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Well i say my, my. There has been some sudden changes in my life down here, but for the better. I no longer live with my brother, he and i have part ways until he can get his self together, and handle his addictions. My sister and both have different roomates in new orleans and are living happily. I live now in uptown new orleans which is only 15 mins from the french quarter which is were i work and play, and the hood i live in is beautiful. The street is called Foutainbleau drive, the side street is octavia. pretty just pretty. I have a roomate named josh an his girl Shuana, who remind me of a lot of this couple in brooklyn i used to hang with. I have been dancing my ass off to a lot of Janet jackson lately. Her song feedback is off the rizzie ya'll. And this other girl named Duffy from is off the hook you should all check out. Lots of dancing ya'll it makes everthing feel better. I had a cance off with this duude in this club on bourbon st. The song was "music makes you lose control" by missy elliot. He thought he could step to this, especially with this song. At the end of the dance off which eveyone in the club were watching, he saluted me and walked away. I love dancing. I think we all know that. Oh and ew ew, i ran into this guy at one of my regular straight bar spots and he was hitting one me, so i was like okay lets do this and then the bitch smiled and OH MY DENTIST! I mean please. I looked like they're were dice in his grill. So i was instantly turned off im sorry. And told him I was not interested in going home with him. But he persisted ofcourse and I had to leave. And go next door to the other bar. Two weeks later I'm back at the Jimani the usual and he shows up again, claiming to have lost a bag and was looking for it but when he saw me he didn't care to look for it anymore. What?! okay bitch, no. He was saying things like "we'll i guess im going to go home now", i'okay have a goodnight'. He stands there. He says ' are you leaving now?" 'no'. "oh well i guess im gonn go then". 'okay then, be safe'. He dosent go away. "Are you going home?" he asks me "eventually' I respond. Then he finally got the message. A gay black friend of mine was with me and said that I'm "stingy" with the booty and need to give it up. He's a ho, by the way. okay i have to go I love ya'll.
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mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

joe said to grandma
OMG welcome!...

joe said to mike
New years resolution to top (e:strip)?...