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Category: talk radio

02/21/07 04:57 - 36ºF - ID#38232

Intelligent life found once again!

As I was driving home this afternoon I found Randi Rhodes on AM 1520 much to my surpise! What a brilliant move as she was the only show worth listening to 1270 when it was the local Air America affiliate.

Now I'm reunited with my favorite Jewish MILF ;-)
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Category: coffee

02/19/07 03:32 - 22ºF - ID#38210

my 1 good deed of the day

I took today off to study for my first audit exam. After exhausting the study areas @ school I decided to go the my local starbucks in N.F. across from the Casino. After about a half hour, bad loud music, creepy NYC Real Esate types I decided to go to Dunkin' instead and stock up.

I was slightly delayed by a nice family that definantly was not from around here. A nice midwestern looking couple with 4 kids I would say 6,4,3 and 18months and all with blonde hair. The nice wife asked me where the aquarium was and I told her down the street (Rt. 62) to the leftish when the road ends.

I hope their minivan made it OK through Little Italy and it was actually open. All I can say is good think I was buying my 24 oz coffee since the girl behind the counter didn't have a clue where the aquarium was. Heck I'm almost positive that most of the people workiing in Niagara Falls don't have a clue about anything, especially the only semi-family tourist attraction. Given there's only one thing to do in this city and that's just to "blow your brians out" at a second rate indian casino.

Ok back to studying...
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02/12/07 09:14 - 19ºF - ID#38121

Messy Drivers

I was just browsing the Web when I found this article about a car filled with "Mountains of Trash"

Then I remembered I took this pic in Lewiston about 2 months ago when I parked next to this Mini Van in the plaza next to the Orange Cat Coffee Co.


How can people drive in such filth and how in the F do they let their vehicles get to that point? Yes, I can get sloppy at home but I always keep my car's contents to a minimum. What if something broke down in any of these cars and a mechanic needed to get in and fix something?

It's just absolutely distusting.
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Category: media

02/11/07 03:30 - 17ºF - ID#38103

30 seconds

30 Seconds to mars

"From Yesterday "


What is up with the "The Least Emperor References???"

One of my favorite movies of all time.

The last movie with the "cast of thousands!!!
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Category: school

02/10/07 12:37 - 21ºF - ID#38097

I can breath now

I can finally take a breather. I just handed in Exam #1 of this stats class. Only 1 more week and an exam and hopefully I wont' have to deal with another Hyposthesis Test or an ANOVA for a while.

Other than that I'm just been pretty boring. Working early trying to stay healthy and sane the usual.

Then again there's always the Feb 14 conundrum....
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Category: work

02/01/07 01:34 - 25ºF - ID#37952

Life @ the Casino

I've noticed that pretty much every day that I"m here it is 90% of the same group of people here everyday. Given I work in the Poker Room and it is a bit differentl than the regular casino floor. Where people just dump their money. Poker is more of a grind.

There are these guys playing the "Big Game" that were here last evening are are still here playing the same game. Given these guys have $8,000-$12,000 in front of them at the moment but still there is more to life than a big poker game.

I went over to Fallsview last night with my Dad to use up all of this remaining comp dollars for the month playing slots. I ended up just blowing $60 or the equilevant of the meal myself. I just find that place too sterile "vegas stripish" If I want to go to Mandalay Bay I'll go to Vegas and hit the real thing.

The highlight on the night was talking to M* a cocktail waitress over there that used to come into our poker room. From what she told me she is staying away until the next Ladies Only tournament in 2 weeks. I'm just blown away to hear that a cocktail waitress has taken too much of a hit from a casino that she has to totally bar herself from coming. We know better from watching degenerates "blow their brains out" on a daily basis to get sucked into it.

Then what do I know, I was just stoked to be talking to someone like her and have her actually wanting to converse back. Then reality hit as she was being pulled 3 or 4 different directions of people needing drinks.

It's strange to actually be part of this casino "scene" and have that casual commardary going on with the people across the ditch. They come to our place and we go over to theirs since we can't gamble at the place that we get our W-2's from.
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Category: health

01/27/07 12:03 - 36ºF - ID#37885

Cold Sinus

I think that this sinus cold is really putting me to the test. It has been since Monday and only now it is starting to subside. Feeilng stupid due your head being congested is just a helpess sensation.

In the mean time I have to grab some lunch and head back for the second half of my Saturday class.

Then I'm off to Canada tonight for dinner @ my Uncle's place.

Other than that nothing too exciting. It's just that the women in my life right now have are not having the best luck at things lately...
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Category: iraq

01/23/07 11:36 - 29ºF - ID#37843

State of the Union

SO I was just watching the SOTU and I get a text, "Are you up?" Now I had taken a nap earlier toay since I started to come down with a cold earlier today at work. Then right after FW finished his speech I get a phone call from my friend T*. She's crying and tells me that her cousin that just been shipped over to Iraq about a week ago was shot dead. Apparently he was a translater and when we left a crowd of people after asking a few questions he was shot in the back as he turned away to leave.

