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09/17/08 03:59 - 52ºF - ID#45705

So Dig!

I'm back home in New orleans as of 27 hours ago. I took the Bus.... Why people asked me, why out myself through so much trouble. Well first off all I was not gone fly with flights being canceling. And I had too much SHTuff with mr. My Big brown bag and my gray calvin klien buffle bag. They really look good leaning next to each other on the tile floor. Wish I had brought a camera. Anywho Ohio the state which i hav always been i'll favored of (besides the rock and roll hall of fame)have once again grow i'll favored of. When i drove in this big ass truck through ohio at night, I hit a huge FOG storm four about an hour and a half. Could'nt see five feet in front of me. Too boo their was a jeep engulfed in flames that i drove past. that was my first trip to New Orleans. This on the Bus as I'm riidng though Ohio, power goes out in Columbus, Dayton, Cleavland and Cinncinati (or how ever you spell that one). Blackness everywhere untill The greyhound Station in Cinncinatti (or whatever) got power downtown. I'm sorry but Fuck Oho. They can keep that.
First night Hope Fredia calls me me happy talking that she just got a job at this club and she can dance on the bar . She was going, and then in a matter of 10 mins she's dancing on a srip pole with girls and I can barely understand her. But she wante to come over to chill with me. After 35 mins i call her and she dosen't answer. She calls me right back crying like a crazy woman. All of a sudden Horror in what she has been doing and hating what she just did. I said to her don't you think yo're a little too old for this shit? Anywho I just don't know how people can go those routes.
terry I'm getting a new monitor monday see you Den on WO CRAFT.And thank You Boys for letting me kicked with ya again. Dig It! Nite Nite Stay Fresh One love-TK
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mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

joe said to grandma
OMG welcome!...

joe said to mike
New years resolution to top (e:strip)?...