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08/24/12 08:45 - ID#56704

Feeling Cursed

Its crazy how whenever you're trying to move forward in your life and do something positive, so many other forces try and pull and hold you back. This summer has been the craziest summer i think Ive ever had. Within the last 7 weeks Ive gone to jail, got kicked out of my apartment, fired from my job. On top of all this i have someone i considered a good friend of mine try and throw me under the bus for something i didn't do and try and tell me my best friends were talking shit about me and my situation. Usually i would think there was something wrong with me and I'm pissing the universe off. But then i thought about it after being very upset about this for a few days. Sometimes bad shit happens to good people. I'm one of them and luckily I'm a strong enough person to take all this in stride keep my head up and stay focused. The silver lining in all this is that I am full-filling a life long dream now and it seems to be only getting better. Having that and the support of my best friends through all this has really kept my afloat. So thank you. As far as the other things that are bothering me, I'm removing myself from the situation. I just can't deal with added stress right now because i will break. In all this madness I've dealt with this summer i would still say it was one of the best summers I've ever had. I've tried ALOT of new things and liked ALL of them. xoxoxo Buffalo peace and Love.
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