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07/24/08 02:59 - 66ºF - ID#45126

Karma's a BITCH

It's funny how it comes back to bite people in the ass, when they deserve it. I have three recent examples.
1. My cousin Lenee Screwed me out of an apartement and told some of my friends that it was all my fault that I didn't pay my part. I brushed it off and didn't even get my protion of the money. Lenees mother came to visist me last week and told me that it's a good thing i didn't get that apartment with my cousin because Now she has to go to court because of some money troubles with the landlord, and she now has to move out. isn't that funny???
2. My dear Friend from N.Y.C. Mike weed which some of my friends have met, He brokes my heart something bad. Pushing me away when he claimed he needed me the most. Talked shit about me saying i was crazy and unbalanced. A couple of freinds of mine from N.Y.C. were just down here in New Orleans, and told me that, ever since I've been gone the boy has spiraled more down the drain. He tried to commit suicide twice and is now on suicide watch, whatever that is. He is on four different medications and is now complaining that he has no one to talk to or be his friend. Hmmmm? Damn that sucks.
3. My old Manhattan roomate Rachel Meyer, gave me such a headache when we lived together. FOllowing the same shoe prints as Michael, talking shit about me. This bitc got caught by a bulk of our friends cutting herself, which i knew she was doing over a year ago. She now lives in colarado with her mother to get help. Hope they get well.
You know I live by the fact that i do everytihng in an honest way, i care deeply about my friends and when you give that kind of care to people and they slap it away and drag your name through the dirt, you wash your hands of them. and now I'm just as fabulous living down south and these three people are all going through hell right now. I hope it makes them think back on the things they have done to hurt me or any other people they might have done this to and make it better. Any who Lessons to be learned. Peace and Love.
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06/18/08 10:10 - 58ºF - ID#44711

More Family :(

I know they say that the only people you can depend on and the only thing that is important is family. Really? I can't tell you how much that is the complete opposite case for me, and has always been. Every single one of my siblings here besides my sister are slippin BIG TIME ya'll. My girl cousin has been couch hoppin since november. She's owes people money to the point where they are showing up at her and my job looking for it. She slept with another friend of mine and neglected to tell him about her little friend herpes. My brother Drug problem has gotten to the point where my sister and I don't even associate with him anymore. He's completly out of money cinstantly fucked up or drunk. people who work with him tell me just about every day, " I saw your brother lastnight, and he was fucked up", this one girl said " I saw your brother at the bar and he was toough up, no im sorry tough down!" he has been kicked out of so many bars because he's tryin to fight people, grabbin girls titties, real tacky shit. I'm ashmed. I've tried talking to him about his problems and he constantly fights with me so im done. My grandmother will be down here in a few weeks to visist. If he comes around hopefully she could talk to him. My daddy with be here at the end of August. To settle this war he says. I'm goinmg to CALIFORNIA hoes! I can't wait. I'm going to visit in october with a guy friend of min. A red head named Grant who used to live there. I'ts going to be good times I don't know what I would do there. smoke weed and get married. I will start there. I still love it down here in New oleans, it gets really hot, but thank god for Direct tv and air conditioning, I don't have to go any where. Well anywho I miss all my e.peeps and hope Buffalo is warm. love all T.K.
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05/24/08 12:05 - 47ºF - ID#44435


Well i say my, my. There has been some sudden changes in my life down here, but for the better. I no longer live with my brother, he and i have part ways until he can get his self together, and handle his addictions. My sister and both have different roomates in new orleans and are living happily. I live now in uptown new orleans which is only 15 mins from the french quarter which is were i work and play, and the hood i live in is beautiful. The street is called Foutainbleau drive, the side street is octavia. pretty just pretty. I have a roomate named josh an his girl Shuana, who remind me of a lot of this couple in brooklyn i used to hang with. I have been dancing my ass off to a lot of Janet jackson lately. Her song feedback is off the rizzie ya'll. And this other girl named Duffy from is off the hook you should all check out. Lots of dancing ya'll it makes everthing feel better. I had a cance off with this duude in this club on bourbon st. The song was "music makes you lose control" by missy elliot. He thought he could step to this, especially with this song. At the end of the dance off which eveyone in the club were watching, he saluted me and walked away. I love dancing. I think we all know that. Oh and ew ew, i ran into this guy at one of my regular straight bar spots and he was hitting one me, so i was like okay lets do this and then the bitch smiled and OH MY DENTIST! I mean please. I looked like they're were dice in his grill. So i was instantly turned off im sorry. And told him I was not interested in going home with him. But he persisted ofcourse and I had to leave. And go next door to the other bar. Two weeks later I'm back at the Jimani the usual and he shows up again, claiming to have lost a bag and was looking for it but when he saw me he didn't care to look for it anymore. What?! okay bitch, no. He was saying things like "we'll i guess im going to go home now", i'okay have a goodnight'. He stands there. He says ' are you leaving now?" 'no'. "oh well i guess im gonn go then". 'okay then, be safe'. He dosent go away. "Are you going home?" he asks me "eventually' I respond. Then he finally got the message. A gay black friend of mine was with me and said that I'm "stingy" with the booty and need to give it up. He's a ho, by the way. okay i have to go I love ya'll.
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04/20/08 08:16 - 68ºF - ID#44071

