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Category: party

09/13/07 12:44 - 63ºF - ID#41073

South of the Border

I guess, south of the Canadian border.
well, technically, east. But anyhow..

'South of the border' is the theme. Have decided on Tex-Mex food stuffs for my upcoming bonfire, Sat 9/22. Fajitas, beans and rice, guacamole, corn bread and of course, Tequila! OOOH and a pinata! But there seems to be something missing. Like I should have another option as a side or two. Maybe a vegetable? I have no idea! Any suggestions?!!

The foodie sites haven't been that helpful to me!

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09/12/07 12:04 - 68ºF - ID#41058

Crazy Winds and Rheumatoid Arthritis

OK, that was a freaky little storm we had there.

I had returned home and thought about going for a walk. It was around 8pm. I decided to return a call to my mom instead. I had windows slightly open still from earlier in the day. The evening was calm and nice, so I figured I would leave my front door open as well, for awhile.

Then I heard some noise that I couldn't identify. A look around, I noticed that the curtains at the windows were flapping back and forth. I looked outside, and the source of the sound was the wind whipping rather violently through the trees. I could see the branches swaying back and forth. I wondered what the wind speed was at that moment.

A few minutes later, rain, thunder and lightning followed. All with big crackling booms-- kinda cool and scary at the same time. I unplugged my laptop and waited it out.

Anyway, I totally would have been caught in that if I would have left for my walk when I wanted too. freaky!

on another note..

Anyone have experience with alternative treatments for rheumatoid arthritis? I know someone who has been suffering from it, dealing with it for several years; and while they are following western medicine protocol, I can't help but wonder what more is out there. Seems more meds are prescribed for other issues that arise and then those meds easily contraindicate-- and exacerbate other issues, and its a crazy cycle-- AND this is taking into consideration lifestyle changes, etc.

and speaking of meds, (e:mike,41054) that was one crazy story. I can't even think of what your day was like to actually be there! wow!
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Category: events

09/10/07 11:28 - 67ºF - ID#41044

Charlie Hunter Trio and other WNY events

  • Hmm, I have plans to go to one of the last Thursday at the Square performances. This week it is Anders Osborne (Rock, R&B, Blues) and Charlie Hunter Trio (Jazz, Rock, Fusion Guitarist). I am looking forward to listening to them; I think I am feeling rather partial to Charlie Hunter. I have heard good things. I look forward to going this week.

  • I'm finding more and more stuff to do this Fall/Halloween season! Haunted Hay Rides, Barns of Doom, Haunted Houses (and Garages!), Ghost Walks, and so on.
WNY Haunts has a nice list to start with:

I want to get tickets to the Haunted Fortress fund raiser soon. I used to go when I first originally lived in Youngstown. You go through the castles, guided by a story teller. Its dark, cold and historic. I remember scary dudes jumping out at times and the atmosphere was just perfect. Later, it ended with a story circle and hot cider/ hot cocoa. Things may have changed since.. Guess I'll find out.

  • So far there are plans in the works for me to have a Bonfire-Gathering the weekend of September 21. Actually, it will most likely be Saturday Sept 22. Its not exactly a birthday thing, yet some of my friends are angling it that way (its the 17th). I have had multiple requests through the summer to throw a gathering, so now that the season is ending and I have been cornered, details are being hammered out, haha. Anyone interested in stopping out (youngstown) for food, drink, chill time, let me know! :)

these are always cracking me up:







for more flippin hilarious "road signs" --> (e:theecarey,35807)
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Category: potpourri

09/08/07 02:06 - 78ºF - ID#40998

random recap bullets

  • Thank you, "guest" for your kind words. Not sure if you will see this, but if you happen upon this post, it was really nice to receive the feedback. hehe, and, beat me up? bring it on! hahahaha (made me smile!) :)

  • Does anyone else find it weird that not only have we NOT gotten the cool(cold) August nights, but that we are in September and its still 80 EIGHTY degrees outside after midnight?!?! I mean, still warm/hot days are normal, but usually we have the cool nights through August.

