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Fight Test

So the test begins NOW! Thats kind of how it triggered in my head when I had to fight about 5 days ago and ended up in New Orleans jail. Some people may think you can always avoid a fight but the truth of the matter is, you can't. I was out at my favorate little bar that I go to afterwork with friends blah bla, One night My friend Britney, her boyfriend and my boy Rick were all out and on our way home when Brittney put her purse down ont a motorcycle to look for her phone. A guy come out of some nasty strip club and pushes her saying get the F off my bike and shit like that. Britney is a skinny very pretty brunette whit girl with piercing blue eyes. So that guy and her boyfriend satar to fight. Then two girls come out the strip club and start fighting britney. Still not my battle, so i don't get involved. So A Black guy in a Saints jersy and he picks Britney and throws her on the ground and stars to hit her in the head. This is now two feet away from. And I thought what kind of man would I be if I just stood here and let this guy beat up on Britney and her boyfriend was already in his battle across the street. So I helped her out and begin fighting with the black guy punching him in the forehead and telling him how much of a pussy he is for hitting a girl. He runs back into the club and the owner of the nasty strip club, a fat indian guy runs at Britney with a aluminum bat. NO LIE! and I'm not to sure how cause a bit of it got a little hazy but Britney and I had him on the ground, she is under him choking him and I am stomping on him tryin the pull the bat from him. The cops pull up in the middle of that. Of course police are shit. WE go to jail and the guys who hit britney get off besides the girls. I spend 25 hours in jail with britney and her boyfriend. Get bailed out, I go to court and the judge reads me off my charges. I Plead guilty. He drops two of my charges and charges me with Disturbing the Peace and i had to pay a 200.00 dollar fine. Big whoop. After it was all said and done Birtney thanked me for having her back, and I told her that it sucked being in jail but if the same situation arouse again, and a guy was attacing her, i would do the same thing. But jail sucked. I did make some friends who want to come visit me at my job and shit. ick.
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