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Category: love & relationships

02/13/08 10:16 - 19ºF - ID#43318

Singles Awareness Week #3

Baby, I see you've made yourself all sick again
Didn't I do a good job of pretending?
You're saying that the victim doesn't want it to end
Good. I get to dress up and play the assassin again
It's my favorite
It's got personality
I should have seen this shit coming down the hall
Every night I spent in that bed with you facing the wall
If I could have only once heard you scream
To feel you were alive
Instead of watching you abandoning yourself
Baby you can open your eyes now
And please allow me to present you with a clue
If I inflict the pain
Then baby only I can comfort you
Out of the night we come
And into the night we go
If it starts to hurt you
Then you have to say so

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Category: love & relationships

02/12/08 09:51 - 23ºF - ID#43305

V Week #2


The song that got me sucked into the Afghan Whigs & Greg Dulli. I always loved this video for the similarities that it has of Youngstown. The 1 story 1 car garage houses built in the 1950's

It's just a song that if you know your relationship with a woman is F'd it just always seems to hit the spot. So many times I have just reveled in the line, "Feel it now and don't resist,
This time the anger's better than the kiss." Yea, there have been times where fighting with someone felt just as good as making out.

It's just scary that sometimes I think that Greg Dulli brings to the surface the handbook for understanding the dark side male emotions/behavior.
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Category: love & relationships

02/11/08 08:43 - 12ºF - ID#43283

In the spirit of V-day

Well to be honest I am pretty numb to the whole concept, since I'm not feeling anything towards concept or person. Which I think is slightly worse than feeling alone & depressed.

So in the spirit of feeling something, even if it is on the dark side of love I'm going to attempt to post some vids from my Boy Greg Dulli this week. Here's the first one, it's the cover they did of Massive Attack's "Live with me"

You know you're love when you drink yourself into oblivion.

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Category: random

02/09/08 01:06 - 30ºF - ID#43255

Inspired by Peter

I've decided to just go with the Greg Dulli/Afghan Whigs pic & usersound up until V-day.

It's not that I'm bitter I'm just contemplating that's all. After a hanging out at the Brickyard in Lewiston tonight with my friend Pete & his Eastern European hottie whatever she would be classified I was reminded of the good and also the bad of my experience with women from that part of the world.

All I can say is I am just a bit dumbfounded by who goes out in Lewiston. I get the usual I'm going out but at the same time I'm too good for anyone type of thing, I've been dealing with it all my life down here. I was just blown away by the Kids from Grand Island that were hanging out at the B-Yard tonight. Seriously they were had their G.I. high school football jackets on.

I don't know maybe I'm from the area but I just don't get the attraction to come down here in the middle of winter. Also seeing some other high school kids rolling up to the place to get X's on their hands was dumbfounding. I did love the part when the tail end of the group decided to bail on the idea & leave. Whatever, the people that have moved down here in the last 5 years are naive & just don't get it.

IN the meantime I have to get up in 6 hours for something that I may just be overreacting to that has long sorted itself out.

Tomorrow I should have a coherent post when I'm not exhausted from a long week that has been deviated from a nice sleep schedule.
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Category: nfl

02/03/08 10:37 - 32ºF - ID#43169

Pats Lost

But I still hate the NY GIANTS. BTW, Why do some sports commentators refer to them as the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS??? The Baseball Team moved to San Fran 50 Years ago. There should be no confusion after a 1/2 century.

It just makes me sick that my 2 teams could have prevented this horrible event. If the Bills didn't blow a 14 point lead @ home they would have never made the playoffs. Then my Bucs had to lose a playoff game @ home to these obnoxious f*cks.

ARGG, it feels like Super Bowl 25 but not as bad. There's no Scott Norwood to blame this time around. They were beaten pretty clean, except for 1 push-off play.

To think those arrogant F*'s from the city are celebrating makes me sick.

The only comeback I have is that every Giants Super bowl win has been followed by an economic cataclysm. In 1987 we had the Stock Market Crash, In 1990 we had a nasty recession that followed and put Bill Clinton in the White House. In 2008??? We shall see what happens next.
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Category: nfl

02/03/08 03:46 - 31ºF - ID#43155

Super Bowl Sunday

I"m going to have to go with New England on this one. I FREAKIN' Hate the Giants & their fans. Come one everyone is giving New England grief for being all high and mighty. But, my argument is that Giant Fan is stuck up for the fact that they always harp on, They don't have are are the only franchise in the NFL that does not have cheerleaders. This is because Giant fan is "all serious" about their football. Another reason is that they're followers in the retro uniform department. Nothing like being the second team in our market to permanently go back to the throwbacks, you should be paying the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS for the idea. Plus, it looks real good when the initials on your helmet NY are totally redundant since you guys play in the former swamp called the Meadowlands, where Tony Soprano lives in NEW JERSEY. Plexico, you're also copying another thing from the Jets in guaranteing a win. After Broadway Joe, it lost a bit of it's luster, don't you think? Like that stupid dude for Seattle that was talking all the smack about Jerome Bettis losing in his hometown. Who was that lamo? How this team got this far with an A-hole coach like Tom Coughlin is beyond me. Oh, and that Super Bowl 25 thing doesn't help either.

