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09/27/04 08:51 - ID#22424

random news

Elmwood ave has made my life 50% easier. because they decided to open up the new laundry mat that is next to the liqour store, thats right off bird. I used to use the laundry mat on auburn, but now that this one just opened up and they are making it pretty inside I will use this one. and it's right around the corner form my housee and across the street from work. I love the fact that I don't drive. Oh and the dryers are 25 cents for ten minutes iand auburns dryers are 25 cents for every eiight minutes. yes I can be a cheap bastard. And did anybody know that playboy are going to have nude pictures of video game girls? I mean centerfold and all. Playboy will be exposing Mileena from mortal kombat (who used to be my favorite character), some bitch from the video game "blood rayne" and some bitches from "dead or alive". I never played blood rayne or deade or alive, and I am not too interested in seeing them nude. So playboy is now not only reaching out to the lonely men of the world who are infacuated with celeberties and silicone breast, they are now reaching out to the lonely men of the world who are also video game freaks. I wonder if they will have lara croft (the tomb raider girl) on an issue. hmmmmmmmm? and i have to say rachel i also think the "clash of the titans" is a damn good movie. I wouldn't pass it up either ;)
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09/18/04 06:25 - ID#22423


As a Panos employee, I do too vote nay. I haven't lived in buffalo long, but one of the things that attracts me so much to it, are the beautiful houses and buildings.And as you can tell this one means a lot to the people of buffalo. I have actually been in the house, and it is just as cool inside. The person who lived there didn't really do much for the place, but you could just tell that before it iwas something cool. I really hate to use the word cool but again I had no idea what that place was untill recent. I am unable to boycott panos since it is my source of encome. So weather or not this shit go down, I will still be alive, and working. Chow for now.
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09/23/04 10:54 - ID#22422


whats been going on with me lately. hmmmmm. Well My weeks seem to be just flying by, I have been spending an exburate amount of time in the house, on the couch if I am not working. Going out less, working more, sleeping more, screwing less (ha ha). Old bossy boy has a new GIRLFRIEND now (flacid earthworm guy, refer to "emergency" journal). She's nice, pretty, too bad she dosen't know about his little problem right? Noooooo thats cruel. I think he is actually fucking with my job too. It's amazing the lengths someone would go to get a little attention. Anywho he's leaped. Brotha on the other hand has just bought himself a house in amherst, so I will be popping in for a visit there frequently. *kiss kiss* I have decided to join bikram yoga in the begining of october. I haven't done yoga in about two months. And I have been drinking a lot of labatt blue the past couple days. Motha, brotha, uncle are all still in jail. GOt a new pair of pants (girls pants); they are gray and pin striped, very very sexy pair of pants. Oh and I got a hat to match. I am actually thinking aout wearing it to trisha's wedding reception. hmmmmm. I went out lastnight and did my "make a man happy" dance, and uncloseted some boys. *hee hee* So in a nutshell I am doing fine. I'm keeping it real and keeping them humpin. muah baby.
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09/18/04 05:46 - ID#22421

panos expansion project: yay or nay?

Ther has been a whole lot of attention surrounding panos this past week. Artvoice no longer gives them news paper after bashing them in an article last week. But now pano is pissing more people off; the public. Not the majority, but a select few who loves the history of this city,; and those who are just told to hate them. This morning while I was working, I over heard a conversation between two employees, stating that there will be protesters today outside panos. Protesting against Panos. I diidn't know why at first but now I do. It involves his expansion plan, which will include tearing down the house next door, to make more room in the restaraunt, and a bigger parking lot. When word got around, It drew ALOT of negative attention towards panos. It comes to find out that the house next door to panos is very important to the citizens and to the city. I am not too sure of what that is though.So what started out as four 13 year old kids, standing out front telling people not to go to panos "because he is tearing down that building". Ended in a block full of people with picket signs, shouting things such as "shame on you pano" and "don't tear it down!". Menwhile we are working as usual, in fact it was a VERY busy day. The protest lasted about an hour or so, and then once channel 4 news left, it was back to normal for about 15 minuets. And then the phone started ringing off the hook, It was still busy and another news team came. There were some kids outside protesting the protesters. They had signs such as "greeks are people too", " I have no place to park" (I don't think this boy drives) and "don't COCK block panos". hee hee. And since we are on the subject of panos, let me just tell you, i feel a war coming on. Somebody in there is about to get custed the fuck out!
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09/13/04 05:41 - ID#22420