  • Lewiston Peach Festival this weekend.
Food, drink, rides, games, events, something peachy to eat and drink. Its always a big deal, not that I have gone in several years. I'm sure I will go (maybe?), even though it freaks me out. It is sure to bring Lew Port alumni back to town- Its just weird to run into people I haven't seen in 14 plus years! Last weekend, well, Monday evening, I made it to the Youngstown field days, and there were people who looked soooooooo familiar that I couldn't place or there were people I looked right at, but didn't recognize at all-- and all of them being people I used to go to school with at some point. I wont go without (e:pyrcedgrrl) and (e:vincent) GOT THAT? Going to maybe buy more fried dough. Had some last week, and I usually only have one per year. Good stuff. Must play the DUCKY** game if they have it. (hehe, yes, I am still obsessing, Mike)

  • Hiccups are annoying. I have them right now and they wont go away. I rarely get them, thankfully.

  • Who's been to 'Cheeburger'? what is up with that place and why is it called that? Why isn't it Cheeseburger? Dont you get something if you eat some burger they have? Was it someone on here? I walked past it today because I saw something pink glowing in the parking lot. It was the decor of this restaurant/50s diner.

  • Anyone have a go-to list of all the Halloween/Fall going-ons? Like scary stuff, hay rides, haunted walks, etc? I want to plan now of places I want to go or I know I will miss out.

  • The crazy windy day was nice. I liked how it seemed to energize everything. I opened up my windows to feel the breeze, albeit HOT breeze. I hung my bamboo wind 'chimes' in front of an open window so I could hear their sound. Later this evening it began to rain, a warm rain at that- I love the smell of earthy rain.

  • Why did I think that Thurday at the Square usually finished up at the end of August? There are still 2 weeks left!

  • A very pleasant and refreshing evening was had; found myself laughing a lot, sometimes shy, sometimes dorky but very pleased, indeed.

  • I am now super tired yet too wired to sleep. I swear, don't give me food or drink after midnight!

.. still got hiccups. yeesh.

ok, The Way We Were is on. Redford is so yummy.

Good night!

  • wasn't there another duck pic?

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Category: birthdays

09/06/07 12:20 - 86ºF - ID#40964



Happy Birthday, Timika!



I put together a little Virtual Birthday gift for you. Nothing is wrapped, but I think you will enjoy the 'bag' of goodies! :) (Inspired from (e:ladycroft,40935))

1. Some tv shows you may be missing!



2. no less than 32 winks!

3. mmm icy cold, just for you!


5. I can exchange these for a better model if you wish ;)

6. .. he will do as you wish; it is your birthday, afterall!

7. minty fresh!

8. work humor ;)

9. for your new place!

10. dug these up; not that same, I know :(

(soccer and pink hair!)


11. Print it out and use it today! :D

I'm sure you will get together with your new coworkers & friends; I hope you have a wonderful and adventurous day! Wish you were here to celebrate (or me there!!!). *hugs*


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09/04/07 11:43 - 63ºF - ID#40928


With the holiday yesterday and being away for a few days, its throwing me off as to what day of the week it is. Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday. Ok, got it. OH and its SEPTEMBER (a GREAT month, btw). got it. Making my own schedule for the most part helps. I'm using today to get things back together-- camp gear put away, laundry, clean out coolers, take a really long hot shower complete with mud mask to scrub away the last bits of dirt and dust embedded in every pore and hair follicle.

ahhh, and score myself a really good cup of coffee.

and maybe a nap (gah! sooo sleepy today!).

..and eventually get through the pile up of email; just not in the email writing mode/ train of thought right now. later. after shower. after coffee.

Kids are starting back to school any second now, right? hmm, it might be a really nice time to go wander through the zoo at my leisure. I will have to plan on doing that sometime soon. I like going in the late winter-early spring- I seem to have the place to myself. I haven't yet been there in the fall; I imagine it might be much of the same. I didn't go at all throughout the summer. Well, I did not get out much on my own through the summer due to car issues; but I am not a fan of the (over populated) zoo in the summer anyways. Having a membership is nice. I'm usually not in there for very long. I like to wander over to a few exhibits and just watch quietly; sometimes take pictures.

mmmm late summer, less than three weeks left. Ready for fall?

