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05/31/04 10:51 - ID#22392


I guess the boys are not the only ones who took a small vacation. I am home in the falls as of right now (day 2). I will be returning to buffalo wenesday at the latest. And thus far I found out, my brother got fired from his job for throwing a plate at a co-woker, and he has no place to stay. So he is thinking of moving in with me. ummmmm. My enemies have grown in numbers. My father completed his first novel called "the muffins" which i did not know he was writing in the first place, and not only did he dedicate the book to my brother, sister and myself, we are also the the character base.It's a futuristic fantasy adventure. I watched the texas chainsaw massacer for the first time and litterally had nightmares lastnight. My families love and support is always wonderful. My aunt alean says to me "that you get over there in buffalo and you act like you don't know nobody." I don't know where my mother is. NO one knows where. I hope she's alright. So while I am on my little sabaticle I am also thinking of new things to write about. They will still be dirty, and perverted so need not worry. I am just gathering thoughts and putting them on paper. so goodnight and good fight.
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05/19/04 10:46 - ID#22391

go on girl

sad to say; but I let down my gaurd. I have been trying to build myself to be independent and strong (go on girl). I will not let a man take advantage of me! (go on girl). the next time I give my heart, or this ass will be with some one who cares about me! (go on girl!) Because it's all about me! (go on girl!) I must make him feel like he needs this ass! (go on Girl!) Mutha fucka you need me! (go on girl!!!) You can kiss my ass till i'm ready to give it up! (go on girl!) But I backslid ya'll. Under the influence of a cute face and too much Gin. I let a man break my seal. (girl?) That's right. I took off my clothes and let him touch me. This man aint about shit. He is not looking for what I am looking for. I let my self down, and I am sorry. Nah fuck that. He was beggin for this ass! (GIRL!) Yeah And I gave it to him. (GIRL?) And I gave that mutha fucka the ride of his life. I rode that dick so good that mans leggs were in the air flappin honey. He wasn't ready! He was not ready for the god of making love, he wasn't ready. Him take advantage of me; HA SIKE BITCH! I wont see him again and I don't give a shit. It was my birthday and goddamnit I had dick souffle! (oooh go on girl!) Thats right, mutha fuckas I'm back! And If you are reading this right now and you think you are ready for another piece, come find me. But believe me I will not be waiting for you. (Ooh GO ON GIRL!) YOu gone hafta search and find this good ass just like gold honey. (go on girl) yeah! now I'm gone! PROTECTION ALWAYS YA'LL!
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05/08/04 12:43 - ID#22390

the bare party

I had a dream last night that i was invited to this costume party. i And was a little upset. Everyone there had on the exact same outfit as me. What are the chances of eight people in one room have the same outfit. So i did what any other person would do to a copycat. I spilled drinks on them. It didn't stain like i thought it would but i think they got the message. So this is for all you out there. The next costume party comes around. THIS TIME I am the only one to dress up like adam and eve.
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I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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