My down week

Starting yestereday, I have claimed this week for me, "my down week" . Not because i am upset and feeling bad, quite the contrary i feel really good. I say "my down week" because I am going to spend WAY less money, by not going out to ANY bars. This way I can go shopping this weekend. i went out friday and saturday night, had a blast friday, and notso much as a spark saturday. I went to trisha's party and we painted downtown, and allen red. Eveyone who was there, were fabulous and we were all lookin good. BOO YAH! Saturday night I weent to the underground again, and was not thoroughly entertained by the "performers". But I will sound like a bitch if I talk about it even more. i will mention one thing, I do not find ANYTHING sexy about a topless man with tight pants walking back and fourth, LIP SINGING..... SEAL - "KISSED BY A ROSE" If you want to entertain me you better bust out in song, and really sing that fucker. Dont lip sing anyhting that can be sung just as easily. It takes away from the feel when we can just see the boredom on your face as you lip sing a song and try to take it seriously, the whole three minutes and thirty seconds, which feels like three hours to you feels that way to me too. But hey some people like it, he even has fans. Obviously people who are closed minded and entertained too easily. Any body can do that. And I wont even get on some of the drag acts there we've all seen bad ones. nuf said about that. i am going to panos today and pick up my cd walkman which my boss has chosen to kidnap. So I am going to show up to his mutha fuckin job and blow that bitch up if he refuses again damnit. I'll go in there like "can I speak to *&%# please?" And ask him nicely for it, and let me tell you if I don't get it, there's gonna be some smoke in the city. Nah I'm joking. I do need my cd walkman to run my errands tomorrow that I have been putting off too long. But I am still not going to La Luna though. i didn't go last week and he had the nerve to question me sayin "where wre yoyu lasnight?" I said "home" which was the truth. and then he saw me out Friday night when I was with trisha and the rest of the e peeps. Then the next day comes to me at work sayin "you looked really good lastnight". I said " was a long night". And left it at that. I don't feel bad becausses he sould of known better. You pass this up once for some bullshit and I'm gone. Anywho thats all for now, pray for me so I don't get sucked into a bar untill saturday. peace and love. and look out the buffalo news are onto us.
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09/10/04 08:45 - ID#22419

feel good day

I woke up this morning feeling good and walked out the house lookin good. I got paid and I had the whole beautiful day a head of me. I felt good because i told my boss that Iwould not work today from four to eleven. and then he schedules me next week for that time, aint that a bitch. I know what satine from the moulin rouge when she says "there may come a time when a heart felt employer thinks your awful nice, but get that ice or else no dice." But you know those are the webs we weave. Anywho another reason i was really happy today walking down the beautiful elmwoods strip, is that there were no KIDS! All those fukers were in school; and every place I went was in and out. I am now getting ready to go to trisha's party, against my wishes though I will not be jumpoing out of the cake as orginally planned, but thats alright. I still have the wedding reception to do that *wink wink*. Thats all for now ta ta loves and keep it real funky!
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09/06/04 06:41 - ID#22418

booty booty booty

fuck what chu heard; Men are the SAME! I am saying this because I am drunk and I am pisse off! I am listening to Tilly and the Wall and I am feeling optimistic, which is good for me right now. I have been to a couple of gay bars tonight, and the boys are all out to look for one thing; and we all know what that is right? I have one who "claims" he has connections at one ba,r and that I could get in FREE and can hang with him in the dj's booth. And then there's another one who likes me but is willing to pick up another guy in your face, and then have the nerve to invite him to hang out with you and him, thinking that there might be some kind of monagsea twa between you three. ummm NO! That shit is done and i am not down! You have fun with your boy and try to apologize for it later, but I am not hearin it. I've had this same song and dance before, and lets just say it's PLAYED OUT! Don't come to me trying to "explain" what actually went on that night. Just take you'r quick, ugly piece of ass and leave me alone. shit it's hard to try and keep any kind of relationship nowadays isn't it? I still live on and another man will cum for you. So i hope the booty, booty, booty is good for you tonight. night, night lovey dear! muah! ;)
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09/03/04 08:54 - ID#22417


- Thank you for calling rite aid pharmacy department this is Agnus how may I help you?
- Yes, Agnus my name is Kolisha and I have an emergency I hope you can help me with.
- ok I will do my best, what seems to be the problem?
- I'm in the bedroom with my man you know and we are going at it, doiing a little foreplay before the penatration initiation, and i'm ready, I'm ready to this party started, you know I'm feeling good, I'm naked my tities, he's suckin them, he done gave my fish a little tickle...
- mam don't you think that's a little too much information? would you mind getting to the point here?
- oh yeah yeah I'm sorry you probably very busy agnus and I don't want to hold you up any longer, but you gotta listen to this shit. so any way my man has me in here I'm feeling all wonderful. I pull down his pants, and let me tell you I didn't know weather to laught or grab a fish hook, hook that mutha fucka up and throw it in the lake you know what I'm sayin?
- no I can't say that I do mam
- child the man not only is not packin, but the little thing is not at attention, you know what I'm sayin? TIN HUT!
- no I can't really say that I understand you miss koleslaw is it?
- Agnus my girl Lets be honest here, you white right? and so you are used to these little white men with this problem right?
- Anyway whats really a trip is after I uncovered his little flacid earthworm, the mutha fucka kept kissin me and shit like it's alright. aint that a bitch? Like he dosen't know his dick is little. So i asked him, are you ok? he says "yeah we're having FUN right?" i want to be like hell naaah. So now I'm mad; and I would like to know as my girl help me out here. Tell me something i should do to make this mans dick wake up and stand tall. Is there like some kind of house hold cream I coiuld use, like some starch or some old fish grease?
- um no, the thing we would use for that is a little pill called viagra.
- yeah I heard of that shit. that shits too expensive. Do you have anything more bootleg?
- bootleg?
- shit now he done got off now, nevermind agnus. I would like to thank you for being absolutely no help.
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