The irony of me getting that call right after the end of the speech just is scary.

I hate being able to know how she is feeling right now. Since he was 24 they basically grew up together. There is nothing worse that realizing that your family has been mutilated by the actions of some piece of shit.

On another note the Democratic Response by Jim Webb D-Virginia was most likely the best counter speech that I have seen in a very long time. The brilliance of bringing out a military guy that obviously isn't a socialist wacko, was a great move. He is the poster child of the whole recapture of congress.

I watched MSNBC for the post part and feel great that Keith Olberman has finally eclipsed his best work from back in the day on Sportscenter.
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Category: florida

01/23/07 11:12 - 28ºF - ID#37832

Just a thought and Reality TV

With the return of winter I'm a bit jealous of my parents being down in Florida while I'm stuck up here working and going to school. My parents have more of a life than I do. I work a miserable job surrounded by degenerates of all kinds fellow employees and patrons. They are in Florida Dad on business/pleasure and Mom on a mental health sebatical.

I just wish I had those years back in which I was a bum and went down there all the time. The winter of 00/01 was the best I spent about 2 months down there spread out from December to April basically every college break and long weekend I could get. I suppose it was (e:imk2) and her desire for 8 weeks vacation that triggered the nostolgia.

I guess if I had the rescourses and had a job where I could get away without needing the paid time off I would live that kind of lilfestyle once again. Now I think it woudl entail heading out west every month or so instead of Florida. I just don't have any desire to go down there anymore except to enjoy the sunshine.

What reminded me of the area where my Mom is was the show "Underage and Engaged" last night on MTV. I think the young couple was from along the gulf coast since the bride's brother was late coming in from Sarasota. It was another one of thsoe "trainwreck" MTV reality shows but again I just felt compelled to watch it. i'm going to stick with the Florida thing as being the "hook."

Basically the best line from the show was the brides brother who is in the military mind you and said to her, "When I tell people that my sister is getting married no one says congradulations; they look at me in shock and say WHY she's so young!"

But although it did make me feel a bit old at the same time when you're a married couple and you live in a shed located in your parents back yard, you have nothing on me. Shit at least I had an apartment back in my married time frame of my life, it sucked but it was still better than being married AND living at home.

That chick had to be chasing some kind of father figure since it was her brother and not her estranged Dad that walked her down the isle.
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Category: general

01/22/07 09:07 - 20ºF - ID#37812

What to do?

There are just a few things floating through my mind right now.

What desktop system to get for my Dad and myself [Although it has to be a PC since it will split between us]

What kind of new phone to get?

Should I quit my job in the relative future to focus on going back to school full time and study for the CPA?

Should I get serious with someone?

Those are just a few questions that are floating through my head and have been for a considerable amount of time.

On top of the party and my class that got out early (thanks to the professor being a die hard purple eagles fan and a game going on at the same time as our class so he coudl sneak out) I ended up seeing two excellent movies.

The first one was Children of Men. It was scary in the sense that it was pretty much a commentary of current events. It had quite a bit of symbolism and subtle ideas going for it. What I really enjoyed was the sense that I'm pretty sure it appeared that it was shot entirely in the U.K. It reminded me on the movie Nineteen Eighty-Four in some aspects. It is just great to see a movie that is pretty much British or at least plays it self as such. The Prestige came pretty close, but then again it just may be that Sir Michael Caine is in every movie that I have seen in the past 6 months.

Last night I ended up seeing Running with Scissors with T* was Running with Scissors. I have to give her credit for point us to check it out at that scary movie theater behind Wal-Mart on Walden on the grounds of the former Thruway Mall. For $10 2 movie admissions 2 small popcorn and 2 diet pepsi's you just can't beat the price. I haven't seen Borat yet but when it does show up there I'm going back for sure. Even with the Gas I'll still be ahead.

I just loved it. Then again I am a sucker for the 1970's and find the the fashion, decor and the drug use fascinating. For some reason I just kept on thinking The Royal Tenenbaums but again I think Gwyneth Paltrow may have done that in shifting my perception of association. For some reason I think she has reached the point in her career where she just can't full off being the daughter/child now in her career. She just looked a bit too old and unbelievable, it's time to play the Mom not a Daughter. Although Evan Rachel Wood was just amazing, OMG! Then again I think I may have a soft spot for women from North Carolina.

You know it's a great movie when you have people walking out in the first half hour. It is eirther they are offended or just don't get it.
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i'm glad you documented this. I was actually looking for a picture but came across this and am glad ...