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03/16/07 02:03 - 27ºF - ID#38488

new shit old shit

sooooo i am moving on the the tiny island of Manhattan now yaaaaay! I am gonna wake up every morning to the fresh smell of car exhaust, and subtle horse shit. There are some advantages to living on this over crowed strip o land is how fast i will get home now. What once took me 35 mins express to get to work will now take me 15 20 or so. and believe me that matters. $10 cab ride home dosent hurteither. I am moving in with a bartender I work with and a cocktail waiter. I also got a new phone again (surprise!). This time its one o those expensive ones called a blackberry through sprint. Im getting it turned on within the next days or so. Hopefully i will hold on to it, it did come with one of those belt clips but i don't know about that i should attatch it to my balls or something. Gay boy blues o course i have no luck with them still, I still have my good riend mr. weed (micheal) whose more than enough of a handful right now, if this is what haveing a "boyfriend" i clock out dude. I mean he is not even my man but damn betweens the constant phone calls, all the "i love yous", and baby talk, ick. But i love it ofcourse. HAPPY BIRFDAY MATT!!!!! i know yo party gone kick ass and stay thin baby keep repin 4 the skinny boys! Oh I met P Diddy and seerna williams a couple weeks ago. P Diddy held a little party for his son at my job and right when i was goning to get off work my manager asked me to stay and work a party and it was rumored it was Diddy. Now I am not a big fan of him at all but you know why not. Turns out he's laid back, undemanding, and his kids were well behaved (THANK GOD!!!) Anyway I didn't really serve him food they ate off the buffet i just chilled. He handed me me a $100 when he left for three hours of work...not bad. I went to the closing night of one of NYC's biggest gay clubs last week, I left that bitch at 7 a.m. with micheal of course. and the club was still packed wall to wall with homos. had to been at least 4000 sissys in there, and a few girls. Never doin that shit again! Anywho gotta watch some more T.V. before you know get some down time in before i have to dive in to the pit tonight. bye bye loves I miss you all! -TK p.s. did i mention i hoooked up with another fuckin straight guy two nights ago? (old shit)
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mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

joe said to grandma
OMG welcome!...

joe said to mike
New years resolution to top (e:strip)?...