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10/23/03 10:21 - ID#22340

HARD (salon talk)

- Girl it's hard!
- Hard?
- Girl hard
- well how hard is it?
- it's so hard it will knock over an elephant. recognize.
- for reeeaaal shiiit.
- girl yes, it will have yo man open
- i remeber when mines used to be that hard
- Bitch please yo shit will neva be dis hard
- Girl don't trip because you can't get as tough as dis
- bitch i will slap you some kind of funky ugly; it will never be this hard.
- well my shit is tight then
- HOE! back up, yo shit is as loose as a fat mans ass
- damn girl why you trippin?
- because yo jive turkey ass think yo shit is as hard as sidewalk.
- girl it is; touch them
- bitch no! i don't do that dyke shit.
- because you know whats up
- you just wait til i put on my orange leather jump suit and spray this shit down. Girl you wont be able to tell me shit.
- yeah whateva when i get my silk coochie cutters out of the cleaners and show up to the party, I will even take Crayolas man.
- Purina yo shit will neva be that hard like mines.
- you know Crayola said yo shit is loose and soft
- Is my name Boomshika
- yeah
- Then you know me and her was about to get to boxin.
- Yeah?
- Yeah girl, I wrapped my shit up, rolled my pants and was about to get ready to throw down
- well anyway i gotta girl my shit is done
- my shit is hard right?
- yeah those finger waves are tight yo
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10/07/03 03:46 - ID#22339

Libra party

WHOA! that was one crazy night, I got myself into so much trouble haha. BUt i had a lot of fun and i wont go into so much detail here online although i really really want to i will get back at cha.
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10/01/03 05:10 - ID#22338


Watch out Betty-boop;there is a new hoe in town, and she is nabbin dem all image
Her name is jessica rabbit and She is her own pimp!
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10/01/03 04:49 - ID#22337

song of the week

i thought of many different songs to put up. And my decision is "stay" by the temptations or can also be heard on the dirty dancing soundtrack. Great oldie
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10/01/03 04:45 - ID#22336

Off the Wall

New Subject. anywho Off the Wall is a really good place to eat. I went there last thursday with Jeremy (j.j.) sorta like a date. He is really sweet. Ihad a grilled chicked wrap and it was GREAT! He enjoyed his aswell. He and i are supposed to hang out more we have been for about two weeks now, but don't fret ladies he is not "completly" gay so it's not a total loss. haha. OH boy's boys, all kinds. haha what are you going to do right? Fall shopping is coming up and i am major excited about it I need a scarf and "long johns" says jeremy. Neil is having a libra party satruday and invited me to come along that should be fun i guess, I ha ve never been there before. Now it is time for me to go to work DVD dot is calling me. 7-close shift should be fun then after i am going to have a few beers and hang out with john (guy i work with).
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10/01/03 04:13 - ID#22335


Guess i've been in and out of the loop lately. Haven't talked to my friends in a while and so today is the first time i heard about the showdown in wilson farms. Well thats unfortunate, it really sucs when there are still people out there who act like that, theres way too much sickness going on in the world to have little things like that bother us. My week was productive, i worked a lot and was around elmwood more. I have been having miuxed feelings about certain things and they really get me down. But then i realize that it is in my head and i analyze things too much and i need to stop doing this to myself and the people around me. "confidence is key" And i love them and it is not good for them. Better feeling now. then when i was at work i saw a friend of mine that i went to highschool with. A really sweet chubby girl who looked up to me in a way, she thought i was "awesome" My first reaction to seeing her in buffalo was 'what is she doing here?' then i realized she wasn't walking. SHe was in a wheel chair and her head was shaved, pale skin and weight loss. I had no idea she had cancer and it completly took me off gaurd. i gotta go....
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