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09/03/07 04:31 - 77ºF - ID#40916 -feel the love

Trying to catch up on your lives. I began with (e:news) and went from there. Before I continue with reading, a few things first:

First: I hate missing (e:strip) parties. As always, it looked to be a fun gathering. Again, happy Birthday (e:terry) and (e:mike)! As many of you know, it is great to interact with those that you have been reading a little bit about over time. I've been to plenty of generic parties all over the place; generally amusing but bland over all. (E:strip).org parties are another breed. You have shared history, established familiarity and diversity...various levels of debauchery and a slew of other elements that add to the fabulousness that it is. But the main thing? It is the "epeeps" that really make these parties ones to remember. And when you miss one or two in a row, the sense of feeling out of the loop, missing everyone in general, and some in specific, really hits. *FEEL THE LOVE!* AND there are new faces, new lives, new peeps I've yet to meet. Anyway, I hope to do some major catching up with (e:peeps) soon.

Second: (e:paul), you are fantastic! Your talents and dedication continue to impress me. I know (e:peeps) agree; they wouldn't be here if not for your continued effort on this site, right?! :) While it is a symbiotic relationship, and everyone contributes to its success, it still comes back to *you*. To think that it began as a Masters project! And you didn't even have to do that, because, remember, you invented the internet, haha. Thank you. The statistics and user status labels are fun! Nice bronze medal, (e:jim)! and a shout out to our prolific writer/commenter, (e:metalpeter)!

Third: This weekend was *a lot* of fun. The things I learned about myself! I can't even begin to describe what it was all about. I camped at a private campground this weekend out towards Springville. This is a large event that takes place every Labor Day weekend. Bands, food, drink, various sorts of entertainment, dirt bike/4 wheeler trails, contests, and lots and lots of people and nature. I declined last year, for several reasons, but was keen on making it this year. The much anticipated weekend finally arrived and I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew but just a couple of people and there were hundreds. The tag line of this event is, "More fun than allowed by law"
yeh, I'd say; and I was pleased to take part in it.
I brought my camera but didn't use it.. Thinking back, maybe that was a good thing. hmmm, but I imagine someone took a few..

Although the best thing about going away is coming home, the worst part about coming home is unpacking and cleaning up. I'll do that later. I have some blogs to read!

Hope everyone had a fun-safe-happy-peaceful Labor Day Weekend!

ooh, I still have time to hunt down a fried dough at the local field days, if I get myself motivated to head back out the door. The nice thing is that it is just down the street from me. hmmmm fried dough, its been a couple of years since my last! yum!
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Category: birthdays

08/31/07 11:30 - 70ºF - ID#40855

Happy Birthday Mike!


Mike and Terry,

Party it up like I know you can!

and I expect to see the obligatory de-pantsing pics and other original "Mike Visco" party stories.


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Category: silliness

08/31/07 12:07 - 63ºF - ID#40845

I really need to stop!

I totally stole these from Live Journal group, Cat Macros

I love the pics and captions..

but hatehatehate people talking in that lingo for real. OK, occasional witty comment, but as acceptable (and standard) grammar? NO! I know you feel me, (e:lizabeth)! haha

Ok, onto some cute shite


(I love the arrow!)


..and just because:

How bad is it that I now look at my cat and want to plaster a caption above him? damn the lolcats!

OK.. (e:pyrcedgrrl) pointed this out to me, and I would really sport this. I love this site anyways, so anything is fair game for showering gifts upon Thee. hehe


more groovy stuff at Fred & Friends:

ok, need to finish gathering all that is needed for camping trip! Sorry to miss the Terry-Mike B-day bash. Have at least three jello shots for me, please :)

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Category: reflection

08/30/07 12:01 - 75ºF - ID#40832

Conversations with Self

EDIT: original blog is located below, simply titled, Reagan Diaries. I added, "Conversations with Self pt1" originally written 8/29/07 and posted at
I add it here for prosperity.

