

05/31/09 01:28 - 53ºF - ID#48803

BPO & Bisons

I received one of those "Family 4-pack" brochures with my internet bill this month. It's July 3rd You get 4 seats to the game, 4 hot dogs, 4 Coke product drinks, a program & the BPO & Chorus after the game followed by fireworks. All for $99, anyone interested?
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Category: potpouri

05/31/09 03:05 - 53ºF - ID#48797

Skating and other stuff

I dediced to go for a skate this afternoon which took me from just around Old Man River to the bridge over the 190 by the 198

Here are just a few shots from the far end of the riverwalk if you were like me coming from Tonawanda.







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Category: talk radio

05/30/09 01:07 - 56ºF - ID#48792

Psychic from Spaceballs?

This guy is on Coast to Coast Am tonight

Although at the same time the guy's website looks like something done by the people from Heaven's Gate

I have to listen becuase I don't know if I can take this guy seriously, I mean he looks like he's wearing a "helmet" from the movie Spaceballs! If he could predict the lottery winning numbers I would be so down with him no matter what he looked like or wore, but come on!
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Category: dating

05/29/09 05:12 - 61ºF - ID#48787

Came to this conlcusion a long time ago

It's scary the shit that you can come across on CL. I realized a long time ago that chasing after the "Hot" girls in this area only leads to trouble. What he does say is so true, as there are so many cloistered women in Lewiston that just never venture out anywhere.

There are some hot girls in Buffalo, but anyone who has traveled knows that we are deprived and have more than our fair share of fatties. Attractive girls would be better represented day-to-day if SUNY-Buffalo wasn't so far removed from downtown. While the student body there isn't stellar and didn't even make PopCrunch's definitive list of hottest schools (, there have to be several thousand hot girls within a student body in the tens of thousands - it's just a matter of large numbers.

The issue I find is that there's an accessibility issue with the hotter girls here - they're normally from better families and don't go out on Chippewa. Sure, there's a certain type of girl that goes out on chippewa, normally over-tanned, over-dyed and so on, and I'm not disputing that those types are hot, but they're a very small percentage of the hot girls in Buffalo. Because they're the most visible, though, they get TONS of attention and have adamantium bitch-shields that require exquisite game to penetrate. And forget relationships; these girls are dumb as fuck, a direct consequence of a lifetime of using physical charms to entice lesser, desperate men to do their bidding, and only good for a fuck-and-chuck. But they are smart enough to realize the pattern of being pumped and dumped in their life, and they develop defenses against it, making it more difficult to seduce them. As for the other hot girls, they're difficult to find because nobody knows them - their families generally steered them away from the Buffalo colleges and sent them to better schools on the east coast. These girls then got sucked back into Buffalo like so many do, especially in this economy, and don't know anyone. As a result they're normally eating with their parents at the Buffalo Club, Saturn Club or any of the suburban country clubs, occasionally connecting with their old classmates for wine and bitch sessions about how they can't meet suitable men. Indeed, they can't meet suitable men, at least suitable for their families - is some noble electrician out at 67 West going to hold a whit against some girl who wants to talk with someone who similarly spent a year backpacking in eastern europe after college? Is she really going to be impressed with some 20-something paper jockey earning less than $30,000 with a degree from a college she wouldn't consider applying to? Absolutely not. So they band together, lamenting the men they can't find and complaining about the inadequate dating experiences with the people they do meet.

Meanwhile, there are eligible men in Buffalo, but they often make the mistake of going after the same visible hot girls as every other dude. In fact, they're hurting their own chances because they have vastly higher IQs than their targets and can't relate to them. It's saddening to see the number of educated people who chose to stay in Buffalo - accountants, industrial designers, lawyers, doctors - chasing after the stereotypical hot girl who they know will bore them and subsequently curse themselves for not getting her, only to settle for someone less attractive and only marginally more interesting. Ultimately, the marginally interesting and utterly unremarkable girl pressures the man to join the social clubs she thinks she should be a part of. After all, she "landed" a young professional - something she should be proud of, despite how little competition she had. And then, at dinners at the Saturn Club or other events, these men start seeing the women who were futilely hoping to meet them. By then, though, it's normally too late; both groups were pushing thirty and hastily settled into unpleasant marriages, leaving them with the decision to either cheat or divorce. A sexual dystopia results, and Buffalo perpetuates its reputation for being an awful place to date.
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Category: bridges

05/23/09 03:25 - 77ºF - ID#48730

Mind the Gap

I was Rollerblading the other day and I noticed that a there is this huge Gap on the Southbound South Grand Island Bridge. Yea we don't want one of those Minnesota bridge collapses and hopefully this is some of that Stimulus Money that is going around. But Still there is a section that is just wide open being held up by two temporary supports.

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Category: horses

05/18/09 12:30 - 40ºF - ID#48688

The Preakness/ Horseracing Future Rant

I must say not a bad race to see the first Lady win it since 1924. I wish I had it but my buddy went a bit too far in throwing out Mind That Bird in our trifecta. None the less I did make enough for a Chinese Food Buffet in Fort Erie with $10 left over for the day. In all actuality I would have had more if it wasn't for the Fort Erie Racetrack under staffing the tellers for Preakness Day. How can they have only 3 tellers working and at times only 2 when the other one was on break on the day of the 2nd leg of the triple crown??? I know that the track almost never opened this year but it seems that they just want to give it an excuse to close down forever.

Come on seriously in the end it's a dying model. There is now no need for someone to get in a car, go to the track, stand in line, read off a bet to a person and hand over money. Because God forbid the idiot in front of you has a laundry list of bets, still in the process of making their selection or just plain does not know what they are doing. With that kind of delay you may not have the opportunity to make you bet and you will get "Shut Out" when the gate opens at the track you wanted to make your bet on. At times I just used my xpressbet phone account as it was quicker. The future of this game will embrace technology as you will be able to call up the past performance statistics, make your bet and watch the race you bet on on your phone very soon. There will be no need to go to the track as it will be rendered a large outdoor open TV Studio for Simulcasting. When I go too Las Vegas at some of the places allow you to open an account and with a touch screen monitor in front of your cubicle you can do everything from betting, ordering food and a drink to watching the race you placed a wager one all without leaving your seat. The best part is if you miss the opportunity to make a bet, you only have yourself to blame.

Although you may not agree with the type of debauchery in the party that went down in Pimlico in the past it just doesn't make sense for another company that is having financial difficulties Magna to drastically change the way the Preakness was "celebrated" A company that is in Ch 11 should not be chasing away 30,000 fans. Horse racing is mostly an old man's game and to chase away Gen Y ers doesn't seem like good business plan. Seriously who is going to horses besides myself in 5-10 years when these old men can't get to the track/OTB to physically fork over their cash to bet takers making approx $20 an hour?
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Category: music

05/11/09 09:54 - 52ºF - ID#48650

Grannie Porn!!!

I had this song in my head today since I'll admit I'm feeling a bit emoish but not in a drastic way. Then after just surfing Youtube I discover that it was used in some HBO Show.

Plus I had to make an appearance in the whole risque title game, although the video is in kind of in the Cable softcore genre.
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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...

mike said to paul
i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...