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01/20/10 04:23 - 24ºF - ID#50865

I must be getting old....

hokay so as we all know a few years ago this wouldn't be an issue, but know I'm nervous as a mofo to have a threesome. After another semi phone sex session, the young man tells me his girlfriend really wants to join! Before I would be like oh hell yeah shamone in hop in. But now I realize I haven't done a threesome in many many moons. I mean years, it's been since I lived in Buffalo before NYC!!!! What if I'm rusty?! It's not as if I'm scared because the girl is there. I just had a girl solo a couple months ago, and it was enjoyable it's because it's three people. That's a lot of energy!!! I mean these phone sex sessions are really hot! When someone tells you they want to be your private liittle bitch or filthy cum filled little cock whore. The pressure is on. So I'm gonna do it any way not too sure about the cum filled part though. I have about 7 weeks to work up to it. I'm no whimp I'm taking it on! But safely. Wish me luck!
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01/14/10 02:40 - 27ºF - ID#50815

phone sex

hokay so good times on the phone I tell ya. How does normal 'i haven't seen you in so long' turn into 'i wish I can help you out of those tight pants'? And two nights in a row!!! With the same person though since I'm such a lady :p I have never really done it over the phone before and it was pretty hot. I did learn you gotta stick to one hand phone the other goes to work. Switching them mid session can get really messy! And now with these camera phone I mean penis was everywhere! We both had fun and a date for slap and tickle soon. :)and his girlfirend wants to watch I forgot to mention that...... How do I get myself in these situations?
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01/09/10 01:04 - 12ºF - ID#50779

the 30's suck

hokay so I know you all up there are going through it with the weather and I do wish I could brag and say how nice it is in the dutty souf! But I would be lying. It sucks down here too! In the 30s feeling like 18. That's crap! I don't remember it getting this cold last year down here. I'm not pleased. :(
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12/25/09 03:46 - 38ºF - ID#50655

Drag queen talk

I come home from work right, and I find Syreena's number in my house. So i go to Lervern and ask 'whats this about why do you have Syreena's number here?' he says
-Aww baby one of her friends gave it to me i wasn't gonna call her
-If you wasn't gaonna call her why didn't you throw the number away?
-I just forgot baby thats all
-O.k. baby go ahead to work
I didn't want to mess with him before he had to go make that paper ya know. So i call that hoes house, her roomate kelly picks up the phone
-Hello how you during? My name is Bliss is Syreena home?
-oh no she's not here right now. she went out of town til tuesday
-til tuesday huh? well thats unfortunate becawuse i really need to speak with her. Kelly Im gonna leave my number with you and if Syreena dosent call me back by wednesday I'm gonna assume you didn't tell her, then I'm gonna call back and have questions for you o.k.?
-O.k. i will tell her
-thank ya honey
So thursday im going to the club and I see Syreena just hop in the car with this trick. I walk up to the car before they take off and tap on the window (tap tap tap)
-Uh Syreena can I talk to you for a minute?
she hops out the car
-Sure Bliss whats the Tee?
-What is your phone number doing at my house becasue you didn't give it to me?
-oh girl i was just palyin, he's just my friend it was noffin like that.
-No me and you are friends and you didn't give me yo numba??
-Girl I don't even think Levern is cute he aint doing much with himself anyway
-Oh so now you gonna dis my man to my face huh??
-Girl I don't even have time for this i gotta...
-Oh no baby you got nothin but time!!
I tapped on that mans window (tap tap tap) he looks at me
-I'm sorry sir but Syreena's gotta go, You have a nice evening now!
I was getting to the bottom of this shit!!
Random story i heard from my drag queens friends I found hella funny, thought I'd share it.

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12/25/09 03:24 - 38ºF - ID#50654

we need a little christmas

happy holidays everyone from the dutty souf!!!! hope everyone spending it with the ones they love! I sure am... I miss you all sooo much !!
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12/02/09 10:32 - 44ºF - ID#50444

HO HO Hello!!