Conversations with Self pt1

"If the extent of my knowledge was limited strictly to formal education, than I would really know nothing at all". ~Carey, 1998

The thought came to me today, "(You) will go on a sabbatical".

But haven't I, essentially, been on one?

"Over the course of your life and more specifically in the past year, you have been to a lot of places, but it has been a few months since you have really pushed out the edges of your mind. And that is really where you want to go; that is where the experience is. Your initial sabbatical presented your freedom, this one, will reinforce it."

Well, what of these past few months, were they for naught?

"Everything serves to enhance your experience. There are no coincidences; there is a reason. There is no 'lost time'; not when you have been listening, observant, asking questions, feeling and knowing. Continue to probe deeply into subjects that intrigue you, bring you into your element; it is there that you will see yourself."

What's that last part about?

"Everyone has a picture in their head of who they are. They can see what they look like, what they are doing, what their surroundings look and feel like and generally what their life is like and how they would like it to be. That picture is a snap shot of something very real, yet how often is it far from what IS, today? Choices made bring people further or closer to that picture. However, you are there, but now seeking to go further, yes?"

Yes. Gratefully, yes.

"So go beyond what that picture is, and you will find your Self. Contemplate what your wants and needs are; enlist your five senses to assist you in seeing all that is you and all that you want it to Be. What you come up with is your new picture. That is what this is all about."

So, I need quiet time to reflect, gather information, and figure out my next "picture"?

"Yes, you've got it. Now what are you going to do with it, Carey??"

I'm going to listen carefully and allow myself to bring forth all that is me. Eek! There is so much to learn, to see, to experience! I have questions that I must not be afraid to ask. I need to figure out why I know and feel the things I do. How is it that I have known things, seen the connections, when I have yet to encounter the material, the experiences? And when I have, nothing feels novel, exactly. So much has made sense to me for a long time now; over three decades, really.

Now I sit here and think about my earliest remembered experiences.

"Ah very good, you know what this is, yes?"

I thought to say, this is the transition to my sabbatical, but there is more to it than that. This is.. everything..


More and more I probe deeper, searching for new beacons of information and connection. I seek to expand my current schema. To actively pursue the understanding of how people are just beginning to gravitate towards certain subjects yet I have felt has been a deep part of me.. always. I intend to one day be able to articulate those "things" as originally as possible as I hold no desire to "regurgitate" what is currently available to readers, yet I also know for certain that no words are needed; that is just how it is. However, as with people before me, I too, will try to share all that is.

I would like to find a physically quiet spot to engage in some concentrated thinking, researching, reading, writing, learning and unlearning. My home is quiet, clean and peaceful, however, a change in environment would be beneficial, creatively speaking. I'm not particular on where, as long as I can concentrate. I prefer somewhere that I can both stretch my legs and my mind. If trails or a swimming spot are readily available, then that would be ideal. Oh, and a Hot Spot for laptop-internet use. My mind is just swirling with thoughts and ideas; its imperative that I clarify some of it.

That may have seemed an odd style to write a blog. Have you ever asked yourself a question then quietly an answer comes to mind? For those that have experienced this, it shows that you are comfortable in asking those questions. Sometimes we don't want to know the answers, so we never ask the question. Yet when you listen carefully, you will provide your own insight to the questions and concerns you may have. For those that have never heard the feedback, just practice listening real close. Its there...

Read to write, write to seek, seek to understand.

original blog, "Reagan Diaries"

Keeping it simple.

An excerpt*from Ronald Reagan's recently published diaries:

"A moment I've been dreading. George(Bush senior) brought his ne're-do-well son around this morning and asked me to find the kid a job. Not the political one(Jeb) who lives in Florida. The one who hangs around here all the time looking shiftless. This so-called kid is already almost 40 and has never had a real job. Maybe I'll call Kinsley over at The New Republic and see if they'll hire him as a contributing editor or something. That looks like easy work."

  • This is floating around. Anyone see it? I havent checked for source yet.

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mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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