happy happy 420 happy happy

Ok so before I start on how much of a wonderful day this is , um this fuckin computer lost my journal i just written for know reason and im pissed. Anyway, how do all? Ok Straight up this city is something else dude, i mean im walking to work through the french quarter I get hi by beads. I mean rich drunk people on the patio just throwing them out just to do it. So it's not a unlikely thing to get beat by beads if your walking to work , or anywhere really in the french quarter. I mean these bitches party, with parades on thursday then again tomorrow and then the following sunday. And they go all out. i am actually very glad i missed mardi gras this year, It would have been too much for real yo. Geckos and lizards, just walking along trees and apartments, they are small but really cool, they'll just be hangin on my back fence, two at a time usually it's not like and infestation or anything. I hope that how you spell it did just finsha jointsicle. And then on night im sitting out back and theres this big square patch of grass where a in groung pool used to be, and im smokin the good stuf and i look into the little grass and BAM! A fucking toad, threefeet away starin right at my ass. Okay my shoulders hurt because im typing on a laptap and sitting on the bead, because thats terrible for your posture. I must lay down and watch an abundance of recoded direct tv shows i have stacked up all week, Oh happy happy joy joy happy happy!
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03/08/08 08:30 - 22ºF - ID#43588

Golden Shower!

Hokay so My brother got really drunk lastnight at the apt, I was dead sober because I had to workthis morning, and about 4 am I fell asleep on the couch playing video games and i was awaken by splashes of urine. Ad not on the leg area pr feet, but my bare arms and chin were shot. i know this is a little personal but i had to tell to someone. Just like a good friend i know who tends to urinate in strange places :). yeah so does my brother. Aint that a bitch. Never been pissed on before lastnight. Yuck
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03/04/08 11:31 - 26ºF - ID#43558

Bourbon Street

OH MY GOSH! Hokay so...... Man it is MECCA! Along street of bars an outside and Most the bars are free and drink specials out the Whazoo! I went with my sister and my cousin and If i can sum this sum. Beautiful mask! Public drinking, Live bands of all sorts from country, to jazz and funk, an outside street band with tubas an sax's and trumpets and percussin. And the boys were in High school. they were tearin it UP ya'll. i saw my sisters and cousins titties when they flashed this private party and were swamped with beads. My sister and cousins hip hop rap battle. My sister picking up boys from all over, dancing, dancing, dancing! OOOHH YEAH wish yo all could be here.
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02/28/08 02:05 - 6ºF - ID#43490

get out the car BITCH!

So people down here can't drive for shit! straight up can't drive. people cut each other off whenever, turn signals just don't exist at all for some reason. they drive infront of the streetcar as if their car would bounce right off it unharmed. Just stupid shit. Yesterday a car cuts off another car and i guess the asshole driver said something rude to the person he cut off, and the other car was not having it. He kept beeping and beeping his horn and tailing the other til they both pulled over and the victim gets out and walks up to the asshole driver saying. "Get out the car bitch, you dissrespecting my wife? Get your bitch-ass out the car. Get the fuck out the car I will beat yo ass Bitch!" the other person did not get out at all or even roll down the window. he just watched the big angry black man scream at him. The man continued to call the man all kinds of Bitches. ii was pretty sure somone was about to start shooting until the asshole driver eventually peeled off. Thats stuff you watch from a distance!!
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02/25/08 08:35 - 27ºF - ID#43461

counrty bumpkin

aight then, well i've been down souf now and let me just say it is something else down here. i'm working at this seafood place called Landry's with my brother. I can't eat about 80 percent of the food but its a cool place. Lots of sibling arguing going on. Mostly my brother and sister because their ego's are bigger than shirleys ass. i haven't had any slap and tickle yet, but i guess it will come with time and better believe i will post about it. the WEATHER here is absolutely wonderful i can't get enough of it like whoa. i'm sure by summer time I will be singing a whole different tune, so my sister and i have already planned to be back upstate New York for a month or so come summer time. yo im sure you all know this already, but these mofo's don't close for shit. the bars stay open and where there isn't a bar there are stores and just about every single one of them sell alcohol. full service. i actually haven't been drunk a lot if you can believe it or not. Just about two nights. trying to keep a clear head, and keep my brother on track. Well thats about it so far i have lots of SHOPPING to do tomorrow, It's all about fashion darling. P.R. P.R. sweetie darling. Love youBuffalo and miss you. Except the ice and snow. That can go to hell. and melt. Tata all.
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11/24/07 09:45 - 33ºF - ID#42275

grazin in the grass

"I can dig it, he can dig it, she can dig it, we can can dig it, they can dig it, you can can dig it. All lets dig it, can you dig it BABY?!" My absolute fav song lyrics.
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11/15/07 01:03 - 49ºF - ID#42141

Judge not

Ok here it goes. Now mind you all I am adamant about condoms, and using protection. NO SEX is ever worth an S.T.D.'s Carry them with you....seriously.


Two of those were girls. Hee hee.

And I Never took a shot in the mouth (yuck!). Sorry. Maybe thats why I don't have a Boyfriend. Hmm?
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