Greetings from the dutty south. It's starting toget cold down here now and I am not a fan!!! One would think living up north so long this cold weather would not bother me down here. SIKE!!! It's wet, windy and cold...yuck! I'm over New orleans now but i can't leave :( My sister is down here having a baby in a few months and im really her only family member down here to look after her. it's a boy she named Preston, I'm looking forward to htis boy getting about 4 or 5 years old he would be just old enough to shake up some martinis when uncle T.K. comes over ;) I had a blast with my boys when i was up there in october and missed the hell out of them so much so i'm heading back up there in january about the third week or so to see them again and finally see my mother!!!! I'm hoping that everyones thanksgiving went well and everyone is enjoying the holiday season, the season for giving and caring. I have a new job now and some new friends. It's funny how many people stick by your side when your down and you swtich jobs, people can be so ugly It's really a shame. Stratch'em off life's too short for petty folk. Anywho I've slipped up and had sex with a female a couple weeks ago, my gay card has officially been taken away now. Poo.
One gay adneture i went on was to this gay club called fusions I've should have known too many of my fellow black people especially being gays, don't know how to act. So a fight breaks out in the parking lot one butch girl against two flaming queens. Now girlfriend is holding her own during battle, so one of the flamers leaves the fight pushes through the crown picks up his drink off the ground dumps it out and starts peeing in the cup! Puches back through the crowd towards the fight (pause). Now already im thinking 'no no no no no' but yup (unpause). The flamer tosses the fresh piss in the girls face!!!!! A hush falls over the crowd and no one moved. She hold her arms out away from her body and screams 'what is this?...Is this piss muthafucker is this piss?!!!!' and the flamer screams back 'thats right bitch,thats right bitch. Piss in yo face bitch!' flamer runs and the butch girl runs right after him and thats the last we saw of them. Now i do remeber mentioning before that the pickings were slim down here, yeah no joke. i have really nothing to work with down here, obviously because i sleep with a girl. Bout a bitch. So i have vowed to myself to never have se again until i really fall for someone and they fall for me back. Who knows how long that will take but im willing to do it. My goodies are mine and mine alone now.
In other newss i finally have a facebook so you all can see my recent pics if you like. I'm trying to get with technology now stop being such a damn hippie. The name is Timothy Robinson (full name) or my email adress which is check it out. I think thats all i have to say for now. Love you Buffalo and I'll see you soon-TK
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03/27/09 05:44 - 57ºF - ID#48214

stop chasin those boys an shop some more

While my other home friends down here search high and low for that one, i have adopted back my love. SHOPPING! oh its been wonderful. Clothes, watches, product i'm even getting a car!!!! I'm getting a 2005 ford mustang and its red. Instant boner. Im taking it off a friends hand whose getting a company car in about 7 weeks. I'm just doing my party for the Economy :) On another note my mother finally gets out in april and will be home so i will be up there for a while in april to see her and catch her up on everything. See you all in 3 weeks.- Tk
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02/25/09 04:06 - 41ºF - ID#47888


Im going to sleep for about two days. This whole month was mardi gras!!! Parades,drinking,hooking up with strangers,drinking, losing another cell phone, staying up for two whole days and nights, drinking..... Thats what i did this black history month. Obama would be sooo proud. Oh and I found you that michelle Obama's maiden names was Robinson, Like mine so that makes me piratically Royalty in my eyes :) The Grammy's were amazing, its really too bad about Chris Brown, i was really rooting for his sucess. So i probably will not be drinking until i get up there to Buffalo, major detox, and lots of yoga is about to go down. Thank God theres no mercredi gras, i don't think i would have survived. I must sleep now nighty night all!!
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11/19/08 03:49 - 30ºF - ID#46756


Ok i knew it would be too good to be true. The mans a meth head!!! I got from a reliable source that the gay boy who was sooo perfect and nice is addicted to meth. "and thats not the half of it." Is what my friend Paul (not you Paul) told me. WTF!!! I Don't get it. I'm no prude when it comes to drugs but, that one's a no no. And heroin and crack. NO NO. So now it's back to the drawing board, because now there is absolutely no chance that i can get with that or even be friends which is sooo sad because i thought this one could be it ya'll. Oh well I guess it's back to sellin it on the streets again! Pussy for sale, Pussy for sale, Pussy for sale , Pussy for sale. :) xoxo TK
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11/18/08 12:26 - 29ºF - ID#46741

the gay one

So i finally bagged a gay one, or so i thought. The MFer quit the job we were working at together before i could come back. I lost the phone number he gave me before i left town, of course so now i don't if i should just take it as a loss and move on. Or think of this as my rare opportunity that i did find a gay boy who likes me as much as i did like him, and look for him. HMMM? Man this sucks. Sometimes i wonder how other people find these things so easily and it takes me 25 years to see one and truly think that this one could work, and he slips through my fingers. So im gong to work tonight and see if i can get his number from my boss and seem stalkerish. oh man. i don't know what to do. Being habitually single for years with the occasional dating phase for a few months times and Mike Weed which was a year of disaster. Lets Hope for the best. p.s. watch the NBC shoe Heroes! Its the bomb baby!! One love-TK
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