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04/24/06 01:25 - 47ºF - ID#22464


well lets just say the past few weeks has been crazy dun. From waking up in the hospitla.To my first walk around central park. Meeting a guy (straight guy) and working, working, working. according to my managers I have been making more money than my fellow workers, thats crazy good. HAPPY POST 420!!!! I had a BALL. On 420 I went to central park for the second time; it was a beautiful day. I met up with a guy named Chris (straight guy). We went to play pool at about 6 and were drunk by 7. We celebrated 420 with his roomate who looks remarkably like sandra bullock and is from BUFFALO!!!! Chris hadn't smoked in three years. Goodtimes. Chris and I wait for his lesbian roomate to come home and then we go back out to my first HOMO-bar in New York. What was the name???? Hell I don't remeber. All I know is that I was beating the Homo's off with sticks. My conversations went a lot like "NO I will not go home with you, NO thats ok, Yess oyu can buy me a drink thank you, sorry I am not going homw with you." Gay men don't take rejection well. My straight guy friend Chris offered to be my boyfriend to weed the other boys away. I love when straight offer to be your boyfriend at bars. My mothers birthday just past also and my sister tells me that my mother wrote her and would like for me to write her while she's in jail. I have her adress now and plan to do so in about a week; once I've figured out what to say. THings are going great I still need a new cell phone, oh and by the way if my cell phone didn't suck so bad I wouldn't have woken up in a hospital in FUCKING YONKERS!!!! Any who I am neglecting the kids right now and I have to get dressed for work. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! peace buffalo.
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04/12/06 09:28 - ID#22463

friends and friends???

This past week or so I have been busy working and making new friends, upset a friend so I had to make it up to her. Had an old friend trying to apologize to me after years of hurting me and taking advantage of me. Getting in contact with great friends from high school, never forgetting my friends back home. Being a great friend is a full-time job,and it's not easy trying to make everyone happy or even yourself. All that we ask is that we try our best. Without my friends, all of my friends I honestly would be dead. Or still with my nasty nasty family (ick). Thank you to all of you for getting to know this nubian slender male and calling him your friend.
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04/03/06 11:19 - 60ºF - ID#22462

Blue balls

Sex in NYCity! May not be a good thing. I go to my job for employee night saturday and get drunky drunk drunk. My straight searches for me in the midaway and fives me a BIG hug. He loves me. After everyone at work sees me in not so rare form, me and a bunch of other co-workers hit up our fav after work bar for eight pitchers. Good times, good times. This boy starts klissing me in the bathroom, he's way too drunk, I walk him homes since he was lost, I find out his home is a dorm. We kinda have sex? I realize where i was I get up, leave and nobody gets off. He's pissed. He tells me during our heavy petting that he was 20. TWENTY!!!! Yeah that was the main reason for my sudden departure. Do you think he'll call? Probably not. But I'm sure there is plenty more balding, TWENTY year olds with very very pretty eyes out there. I couldn't even hold a decent conversation with this boy. As I tried to get a little background on him, all he wanted to do was makeout and go down my pants. And we all know I am no bar slut, I don't dryhump and tounge wrestle at the bar. So tacky. Not my style.
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I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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