People may hate on the Patriots but at this point I hope they get that perfect 19-0 season. This will end those grey haired guys in Miami from harping on how they were the greatest, blah, blah, blah. Just to see their champaign go bad that they do have on ice just in case of a NY victory would be pretty sweet. I'll just be nice to have all those guys like suck it up & deal with someone smoking their accomplishment.

Personally although Bill Belichick may be an evil genius I have to respect him. Even Tom Brady, you really can't say anything too bad about the guy other than he goes out there and excels. He's basically the guy every guys wants to be & he does not come across as cocky as well. Really it just goes to the fact that Belichick went to Wesleyan. The woman I lost my viriginity went there & also I guess deep down inside I'm pulling for a fellow slavic person to get to the top of the mountain.

On another note, I do think that they're going to come out and smoke the Giants. Why, because of the new allegations that the Pats had their first superbowl win taped a la spygate fashion before there even was a rule in place
Remember after the spygate thing when they just obliterated every opponent for 2 months? I guess there is a pride factor to show everyone that they never did have to "cheat."

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Category: concerts

02/02/08 01:46 - 32ºF - ID#43145

Casino Entertainment

In listening to the stupid ad that the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort has been blaring over the last couple of days, I realized how sad that place has become. Come on, Starship featuring Mickey Thomas as your "big show.!" I remember when they played the Bears Den @ Seneca Niagara Casino a venue that seats 400. Seriously are you going to pay $ to see a bunch of really burned out dudes play this and it NOT be Grace Slick singing it but some 20 something chick they picked up.
The other "entertainment" option is the Beach Boys or Kenn Rogers two performners that played for Free in an outdoor concert within the last 2 years @ Seneca Niagara Casino.
They do have some very choices for niche ethnic markets coming up, which is a smart move on their part. But other than Trisha Yearwood I just can't get excited about anything they they have coming up soon.

Now Seneca has Matchbox Twenty and Alanis Morrisette in two weeks. I saw Alanis a couple of years back @ Fallsview and it was a pretty descent show. I am very tempted to slap down the $100 for the show at Seneca, but I really don't have anyone to go with at the moment. Seeing Alanis is a no-brainer for me and catching Rob Thomas would be a descent time. The one thing about that guy that has stuck with me is something that I read on an interview. I suppose when he was taking care of his Mom when he was getting the inspiration to write the songs like 3am he was really into drinking Manischewitz Wine . Since for some reason I had a phase of my life when I always kept a bottle of Elderberry in my house for some reason. To me you get really good value for your dollar with that stuff, since it does have a descent taste to it.

So in the end the Seneca Niagara Casino is really bringing good acts to town to a substandard venue. While Fallsview is bringing some lame acts to a superior venue. I will probably end up going to see matchbox on V-Day, but seeing the show in a gigantic hotel conference room made for banquets and poker tournaments is not a great experience.

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Category: radiohead

01/27/08 11:24 - 28ºF - ID#43053

Vanity Fair

It doesn't happen every day that the lead singer of your favorite cover band from your small 'burb town gets interviewed in Vanity Fair

Now I can't wait until the next show @ Goodbar
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Category: money

01/22/08 12:37 - 16ºF - ID#42983

The Panic has begun

What a freaking bloodbath we are going to have in the stock markets today if trading overseas during the Holiday is any indicator. We're screwed.

I think for financial matters I am now the official stand in for (e:vyscious) DOOM DOOM BEAR MARKET!!!!

All I can say is start taking your money out of the bank & stuff it in your mattress.

We are now having the biggest 1 day crash since the 9/11 attack.


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Category: current events

01/09/08 12:59 - 53ºF - ID#42801

Wow is all I can say

Yea, I guess that's what you get when you put your faith in Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference schools like Marist and Quinnipiac for your polling statistics. The only thing I can say is that what happened tonight is the closest you will ever get to knowing what it is like to lose a ton of money betting sports. Unless years later you find out that the Referee was on the take you just it in a comatose state. This is how people are going to feel like when they New England finally loses to some team like the Bills that were 17 point underdogs.

On another note, the beginning of the end is starting to unfold in the markets. The final "halfing" is now under way. I checked the markets on a quick break today and the Dow was up 15 points or so. Then much to my surprise Gold was at an all time high and the market tanked. Is their upcoming bankruptcy the match that sets off the final chain reaction?

I'm tempted to short countrywide CFC before it falls below $5 and is unable to be sold short. S&P Ultrashort ETF sym SDS that makes money as the market goes down is starting to look like a real good long term play.

This is not financial advice, an offer or solicitation. All it is at the moment is what is going through my head.

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