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07/28/06 04:33 - 80ºF - ID#22470

kiss the boys and make them cry

you better keep and eye on your boys and lock 'em up tight.
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07/07/06 10:03 - 69ºF - ID#22469

takin it easy.

I'm gettin a new phone and a new ohne number FINALLY!!!! I hope everyone had a happy fourth!!! oh I need to mention that I haven't had a SINGLE satisfying sexual episode in a fuckin YEAR!!!! The good new is that I am close to breaking it luckily. I think i'm "taking it slow" with this fella. Although he did have a hold of my penis one night at this bar. Over the pants grabage though, not to be too tacky. My roomates are buying a house and want me to come with them. My basement apt might have a BAR!!!! Anywho catch ya'll soon on the upstate side!!! BIG UPS TO QUEEFA!!!!
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07/04/06 05:34 - 67ºF - ID#22468

leave your 7 behind!!!

at least I'll have a story to tell. CHAKA CHAKA!!!!! watch her on the bet awards. LORD IM CUMMIN HOME!!!! Thats a cool prince song. 7 55 hours I can't wait. I wanna do it with, INDEPENDENCE!!!! flirty flirty!!!
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